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Can you even guess how many minutes are in a year?

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred.

Or a whole bunch.

Depending on how particular you are.

What if you saved 10 minutes every day?  It doesn’t seem like that much until you add it all up.  10 minutes x 365 days =3650 minutes.  And can someone please check my multiplication because I ran from higher math in high school.

3650 amazing, incredible, precious, glorious minutes….

…..and here’s how I saved them.

Farmhouse Kitchen Hutch

Are you ready?

Here’s my 10 minute-a-day time saving tip.

When I empty the dishwasher, I never put my dishes away.

Okay, I mean, I kind of put them away….

….but not really.

farmhouse decor mason jar rack

I put those dishes here, there and everywhere, except the cabinets.

I hang them on drying racks.

These mason jars?

They are usually filled with sweet tea.

farmhouse decorating dishes

I put silverware in a caddy and stack the bowls in a basket on the center of the kitchen island.

These bowls go from the dishwasher to the basket and then get filled with Captain Crunch and sit around the living room in random hiding places until I find them and spend thirty minutes trying to remove the dried-on cereal which coincidentally is the hardest substance known to man from the sides of the bowl and then they travel to the dishwasher and back to the basket.

To start the whole process again.

Unless, when they come out of the dishwasher, I realize I failed in my vain attempt to remove all the Captain Crunch off and then I repeat steps four through six.

Good times.

decorating with measuring cups in the kitchen

I line up mixing bowls on the shelf.

I just put the one on the right back before we had this conversation.

Those measuring cups?

We actually use them.

butler's pantry

And I line up plates and trays and cups in my pantry.

I never started out to have time-saving as my super-power, I just stacked all those plates around because I thought they looked cute.

I kind of accidentally saved those 10 minutes without realizing it.

But one day when I emptied the entire dishwasher in one minute forty-two seconds and discovered all the time I was saving…..

….I patted myself and my baskets of stacks bowls on the back.

Now the real challenge begins.

I just have to figure out how to spend every single one of those 3650 minutes wisely.  🙂

PS  If you have any time saving tips you’ve figured out….can you help a blogger out and share?

….I might need some extra minutes for that Real Housewives Marathon next weekend.
10 minute saving tips

Here’s some more 10-minute tips from some of my favorite people.

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  1. Image for Julie Blanner Julie Blanner

    Watch out, if you keep sharing adorable photos of your butler's pantry, I just may show up at your doorstep and move in. I'm green with envy! Such a beautiful home. I love that everything in your home has a purpose. There truly is nothing better than functional decor for this girl!

  2. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Poor Julie doesn't know that I've already staked my claim :-) I've got little post-it notes stuck everywhere -- they're invisible unless I have to produce them -- stating that should you allow anyone to move in I get first dibs!! I still haven't found your butler even though you have a pantry for him. Now, how do I save time?? I wish I did. I'm a procrastinator and a dreamer. I really admire people who can get it done ASAP. *sigh* I better go check out those other blogs and see if I can find anything that will help. Thank you for your advice -- yes we use the same plates and utensils all the time. Why put them away?? Thank you -- that's why you ROCK!!!

  3. Image for Leona Leona

    Love your pantry....but in my "if I ever get to have another home" wish , I would have 2 dishwashers :} one for dirty one for clean....Emptying a dishwasher is the most boring job in the world. And a big pantry for my mixer and baking items , and a window for growing indoor herbs. .............Just used my 10 minutes for daydreaming :}

    1. Image for Jillynn Jillynn

      This made me laugh!!!! I actually moved from a house WITH a dishwasher to a house WITHOUT one!!!! Grrr... but I am learning that it is time saving... and boredom busting!!!! hahaha

  4. Image for vicki vicki

    Okay...silly but satisfying time-saver: keep a roll (or box) of new garbage pail liners on the bottom of every trash can in the house so when the filled bag comes out, the new, clean one is right there to put in place. Makes me smile every time I do it.

    1. Image for gina gina

      I do that, too! Learned it from the custodial crew at the hospital where I worked. My bowls are stacked and cups hung, too. Another tip: I don't fold underwear or wash cloths. They get neatly stacked in their own baskets which reside on closet shelves.

