Remember this room?

Remember how I went all blue and white and added color and found this rug and took down the smocked burlap curtains that I have been dating since 2007?

I’m going to sew new curtains for this room.

As in sew a hem around a large rectangle and hang them from clip-on curtain rods at the edges of each of the windows.

And this ENTIRE process starts with choosing the right fabric.

So I ordered some swatches from and they showed up in an envelope and I spread them out all over the living room and squinted and stepped back and squinted some more and left the room and got some tea and came back and looked at all that fabric one more time.

And then?

I realized I needed your assistance.

I’ve edited each of the seven fabrics into the room.

Can you help?

All I need is a big fabric opinion.

Let’s start with a few pertinent facts about this room to assist in our decision making.

1.  The room gets TONS of natural light.

2.  The walls are actually a gray that turns purple at a moments notice, so I’m painting the room more of a white/greige next week.  Do NOT take the paint color into account when making your decision.

3.  There are several layers of blue in the room.  The rug is more of a navy and the chairs are more of a lighter blue.  I like this look, but the curtains really need to pull it all together.

4.  There are blue and white platters and artwork and this yardsale find going on the walls to introduce a little more color to the space.

5.  I’m also planning on introducing a little more brass into the room to make it sparkle.


That is a LOT of extra information.

Are you ready?

Here are the fabric samples.

Number 1

An overall floral with different shades of blue.

And here it is in the room.

Number 2:

Multi-colored floral.

And here it is in the room.

Number 3:

Damask Navy.

And here it is in the room.

Number 4:

This overall pattern.

And here it is in the room.

Number 5:

This geometric polka dot fabric.

And here it is in the room.

Number 6:

This blue and blue and turquoise pattern.

And here it is in the room.

Number 7:

This stitched floral pattern.

Can you see the dilemma?

So many amazing, incredible, AWESOME fabrics.

And so little time.

That’s why I need you.

And your fabric opinion. 🙂

PS Don’t worry about the smocked burlap curtains.  They just moved upstairs. 🙂

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        1. Image for Amber Amber

          Me three on #1! (not to be confused with voting for #3! LOL!) I also vote #1! It had me at the start and nothing else compared as I scrolled through. My second favorite is the last swatch.

    1. Image for Nancy Nancy

      My choice is #7. The darker background of this one works better with your wall color. When choosing fabric for my clients I approach it by trying to contrast the background.

  1. Image for Libby Libby

    I like brings all your blues and all your patterns together. At first I liked the softness of the mixed blue floral, but your room already has a lot of softness in it, it doesn't need that extra element in the drapes.

  2. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Number 4 and Number 6 are my top picks....with number 2 being the 'Fall/Winter' choice....because the red makes me think of autumn leaves and winter always needs a bit of red to brighten the shorter days....but you are right- your choices are all wonderful and would look perfect. Can't wait to see what you decide!!

  3. Image for BrocanteuseRose BrocanteuseRose

    I like # 1 and #7. I think # 1 might be too much like the carpet, same/same, if you know what I mean. #7 really stands out as a great back drop without competing and appears to pull everything together with out trying to hog the limelight. :)

  4. Image for Krisitne Schuman Krisitne Schuman

    you do have a hard choice of fabrics.... however the very last swatch is the best fit in my mind followed by #3 swatch. All of the other overwhelm the room

    1. Image for katzcradul katzcradul

      Yes. YES! Robin, we must be kindred spirits. And I like them in that same order.. Charles Faudree is my favorite interior designer and he always said, "The beauty is in the mix, not the match." This room is so pristine as far as color is concerned. I know it's trendy but I would need more color. The touch of red in #2 would be scrumptious! Karianne, you want to add brass. I can just see a gorgeous silk amaryllis in a brass jardiniere. I'd also add a tassled trim to the curtains. #2 is substantial enough that is begs for trim. #6 is gorgeous but on the safe side if too much color intimidates you. With this fabric you could draw in turquoise/aqua accents. I'd trim this one too. The rest are nice fabrics but just more of the same. Go for the wow!

  5. Image for Louisa Louisa

    I like both 6 and 7. With six you can throw in some turquoise during the summer months and it will blend effortlessly. Actually I like them all but if I had to choose only one it would be 6.

  6. Image for Byrdie Byrdie

    I agree with Linda. #2. I prefer some pops of contrasting color in a room, all blue and white is pretty limiting. One suggestion is to buy enough for one panel of your top patterns so you can hang it and see how it works. You can always use the fabric from the one you didn’t chose for pillows or a balance in another room.

  7. Image for Mary Mary

    I like the multi colored floral as it introduces a bit more color (and demension) into the room and gives you options if you want to introduce other accessories later on. PS. (I have valences In this same print in my family room)!

    1. Image for Christa Christa

      My thoughts exactly! I went with a similar Richloom fabric and love the color choices it offers to my mostly blue and white room.

  8. Image for Amy K Amy K

    I like one or three. like the traditional look of them and I think they have the right amount of white that will keep them from looking heavy on the windows.

  9. Image for Cheryl Page Cheryl Page

    I like #1 #3 or #7. They are all beautiful. Good luck choosing and I can’t wait to see the final result!

  10. Image for Shanna Shanna

    I have #2 as pillows in my living room but they would be too bold for curtains. Any of the other fabrics would look awesome. Good Luck deciding

  11. Image for Bobbie Bobbie

    My vote goes to #1 or #4. By the time the panels are draped on the rods, what you are going for is an overall look. You won't really see a significant design pattern. In my humble opinion, 1 & 4 tie all the blues together, blending them and adding just a little more of blue palette that your blue hues are currently. Can't wait to see what you decide. I am sure it will be perfect, and gorgeous and wonderful and awesome!

  12. Image for Lisa Lisa

    I have blue in my family room And what I have discovered the hard way is that for curtains a smaller print give a softer less busy affect for the room. One suggestion I would have is to look for fabric with a smaller ooen print and perhaps one less dense. It seems to flow better with the beautiful airy space ypu have and wont jump off the walls as much. I I am afraid that someone who is just starting to introduce color into their room, you might be overwhelmed by a dense large print. I hope this makes sense.

  13. Image for Mary Mary

    I like the multi colored floral as it introduces a bit more color (and demension) into the room and gives you options if you want to introduce other accessories later on. PS. (I have valences In this same print in my family room)!

  14. Image for Betty in Arlington Betty in Arlington

    Oh! This is so much fun! I had the same issue in my home. I choose # Number 3: the Damask Navy. I think your blue and white is too beautiful to overpower or get any other color added to the room. Whatever you choose, it will be lovely! Can't wait for your decision...

  15. Image for SandyF SandyF

    7! Have you looked at any stripes? Maybe with a subtle different color added? But then-I am a stripe addict. So-call me biased. 7 is beautiful

  16. Image for Beth Minger Beth Minger

    It's kind of hard to tell the scale of the design in the pics but I'm thinking either number one or six will give you a nice variation of color - some of the others may just wash out and either read blue or white from a distance. Personally, I'd be all over that number two - love love love red - especially nice at christmas time but I'm not sure how crazy you want to get😏!!

  17. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Beautiful room and what fun to help choose the fabric! I like # 2 (love the pop of red, will go with the brass well) and also #6. Can't wait to see the finished results!

  18. Image for Linda Linda

    I like either 1 or 7. Then I scanned up to read the other comments. Personally, I'd put white shutters, but that's really costly. I love this blue and white room!

  19. Image for Billie Billie

    I like the second version - but red is my favorite color. I just think the red with all that blue and white would be beautiful. I would allow the red in the curtains to stand alone, not adding any additional red in the room accessories. Otherwise, it might start looking all 1994 Americana...

  20. Image for Nuala Raftery Nuala Raftery

    I'm a big fan of blue and white but I really feel your lovely room needs some more color pumped in. So I suggest fabric no.2

  21. Image for Nancy Nancy

    #1 Then maybe rotating out fresh flowers on the coffee table with primary colors in yellow tulips or chartreuse bells of Ireland or red poppies. It truly is a beautiful room, Karianne!

  22. Image for carol whitten carol whitten

    All are beautiful, I see your dilemma lol. I keep returning to #'s 3 and 6. I can't decide between the two.

  23. Image for Karen Karen

    Quick you have to do full length drapes.....what about higher valances as to no cover these beautiful windows? My pick is # 7 in higher valances or drapes if you need drapes.

  24. Image for Jenny Jenny

    I like #3 because the pattern pulls the different blues together and also the background is white, which I think better suits the room.

  25. Image for Lisa Lisa

    I love 2, but think it might be too much red for you, I think 4 has a great mix of blues and pulls out the shades of blue in the room. Number 7 is very soft and won't go too far out of what is your comfort zone. My vote is 4

  26. Image for Joanna Joanna

    What great fabric swatches....I like #7 the best. It seems to convey the casual feel of "come in and stay awhile" but also does a great job of tying everything together.

