Yesterday I Twittered my way through 359 miles of vintage silver and milk glass and antique furniture and Christmas decorations and bicycles and junk…..oh….the junk.

And I tweeted all about it because I wanted you to be there with me.

Because I know you would have laughed when we saw that man pushing a dog in the stroller.

And I know we would have sighed when we saw that incredibly overpriced architectural piece that would have been perfect in my bathroom and that I know I should have gotten….but I was way too cheap.  And I really wish you would have been there because I know.

I know.

I just know you would have convinced me to buy it.

And I know that our hearts would have raced when we saw this sign.

“Yard sale in a barn.”


That’s what we would have said to ourselves.

Is there ever a better sign anywhere?

And the car would have screeched to a halt.

And we would have followed these arrow signs.

And then we would have said that this must be an incredible yard sale if the arrow signs showing us where to go were this cute.

And while we were walking up to the sale… would have been telling me that you just knew that there were shutters in that barn.

Because it did look like the type of barn where there should be stacks and stacks of shutters.

Because of course we both would know that the main goal of going on this 400 mile yard sale was to find shutters.

Stacks and stacks of shutters.


This is the year that it’s all about the shutters.

And when there weren’t any shutters in the barn.

You would have consoled me.

You would have told me, “Who likes barn sales anyway?”

And then you would have said, “Seriously.  They were selling the hoods of cars at that place.  I don’t really think they looked like vintage shutter people.”

And we would have left that car hood sale and driven on.

And then…..

Then we would have found that incredible deal on all that milk glass.

And when we saw it we would have been so excited that we jumped up and down and I would have broken my sunglasses.

But I wouldn’t have even cared.  Because who would have cared about sunglasses when all that vintage milk glass was right in front of us.

And then we would have remembered that we really shouldn’t be showing so much excitement over milk glass because there were about 5,976,145 people that were still driving through the 400 mile yard sale and maybe the milk glass people would triple their prices when they saw how excited we were.

And when I would have said, “Who cares about the shutters?  I found all this milk glass.”  You would have agreed with me and told me that shutters were overrated anyway.


And then we would have stopped for water because it was so hot.

And the watermelon samples would have been calling my name.  Because why spend perfectly good money on food when there are watermelon samples.

And you would have told me that you thought there was a limit of only 10 watermelon samples and that people who stood around and mooched off the free samples at the convenience store were just a little shameful.

And I would have been so glad that you were there to save me from my watermelon sample shame.


And we would have turned toward home.

Happy with our vintage silver and our milk glass.


And then….

                                              ……then we would have seen this.


And I would have screamed and said, “Did you see that?”

And you would have told me that you knew all along we were going to find those vintage shutters.

Because that is what an awesome friend you are.

Because that is how much I adore you.

And because that’s what friends do when they Twitter across the 400-mile yard sale.

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  1. Image for Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    Now I feel guilty of all that jealously I was harboring yesterday when you were tweeting all your fabulous finds! I desperately wanted to go to the nearest airfield, bribe someone to fly me in their little propeller plane to the field over that barn sale. You'd run towards me as I floated to the ground in my parachute and help me wade thru all the piles of cow poop. Kelly

  2. Image for Claudia Claudia

    Which parts did you get to do? I was thinking about going today, but it's rainy here. At least it is cooler than it is for the Highway 127 sale....which I absolutely LOVE, but it's always so dang hot. I have a motto for all sales, flea markets, antique shopping..."If you see it, you like it, you buy it" most of the time you have to heed those words otherwise you lose out. Glad you had fun and found some treasures. PS No we wouldn't have be laughing at the guy that was pushing the dog around in the might have been the hubs. When we go, we have to take our two dogs and yes we push then in a can't leave them at home and we never know how long we are going to be gone For 127 we are gone for at least 2 - 3 dog can hold it that long.

  3. Image for Aunt Lou Aunt Lou

    :) -- there! I "spoke" my mind. I can never decide whether to get more milk glass, for which I have no room and would have to get rid, at least temporarily, of something else, or to leave things as they are.

  4. Image for betty betty

    Ohh girl, you are so right......I would have been right there and I would have said all of that and had a blast!

  5. Image for {Adventuresindinner} {Adventuresindinner}

    Oh! So much better than what I ended-up doing. Yes, I could have convinced you to buy it and would have even put it in my big Honda to get home because we brought that car just incase we found something huge to carry. Off to check out the new blog.

  6. Image for Kim Kim

    Did you seriously go 400 miles in one day and had time to stop and shop?. You are wonder woman for sure. You are so funny. Glad you found your shutters. On my way to a close estate sale and I hope they have good stuff.

  7. Image for Rebecca Rebecca

    haha. This made me giggle, as usual. Despite the heat and broken sunglasses, I'd say the day was well worth it- can't go wrong with milk glass and shutters!

  8. Image for Zolane Zolane

    You're my kind of shopping companion! Loved this post but then why should this one be any different than the rest of your posts! Maybe someday we'll get to meet/shop but it was delightful taking this trip with you :) Hugs!

  9. Image for Greta Greta

    If you had been in Florida, that man with the stroller would have quite possibly been my father! Glad you had fun, can't wait to see the end results!

  10. Image for Diane Diane

    Love your shutters Karriane, and I would have put 10 more pieces of watermelon in my pocket for you. After all what are friends for if not to snag extra samples for each other.

