Wondering how to hang plates on a hutch? I have the best tip for you and the best invisible way to hang plates.

Happy Labor Day.

A couple of weeks ago I shared 25 hutch decorating ideas for fall.

And the number one question I got about the post?

Not where I got the pumpkins.

Not how many pitchers I have in my collection.

Nothing about where all the fall stems and pumpkins and trucks and mini hay bales and leaves go when fall is over.


My number one question y’all asked me about this post?

How I hang plates on the hutch.

It looks like they are floating and you can’t really see how they are attached to the hutch.

Because I have the BEST plate hanging tip.

Before we get started on my tip?

I wanted to start with how I’ve hung plates in the past.

These wire hangers.

Hello 2007, I’m looking at you. These plate hangers are fine. They are sufficient. But they have their challenges:

  • They don’t fit all plates
  • You have to buy different sizes for platters and bigger and smaller plates
  • They are so tight that sometimes they can put too much pressure on plates
  • They hang over the ends of the plates so you can see them which kind of detracts from the plate on the wall
  • They stretch out

So instead?

I started using these.

These invisible plate hangers.

They are GOLD.


Such a game-changer.

Here are all the amazing things about why they work better:

  • They are SUPER sticky—once you stick them you can’t really reposition them but the STICK is amazing (which is great for holding up plates)
  • They are smaller so the plate hangs perfectly flat against the hutch
  • They are invisible—you can’t see any of the edges
  • They stay on the plates (and hold up the plates)
  • You can hang different size plates with the same size hanger (I wouldn’t use these on heavy plates—these are lightweight plates)
  • They are super affordable

You can see the plate hangers here.

And here’s how they work.

1. Peel off the backing

Make SURE your surface is clean before you stick anything on it. For the maximum stick clean it off the back of the plate thoroughly and let it dry.

Then it’s time to stick your hanger on.

The hangers come in a set of 30 for under $9 (so much less expensive than regular hangers).

Each individual hanger comes with an adhesive back.

Peel off the back.

2. Stick onto the back of the plate

Once you’ve peeled off the back of the plate hanger, next you’ll want to stick them to the back of the plate.

Press into place.

Remember, you can’t reposition them once you’ve attached them to the back of the plate, so be sure where you want the hanger to go.

3. Hang up the plate

I got several questions about how I attached them to the hutch with the hangers. I nailed a nail in the back of the hutch and hung them. Keep in mind this is a yard sale piece. If you have a fine antique this might not be the best option. I hung three plates on the bottom part of this hutch because the back is so tall that the plates look short if you just place them against the back of the hutch.

For me? Hanging them made so much sense.

You can see them here on the back of the hutch.

Look how clean they look.

No little pieces of metal surrounding them at all.

They just look like they are floating and they look so clean and classic on the hutch. There’s a little triangle on the back that bends back and forth and it helps the plate to lay flat against the back of the hutch.

Here are the plates on this year’s fall hutch that I used the plate holders to hang them up.

Remember the little trucks I got from Dollar Tree that I shared earlier? They were originally galvanized metal and now they are spray-painted white. I tucked a pumpkin in some of them and in others I added a mini hay bale I got at Dollar Tree, too.

I tried to link the Dollar Tree trucks, but I couldn’t find them on the site. You could check your local store. They were in the PLUS section of Dollar Tree.

I did find these SUPER cute mini trucks with Christmas trees that are only $6. You can see the trucks here.

The rest of the hutch is different milk glass pieces, white pumpkins and mini white pitchers.

That’s it.

I decorated it in under 15 minutes before a party I had yesterday.

And the best part?

I am seriously just getting started on the fall decorating. I can’t help it. I’m so inspired.

We had a cold front yesterday.

It was 97. 🙂

PS You can see the plate hangers here.

PSS Have you ever used these before? I’d love to hear your experiences.

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  1. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    KariAnne Such a great idea for those that hang plates. It looks so seamless and professional. Such the creative busy lady. Thank you

  2. Image for Jeanine Jeanine

    Genius! I used to use the round ones you got at Hobby Lobby. I think they had glue on one side and you had to get it wet and stick it on the plate. They worked well but 10 years ago they cost 5.00 each. My DIL has a plate wall. I’m sending these to her. Thank you for always coming up with such great ideas!

  3. Image for Sandra Sandra

    Good Morning, These are fantastic, I love to hang plates. I looked them up but can't seem to find how much weight will they hold. Would you happen to know? Thanks.

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Sandra, I’m not sure of the exact weight but I wouldn’t hang anything too heavy on them! I just hang light plates! happy day, karianne

  4. Image for Kris Kris

    Thanks for sharing about the trucks. So cute. (Yes, I'm aware that the post was about hanging plates. But the trucks caught my eye.)

  5. Image for Rachel Rachel

    I am interested in getting the plate hangers. Can you easily remove the hangers if you decide to not hang the plates?

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      I was able to get them off (it was hard to remove them because they are so sticky. They left behind a little residue but I just rubbed it off!

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      You could try it! I think the challenge is that you are counting on both adhesives to hold—the command hooks and the adhesive hook! I’m worried it might not hold! Does that make sense?

  6. Image for June June

    Love those 3M hooks!!!! I have hung plates on my tile black splash in my kitchen with them. Of course can’t deny anything 3M makes being a Minnesotan🤣

  7. Image for Judy Young Judy Young

    Karianne, would you mind sharing what kind of white spray paint you used on the little trucks? Also, are all your white pitchers milk glass or some just white China or pottery?

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