  27. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Hands down, the multicolor floral #2! It brings that needed third burst of color to the room. That’s what I would do. Whatever you will look fantastic! ;)

  28. Image for Harriet Harriet

    I like 2, 5 and 7. I like the color that #2 adds, but you can always add color with pillows and accessories. I love the modern look of #5 but you might grow tired of it before #7. Yes, I think I just talked myself into #7. The pattern is more subtle than the big florals and the shade of blue is calming.

  29. Image for sally north sally north

    #2 is my favorite because of the red!! But if you are strictly going blue and white then #4 followed by #1

  30. Image for Carol@Blueskyat Home Carol@Blueskyat Home

    KariAnne, before you decide, the fabric needs to be gathered up like a drape. It will look completely different when hung and gathered than how it looks flat on the wall. You can use big rubber bands to gather and hold it. at one end. From there you will be able to narrow the choices down better.

      1. Image for Kris Kris

        I was thinking the same thing ... that being said, #1 and #7 are my favorites, print-wise, but I suspect I might prefer #6 when they are all scrunched up.

  31. Image for Dawn Dawn

    Before even looking at the swatches, I was thinking, “I hope there’s a pop of red.” Number 2; and the gold in it will help to make the brass accents shine.😄

  32. Image for Mary Stewart Mary Stewart

    This is wonderful! I am currently looking at several of the same fabrics from several other sites for suggestions for my living/dining room areas. Thanks to you, I can definitely rule out several that will not work for me. I've used the first 2 prints in past homes and the polka dots I think would have me thinking somebody took a paintball gun and shot blue paint at some white fabric and then hung it up ( just my opinion). With that being said, I love the Damask Navy print! But, I'm sure whatever you choose will look fabulous after you've worked your magic with it. I'm linking over to the site you ordered your samples from to order my fabric. I hope you get some type of credit for my link. Thanks again and have a Blessed weekend!

  33. Image for Kim Kim

    Definitely 1 or 2! I love them both. They both add a nice floral to your pattern collection. #1 is gorgeous for a strict blue & white pallet. #2 is perfect for giving you the option to add pops of color to change things up from time to time.

  34. Image for Jo Ann Jo Ann

    IF I had to choose of these, I would go with #3. But you might be getting too much power in these fabrics. Something needs to take the lead and I see it as your rug. Might you consider white curtains, IKEA and band it with #3. Replace some of pillow covers with the same fabric. Think about it.

  35. Image for Pam Pam

    6 and 7 are great choices - and I'm leaning towards 7. However, after concentrating on the geometrical polka dots print, I can picture it hanging with soft draping folds and actually anchoring the room while keeping the light, bright ambiance and complimenting any artwork you want to put up. I still really like 6 and 7 though. I feel that the red in the multi-color print is too visually jarring for the room and takes away from the soothing, airy feel. Beautiful room in any case.

  36. Image for Jill Loftus Jill Loftus

    I really like 6. I would then add turquoise accents to the room, giving it a fresh feeling (and it's still in the blue family). I think you're great!

  37. Image for Kelly Kelly

    It’s looking like I’m waaaay outnumbered here but my eye went straight to #5! I love the juxtaposition of the geo vs the softer pieces in the room. #5 is a slight nod to the geo trend and a whimsical way to work it into your beautiful room. #6 is my next in line, very different from #5 but.the turquoise pop is great!!! If #5 is too risky for curtains, maybe lumbar pillows??

    1. Image for Florence Florence

      Would also go for #5 polka dot geometry as I love the pop of straight lines. I'm not sure of flowers because of other curvy shapes you already have on rug and pillows. The dot lines would softly match the striped armchairs. Plus draped or not, the pattern will always be very neat. Can't wait to see which one you choose! Sure this will be awesome!

  38. Image for Deb Deb

    Number 1 and 7 are my favorites but I would pick #1. They are all beautiful though and I know you will pick the perfect one for you! We will be waiting and watching to see which you choose!

  39. Image for Loris Loris

    You’re such a great decorator ! I wish I had your eye for fabrics and paint. I’m still leaning towards # 7 because it seems to be easy on the eyes and it looks to be a LINEN fabric which is so classy. Also, I love the stitching in this fabric because it seems to be creamy in color and not so overpowering like in the other fabrics.

  40. Image for Sharon Sharon

    While I loved all of your choices, I think number 7 would be best. For such a bright room, and because the rug is such a "pop", I think number 7 is a little more subdued and would finish the room nicely. And if you make them and don't like them, please feel free to send them my way, she says with a grin!

  41. Image for Jackie Jackie

    #3 to keep with the blues and whites theme. Or #2 to add color to your blues and whites. I love and would use #2 for the added color. Good Luck!

  42. Image for Maureen Maureen

    Wow, your choices are so beautiful. I have spent far too much time trying to choose so I can see your problem. 1 is my first choice, but I also love 6. No. 7 is too much like your blue prints. And #2 is amazing, but probably too busy.

  43. Image for Vee Muller Vee Muller

    They are all lovely! You could be safe with any of the blue choices OR you could go all red lipstick and choose #2 the multicolor floral! It would be unexpected and would allow you to introduce more colors later, like in some pillows or accessories! Would help the brass pop. I vote for #2!

  44. Image for Mir Graham Mir Graham

    I'm a huge fan of #1. I feel like some of them look very heavy... I might be wrong though. I also liked #7, but I wondered if it would look a little too "90's country" instead of colonial / farmhouse. I think whatever you choose, you will rock it, and it will look beautiful.

  45. Image for Mary Lou Kleveland Mary Lou Kleveland

    #6 with #1 also a contender. I like the different shades in #6 as it pulls the room together without being bossy.

  46. Image for Carla Hanson Carla Hanson

    I think number 1 or 6. I actually really like the one that has the red in it too. But given the current colors in the room I'd have to say 1 or 6.

  47. Image for MARILYN MARILYN

    #7 has my vote! You already have a lot of stark blue/white contrast going on. I LOVE blue & white, but you might try introducing a punch of contrast color in a couple solid color pillows (deep coral...bright yellow?) to give the eye a break.

  48. Image for Yvonne Shafer Yvonne Shafer

    I’m thinking 1 or 7. I like the calming effect of tone on tone. Also, both are calm patterns which would be great, I think, for relaxing in the evening. The others are too busy for me. Good luck with your project!

  49. Image for Susan Hall Susan Hall

    Oh brother! They are all so does one choose! If it was me I think that the Multi colored one might work best because you can pull so many other colors from the fabric. The pop of red around the Christmas season or the beige and yellow at Fall time. Which ever one you choose I'm sure it will be stunning!

  50. Image for Maryann Conner Maryann Conner

    #7. But to be honest, I think you should find one that isn’t strictly blue and white (but no red). Any of those patterns would be better if there was more balance, meaning more tan/greige in the mix with the blue. I think it would tie everything together better. Good luck!

  51. Image for Donnie Donnie

    I like #2 - the pop of red really will add some dimension and grounding. You know, we all love being asked for an opinion. Love visiting your home via your blog, so welcoming and peaceful.

  52. Image for Betty Larson Betty Larson

    I think you should go with number 7, the stitched floral. But not an “ in your face” floral. You already have geometries with your pillow choices. This choice seems just right to me! I have been a decorator for 40 years and blue and white is a classic that never goes out of style!

  53. Image for Marisa Franca Marisa Franca

    I have #1 in my bathroom -- I made a valance out of it. But right now I'm going to get first a cup of tea and then take another look. This afternoon I'll have a glass of wine and take another look -- then I'll give my lowly opinion. I do think it's a good idea to gather the swatch before deciding. Sending hugs!!

  54. Image for Dauphine B Dauphine B

    I really like #7 because it will blend and not be too many patterns in the room. When you look at the big picture you already have multiple prints and the chairs have stripes so the prints for curtains would be too much. I also think fading from sunlight would be at a minimum.

  55. Image for Ana Ana

    I like 7 best. It is quieter, more restful and goes better with the theme of the room. Agree with the comment about smaller prints.

  56. Image for Ann Ann

    I like #4 and #6 because they pull in both of your blue shades, leaning strongly toward #6 because you can pop some turquoise accents into the room. No to #2, not liking red but maybe that's just me.. Love #7 but maybe not in that room.

  57. Image for Kathy Kathy

    I love #1, with #2 being my next choice - which gives some good options of different throw pillows later to change it up without replacing curtains.

  58. Image for Julie Julie

    Karianne, the room is so beautiful and peaceful, and your family is what will add color! Blue and white are my very favorite, so my vote goes for #3 or #6. Good Luck!

  59. Image for Kathy Hughes Kathy Hughes

    I love #s 1 and 2, BUT #2 will add that third color you really need. Blue and white are restful, beautiful, traditional, but the pops of red flowers with green stems will add so much interest and a little surprise. I agree with the person who said to buy enough for one panel of your favorites. The fabrics you decide against will still make gorgeous pillows for a quick change of look in the room. We will love whatever you choose! Can’t wait to see the final results!