  11. Image for Marsha Marsha

    Was this the sale they are having in Alabama this weekend? I heard about it on the news yesterday. Yes, I would have saved you from the watermelon shame. Or, I would have given you my samples to make you happy (and unashamed). I would have also squealed with delight at the milkglass--for you, since I'm not on that yet, but then I would have played it cool so we could get you a good price. Yes, I wish I was there with you.

  12. Image for Shannon Fox Shannon Fox

    I was loving it at the FIRST photo. You know I love all that tarnished silver!! Hopping on over to check out A Dust Bunny Life and Miss Debbiedoo's ;)

  13. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Always wanted to participate in the "Longest Yard Sale"...coming up in August....that is on my list... Now, if the Picker Sisters were with you, they would have talked you into buying those car hood parts and turn them into shutters...but I am glad that they were not there to convince you, as you found some great shutters that do not have to be transformed from the hoods of cars! Glad you had a wonderful day of driving and sampling watermelon and sing a longs with "shutters and the gang".....

  14. Image for Sarah Sarah

    I definitely wish I had been there too! What amazing finds! The torturous thing about moving to another country is that one can no longer buy ANYTHING besides food and occasional clothes since you're going to have to sell it all in a few months. Grrrr, it's totally killing me! Oh, and congrats on the new blog! I'm off to check it out :)

  15. Image for Vanessa Vanessa

    I would have said every.single. word! I would also have brought along the best music that would have perfectly captured each mood and moment and I would have whipped off my sunglasses and given them to you when yours broke. That is just the kind of friend I am! So, can I come along next time? ;-) That seriously looks like such a fun day Kari and I'm so glad you found the shutters...even if you did manage it without me. LOL! Vanessa P.S. SOOOOOOO excited about the new blog!!

  16. Image for Tammy Tammy

    I wish I could take the whole summer off to garage sale and just create! Oh well, maybe one day! Have a great weekend.

  17. Image for Traci Traci

    This post cracked me up. I would totally have done all those things with you. I love watermelon, milk glass and shutters. I see that you had pinned the same pic that I did. The one that shows the shutter as a table runner. Thanks for taking me along for the ride. I have signed up for feeds from you new site and I have a great project to submit. Traci

  18. Image for

    Oh, I sooo would have been there, strolling along with you from one thing to the next, chowing down on free melon samples while hunting for shutters and other treasures! What a great time we would have had! Laughing, shopping, and blessing people's little hearts! I would have squealed right along with you at the milk glass! I am so glad you left with some great things! Can't wait to see your plan for them! Have a fabulous weekend, my friend! xo-Lisa

  19. Image for Mary Mary

    Oh I would so love to do a 400 mile yard sale!!!! The treasure and fun to be found! Hopping over to your other blog now to see what's up!

  20. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    I love these things! Oh, milk glass, one of my favorites and silver!!! Great finds! I know you're having fun! I can't wait to see more!

  21. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    So many treasures to be found on a 400 mile yard sale.........................but how far is 400 Ok not the point the point is you found shutters and not the type you find on a camera but real shutters so now you can shut out stuff because their shutters............oh yeah I now want watermelon and I have none and it's not watermelon season so instead I will have a cheese & bacon roll and yeah I know it's nothing like watermelon but it's what I

  22. Image for Heather Heather

    I don't tweet, but do wish I were there with you! Pleeeeease do a post on the milk glass. I have collected it for years and have tons, but live looking at it and seeing how people use and display theirs. I'd love to see a picot your haul! It's such a shame there isn't a great sale like that here on Long Island.

  23. Image for Jill Flory Jill Flory

    That is the best blog post I've read in a long time! I loved it! It felt like you were truly talking to ME! And I know everyone else who read it felt the exact same way. and me? I wish I had been there too. That sounds just heavenly!

  24. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    Cute, fun post, Kerrianne! Hope you bought all that neat stuff you pictured ~ Well, not the car hood, but everything else, especially the silver (MY fetish) and the shutters! Quick reminder ~ my annual WEDDING BLOG PARTY is Friday ~ would so love for you to join us! I saw the adorable spoons you've made for wedding gifts (and who knows what else you might have to share)!!!

  25. Image for Claudine Claudine

    I wish I was there with you!!!! I would have encouraged you to buy the expensive piece for your bathroom, yes!!! We don't have sales like that here in BC Canada...

  26. Image for Pat Pat

    What fun! I think you found a lot of treasures...and then the shutters appeared. I'm sure the angels sang when they heard you wanted them....and lo and behold, there they were! My speakers are out and I cannot listen to the pod cast. Grrrr ~ :-( I hope it remains online so I can return and listen soon. Pat

  27. Image for Karen Karen

    Oh how I wish I had been there.Everyone knows I need more stuff to add to my overgrowing collections LOL. Anyway I love going on these trips even if it is a cyber visit. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Awww, that sounds like the day my BFF and I had yesterday! Nell Hill's Tent sale, Flea Market and then Estate Sale where she found an AWESOME French Cupboard for half off. See, we should shop together!

  29. Image for Heather Heather

    Which sale was this? We did part of the "Historic Highway 40" sale that runs from Baltimore to St. Louis this weekend...just posted about it. SO MUCH FUN! I'm already sad that it won't happen again for a year...LOL.

  30. Image for Becca Becca

    Yeah- you know I'm jealous you got to go! But oh so happy for you that you found your shutters. And girl- get you that watermelon! It was free, wasn't it? lol xo Becca

  31. Image for Angie Angie

    I like junk as much as the next person but I really can't think of one place I could use a car hood. Did they have multiple car hoods? I can get on board with silver and milk glass though! And, free watermelon would have been the icing on that big slice of yard sale scores cake. :)

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