If you’ve been following along on Instagram in stories you may have shopped along with me at the thrift store where I found this.

A table and chairs.

I actually was just looking for the table.

And some super cute chairs showed up with it.

It was a fun shopping trip. I shop at the Habitat Store in McKinney, TX and it never disappoints. There were actually four round table contenders and I showed them all to you and had you figure out which one was coming home with me.

This is the one that made the cut.

The base was about to come off and the top was knicked and dented, but it had one amazing feature that I couldn’t resist.

It was on clearance.

But this table?

It’s not even the most amazing thing about this post.

Because wait.

Wait you Henry Higgins, just you wait.


Here’s the table after we brought it home.

And here’s a close-up of the top.

We reattached the base and sanded it down and applied primer and two coats of paint and a waterproof sealant and let it dry and brought it in and put it in the bay window in the front blue and white living room.

And now?

It looks like this.


In all the years I’ve grown up in this house—this is the cutest thing to ever go into the bay window.

Except maybe the Christmas tree.

Here’s a close-up of the table legs that we fixed.

The entire table was painted with SW Extra White in a satin finish.

The key to a table makeover like this is to sand the table, use wood filler to repair any knicks or dents in the tabletop and USE PRIMER. I cannot stress this step enough. Not using a primer is like putting on blush without using any foundation.

It just doesn’t work.

I pulled up the two blue and white striped chairs.

Fluffed the navy and white pillows.

And covered the top of it with blue and white and flowers.

If you are all about blue and white like me? You can shop the room here and here are some of my favorite blue and white finds.

But the table isn’t even the most amazing part of this post.

These flowers are.

I just discovered a new flower that didn’t even exist before.

Peony tulips.


These look JUST like peonies.

But they aren’t.

They are tulips.

They are so cute.

I found them at Trader Joe’s and they are miniature peony look-alikes. I put them in these blue and white planters and filled the table with them.

The peony tulips in the back are opened and the ones in the front haven’t opened yet.

I have the best tip to get peonies (or peony tulips) to open here.

And by the way?

While we are on the topic of peonies.

How do you say the word PEONY?

Here’s how I say peony here.

It was an exciting weekend.

There was sunshine.

There was a furniture makeover.

And a brand new flower showed up.

Let’s go spring.

It’s going to be a good one. 🙂

PS If you are looking for blue and white planters? This set I used on the table is SUPER affordable.

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  1. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    It looks beautiful, I love these old round tables, so pretty and perfect painted white with blue pots.

  2. Image for Joanne Joanne

    KariAnne you make me want to grab a paintbrush and run around looking for the nearest thing to paint 😄 Very inspiring! Love it and everything you do! 👏👏👏

  3. Image for Nancy Nancy

    The table is lovely! I also love blue & white. At my last visit to Trader Joe’s, I purchased the same tulips and love them! I put them with some white hydrangeas and green berries (no clue what that are but the pink, white and green combo says Spring to me). Enjoy your day! Nancy

  4. Image for Linda Linda

    Table turned out beautiful and looks adorable in the bay window. The blue and white planters look great with all the flowers, especially the peony tulips! What did you end up doing with the chairs from the table?

  5. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    Great table. My mother found one a little larger than this and cut it down to coffee table height that we used almost the entire time I was in junior high and high school. What a great coffee table that was. Plenty of space for everything and everyone.

  6. Image for Beth A. Christoff Beth A. Christoff

    When I was a little girl (late 60's/ early 70's) growing up in rural Indiana, they were Piney's, as in pine. tree. Then I got my self a college education, moved to the big city, where I was told no, they're Pee-on -knees! Don't even get me started on the CANOPY bed. :)

  7. Image for Kim Kim

    That's a gorgeous makeover and a gorgeous spot...but wait. Peony tulips?? I'm a tulips fanatic and I've never seen these. I need to get my tail over to Trader Joe's and keep my fingers crossed that they have them up north, too!

  8. Image for Sarah Sarah

    So pretty! But I know I saw the chairs that went with that table primed and painted in your Insta feed! Did you find a spot for them? (The paint really highlighted their cool,,geometric design....)

  9. Image for Debbie K. Debbie K.

    You did a wonderful job and the view from the bay window is so pretty! You inspire me! Thanks for all you do! I look forward to your emails every day! 🌷💜🌷

  10. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Great makeover and it looks so pretty in the bay window. It always amazes me that you're in the home you grew up in too. I can't believe Peony tulips!! They are so pretty!