  60. Image for Alice Alice

    Hey Karianne, #2 It reminds me of your love of red’s a bold!’re gonna have to run a tally with all the input!

  61. Image for renee renee

    I love #6 for this room....You have beautiful splashes of blue all thru this awesome white room I just think your curtains need white splashes thru the blue curtains! Did I confuse you? Hope not! Good luck! Can't wait to see which one you pick! I love your new Home!!

  62. Image for Connie Connie

    I love all the fabrics but my eye keeps going back to #1. I think it continues the light and airy feel of the room and brings all your blues together. I love the idea of ordering enough fabric for a panel of your top picks and living with each a couple days to see what they do to the room at different times of day.

  63. Image for Teresa Ann Harral Teresa Ann Harral

    Hello! They are all beautiful but I would choose....1,3, or 7. By the way, I have bought your DIY Home Planner and since I just became an empty nester last weekend, I am using it as my guide to redo the guest bathroom and daughter's room that will be converted to a sewing/craft room. I am so excited!!

  64. Image for Kathryn Kathryn

    I love #6. It picks up the darkest color in the rug but also has other colors and a pleasing design. It might also help to look at the fabric folded or pleated like it will hang when the drapes are made.

  65. Image for Rebecca Rebecca

    Number 2 (I have a chair in that fabric 😊) or number 7. You have a hard decision. I always have summer and winter curtains here in Ohio.

  66. Image for DeMarie DeMarie

    I like either #1 or #3.. I also might like something not so bold. Perhaps a fairly pale blue stripe or check. I thing it depends on whether you want the curtains to be a strong focal point (like these fabrics chosen) or to sit quietly in the background. I know we’ll love anything you chose!

  67. Image for Carol Carol

    Number 6 leaves the room a little less predictable. The turquoise will give you a little more interest. Another option would be to keep the ones you have and add a two foot section at the bottom of each panel using the number 6 fabric separated by piping!!!!

  68. Image for Char Char

    For your room - the first pattern. It pulls the blues together but still leaves enough flexibility to add seasonal colors. Now for my living room - please tell me what is the pattern name for the polka dots?

  69. Image for Janet Janet

    I like the Floral Blue #1. What about just having solid color curtains in blue? Then you can add more patterns later in blue

  70. Image for Sophie's Haven Sophie's Haven

    My favorites are 1, 2 and 3.......................they make the room pop. Love the splash of red in #2.

  71. Image for Linda Ebright Linda Ebright

    Love your thoughtful selections. I think it depends on what look you are wanting for room. #1 is classic - simply put. #2 - don't like adding more color with the drapes. Do it some other way. #3 damask is always classic. #4 looks like updated damask look - more trendy. #5 geo dot is definitely trendy. How long do you plan to keep these? Still, love DOTS! #6 love blue/turquoise together but not sure drapes are where you want to introduce this color. On the other hand, this is a rather subtle intro to turquoise. #7 Oddly, I'm drawn to this softened denim-y look. The curtains will look like "dark blue" but it's a softer look. Yikes...I guess I'm the one needing a consult!!!

  72. Image for Marie Marie

    Number 4 or 7 are my picks. Not crazy about the multi-colored one. I have the same problem with a gray paint in my home. My pantry door is painted a dark gray and in a certain light, it looks totally purple. But I've already painted it twice, so I'm gonna live with it for now.

  73. Image for RW RW

    Glad you're getting rid of the purple-turning wall paint! Note that the deep rich blues are my favorite colors. But this room just feels so blue and white. Don't know what your vision is for the room, what feeling you're trying to evoke. While I really like all the patterns you've chosen, the first five are just overwhelming to me, echoing the rest of the room like a piece of music that repeats the same note. The Damask Navy for instance is just so close to the huge rug in effect. (Though you don't give us a real scale for the patterns and perhaps if they were smaller, it would feel different?) For that reason, I like the last two patterns (6 and 7). Number six introduces that teal, like a note from a different section of the orchestra, maybe a sax (with your yellow flowers on the bookshelf being a pluck on a harp string or a bell note). And Number seven gives a smooth background support foundation just where it's needed, as well as bringing out the medium range of blues in the rug and other patterns. (Would the cream instead of white in the curtains be strong enough for the sofas?) As long as the blue there isn't too country or wedgewood in the light of the room... number seven seems to have a little texture. I think you could use a little texture in those curtains, and for myself, might like a slubby linen. But if being entirely honest, I like the looks of curtains but am going with hard painted shutters in my guest room -- I don't like the dust-on-fabric collection, makes me itch, lol. Good luck!


    So many gorgeous options! Numbers one and two are definitely my faves! I especially love the colors in two, but think that number one would look best in the room, as it is now.

  75. Image for Zara Zara

    I love the multi colored floral because it adds a touch of warmth that will really make the blues pop. Also it ties all the shades in beautifully. Second favorite is #6, the blue and blue and teal. Both will tie everything together and give a nice contrast that makes the room sing :)

  76. Image for Judi Judi

    I’d go with #7 - all of them are beautiful, and my first response was the multi-colored floral to bring in a pop of color - but in keeping with your love of neutral’s and subtle color I would think 7 is more in line - that and it’s not as bold, will provide color but won’t be the focal point. Can’t wait to see what you’ve chosen!

  77. Image for Sandi Sandi

    I took this serious! :) I put them all side by side on my desktop and then ruled out the ones I didn’t like first. #1 because I think the flower pattern will get old in full drapes; #3 because it seems too safe and might become boring; #7 seems to be everyone’s pick but it just doesn’t match to me and does nothing for the room. My votes are for… #2 if you want the room to pop! #4 or #6 work because the pattern in the fabric seems to flow with the room better.

  78. Image for joanne joanne

    #1 The others are too distracting. You can always add a pop of color with pillows. and some of the other blues are too much. This print has more white and is easier on the eyes.

  79. Image for Mary Jane Sapko Mary Jane Sapko

    I love #6 and #2. They both add another "pop" of color in the room....turquoise or red. I feel the room need a little "pop". Good Luck!

  80. Image for Robbin Robbin

    All or beautiful, and I doubt you could go wrong with any of them. My favorite is #2. It just adds a little "something" with the pop of red. The room is gorgeous, just feels like it needs a little oomph, and #2 does that for me. Can't wait to see what you pick!

  81. Image for Elizabeth Elizabeth

    2 or 7 — I think #2 allows for other colors to be introduced in fall/winter if you want to bring in warmer pillows and did you notice how nicely it played with your foliage on the mantle. I also like 7 because it doesn’t shout “look at me” but feels subtle and high end, a good compliment to what is already going on in the room

  82. Image for Linda Linda

    All the fabrics are lovely Karianne! Loving 1, 4, and 6! But that #6............Wowza!!! Stunning and brings life to the room and a little drama like painting the back of that beautiful built-in bookcase! Can't wait to see what you choose!!

  83. Image for Carla Carla

    Living and loving with blue and white, what a difficult decision! I personally like 1 and 6 the best, though all are lovely :-)

  84. Image for Dawn Dawn

    I like number 4. It’s a totally different pattern with what’s going on in the room already, it’s fits in nicely, yet stands out.

  85. Image for Marty Oravetz Marty Oravetz

    #3 for me. The dots have a pattern but don't shout at you. This looks elegant and understated and this room already has a lot going on. Keep it simple and chic.

  86. Image for Susan Ronnfeldt Susan Ronnfeldt

    #1 and #7. I am leaning more toward #7. I cannot wait to see which one you choose!!! Whichever one it is, it will be gorgeous!!!

  87. Image for DeJa DeJa

    Number one and three are beautiful options, but #3 is definitely the winner. It doesn’t change the feel of the room and looks soft without being too “girly.” The floral would look better in a dining room setting in my opinion.

  88. Image for Judy Judy

    1, 6, or 7. Only concern with 6 and 7 is the amount of light you said room gets. I’m afraid they will fade and be streaky.

  89. Image for Denise Cox Denise Cox

    It's a no brainer for me.. #1 and #6!! I love blue AND turquoise and teal have become my new best friends!!! Nice to see that soooooo many ladies have responded to your dilemma... 😉

  90. Image for Suzy Suzy

    I like #5 best. I think that the others will be too overbearing. They are all great prints, Personally I like #1 best, but I think #5 will be best in your living room.

  91. Image for Sherrill DePolis Sherrill DePolis

    All of the fabrics are really beautiful, but I think you need to add another color into the mix. I think the blue floral with the red in it would be stunning.

  92. Image for Kim Kim

    Ummm—I don’t like any of them. They all seem too strong and too repetitious of the rug. These all seem to become the focal point of the room , though I strongly agree that you need to see your top contenders in a panel or gathered as if they were hung to get the proper effect. If you want the light and airy feel, go with lighter weight and lighter colored drapes. Guess I am an oddball here!

