Looking for an easy way to customize your bedding? Here’s the step-by-step on how to make a duvet cover from a sheet.

It’s so much easier than you think! I made this duvet cover out of a sheet in under an hour. I walk you through exactly how to sew it in five easy steps.

how to make a duvet cover

See that duvet cover at the end of the bed?

I made it out of a sheet.

Sheets are my best decorating friend.

I’ve made curtains out of them. I’ve added trim to them. I’ve made pillows out of them and slipcovers out of them and pillow shams out of them. Once when I was in college I even stapled them to cover up a purple couch.

They are cheap.

They have a LOT of material in the prettiest patterns.

They are flexible.

All things I look for in a friendship.

If you are looking for a new friend who checks all the boxes and you need a quick, simple, easy idea to refresh your bedroom in minutes?

This is the post for you.

Here’s how to make a duvet cover out of a sheet (and a simple quick tip on how to actually put the duvet cover on without sweating).

how to make a duvet cover sheet

How to Make a Duvet Cover Out of a Sheet

1. Find the right size sheet

Let’s start with the basics.

You want to find two flat sheets in the same pattern.

Quick sizing tip: If you have a king duvet comforter—size down to a queen sheet. If you have a queen duvet comforter—size down to a full sheet.

It just makes the duvet extra cozy and full and you won’t have any extra fabric or bunching.

I used this sheet to make the duvet comforter.

It came in a set, so I used the two flat sheets from the set to make the duvet cover. I added the pillows and one of the fitted sheets to the bed and used the other fitted sheet to make the ties for the duvet cover and extra pillows. I LOVE seeing the duvet cover at the end of the bed and the sheet underneath.

When you are making your bed, the duvet cover just adds a layer of warmth and texture to the bed. It’s also a great place to add additional pattern to the end of the bed. You can add stripes or polka dots or another pattern with the duvet cover because sheets have so many patterns you can’t find with comforters. It’s also a great place to add a contrasting color to the bedding, too.

how to make a duvet cover sewing

2. Sew the sheets together

Flip the sheets so the inside of each of the sheets face each other.

You know how there’s the big hem at the top of the sheet? You want to put those hems together on the reverse side at the top.

Leave the hem side open and sew the sheets together on the other three sides.

how to make a duvet cover tips and ideas

3. Flip the sheet inside out

This is easier said than done.

It’s a LOT of fabric.

My best tip? Reach inside the sheet and find a corner.

how to make a duvet cover steps

Pull one corner out.

Then hold it with the hand holding the sheet.

how to make a duvet cover putting it on the insert

Next, pull the other corner out.

Hold onto the two corners that you pulled out and shake the sheet in the air.

The sheet will flop into place.

And the best news?


All you have to do is make the ties, sew them on and you’re done.

how to make a duvet cover supplies

4. Make the ties

You could sew them, but I just used bonding adhesive to make them so they wouldn’t fray.

Here’s the step-by-step in pictures on how I made them.

Here are the steps:

  1. I cut fabric from the fitted sheet or you could always buy an extra pillowcase or even just use white fabric.
  2. Each piece was six inches wide and eighteen inches long.
  3. I added a piece of no-sew adhesive and ironed in place.
  4. I folded over the other side of the tie, added another piece of adhesive and ironed in place.
  5. Then I folded the entire length of the tie in half.
  6. Repeat until you have 12 ties.

You are probably thinking—why did you fold it in half?


It’s my BEST TIP.

5. Sew the ties on to the sheet

Tack each of the ties onto the open end of the sheet. Simply tack them on and sew them by hand.

You have 12, so sew 6 pairs facing each other on each of the open sides of the sheet.

And then?

After you add the duvet to the middle, just tie the ends together in a knot. And then? THE ENDS OPEN UP AND IT LOOKS LIKE A BOW.

I know, right?


The two ties make the prettiest bow without even trying!!!!!