  11. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Your newly painted and fixed table is absolutely awesome there. It fills the space perfectly! I laughed out loud when you said "Just you wait, Henry Higgins, just you wait!" I couldn't sleep the other night and watched My Fair Lady in the middle of the night on Friday. LOL talk about a fun coincidence. Love that movie. They all used to seem so old to me. Not so much now, heh heh. Love TJ for flowers and your picks (along with your new blue and white vessels) are spot-on great.


    What a beautiful table, KariAnne! It was just meant to be in front of your bay window! Those gorgeous flowers just add to the beauty! Those peony tulips are so pretty! This is the first I have heard of a "peony" tulip. I'm definitely going to be on the hunt for some! Have a great week! Thanks for such a cheery post today! We are having a snowstorm!

  13. Image for Debra Debra

    Small world, Karianne, because I just dropped off this table and chairs set at my local Habitat store on Thursday! Sure hope that whoever takes mine home has the vision and creativity that you do. Looks great!

  14. Image for Jillian Jillian

    Love this table, perfect location. It looks brand new--- and you can find new painted ones for high prices. I would love a lamp there, room brightening and so friendly from the outside. I adore table lamps. We have 13 on the main floor in every room including the powder room and kitchen. Plus three chandeliers. And fairy lights in garland in several places. I leave lamps on during the day and turn them off when we head for bed. My brain is possibly in backwards.

  15. Image for Kris Kris

    Love the table, the flowers, the blue and white planters that you have them in. I see you decided against using a skirt on the table. I would have liked it either way!

  16. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    Love that table!! I need to paint mine now, lol. I say PEE-OH-NEES lol and my husband says it the other way. I think he is wrong, lol. Love those flowers, will be on the look out for them here. Have a wonderful week! Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Image for Kim Kim

    Gorgeous! Makes me want to sit with a cup of coffee and gaze out the window after I've truly appreciated this wonderful room. Where did you find those charming striped chairs?


    Sadly painted table tops just don't hold up. Regardless of primer. Especially when using just latex paint. If you never water your flowers and never move the vases and never USE the table....thatd be great. But I think promoting this as a usable idea for home owners is kind of deceptive. If this table will be used at ALL the only thing you can do w the top...despite Knicks etc...is sand and stain it and seal with a waterproof sealer. It can still look adorable and you can paint the legs. And who cares about some dents or scratches...those are called beauty marks or....character. But a painted table top will be far uglier within just a month or two of any kind of use...even just changing vases of flower.s.

  19. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

    Shelly, I appreciate your perspective! I have painted white furniture all over my house—including the table in the craft room! For the most part they’ve held up awesome! Sometimes there’s a little “distressing” and when that happens I just distress the rest of the table to match! :) Happy day! KariAnne

  20. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    I love a great makeover! Great job on the table...but, tulip peonies?!!! You know our Trader Joe's is a couple of hours away...but, THOSE will come back with me for a brunch on the back porch. PERFECT! Thanks, always, my friend, for your inspiration.

  21. Image for Peg Peg

    That table, with your pretty chairs and flowers in the bay window, was meant to be!! Or rather "bee" for spring!!! xoxo

  22. Image for MaryAnn MaryAnn

    Your table turned out lovely and the bay window is a perfect spot for it! I have been looking for the exact pillows that are resting in your blue and white striped chairs. Would you help a girl out and let me know where you got them? Thanks!

  23. Image for Tanya McGill Tanya McGill

    So funny, I actually have that "beat up table" in my kitchen, I think I need a new bay window and a gallon of white paint!

  24. Image for Theresa Theresa

    Beautifully done! A splendid place to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book. When we lived in Indiana a friend was talking about her Piney’s. First I thought she meant trees but as she went on I was completely stumped. Finally I stumbled onto what she we speaking of. PEONIES!! 😆

  25. Image for PJ PJ

    That blue and white table is just what that bay window needed. In the winter, you could cover it with a floor length tablecloth to cozy things up a bit. I, too, love to shop at ReStore which is what the Habitat for Humanity store is called here. My wonderful kitchen hutch came from there, and now I am on the lookout for a coffee table. Have an amazing day, KariAnne!

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