Wondering how to organize kitchen drawers? Here’s a simple and easy solution to keep everything in its place.

See these drawers?

Don’t they look like they are squared away with their beautiful SW Peppercorn finish and crystal knobs and beveled edges?

They look like they don’t have a care in the world.

They look like they are squared away.

They look like they spend their afternoons sipping tea and eating bonbons.


Until you open them up.

And then?

The inside looks like this.

(total aside: before you scroll, please promise me we can still be friends).

how to organize kitchen drawers food storage


Double yikes with a side of unorganization.

Several weeks ago I pulled open this drawer and sighed with frustration.

Nothing matched.

Nothing went together.

There were lids without bins and bins without lids.

So I came up with a solution and found this 32 piece set.

I ordered it here and a couple of days later this set showed up.

It’s amazing. There are square containers and rectangle containers and bowls and the pieces are made from BPA-free plastic and are dishwasher safe and freezer safe and microwave safe and refrigerator safe.

The lids clip in place and it comes with chalkboard labels and a pen to label them with.

You can see the entire set here (and it’s on sale for an additional 10% off with the coupon).

But here’s the thing.

As amazing as this set is? It didn’t organize itself.

how to organize kitchen drawers unorganized

how to organize kitchen drawers lids

When you opened the drawer it looked like this.

There were enough lids and enough containers to go around, but it was still jumbled up.

And then?

I had brilliant idea number two.

how to organize kitchen drawers pegboard organizer

How To Organize Kitchen Drawers

I ordered this pegboard organizer for drawers.

I’d seen other versions of this, but they were wood and super expensive so I did a little research and found this sturdy plastic pegboard instead.

This set of pegboard organizers (it comes with two organizers) is $20.

You can see it here.

how to organize kitchen drawers pegboard

how to organize kitchen drawers pegs

This set comes with a basic flat pegboard and this set of pegs.

There are little extensions on each side of the bottom of the pegs.

You put them into the holes on the pegboard and they snap in place.

You can adjust them to different sizes depending on what you need them to organize.

Here I added them to the base to organize the food storage containers.

Now there is a section for each one.

There are a ton of pegs with each set.

I had enough to make small rows so the lids had their own sections to stand up.

These drawers are deep so there was enough space for the lids to be stored vertically.

These pegboard organizers come in dark gray or white.

I actually ordered two extra sets to organize the drawers in the dining room with my china.

Such a simple solution to organize kitchen drawers.

And now?

The drawers that used to look like this?

And now the drawers look like this.

Every time I open up the drawers IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY.

So much so that it inspired me and got me thinking.

What if I hosted an event at my house where you could tour the house and go around to every closet, every space, every cabinet and see how I organize everything.

It would be so much fun.

It would be motivating for me.

It would be challenging and amazing all at the same time.

I’ll keep you posted, but I think it’s going to happen.

I have a few more drawers to organize first. 🙂

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  1. Image for Amy Amy

    This was so helpful. I like the peg board organizer. It looks so helpful. Thank you for the suggestion. Great post on organizing

  2. Image for Bob Bob

    The pegboard organizers have 2.8 stars on Amazon, they're trash and you're trying to make affiliate money from readers on it? You should be ashamed, trying to disguise it as a useful article.

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      What in the world? They have 4 stars and over 1300 reviews? I love them and have purchased them three times. I wouldn't be recommending them if I didn't believe in them.

  3. Image for Karen Kosmoski Karen Kosmoski

    This item is unnecessary. You don't need it to nestle same size containers; just stack them next to each other. I have all my lids sitting up in their own plastic container according to size. Easy peazy & free.

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      There are many different ways to organize plastic containers in a drawer. You are right, you could stack them next to each other and not use this. My challenge is that they never stay stacked in that same place. It's easier for me if I have a place for everything. It helps keep everything in its place.

  4. Image for Becky King Becky King

    Perfect timing! This week I am organizing kitchen drawers and the pantry. Lids and containers are always a problem. I ordered two sets. Thank you soooo much for this clever tip. I appreciate you!

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