Wondering how to hang curtains in a bay window? No worries. I have the perfect step-by-step solution for the challenge of bay windows.

how to hang curtains in a bay window before

I love puzzles.

I’ve solved Wordle and Waffle and Quortle and now I stretch every brain cell I have with Duotrigordle which is actually 32 Wordles at the same time.

It’s definitely not for the puzzle faint of heart.

But the one puzzle I could never figure out? The Rubick’s Cube.

Remember that cube? It had six colors and six sides and the goal was you were supposed to twist and turn and spin and click the colors into place so that all the sides each had their own color.




My brain doesn’t work like that. I think one time I got a side and two rows on another side and I literally stood up and gave myself a Rubick’s Cube standing ovation.

Here’s another puzzle.

How to hang curtains in a bay window.

Good thing I have the solution. Because now? This window looks like this.

how to hang curtains in a bay window

|| blue and white curtains || gold curtain rods || gold curtain rings ||

Here’s what the curtains looked like after they were hung in the bay window.

It took a little figuring (and some puzzling) to get the curtain rods right.

There are actually three different rods that were used for this. At first, we were only going to use two and cut one in half, but you have to have the ends where the finials attach so you’ll need three curtain rods for this project.

Here’s the step-by-step on how these curtains were hung in the bay window.

total aside: if these look like a puzzle that you can’t figure out either or if you have any questions at all–be sure and let me know in the comments. 

Edited to add:

I’m adding this after I wrote this entire post as a curtain public service announcement. They say you learn something new every single day (raises hand). This is me. I was trying to solve a puzzle there was already an answer for. Did you know there are BAY WINDOW CURTAIN RODS?


If you just have one bay window and are looking for a solution this curtain rod will solve your problem in minutes. You can see the bay window curtain rod here.

Another reader just gave this solution for bay windows as well.

I’m still happy I went with my curtain solution because now all my curtain rods in the room match. I just couldn’t let you read all my solution knowing there was something that would solve the problem in five minutes.

Now my wonderful, amazing, creative friend? Read on for my solution. 🙂

how to hang curtains in a bay window blue and white

|| spool chair || blue and white rug ||

How To Hang Curtains In a Bay Window

how to hang curtains in a bay window curtain rods

1. Measure

Using a measuring tape, measure the length of the center wall of your bay window.

Just between us? I’m not the most measuring of people. But this time? It’s absolutely necessary. You need to measure to determine the size of your curtain rod and the placement of your brackets.

The center wall in the bay window is 47 inches long so I ordered three curtain rods for this window.

These curtain rods are the Umbra Cappa Curtain Rod that measures 36 to 66 inches.

You can see them here.

2. Saw the two side curtain rods down to size.

Next, measure the length that the side curtain rods need to be to extend from the center rod to cover the side walls.

The curtain rods I purchased were 36″ at their smallest and the bay window sides were 20″.

Time to cut those curtain rods.

Pull the curtain rods apart to make sure you have a finial end on each end of the curtain rod and then cut approximately 16″ off of the end of the larger part of the curtain rod with a hacksaw.

You’ll want to cut the smaller curtain rod (the one that goes inside) slightly shorter (approximately 14″) so that it fits inside the larger part of the curtain rod.

Now your curtain rods will fit on the sides of the bay window.

how to hang curtains in a bay window attaching brackets

3. Hang the brackets on the back wall

Next, screw in the brackets for the center curtain rod into the back wall.

Make sure you leave enough room for the finials to protrude beyond the brackets. I filmed a video of hanging these curtain rods and the key is to only attach one finial to the end of the curtain rod because we are going to hang the curtains on both rods at the same time.

Don’t worry about that just yet.

Just make sure that when you measure for the curtain rods, you have enough space to attach the curtain finials on each end.

4. Hang the brackets on the side walls of the bay window

Here’s a photo of what the brackets look like next to each other in the “bay” part of the window. You will be attaching SIX brackets. Each wall of the bay window will have its own set of brackets.

There will be one short curtain rod with two brackets on each side and then one long curtain rod with two brackets on each side.

The brackets will abut each other and create the impression it’s one long curtain rod.

Screw in the brackets for the side wall curtain rods. Make sure to measure the length that the side curtain rods need to be to extend from the center rod to cover the side walls.  You can always fudge just a little bit with the ends of the curtain rods on the side walls. We left plenty of space on the side walls in case we needed to adjust the length.

how to hang curtains in a bay window curtain rod

5. Insert the curtain rods

Once the brackets are screwed in, next hang the curtain rod on the brackets.

Put the finial on one side and leave the finial off the other end.