  93. Image for Linda F Linda F

    Why not do two different ones so you can switch out in the spring/summer and fall/winter months. #2 for fall/winter, you have so many other colors in the fabric you could bring in, and # 3 for spring/summer months. I know whatever you pick it is going to look great because blue and white are my favorite too!

  94. Image for Tina Tina

    I like #5 or #7. I think stick to the blue & white for the curtains and use color on the pillows or accessories. If you use curtains with color and then start to not like the color anymore, you have invested a lot of time & money. Just my opinion. :-)

  95. Image for Pamela Reid Pamela Reid

    Okay Karianne, here's my two cents. Scale and consistency. I'm having a hard time with making a decision because I wish I could see the scale of the samples in the room, plus so much colour is a departure from what we are used to seeing in your rooms. Sure you do colour accents and change them seasonally or depending on each room, but blue curtains I find a very bold choice for you and a colour commitment. Are you planning on having blue in every room now? I'm trying to think of your flow from room to room. How about a neutral curtain, or a neutral curtain and sew on a colour fringe or even just a band of colour horizontally sewn at the top? That way if you get tired of the colour you can take it off and still keep the curtains. Another thing I just saw on a blog was where they turned a carved shelf upside down over the curtain top. Or your sweet husband could make you some cornices (I think that's the word I'm searching for) that could be painted any colour you want while retaining your neutral curtains. Again, just my two cents. I know whatever you choose will be perfect for you and your family. I admire your taste and decisions immensely. Good luck😀

    1. Image for Jeanetta Jeanetta

      Ohhh... I LOVE the idea of the cornices!! Yep, I agree, i think these fabrics done in full drapes would make the room feel too heavy. My favorite fabric by far is definitely #1 because it feels the most airy to me, but I also was trying to figure out a way to lighten them up a bit. I initially was thinking fabric #1 with a 24-30” wide puddly ruffle at the bottom done in the background color (maybe even make the ruffle out of a bleached drop cloth). But now I’m loving the cornice idea too! I’m picturing wood cornice boxes with a pretty, curvy (but simple) routed edge along the bottom, maybe some carved detailing to mimic the pattern in the rug, or you could attach wood appliqués (found on eBay and Amazon) to add detail as well. Then, paint the finished cornices navy blue and distress the edges and detailing to get that natural wood peeking out. Add those famous dropcloth curtains underneath (again with a 24-30” puddly ruffle at the bottom 😉)... and voila!! Beautimus farmhousimus!! 😍 It will pull the blue up to the ceiling to add balance to the room, but the light curtain body will keep it from feeling too dark and heavy, and the puddly ruffle keeps things from feeling to stuffy and formal. Now I have to go find a room in my house I can do this in! Lol ❤️, Jeanetta :) P.s.- “puddly” is an official word now that I’ve used it three times... you know, rule of threes ‘n all 😉🤗 lololol

  96. Image for aball aball

    I like # 6. The navy gives an anchoring, solid, strong effect and the turquoise is a nice surprise. Feels traditional, but not too traditional. It's not too much the "same" as other fabrics in the room. That said, if you want more traditional and want to introduce more color, go with #2.

  97. Image for Claudia Claudia

    I like 3 or 4 (leaning more toward #4). I love the way the darker blue grounds the window and I think it would really stand out with the wall color. It also doesn't scream, "Hey you, look at me hanging around."

  98. Image for Tonya Camerer Tonya Camerer

    Look at you branching out with color! Love Number 2. Keep in mind that red is my favorite color. So I personally have red in every common room of my house. I'm afraid if you go with just a blue and white curtain the blue and white theme will continue to have swallowed this room.

  99. Image for Tamara Tamara

    Number 4&6. Think I leaning a bit more to 4 (doesn’t look as heavy). These both blend best with the rug and do a wonderful job of pulling all your blues together!

  100. Image for Sherry Sanders Sherry Sanders

    #1 is my pick. It ties it all together without overpowering the room and allows you to bring another accent color if you choose. I am loving the room by the way.

  101. Image for Claire Claire

    #1 or #2--leaning towards #2. You can bring in some red touches later if you want to ...would be great at Christmas to add red !

  102. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    Good gracious me! Trying to find the end of the comments was a path through the jungle! LOL Okay. Here's another opinion: 1) Love this! 2) No. Even though it's nice, you'd be stuck with red. If you wanted to accessorize with another color, like pink or green, nah. Couldn't. Though nice for fall or Christmas but not the rest of the year. 3) Love 4) Love 5) No. To me, seems overwhelming. Like someone mentioned...paintballs. 6) No. Seems heavy to me. 7) Love. I'd narrow it down to three and then pick your favorite. I know. They're ALL favorites! LOL It is a difficult decision. So many lovely ones. Can't wait to see what you choose. :D

  103. Image for Roberta Roberta

    #6 is my favorite by far. The contrast brings needed balance to the room. #4 would be my second choice. There is a lot of variety in the feeling amongst these choices which surprised me.

  104. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I’m a person who really likes red and consider number 2 as my choice. You could really add some pops of color with the red and think of what Christmas would look like in the room.

  105. Image for Joan Joan

    Yes, I can see it is definitely a dilemma. Wow. they are all great choices but I liked # 2 -the multicolored floral and # 6 as well....Can't wait to see which one you get.

  106. Image for Ashley Ashley

    #2, the multi-color floral. It speaks to the blue and white, to the green in your plants, and opens the door to layer in any accessories in other colors later. An all blue and white curtain will leave the room feeling a little flat. I think I read on young house love before that their advice on picking a rug would be to pick one that incorporates the room's colors but also introduces an unexpected color. I think the same advice could apply to your curtains.

  107. Image for laura laura

    make a set of each and swap out on a whim!! i thought number one because i've used it before and loved it, then there was number two! loved that too and loved the spark of red!! then number three, ..oye

  108. Image for Marnie OReilly Marnie OReilly

    Ok.... Totally see the dilemma. All are lovely, but here are my NO's: 2. As much as I love an eclectic room, so far everything is blue white so this looks like you re-did the room but forgot the curtains. Stick with the color palette. 4. Too dark for this beautiful light filled room. 6. Pattern is a little dated #90's Paisley 1. Just because, I like it, but need not as much as others. So that leaves 3, 5 and 7. I will need to get back to you. Sorry for my honesty, I'm from the south side of Chicago and that's how we roll!

  109. Image for Janice P Janice P

    I really like #1 with what you already have in there. I know it surprises you I didn’t pick #2 with the red. If you introduce some different pillows/accessories, it might work.

  110. Image for Mary Stewart Mary Stewart

    Just a follow-up question. I liked the Damask Navy but was unable to find it on the site I linked to. Is it from a different site? Thanks again. I can't wait to see what you end up choosing.

  111. Image for cynthia chilson finger cynthia chilson finger

    Wow--I see your dilemma! Any one would look lovely, but I would take 1 and 2 out of consideration, (The red might prove a little bossy, if you know what I mean.) I'd give the polka dots a try or let the family have a vote. Good luck!

  112. Image for Barb Barb

    I just went through this same fabric dilemma, it's such a hard choice. I think #3 has the beautiful, crisp contrast, but #6 would be my choice. It adds so much interest to the room. Also, it leaves open the possibility of adding bits of teal...which is gorgeous with navy and white. As for my room, which has a similar look, I chose wide navy and white, horizontal it!

  113. Image for Jill Jill

    I’m voting 1 or 7. I like the colors of 3, but not sure about the pattern, it seems a little stiff for the room. Maybe seeing the paint color wouldn’t help? The room is coming together beautifully!

  114. Image for Susan Gorges Susan Gorges

    Number 7 looks like it would make the room feel soothing and cozy.....have fun making those curtains. I wish I was there as I just finished some really pretty ones for one of my daughters.

  115. Image for Sandy Hiatt Sandy Hiatt

    I love #3, it still feels light and airy with a touch of formality. My second choice is #1, especially after you paint the walls greige. Can’t wait to see the finished room!

  116. Image for Linda Kelly Linda Kelly

    I love 1 or 2, I was a bit concerned with scale as someone else mentioned but the gathers or pleats in the curtain will soften the largest blossoms. Beautiful space!

  117. Image for Sandee Woodward Sandee Woodward

    I can certainly see why you have a dilemma each one seems to be prettier than the other however I am voting for number two. The reason for that is I think it will allow you to introduce another color if you wanted by season and also the color yellow that you said because of The brass you want to add. Also let me say that I don’t matter with all your serving and beautiful things that you do you still have the human humility to ask for help. Sandee

  118. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I love 2! I love it so much I have to ask you where to inquire to get a sample. If you have to have blue i’d Pick 7. can’t wait to hear what you decide.😊

  119. Image for Frances Frances

    #3! It’s like a new take on a classic damask pattern. #2 is pretty, but I don’t know if you’re going for an Americana look.