  5. Image for Rebecca Rebecca

    Here's another time saving tip. Teach (or threaten) the ones that leave the bowls around in hiding places to at least put their bowls in the sink and run water in them. You could take them on a vacation with the time you will save.......keep up the good work....L Rebecca

    1. Image for DonnaMarie DonnaMarie

      Rebecca -- This is a good one. I have managed to "teach" my son to bring his bowl to (or near) the sink...sadly, still working on the "run water in them" part :)

  6. Image for TidyMom TidyMom

    Why is it the emptying the dishwasher is such a pain? I'd rather clean the bathroom lol So I've always made the kids empty the dishwasher.......but the youngest leaves for college in 3 weeks! That means I'm going to have to start emptying the dishwasher - looks like I need an adorable butlers pantry!! ;)

  7. Image for Carol Bray@The Red Painted Cottage Carol Bray@The Red Painted Cottage

    I have the best time saver for husband! He does the dishes and usually unloads the dishwasher, vacuums, and waters our plants outside. What more could a girl ask for! So how do I use this special time? I'm either reading in my current great book or working on the computer or taking Miss Molly for a walk or.....

  8. Image for Kris Kris

    I'm teaching my kids to do housework--THAT'S my time saver this summer! It takes more time, initially, but it really does help in the long run. The other thing that seems to help is to try to stay on top of the housework--if I let it go too long, it's more work and I'm grouchier because there is more to do.

  9. Image for Elic Elic

    How nice you can do that, at my house the cats would either knock them off or get them dirty. They are either in the dishwasher or in the cabinet... Even then I've found cats in the strangest places...

  10. Image for Mary Mary

    In my very small kitchen, the dishes have to go back in their assigned cabinets. No room for a butler's pantry. I put spatchulas and wooden spoons into a larage ironstone sugar that doesn't have a lid to put on my counter. That's my one clever trick - nothing new here tho. I'd like to put my name on the list to get to move into Thislewood Farms.... I would empty the dishwasher for you!!

  11. Image for Amy W. Amy W.

    Awesome! You write about an everyday life task and make it super spectacular!! How I love it! Wishing you and your family a good and great summers day! :)

  12. Image for Peg Peg

    Love, love your beautiful home and all you do! I have a random question on this blistering hot day in the Northeast. Were you able to install central air conditioning when you renovated Thistlewood Farm?

  13. Image for Jonell Harrison Jonell Harrison

    mmm, I think I am loving this- one of your comments above mentioned that she [Julie Blanner} loved how everything in your home functional..everything has a purpose. I like that but you see my weird way of thinking does this [for me]. In the Harrison House I have a stated policy: "Everything in my house is to be used-nothing set aside for company more special than you". So I am claiming this for me. This means everything in my home has a purpose. I guess that's the jh translation. Just go along with me copyright here...if it works for you too USE IT! [after all we bloggers are known to be c r e a t i v e.

  14. Image for Lois@pineridgehills Lois@pineridgehills

    Hi Karianne..... If my calculations are correct it should yield you 60 hours and 50 minutes per year...... Two days, 12 hours and 50 minutes...... I am sure that all your readers can give you at least three ideas each on what to do with that time, but because of your following it will take you three days, 14 hours and 12 minutes to read them all! You now owe the universe one day, 1 hours and .366666 minutes...I think.....Oh, Heck! I hate math! Go make a spa appointment and enjoy you much deserved 3,650 minutes...although you will have time left over.....hmmmm...... Happy Wednesday.... Lois

  15. Image for janpartist janpartist

    Although you are to be commended, I was somewhat disappointed about your reveal. It's me and my husband. We do the dishes once a week. :( Pretty kitchen.

  16. Image for Dale D. Dale D.

    Enjoy your posts and getting those delightful peeks of your home. I have discovered the reading of the comments following your posts are just as entertaining and have come to the conclusion that you have fun, witty and hilarious followers that keeps me smiling. I have gotten into the habit of opening up your latest post, early in the morning (west coaster), curled up on my couch with coffee in hand, pug at my feet with anticipation, beginning with the tittle and wondering what the newest posting will entail and I have yet to be disappointed with your delightful blog nor the fun, upbeat and humorous sharing of your many readers. It has become my conduit to a better attitude for the rest of the day. Thanks KariAnne and your followers.

