Wondering how to host a charcuterie party? All the tips, ideas and the simplest idea to create a mini charcuterie that can be shared with friends.

how to host a charcuterie party

Just between us?

I actually wrote this post for me.

So I won’t forget.

So one day when I am old and gray and sitting on a rocking chair watching the sun set over the pond surrounded by 27 cats and a flock of chickens and my memory is quickly failing…..

…..I will read this post and remember.

I’ll remember the perfect evening with friends.

We laughed and talked and giggled and made the perfect thing to take home and munch on.

Here’s how to host a charcuterie party with friends and I have the cutest charcuterie idea EVER.

One I’ve never really ever seen before.

And it all started with THIS.

how to host a charcuterie party punch cup

A vintage punch cups.

I was sitting in a meeting next to my friend Holly and turned to me with a sparkle in her eyes and announced that she just found 200 of these cups.


She had the most amazing idea of what to do with them.

She wanted to make little mini charcuterie displays with them.

And host a party.

And invite guests.

And fill the table with fresh vegetables and cheese and meats and honey sticks and mini breadsticks and raspberries and dried oranges and nuts.

And make “CUP-cuteries” together.

how to host a charcuterie party cookies

I should have been paying attention to the speaker.

I should have been listening to the meeting.

I should have been taking notes on the outline.

But instead?


how to host a charcuterie party herbs

How To Host A Charcuterie Party

And so it was that two months later 20 incredible, amazing, creative, funny friends were gathered around this table in my dining room with a dessert table the size of Texas and tons of snacks and munchies.

As we were laughing and talking and giggling under the lights of the twinkling chandelier in my dining room making “CUP-cuteries” together….

….I photographed each step.

Just in case you wanted to host a party just like this one.

how to host a charcuterie party vintage punch cup

How to make a “CUP-cuterie”

1. Start with a cup

You could use vintage punch cups like these.

Or even clear coffee mugs.

Or clear wine glass stems.

Or even this cute set of gold-rimmed plastic cups.

how to host a charcuterie party nuts

2. Fill the base with nuts

You need something to anchor all of the mini skewers of cheese and fruit you are going to make.

Fill the glass cup about a 1/3 of the way full.

We used mixed nuts for our “CUP-cuteries.”

3. Start by adding a raspberry

This is where we started.

You could add any type of fruit.

The key is to layer in something with color that tastes good.

(Which is just as easy as it sounds).

These cocktail picks are so cute with the gold balls at the end and work perfectly for this arrangement.

You can see them here.

4. Make a salami rose

This is SO EASY.

Take four rounds of salami.

Fold them in half and make a row of them by inserting each half into another half until they make an entire row of half-folded salami.

And then roll that row into a rose.

Add it to the skewer with a dried apricot.

5. Add it to your cup

Add the skewer to the base of nuts.

It will kind of roll around at this point.

No worries.

We are about to find it some friends.

6. Make a strawberry flower

Take a strawberry.

Slice five sides of it about a 1/3 of the way down.

Don’t slice them off completely.

Then bend the sliced sides until they look like petals of a flower.

7. Add additional skewers

Keep making and creating skewers like this one with brie and mozzarella and dried apricot.

You can see these wood skewers here.

Here are a few of the things I used:

  • different cheeses
  • different meats
  • honey sticks
  • dried fruit
  • fresh fruit
  • mini breadsticks

And when I added everything to the cup?

It went from this.

Isn’t it the cutest?

We gave everyone plastic bags to put their “CUP-cuteries” in and tied them with jute twine.

It was a wonderful evening.

And after everyone left as I sat there quietly in my dining room with crumbs and cups and brown paper wrapping all around me, I sighed.

That moment–that evening—that slice of time spent with friends was so perfect….

…..I wanted to remember it forever.

That’s what friends are for.

Giggling and turning vintage punch cups into memories. 🙂

PS If you ever want to attend one of our events, I’ll be announcing them on the blog. We are planning one each quarter.

PPS You can read all about my friend Holly and her incredible business called “Nothing But Love and Graze” here.

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  1. Image for Linda Linda

    So adorable!! I am hosting a table at my parish for a tea party. I’ve never done a tea party table before so I was going to check out the local thrift shops and look for cups and saucers. I like the clear glass and the pretty plate. You have given me an idea. Thank you! L

  2. Image for Denise Denise

    I just found a similar idea to this using cones, but these cups are darling! Would you mind sharing where you bought the mini brie from?