  120. Image for Jaclyn Jaclyn

    Although all of these swatches are beautiful, I believe they would add too much blue (and in the case of the is beautiful but just doesn't seem like "you"). I think that the burlap smocked panels are the answer. They contrast beautifully with all the blues you have going, and add just the right amount of that "burlap" color that you have in every other room.

  121. Image for Claire A. Snyder Claire A. Snyder

    Hi Karianne, I like number one of the samples, and possible number 7, but I wonder how it would look with a solid blue the same color as the pillows on the chairs on either side of the window. Looove your blog and everything you do. You are my idol. Claire

  122. Image for Barbara Moore Barbara Moore

    #1 or #7. Really you can't go wrong. All are beautiful. So is the room. So are you! Can't wait to see whatever you choose.

  123. Image for Kellie Kellie

    I like all but the polka dots. I love 2. I think you'll be happiest with 7 because you won't be tired of it n a year or two and it gives you more options when changing pillows.

  124. Image for Teresa Teresa

    If you want just a blue and white room I think number 1. It doesn't have the clean line print like ever other print in the room except the rug. But number 7 also has a different shade of blue which I like for dimension.

  125. Image for Hope Ettinger Hope Ettinger

    the last one. make sure you line them or your fabric will fade.. another option would be to do a patterned tone on tone sheer in a neutral whitish tone. You may find that you get tired of the pattern on the windows. just a thought..

  126. Image for karen karen

    #1 I am a neutral girl. So this is a hard one. I would prob go more white and a touch of blue. But of the fabric choices here I would choose #1.

  127. Image for GInger Long GInger Long

    I love your room but the multi color floral would add that 3rd touch of color I think your room needs. Good luck and happy sewing.

  128. Image for Kim Lawrence Kim Lawrence

    Number 2, multicolor flower. While I love the serenity of your home (in its quiet moments!), you need a little more zing. Bringing in the multicolor will give your serenity a little more life and exuberance, while still remaining calm!

  129. Image for Sherre Sherre

    Multicolor floral - no question about it. Way too much blue with the other choices. The red is needs a little contrast.

  130. Image for Jeanie Jeanie

    I vote for #6. It looks really good with your furniture and rug and isn't the same ole thing you see everywhere else.

  131. Image for Kim Kim

    I love #1. I especially like how it incorporates both the dark and light blues. Have you checked out Pagoda Teahouse fabric by Richloom in bluestone. I am obsessed with this fabric. It also comes in a color way called kelly which brings in some bright green with the blues. I've seen it at, Fabric Guru and on Amazon.

  132. Image for Jere Jere

    Karianne, I am cross eyed from reading all the comments. Maybe one mere won't hurt. I think Plantation shutters would be good..There is so much"fabric wise " ( new word) going on in the room that a new pattern would surely distract. Maybe use stained shutters (to side with the gorgeous floor) . I know stain with the white woodwork...It is a new thought..and you wouldn't have to make the drapes!! And Twinkle Eyes would have to install. Don't take away from the room ,it is lovely..and a pop of color from pillows that can be changed now and then would satisfy your color needs. Whatever you choose will be perfect I am sure. But I am 91 years and my ideas are dated so what do I know. Jere

  133. Image for Suzi Suzi

    Karianne......I’m not sure you should pick any of these choices! I think your getting “too blue and white” and in the future, be overwhelmed with too much of the same! Go neutral or completely off the grid with another color!! 😊 You pick any color....!!!! However I think I would go a soft white and make sure to add pops of color ....elsewhere (fresh flowers, a pillow etc.,) in hot pink, red, chartreuse, orange, yellow you pick any color and it will give you a fresh approach on a whim!! As, an interior designer myself, I hate to go to over saturated in one color unless your married to it for quite awhile (you don’t want to grow tired of it)! Good luck 😊

  134. Image for Angela Aitken Angela Aitken

    Nice fabrics but not crazy about any of them for curtains as there are already a lot of pretty patterns in the room and another would detract from the rest. Also, may I suggest going with pure copper accents instead of brass? Full disclosure: I may be a bit biased as my husband is a coppersmith and creates handcrafted accent pieces for the home. 😊 It would really pop in that room with all that natural light though!

  135. Image for Jan Jan

    I think Number One is the way to go because it has the dark navy and the light blue also. Lots of opinions but I think #1 ties the room together.

  136. Image for Jennifer S. Jennifer S.

    I LOVE choice number 2! It adds so much interest and I think it will be great for the holidays when you can play up the red!

  137. Image for Celeste Celeste

    My choice is #1. I like that it complements the light, bright feel of your room with it's white background and that it also has varying shades of blue. My second choice was the polka-dot, but from my computer screen, the blue looks a little off from the room. Maybe in real life the colors coordinate very well.. My least favorite was #7, the light blue. While I think it's a beautiful fabric, I think they would become the focus of the room, instead of coordinating with everything. I love the airy, lightness of your room and I would stick with a light background.

  138. Image for Kathy Finn Kathy Finn

    #2, #1 or #7. All of them are beautiful, but #2 would give you a little more flexibility and I don't think you would ever tire of it.

  139. Image for Betsy Betsy

    I love that room so much but personally I would choose solid white sheer drapes and add a simple blue trim down one side. I'm not a fan of large prints especially on drapes. I've always preferred more color and larger prints in pillows and accessories. When I get tired of them it's less expensive to replace. The bottom line is that it's YOUR home -- do what makes you happy.

  140. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    #2 is for sure a room changer! It would make you bring red into the room and boy would that be nice!!! Just sayin'...

  141. Image for Sandy Sandy

    First of all, I can’t believe a decorating rockstar is asking little ole me their opinion. But since you asked, I’d have to say 1 or 4 and make some pillows out of 2 for when you need an occasional pop of red.

  142. Image for Louise Louise

    Totally taken with #2. Your room needs the red to break up all the blue. IMHO it would like too matchy-matchy store showroom with more blue and white that is in all the other samples.

  143. Image for Diane Diane

    I like 6 or 7. In fact I would like to get a swatch of each for pillows on my sofa With all these options you are still Going to be confused 🤔

  144. Image for Julie V. Julie V.

    I would choose #3 for two reasons: 1. The background of the fabric blends nicely with your white painted woodwork, while all the other fabrics are too creamy for wall and trim color. 2. The blues play nicely with the other blues that are in the room. I have my degree in Interior Design and sold custom window treatments for twenty years. Please take Into consideration the background colors of the fabrics,as that is what you will see when hung on the rod with the rings. You will not see so much of the pattern of the fabric, but the colors in the fabric in the finished product.

  145. Image for Deborah L Pelton Deborah L Pelton

    Hi Gorgeous! Well quite the conundrum, hey! Well, for my 2 cents I would go with number two. I think having all your main colors only blue and white will get boring and fast. By having #2, you'll be able to bring in some of those colors easily with pillows and accents. I used to have an entire house all in blue and white. I now have none. Bored? Maybe, not sure. Just as I got older I was drawn to the colors of fall, which so happens to be my favorite season. Thus may be my pull towards #2, not sure but, that is my final answer. Good luck! Looking forward to the finished product. ❤🐝

  146. Image for Jenny Jenny

    I love all of the swatches you have chosen but I really love #3 and #4 the best. They seem to be more up to date and add fun interest to the room. I love receiving the emails with your blogpost every few days. Your humor makes the blogs fun and interesting to read and your style is amazing. Thank you for sharing with your readers.

  147. Image for Lori Lori

    My daughter and I think either number 1 or number 3! Such a hard choice! We love what you have done with the space! Good luck!

  148. Image for sandyc sandyc

    The blown up samples at the window of the blown up fabric samples throws one off because they are not to scale and it’s hard to visualize in actual drapes. But after looking at each one several times and analyzing what I like and don’t like about each, I’m picking #6 – the blue and blue and turquoise pattern. The fascinating thing was that I googled blue and turquoise drapes (which I do frequently to get ideas) and some interesting pics came up including one from Thistlewood Farms: The House Tour and the Beginning on Pinterest. (I was looking for drapes in a similar pattern with similar colors that you could pull in to your room just to get the effect.) With this fabric, I’d accessorize with the turquoise, a bit in pillows maybe but also in just a few other accessories. The room is so airy and welcoming now and the patterned drapes could ground it a bit without distracting, (but then maybe not so need to see it in scale) and turquoise is such a happy color. I’m eager to see the finished room.

  149. Image for Airyckah Lane Airyckah Lane

    I don’t like 5, 6 or 7 lol 1 makes the whole room look like fine china (which I like but if that’s not the feel you’re going for, I thought should be pointed out) The one with the splash of red gives the room an Americana feel... (which I also like, but also thought should be pointed out if you’re not going for that look) And I agree with the above statement of “you won’t see the pattern as much when up and opened”, so need to see how the light glows through the background color against the new paint color

  150. Image for Cristie Cristie

    #3 and # 6 ... I love them all but weighing the room and all the blue already there, those are my choices. I liked the one with the Red , I love a little Red , but it’d be too much maybe

  151. Image for Linda Linda

    I like 1 And 7. You are going to have to get your girls in there with pens and paper and add up the votes. There are a lot of them ! Big decision.... Whatever you decide will be lovely.