  17. Image for Colleen@Lilacdrivedesigns Colleen@Lilacdrivedesigns

    I really don't mind unloading and loading the dishwasher, but I really hate scrubbing toilets, just sayin! The best time saver I can share is not in the kitchen, but in the laundry room. I recently shared this tip with two of my neighbors, both retired ladies who had never heard of doing this. I keep a can of spray starch on my dryer to spray shirts or skirts or whatever is wrinkled and give it a quick toss int the dryer. wrinkles. gone. I have a steamer put this trick is by far the fastest solution, no steaming, no ironing, just spray and toss for a few minutes. Works every time for me!

    1. Image for Elic Elic

      That wouldn't work for me because I'm allergic to the starch they use, since its corn. I'm "call the ambulance" allergic to corn.

  18. Image for Jonell Harrison Jonell Harrison

    Interesting ladies- Obviously some of us are packaged as "couples", Married w kids, or onsies [like me] so the same problems /solutions don't work for us all. It takes a week for me to fill the DW & absolutely delights me to have glistening sterile dishes to replace [always in the exact spot they came from]. My policy/attitude about that is [if anybody wants to know] : Take what you can use and leave the leftovers laying there for someone else." This is F U N.

  19. Image for Susan Susan

    I probably save 10 minutes a day just by using a calculator to figure out any sort of math problem...hehe! Love your tips, KariAnne! If I had a bigger home, I'd most definitely take your advice...unfortunately, there is not a lot of counter space around here, so everything goes into cupboards. I also find I never bother using the dishwasher...I find I'm always washing the dishes before putting them in, anyway, so I might as well complete the job right then and there. And may I put my bid in to move into your gorgeous butler's pantry, as well? I could be quite happy there and I promise I wouldn't be any trouble. :)

  20. Image for Mary Crozier Mary Crozier

    Great minds think alike...Several years ago, I thought I wasted too much time looking for my purse, my keys and trying to find my wallet to get my credit card to pay for all my mail order items. So I always put my purse and my car keys in the same place and I memorized my American Express number. So I don't even need to hunt down my wallet to find my credit card-I just have it in my head all the time.....and it has saved me thousands of minutes!!! P.S. I do love your pantry too!!

  21. Image for Barbara Neubeck Barbara Neubeck

    Hi KariAnne ... I don't have a dishwasher. I have a suspended dish rack and the dishes stay in here to be used again....I think a couple of sparkling clean dishes in the rack look inviting, you just had a delicious snack.... lol ..... My best time saving tip is to cook twice the amount of food needed and freeze half for later... depends on the meal of have a great day.. Hugs... Barb xxx

  22. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    I time myself while doing chores and it is surprising how little time it takes to do certain chores; especially when you time yourself! That also makes me work faster so I guess I save at least 10 minutes if its a big chore! Try it sometime! And punish those munchkins for leaving those bowls out!!!

  23. Image for Jillynn Jillynn

    My time-saving tip is related to all things housekeeping!!!! I am slightly OCD AND have a VERY SHORT ATTENTION SPAN!!! Figure that one out;-) So I roll with it. We moved from a house WITH a dishwasher to one WITHOUT one!!! So here's my tip: ~Do a load of laundry a day, fold, put away... ~NEVER leave dishes in the sink dirty... (Because I don't have a dishwasher... I NEVER HAVE TO UNLOAD ONE!!! And I LOVE IT!!!!) When we remodel the kitchen, I will put one in for resale but I am seriously contemplating NOT using it! ~Pick up the kid toys before afternoon nap... and go out on your front porch and drink a cup of coffee... and then pick them up right before bed... did I mention the kids do most of the picking up... and mommy touches up??? ~Wash the eggs ONCE a day!!! This saved me TONS of time;-) Those chickens lay all day long but ONCE for cleaning;-) ~MAKE THE BED EVERY MORNING!!!! (I am doing a post on why;-) It will surprisingly transform your life!

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