You could also use ribbon for the ties as well. Just follow the same process except they don’t need to be sewed. I like the ties for my duvet because they hold up so well and wash really well, too.

Here’s the finished duvet on the finished bed in the finished room.

I cannot even tell you how happy this project made me. It’s such a simple project and it only takes minutes to turn a duvet cover into a sheet. I’ve been sewing these duvet covers since I was in college and it’s such an easy way to customize the bedding in your room. So many times it’s so challenging to find the bedding that you want in the pattern that you want. In addition, sheets are so much more affordable than comforters. Now? With this easy project, you have the perfect bedding for your space.

Affordable. Check.

Easy. Check.

Cozy. Check.

And DONE. Check.

PS If you want an easy tip for putting a duvet insert inside of a duvet cover (which I think is harder than trigonometry)?

I have an answer to the challenge here.

PPS For more fun ideas like this that save time and money? Be sure and follow along with me on Pinterest.

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  1. Image for Betsy Betsy

    You made this look so easy! Can you give me some hints as to where to find single sheets at a good price. Our Homegood's use to sell single sheets but no longer, everything is sets. I live in Pennsylvania near many outlets but all the discount linen stores have closed. I've seen singles in catalogs but the prices are really high. Thank you!

  2. Image for Jackie Jackie

    What a great tip. Definitely will be trying this. BTW I bought 2 of the blue stripe chairs. Being delivered next week and going right into bay window in my kitchen. So excited.

  3. Image for Kelly Kelly

    Great idea! I'm actually thinking of making a duvet out a comforter that didn't fluff back out when I washed and dried it. I will just have to finish one end of it. I may use your tie idea on it. That was the only part I couldn't think of how I wanted to finish.

  4. Image for Tess Tess

    Hi! I love the tutorial! I am going to try it. I need a finishing touch for my guest room. I too am looking for single sheets. Any suggestions?

  5. Image for Kris Kris

    Great idea! I have a friend who is very creative and has amazing decorating skills. She was always doing things like this and taught me to look at things like sheets as a great source of fabric. Which explains why I made tablecloths into coverings for cornice boards. In other news ... I think your teeth whitening treatment is going well!

  6. Image for Alene Pettus Alene Pettus

    I’ve been thinking about making a very easy duvet cover with your technique of the ribbon ties I may just do it. I always have a problem getting my comforter into the duvet cover by myself pulling it into the corners and then fluffing it out it’s almost a two-man job as far as I’m concerned. So I was thinking about making a duvet cover that was open on at least two sides so you could just lay the duvet cover on the bed lay your comforter in it and then tie it up with your ribbon idea!

  7. Image for Calypso in the Country Calypso in the Country

    You are brilliant! I'm definitely going to try this...once I dust off my sewing machine... Great tutorial! Shelley


    Great tutorial and idea, KariAnne! Your duvet cover is so pretty -- and those bows just add so much! I have never used sheets for a duvet cover but just might now that you have given us the wonderful inspiration! Thanks, again, for all the fabulous ideas you give us! Have a blessed day!

  9. Image for Rita Rita

    I have done this with Vintage Ralph Lauren pretty sheets.. there quality is good, and crisp with weigh to them! I used buttons to close mine. I also used a beautiful old sheet as a chair cover... Put it on with fabric glue! I get the most a on my chair.. lol It they only knew.

  10. Image for JC JC

    This looks wonderful on your bed, Karianne! A few years ago I made a flannel, plaid sheet duvet cover for our vacation cabin guest bed. It was easy and oh so cozy. I had to cut my sheet though, so thank you for the sizing tip! That makes it really easy peasy! This would be great for a spring or summer lighter weight cover. I want to put this on my list to do for the summer. It's so cost effective to make several!

  11. Image for Tammy Moore Tammy Moore

    I love this!!! ❤️I remember my mom doing this as well. Forgot all about doing such a thing! You are so clever!!

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