  152. Image for Phyllis Phyllis

    I like #6 the best, but also #3. I think you should paint the room first and then pick the one where the background color looks best out of those two.

  153. Image for Judy Forbes Judy Forbes

    If it were my room I would go with #1. I think it blends well but does not take the "center stage" in that setting. I think you could easily introduce any number of accent colors to your room at any time you feel the inspiration. I love this setting.

  154. Image for Dana D Cox Dana D Cox

    #2 for sure! It has that touch of red that you can pull in if you wish and the green which will pop with plants in the room. It is a beautiful fabric.

  155. Image for Celeste Celeste

    Being an Interior Designer in ATL, I love the blue & white ones...BUT #'s 2 & 6 are my favs!!!! So much more interesting 😘

  156. Image for Laurel Laurel

    I think some of the bolder prints are trying to take over the room. I like 7, or maybe another option. I am sure it will look door in the end. Laurel

  157. Image for Brenda Brenda

    Myself I would not put up blue curtains. I would go with something more neutral i.e. white with maybe a hint of blue in them and let the rest of your living sing the song of blues for you. To me adding more blue in the curtains becomes overpowering. BUT that's just me.

  158. Image for Meryll Meryll

    Isn't it interesting how many strong opinions there are for each choice? I vote for #6 - and I would pull the turquoise color out of the fabric and paint the coffee table and the backs of your bookcases turquoise. And here's another opinion you didn't ask for - a new room arrangement! ( I have this thing about!) Try placing the two love seats facing each other, and the two chairs could either go on each side of the fireplace facing the love seats, or or in front of the window, facing the fireplace. Though it may not work as well for a blog photo, I think a more symmetrical arrangement could be really good in real life. :)

  159. Image for Susan Susan

    I like 3 and 7. I'm a 'less is more' kind of person so colored window treatments is HUGE for me but I do love the sweetness of number 7 and the bold but classic look of number 3. I wasn't a fan of the multi-colored fabric but I do see advantages of the red which you could play up during the holidays. Personally, that would be my last choice, along with the dot. Good luck making your final choice. Decisions like this, especially when it's a large investment, absolutely terrify me to the point of indecision.

  160. Image for Christine A. Roppel Christine A. Roppel

    NUMBER 3: Damask Navy. This matches the feel of the rug. I WOULD add a bit of color to the room. Perhaps the pillows or the fireplace surround. The others look to matchy-matchy with the blue and white theme and thus, too busy. I would like the burlap curtians with some burlap color in the wall and some pillows. That's my 2 pennies :)

  161. Image for Lin Lin

    #2 because it brings in a little color to the room. If you have to stay with all blue, I'd vote for #7. But #2 is what you should do (a little rhyme never hurts).

  162. Image for Lolli Lolli

    #7 has my vote. I love the texture the stitches on the fabric brings into the space. And the color is perfect. Looking forward to seeing what u decide!

  163. Image for Marisa Marisa

    I love 3, 4 and 7, but 7 is definitely, by far, my favorite since I like that it is a fabric with a blue background (rather than white with blue). All are beautiful though: I don't really think you can make a "mistake" here no matter what you go with.

  164. Image for Debbie Kirkland Debbie Kirkland

    I like #6 first choice and #7 second choice. I think the blue background against the light walls will give a nice contrast and not compete with the other blue/white in the room. I love your room and the beautiful yard sale piece of furniture. Can't wait to see it all put together! Thank you for sharing

  165. Image for Betty Baker Betty Baker

    You are most likely not like my opinion.I think just a beautiful ble with no flowers. My opinion this harsh print will blind you in the room. Sorry but that is ,my opinionI .i Just Love your Beautiful Home

  166. Image for Nancy Nancy

    I like #3 and #6. Number 6 is heavier looking, so because I am into "all things bright and light", I would lean towards #3. How nice of you to ask our opinions:) Good luck with your decision!

  167. Image for Ange Ange

    Number 3 almost repeats the pattern of the rug so that would be my choice to add continuity to the room. There are a lot of patterns in the room already so making your two biggest areas of pattern similar will help tone down the pattern stimulus. If it was my living room, I'd definitely go for pattern 2, but I like color explosion.

  168. Image for Rose Rose

    Om gosh I bet you have over 500 answers, and by now you have probably made up your mind, but for all it’s worth I love 1&2 mostly 2 because that pop of red is beautiful. I can’t wait to see which one you choose. Rose

  169. Image for Jacy Cole Jacy Cole

    Beautifully curated group of choices. They are all lovely. I prefer # 3 and # 7 for that room. The room is gorgeous!!

  170. Image for Sandy Bowers Sandy Bowers

    Definitely the multi color #2! Otherwise all I can think of is Bobby Vinton. Blue on blue, heartache on heartache.

  171. Image for Betsy Betsy

    #6 is my choice. I think it counter-balances the rug perfectly with the light and dark shades in the fabric. You can always add pops of red or any other color you feel like without fully committing to them. Plus, I love navy and turquoise together...I just do!

  172. Image for Virginia Virginia

    I would do a large blue and white buffalo check rather then a floral...but whatever you select will be beautiful. You have done a wonderful job with everything! Can't wait to see the results.

  173. Image for Linda Linda

    Hi. Number 1 is my choice. I have a question, though. Are the designs so large on the fabric, or will the design be smaller and thus more subtle? I do love the colors in #1 in any case.

  174. Image for Cindy in Oklahoma Cindy in Oklahoma

    My favs are the damask or the stitched floral.... although that one with a bit of red in it makes me smile, too. I like the idea of another color in the mix. I think the pattern might be a bit much (for me) except when you take into consideration it's going to be folded or gathered, I'm assuming, not flat like the example. This room, though.... makes me love blue and white even more than I already did, if that's possible!

  175. Image for Deb H Deb H

    For many years I have operated a Drapery business — I design window treatments and I have worked with many Interior Designers. In the end, it is whatever the client likes and feels comfortable with as well as what “feels” right in their home and works well in their lifestyle. Having said that, I immediately, before seeing any of the samples, I felt a pattern that would: ground the room so it didn’t feel quite so stark white; and possibly offer more colors from which some could be pulled to change up the feel at different times. The “different” colors could be used in other rooms throughout the house so the rooms will “flow” from one to the other and have a feeling of being pulled together

  176. Image for Ann C Ann C

    Oh I can see why you are having a problem, each one was great on it’s own. But I would go with #2strictly because it introduces a little Red into the room. I’ve always been under the impression you need three colors in a room. Of course you could count your wall color I suppose. I really like 7 also. Actually you probably can’t go wrong once you decide you toss all the samples so you can’t second guess yourself. Can’t wait to see. What you decide.


    I think all the samples are beautiful, but #7 just says FAMIILY, LOVE, LAUGHTER, and RED LIPSTICK!!! In other words, it is completely YOU!. Like I said, each one is beautiful, but when I saw #7, it just instantly looked like you. I really think what I like is that the others all look like pretty curtains, but #7 blends and instead of seeing curtains, you just see one gorgeous room.

  178. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    Thanks for asking, it looks like everyone has an opinion. I prefer #3 or #4! I feel either would be great. I do think it would be easier to choose if you can narrow it down to three options and then the final choice. Happy choosing !

  179. Image for Jennifer Rowell Jennifer Rowell

    I really, REALLY like #2. The extra color of redish makes a statement. Plus those are my colors😀. I also like #6, again the turquoise gives an extra pop.

  180. Image for Edie Edie

    You will make the right choice for your room - can't wait to see which piece you decided to add to the room. If I were making the decision it would be the Damask Navy #3!

  181. Image for Rebecca Rebecca

    Tie between #1 and #7. I like the fact that while these two have a pattern, they are basically neutral: one with blue on white, one with white on blue. Have fun, and I LOVE THIS ROOM SO MUCH!!!!!

  182. Image for Mills Mills

    1 or 2! #1 pulls in all the colors of the room, including the ceiling, but not the wall s:~); and I don't think it would compete with the rug... #2 does add that extra pop of color - and would be great in December when there will be more reds in the room. That was a great idea someone had earlier - to buy enough fabrics for a valance of your narrowed down favorites; the ones you don't choose can be made into pillows - genius!

  183. Image for Kristy Kristy

    #4 for sure. It has your dark blue, light blue, white and cream color that's in your love seats. It brings it all together.

  184. Image for carolyn hogan carolyn hogan

    I had it narrowed down to 7, 6 or 3 - then I took one more look and now I am thinking #1. So many great choices!