  3. Image for Julie Smith Julie Smith

    Thank you for opening your beautiful home to us, KariAnne! Our "cutie" cup-cuteries were (almost) too pretty to eat, but the time with my daughter & friends new and old won't be forgotten! I am already planning an Easter cup-cuterie!

  4. Image for Jan Kinman Jan Kinman

    KariAnne, Wait! Did I miss something? You entice me with a Sweet Charcuterie Display & leave it! You stirred my creative sweet tooth & left my mouth salivating? Please tell me you have more details 😋🤤😆 of this gorgeous display! You’re the sweetest! Jan

  5. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    The cutest party! I wish I had my feet under your table for this one! You rocked this! …and all exclamation points were required in this comment!

  6. Image for Danae Danae

    I love charcuterie boards but never thought of a sweet one. Great idea! I would love to see a more far off picture to get a better idea of the display,. Thanks!

  7. Image for Pam Scott Pam Scott

    What a cute idea! I have 2 sets of the glass dessert plates with matching punch cups that sit on them. One set was my mother-in-laws and one set mine, both wedding gifts. I've never really used them but as soon as I read your blog today bells went off. Individual charcuteries🤔😊

  8. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Adorable! Can't wait to try it. Was attempting to do mini charcuteries with mini olive boards. This is a better idea!

  9. Image for Pamela Pamela

    Love your event! Years ago I started buying vintage punch cups. Once at an estate sale I bought a box of nearly 250 ... 244 to be exact. I would go to Goodwill the last Friday of every month when everything was 50% off. I'd leave my stash in the trunk for awhile and then put it with the plethora that already lived at my house. That way if asked by my sweet husband "when did you get those?" I would answer honestly that we've had them for "awhile". At one point he finally told me he was on to my trunk storage and I could just bring them in when I bought them. So sweet... Now after 2 or 3 moves & growing older, I have taken a lot of my old friends to Goodwill. Oh I still have more than your average household but I just NEED them!

  10. Image for Mary Anne Mary Anne

    I'm trying to figure out if the cups were made and consumed at the party, or if it was a tea party where the activity was for each of the gals to make the cups to take home. Maybe it's late afternoon brain fog...I haven't had my tea yet!!

    1. Image for Julie Julie

      Mary Anne, my perception is the friends took these home perhaps as 'favors' =) Not to say they might not have been used for food gathering while together, and perhaps another was made 'for the road' ha =)

    2. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      Mary Anne, Everyone ate the entire time! LOL! There was an entire dessert bar and then tons more stuff on the tables! Then everyone took their cup home! happy day, karianne

  11. Image for Julie Julie

    Love this idea!! Trying to figure out how the salami rose is ........need four small slices and as each one is folded in half, another goes on top of the last til all four are used. Is this my understanding? =) As soon as I start getting together with friends again, this, among so many other ideas I've been keeping, will be happening with friends. Very cute and creative!!

  12. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

    Julie, It’s like a row of four half moons with the tip at the end of each of them inside each other. So it makes a long line of half moons! Then you just roll it up and skewer it to stay in place! happy day, karianne

  13. Image for Alyce Alyce

    Charcuterie means "cured meat." Usually a board of pork selections. Sometimes some dried fruit or nuts. Never crackers or grapes in sight, much less some of that other junk. It looks like maybe you're trying to do Antipasto and dessert grazing? Please don't misuse the name.

  14. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Love the idea!! Took a charcuterie "class" from a local lady for a fundraiser last Fall. They used cheese, meats, crackers, olives, pickles, fruits and nuts!! Her business is booming. Loved her attitude, which (like yours) was "let's go!" You make everything fun. Make your cup or board with whatever you choose!! It's all about the people and we are all ready to gather!!!

  15. Image for Linda Scott Linda Scott

    Times like that spent with great friends and family is just priceless and such a great idea with a cup-cuterie and good wine!! Thanks for the idea!

  16. Image for Linda Linda

    O how special that day would be ! Would love to be invited to a party like that ! Well considering I live way far away in a small city in Indiana. I probably wouldn't make it. Have a great day a great party and a great time !

  17. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! Sounds like such a fun gathering - and with awesome snacks like that, how could it possibly go awry????

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