This is for later when you have to thread the curtain rings over both curtain rods.

Make sure that the inside rod can extend to the correct length, taking into account the spacing for the finials on these rods.

how to hang curtains in a bay window curtain rings

6. Add clips to curtains

Here’s my best tip for these clips.

Add extra.

The curtains look so professional and hang so much better if you have extra clips. I use 14 clips on each curtain.

These curtain rings are so affordable that you can easily have 14 clips for the curtains without breaking the bank.

You can see them here.

I took this picture so you could see the clips on the curtains. We actually attached the rings and then threaded them onto the curtain rods at the window.

7. Hang the curtains

To hang the curtains thread the curtains onto the center rod.

There are seven of the rings (half of the curtain rings) on the center curtain and then the remaining seven curtain rings are threaded onto the side curtain rod.

Now you will be able to close the curtains over the center window.

8. Attach the finials

Now your curtains are in place and the rings are threaded onto each curtain.

Attach the finials to the open end of each curtain rod.

Adjust the curtains so each side is even.

And now?

Your bay window went from this.

|| blue and white curtains || gold curtain rods || gold curtain rings ||

To this.

Now the side curtains stay in place and always look neat because the finials keep them from closing.

The center curtains close perfectly to keep out the light when we have guests in this room (these are blackout curtains).

See what I mean?

This bay window was a puzzle and now it’s solved.

Just between us?

It’s so much easier to fix than that Rubick’s Cube. 🙂

PS I’ve had a couple of questions about the blue and white pillow on the chair: I bought those years ago from Home Goods. Here are some other favorite blue and white pillows.

disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post.

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  1. Image for Liberty Liberty

    Could you hold the curtains away from the rod at the picture above number 7.? I can't quite see how you connected them... I used a different easy system for my bay windows, if you want to see it I'd be glad to show you. Your curtains are beautiful!!

    1. Image for Vela Tomba Vela Tomba

      Oh wow!!! Duotrigordle!!!! What in the world? I needed about 20 more guesses. Will you please focus on decorating and not introduce any more crazy addictions to me?!?! (Please read that with sarcasm!!) I'm here for decorating AND all the extras that comes with your posts!! ♥️♥️♥️

  2. Image for Laurel Laurel

    Karianne, First of all, I really enjoy reading your posts - they’re always fun and entertaining. I NEED the blue and white pillow(s) on the chair on the bay window curtain post. If you have the link, PLEASE send! You are awesome! Many thanks. Laurel

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      I'm so sorry! I bought those years ago from Home Goods! Here are some other pillows I just shared: https://thistlewoodfarms.com/17-affordable-blue-and-white-pillow-covers/! Hope this helps!

  3. Image for Kim Kim

    That looks amazing! I wish I had the room to do that. We live in a really old cottage and there wasn't room for any kind of standard hardware over our 10 foot long window seat, so my husband literally just built me one out of copper pipe. Figuring out those angles was not a simple task. Your way looks great and so much easier!

  4. Image for Mildred Mildred

    We have three windows that make up our Bay Window, we purchased a special three piece rod from Amazon for it. So much easier for us older folks with mobility issues. You have a beautiful home!

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      You are brilliant! I just edited the post to add a bay window curtain rod! What a brilliant solution!

  5. Image for Sara Sara

    It looks amazing KariAnne! Sorry to inundate you but I do have a ton of questions because we're replacing our bay window and will need to replace the window coverings, so this is a great learning opportunity! I'm confused by how these rods are installed: 1. If your back wall is 47", what is the total length of the rod, including the caps (i.e. do you leave any wall space either side)? 2. I can't see the brackets on the back wall. Did you use the same ones as on the side wall? How far in from the ends are they so they don't interfere with the opening and closing of the curtains? 3. Do the side rods butt up against the centre rod? 4. Will you be sharing a video (I don't see it linked)? It would be helpful to see a closeup of how they are fitting together at the corners without the curtains on if you have a picture :).

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      No worries! Here are the answers to the questions: 1. There's space on the walls because they slant to adjust for the finials! 2. We put them as close to the other brackets as possible. I just uploaded new pictures that make it clearer. 3. Yes! You can see it in the pictures! 4. I'm just sharing the video on my social channels! I just made a short form video--not a long-form video!

  6. Image for Katie Katie

    Looks beautiful but the directions do not explain how the side rods but up to the center rods. How many brackets total did you install?

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Sorry about that! I just updated the post with new pictures to explain better! We actually used six brackets!

  7. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Wow!!! What a pretty transformation! As always, you present us with another beautiful and creative idea for our blue and white homes. Thank you❣️

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