  185. Image for JC at the uncommon pearl JC at the uncommon pearl

    Oh, I can see why this is difficult! They are ALL gorgeous. My choice would be 1, 4, or 7 that look the most complimentary. Honestly, narrow it down to three, then pick the one that makes your heart skip (the most). 😊

  186. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Ooh...they are amazing. For me I love 3 or 7....some of the others demand that you look at them only...and the last is a little too dark for that beautifully light room. Just me! I’m sure whatever you do will be just right...always.

  187. Image for Be Be

    So beautiful!! I love 2 because I love just a little hint of red and will pull out the brass you may add. If you don't want another color then #7 will make them gasp when they enter that room!!! Full of charm. luv!!

  188. Image for Sandi Sandi

    I love (first choice) #1 because it simplistic and beautiful. I really don't like the introduction of another color in #2. My second choice is #7 because it mimics the Plat plan you found in the drawer of the dresser you're putting in that room. Please frame it and put it in that room as well! Can't wait to see how it all turns out! xoxoxo

  189. Image for Cindy Jones Cindy Jones

    #4 brings in your two blue variations and is a little bit updated damask or ikat. Second choice would be the navy damask. #4 leaves enough background neutral for you to bring in other accent colors for pillows, flowers etc.

  190. Image for Botanic Bleu Botanic Bleu

    KariAnne, #1, 4, or 7. Not #2... would look too patriotic which is great on holidays, but not the rest of the time. Also the red is an eye magnet that prevents seeing the entire room. Wow! Great response from readers... and there is not even a give-away. 😘 ROCK STAR!!!!!! Judith

  191. Image for Karen Karen

    I am going out on a limb and suggesting "none of the above". I love the idea of light colored solid drapery panels with a natural colored woven shade for texture.

  192. Image for Carolyn Carolyn

    #4... agree with Libby’s comments... it brings in all your shades of blue and adds a little drama to your beautiful room... as always the fabric you choose really depends on the mood you wish to create

  193. Image for Diane Diane

    I’m reading all the above answers and just when I think I truly have an opinion I then agree with someone else. We may just be confusing you more because you are the true expert and designer. But my vote is #2. I would tire of all blue and whites.

  194. Image for Karen Karen

    I know I'm coming in at the 11th hour here, but my vote is #2. I think having more color than just blue and white would add something and avoid monotony.

  195. Image for Anita Anita

    Because you can see the whole room and actual fabrics in person, I know you will pick the right combination eventually. However,---I think the eye needs a place to rest, and with so many different patterns and shades of blue in the room already,(striped chairs, pillows, carpet) I think that plain white curtains would look exquisite and would pull the whole together. The patterns you've chosen are each lovely, but too much is too much. Please think about it.

  196. Image for Tammie Tammie

    I like #1 or #7, The floral pattern in #1 gives the eye a break from the geometric patterns and stripes in the pillows and chairs. I like the lighter shade of blue in #7.

  197. Image for Jean Jean

    Am I the only one who got confused with photos, you posted the fabric then a swatch in the room and somewhere around #3 the system changed. I too think there it already too much pillow talk, but if you would remove some of the pillows and use the fabric that I think is #3 or maybe 4, not the damask but the different shades of blue sample I think the room would be beautiful I have always wanted the background color of my drapes to be my wall color. This room would also be pretty if you either corded some of the pillows in either a green or maybe made pillows in the same fabric as the curtains and corded them in either green or yellow and let that be your accent color the room would be pretty also. Also, a pretty gourd lamp in gloss white with a white shade with green or blue greek key trim would be a good accent. Good luck with your dilemma.

  198. Image for Evaline Evaline

    Number 3 because it looks simple and clean. Important to pleat your samples as they will actually be hung before making your decision. ..this makes a huge difference and will help you visualize and decide. Good luck!

  199. Image for Judy Judy

    2 & 7 - with the introduction of brass and the garage sale find the touch of red will draw your eye to those pieces.

  200. Image for Hannah Hannah

    Number 3 - nice, simple and clean and both navy and lighter blue. Not too busy and doesn't detract from other colors or patterns in the room.

  201. Image for Monica @mrsmsg Monica @mrsmsg

    Girl. You of all people know the power and magic of a good swipe of red lipstick. Is there even a question? #2!!!!! Pop of red all the way. It's so perfectly you. I couldn't even appreciate the beauty of the other fabrics after seeing that one.

  202. Image for Suzanne Suzanne

    If this was my house ( oh boy would I love that!) I would go with number seven. I think the others are just to busy for me and I know that I would get tired of them. I also know that whatever you pick it will be wonderful!

  203. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    I LOVE #6! And my least favorite is #2 with the dark red/orangey tones. And ... the dark sage, and the light ochre, too. It’s just a bit out of my comfort zone to bring in more colors! It would mean accent pieces in three more colors, and the “soft comfort” level of the room totally changes. I think that little bit of turquoise in #6 is just enough to add a smidge of excitement to the various shades of blue! I love the blues & whites now, and don’t think they’re “boring” (as someone said) at all! Whatever you select, I know it will be SMASHING! and can’t wait to hear/see. Though it will take you some time just to “count the votes!” I finally gave up and fast forwarded to this ~ “MY soapbox!” Love ya’ girl! (No rudeness intended here, just letting my “opinions” out!)

  204. Image for Debra Matcovich Debra Matcovich

    All the fabric are pretty in their own way. My personal opinion is the first one. It has the softest look.

  205. Image for Denise Jones Denise Jones

    I like #1 or #3 if you just want to stay with blue and cream/white. I do like the extra pop of #6 with the turquoise. I think it just depends how far from your neutral look you want to go.

  206. Image for Beth Gilreath Beth Gilreath

    Which ever fabric you chose, should be great. When you repaint, please attach the free standing bookcase in the back of the room to the wall. Looks dangerous leaning out that far. I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but I couldn't help myself.

  207. Image for Dee Dee

    You do not need our help, you are an amazing decorator with a fabulous sense but since you asked, I would say 3 or 7. 😘

  208. Image for Elizabeth IV Elizabeth IV

    3 Damask Navy or 5 Geometric Polka Dot. I think that either would complete your look.beautifully in Karianne style..

  209. Image for Patricia Patricia

    So many lovely fabrics! I think any of then can work, but the need to be grounded with a solid header or solid side trim. To my eye, the pattern of the rug is running straight into the drape and some separation would be helpful.

  210. Image for Sharon Pananos Sharon Pananos

    I like #1 but I think 7 would actually work better in the room. I like a pattern that looks fairly solid from a distance.

  211. Image for Janet Janet

    I vote for 1 or 6. PLEASE SAY NO to #2 because you will forever have to add red and/or green to make the curtains work - adding another color problem. With any other choice you can still add those colors but you won't forever be stuck with having the room look off without red. With #6 you can add turquoise for a different vibe - maybe a bit beachy.

  212. Image for wilma wilma

    #3 Damask Navy. Timeless, with some print/texture but not overwhelming (there are a lot of windows that need covering), and would work well with many design options. And it's traditional and classy, but still has a little something, just like that beautiful room and your home.

  213. Image for Jane Jane

    I believe that the SCALE of the print is as important as the design and color so I can't voice an opinion without that ingredient. However, I will say, that I too prefer simple white with maybe an accent trim. I'd go with texture instead of a print. I find that I tire quickly of prints in draperies and they are costly to replace.

  214. Image for Cherie Cherie

    Wow. There are so many replies how will you ever get through them all? I'm voting for the multi colored floral. I surprised myself in making this choice but looked all of the samples over and over and kept returning to that choice. Loving the pop of red. It rounds out the room. I adore this room of yours. It's so peaceful and serene.

  215. Image for Sheila B Sheila B

    I love the multicolor floral. It brings just enough other colors in. The blues are beautiful, but I think adding a couple of more colors will really make the room!

  216. Image for Mary Anne Saunders Mary Anne Saunders

    Definitely 4 based on how it reads with the blues and the couch color. I also like how it works with the overall pattern play in the room.

  217. Image for Karen L Ploransky Karen L Ploransky

    I love the blue blue and turquoise #6--I thought I was going to choose another, but when I got to #6 I just knew that was the one I would choose. I love this room! Can't wait to see your choice!

  218. Image for Donna J Collins Donna J Collins

    I have to go with #2. Too much blue and white makes it a "I'm at the beach" feel for me. I think you need the extra colors for fall and winter.

  219. Image for Susan Susan

    Please go with #7!! It’s cheerful, airy, light, classy, fun and so pretty (Just like you)!! NO!! to all the others!

  220. Image for Lori Lori

    I like the solid background on #7 for your room but I am not sure it is the right shade of blue to tie together all the other blues in your room. Matching blues can be tricky! Number 3 may be the best for your room but my favorite fabric is #1.

    1. Image for Connie Connie

      1 or 4 because of he different shades of blue.. But 7 is too good not to use on a footstool or something else somewhere in your house..

  221. Image for Charlotte Snodgrass Charlotte Snodgrass

    2 or 6. Two brings in another dimension of color with the red, which I want to do in my living room but am unsure how. I love how you've done this with the fabric if this is what you go with. And six because it's dark enough to ground the whole room. I love either. Whatever you choose will be beautiful!

  222. Image for Mary Mary

    1 or 7 if blue is desired. Or #3 if a pop of warmth & color is desired. Personally I would pick 1!, I do know that whatever you decide, it will look awesome!! Your taste & style is marvelous.

  223. Image for BBurri BBurri

    I can see the drama effect of #5 and #7. Both will compliment the whole picture the minute you hit the doorway. #5 compliments the print in the pillows on the couch very well and continues the pure sophistication and clean simple beauty of the entire room.. Not sure if in real life (standing in the room) it is noticed, but in the example, it pulls from the pillows well and compliments them. #7 looks great too, my hesitation with it...... is the print one that will remain timeless (as in never getting tired of it). Bottom line. Go with the one that gives you that thrill of your first high heels and favorite tube of red lipstick!

  224. Image for Pegg Pavlock Pegg Pavlock

    2 or 7. I like the red in 2 but also the reverse of blue / white in 7, since ther is so much white in the furniture and rug

  225. Image for Debbie Debbie

    #7!!! Love it! Loved the multi-colored floral, but then you'd need to repeat the red color a few other places in the room. #7 gives you a solid color without the 'other color' problem.

  226. Image for phyllis phyllis

    First of all-mad props at your techy skills. Loved your presentation "boards". Wow. I love 1 and then 6 if you plan to add any pops of aqua or teal to the mix. (Crushing on that color combo now). #4 is also a contender, but only if you think Ikat will stand the test of time...or if you don't mind changing them later. Final decision: you cannot go wrong with #1!

  227. Image for Carol Carol

    I’m late to the party, but I would go with 1 or 7 and keep your room blue and white without adding other big colors, like red or aqua. The blue and white is very soothing and looks gorgeous, especially for this time of year.

  228. Image for Denitsa Denitsa

    Have you ever considered wooden or bamboo blinds? And just neutral curtains without blue? That room is really pretty, but I think it needs some wood. Sorry, you are my favourite design teacher but this time I am not agree. All the fabrics are beautiful ...

  229. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    Karianne, I believe you’d be happiest with fabric # 7. Stay away from that one with the red, not gonna work in your beautiful room. Even though it is your home, I could be a very happy camper with that fabric in mine. Good luck, you have fabulous taste!

  230. Image for Loryl Loryl

    WOW! I had to scroll a L O N G time to get in my comment.🤣 number 1 & 6 were my favs for your room but I had to throw in 2 because I love red and that is gorgeous fabric! Whatever you choose will be fabulous rockstar!

  231. Image for Colleen Colleen

    All the fabrics are nice, but none of them will appear as much or give the colors you are considering without a good white lining. The room is so bright, and with all the sunshine you get the fabric will be washed out without being lined. The photos of the fabrics you are considering show up because there isn't any light behind them to wash them out. Purchase samples, good sized samples so you see the fabric repeats, hang them from the windows gathered, as others have suggested, and walk in and out of the room at different times of the day before making your choice. Like your wall paint, they will look different at different times of day and months of the year. I know this isn't a quick and easy suggestion, just many of years of drapery experience.

  232. Image for Christine Vaughn Christine Vaughn

    I like #3 and #7. I recently order fabric thru they have some very nice blues and whites, including a checkmate pattern. My favs in their blues are# 1099955 Casablanca White Flax and #1115690 Bindi Cotton but don't know if they are the same blues you are looking for. I was able to find a coupon when ordering. Good luck with whatever you decide. It will be fabulous!

  233. Image for Jeanetta Jeanetta

    Ohhh... I LOVE the idea of the cornices!! Though I do love some of these fabrics, I think any of them done in full drapes would make the room feel too heavy and formal, and like one reader said, the room would be swallowed by the blue and white monster. Ok, so I added the “monster” for dramatic effect, but you get what I’m sayin’... 😜. My favorite fabric by far is definitely #1 because it feels the most airy to me, but I also was trying to figure out a way to lighten it up a bit. I initially was thinking fabric #1 with a 24-30” wide puddly ruffle at the bottom done in the background color (maybe even make the ruffle out of a bleached drop cloth). But now I’m loving the cornice idea too! I’m picturing wood cornice boxes with a pretty, curvy (but simple) routed edge along the bottom, maybe some carved detailing to mimic the pattern in the rug, or you could attach wood appliqués (found on eBay and Amazon) to add detail as well. Then, paint the finished cornices navy blue and distress the edges and detailing to get that natural wood peeking out. Add those famous dropcloth curtains underneath (again with a 24-30” puddly ruffle at the bottom 😉)... and voila!! Beautimus Farmhousimus!! 😍 It will pull the blue up to the ceiling to add balance to the room, but the light curtain body will keep it from feeling too dark and heavy, and the puddly ruffle keeps things from feeling to stuffy and formal. Now I have to go find a room in my house I can do this in! Lol ❤️, Jeanetta :) P.s.- “puddly” is an official word now that I’ve used it three times... you know, rule of threes ‘n all 😉🤗 lololol

    1. Image for Jeanetta Jeanetta

      umm... hi. It’s me again... and yes, I’m replying to my own comment.🤓 Ok. So I just looked at your room again, and I noticed those sexy wooden legs on your chairs!! Gurl!!! **enter construction worker whistle here** Hubba Hubba!!!😍 lol.. So.. option two (for cornices, that is... which you’re not even trying to decide on cornice colors, you’re trying to decide on fabric choices.. so I’m basically on my own train over here.. BUT this is how I roll 🤪😂) Anyhoo.. option two is light stained cornices (then maybe white waxed) to match those sthexy wooden legs!! YAsssss!!🙌🏻🙌🏻 Ok. I’m done. maybe. p.p.s- #1 is still my favorite fabric choice 🙊

      1. Image for Jeanetta Jeanetta

        Oh my gosh... this is ridiculous... yep. me. AGAIN!!🙈😂😂 Just gonna say I also like #7 if you’re wanting a blue background. It doesn’t feel as busy and dark as the others and I like the lineny weave (again, new word) in the material. Sooo... would you just make the curtains already so I can make up my mind!! 🤪😂 lololol ❤️❤️❤️

  234. Image for PJ PJ

    Hi, KariAnne, I vote for #5 which is fresh and different. I have #7 in the mudroom here at the farmhouse. I find the color to be a little dull and wish the blue were a bit deeper. Whatever you choose, you will make it lovely!

  235. Image for Michele (Finch Rest) Michele (Finch Rest)

    LOL - you should have done this post in poll form at the end, KA.,,,,so many comments! Which is a good thing, of course. #3 or #1. The red is a big mistake - you have enough going on to introduce the red, too. I like the last one's print very much but the background color will look dirty against all the white. Me personally would have plain blue and not compete against the busy rug and busy stripes on chairs. You're going from very neutral to a lot quickly - sometimes just a backdrop of a curtain is one's best bet and let the busy chairs and rug be your reason for introducing the blue color. I think I'd be more apt to paint the bookcases a nice deep blue (not too dark though, just a rich blue like in #1 and #3) and keep the curtains white. Again, I am probably stirring the hornets nest suggesting something totally different. OR paint the blue in the interior of the bookcases to bring color to the that side and tie it all in. However, that's just me - I tend to like to keep things simple and let one of two busy pieces take center stage and the rest be the supporting actors. : - ) Good luck with your decisions. Whatever you do will be amazing.

  236. Image for Sojourner Sojourner

    I was going to say you need a little color, as in number two. Then I saw number seven and it is so beautiful and soulful. That would add depth. Enjoy this!

  237. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    My suggestion is to go with one of the neutral on blue options, because the room is already blue on neutral. I think it would make a nice contrast. I hope that makes sense. Just go with mostly blue :)

  238. Image for Pam Pam

    After looking at all the swatches again I'm even more convinced the red would not be a good choice for this room. It's just too, too much. It would completely change this gorgeous room's tranquil vibe. Red is about drama, not tranquil, airy, or soothing. Please, no red.

  239. Image for Joi Joi

    Number 4 or 6! All are great options except I would hesitate on 2 because it might start limiting your accent color.

  240. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Whatever you decide will be gorgeous as always ... but ... since you asked I kept going back to number 4. It truly complements the blue chairs as well as the beautiful sofa. I cannot wait to see the final results.

  241. Image for Paula K. Oder Paula K. Oder

    Karianne- I adore all the fabric choices and I love what you've done to the room! #6 is my choice because it brings the outside in the room with the turquoise green. Ironically we chose the same rug!! I've always thought any room needs a touch of green or black. Can't wait to see what you choose!! Best Regards. Paula O.

  242. Image for Karen Michalak Karen Michalak