Looking for ideas on how to flatten a rug corner? My new rug kept flipping up at the ends, but I fixed it in minutes with this easy tip.

I’m not sure which I’m more excited to share with you today.

The fact that NSYNC is getting back together?

Or my new rug in the dining room rug that looks like a piece of art?

Or that I just tried a new trick to get the corners of the rug to lay down flat?

Suffice it to say? Life is looking amazing right on the other side of these antique french doors in the fall dining room.

Are you ready?

Let’s discuss all the tea.

Let’s unpack all the tips.

September is looking so bright I need to wear shades.

// navy and pink and white and blue rug //

Before we talk about this rug, let’s start with NSYNC.

Remember them?

Who could forget Bye Bye Bye or This I Promise You or It’s Gonna Be Me?

Are you an NSYNC fan?

Did you see in the news that they got back together for an appearance at the MTV Music Awards this year? They gave an award to Taylor Swift and everyone was asking if they were getting back together.

And yes. Yes, my wonderful, amazing, incredible friend. They are back together for a new song for the Trolls Movie.

And I can’t WAIT.

Hello 2000, I’m looking at you.

// navy and pink and white and blue rug //

But let’s chat about this new rug.

I had to replace that rug that I loved so much in the dining room because Buddy had one too many accidents on the rug. He’s 15 years old now and a little incontinent.

No worries.

Rugs can be replaced. Buddy can’t. I wanted something different and I was looking for a rug for the dining room that looked kind of like the artwork on the wall in the living room. Something colorful. Something bold. Something abstract. Something I’d never decorated with before. A new type of rug in a new pattern I hadn’t seen.

Something pink and navy and blue that was affordable and stain-resistant.

And then?

I found this rug.

You can see it here.

// navy and pink and white and blue rug // striped chairs // blue and white slipcovers //

You saw a sneak peek of the new rug when I took pictures in the dining room with those fall outfits.

So many of you messaged me about the rug so I thought I’d share.

And that brings me to the tip.

// navy and pink and white and blue rug //

When we unrolled the rug, the corners of the rug looked like this.

The rug was also super wrinkled in the middle.

I flipped it over and vacuumed it on the reverse side which is my tip to unwrinkle a rug. I also stretched it taut on the reverse side after I vacuumed it and put heavy books on each side of the rug for several days to stretch it out even more.

But the corner still looked like this.

They would lay flat for a little bit and then I’d come into the dining room and the ends would flip up slightly like the ends of my hair when I’m having a bad hair day.

So I tried THIS.

(Spoiler alert: It worked like a CHARM.)

How to Flatten a Rug Corner

1. Place a piece of plastic down to protect the floor

I used a trash bag to protect the floor, but a plastic drop cloth or something similar would work. Place it between the rug and the floor.

2. Place something heavy almost on the corner of the rug

I just used a crock from the kitchen. Place something heavy as shown almost to the tip of the rug. This is to help hold the rug in place as it softens.

Just make sure whatever you use—choose something that can get a little damp. For example, books would not work here because you don’t want the pages getting wet.

3. Add two ice cubes


Ice cubes.

Did you expect that?

The ice cubes help soften the rug and the reform the fibers so they lay flat. Leave two ice cubes (or one if it’s larger—my ice cubes are small) on the corner of the rug and let the ice cubes melt.

Keep the plastic under the rug until it dries so you won’t hurt your floors.

That’s it. Just wait and see. The ice cubes will train the rug and your corners will lie perfectly flat after they dry.

Also—I think it’s super important to note that this is an inexpensive rug. I’d check to see if you can use water on your rug if it’s an antique or family heirloom.

// navy and pink and white and blue rug // striped chairs // blue and white slipcovers //

// navy and pink and white and blue rug // striped chairs // blue and white slipcovers //

// navy and pink and white and blue rug // striped chairs // blue and white slipcovers //

Here’s my dining room all ready for fall.

I love the little pop of color in the dining room.

It’s so fresh and the room is so happy. I just added a little blue and white and red for fall on the table.

I told the old rug “Bye Bye Bye” and now the dining room is ready for September. 🙂

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  1. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Kari Anne that rug is like a dose of sunshine. I love the colors. I am all about the brighter the better. I just love it. It looks fabulous in your house. The ice cube trick also works to get furniture dents out of rugs but I am sure you know that. Gorgeous rug..happy day BTW...My daughters loved NSYNC.

  2. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    And just one more thing, I have lost many rugs thru the years due to pets getting older, and I could care less. Not one of those rugs ever met me all wiggles at the door and not one of those rugs remain as memories in my heart. My pets are family. I wouldn't trade it for anything. ❤

  3. Image for PJ PJ

    Who knew something so simple could solve an annoying problem? I need to try it on an indoor outdoor rug. As for Buddy, I had no idea he was 15 and I think our pets are worth the extra cleaning we have to do as they age. Beautiful new rug, by the way. Have a great week.

  4. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I love the beautiful, bright colors of your new rug! Thanks for the tips. Any tips on how to make a rug stay put on carpet? Have a wonderful day.

  5. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    Ohhhh, that rug!!! It's wonderful! Looks soooo good in your dining room! I love it! I kinda thought you were going to say something about making it wet. Also bending it backwards helps. You made a great rug choice! 😍


    KariAnne, your new rug in your dining room is so pretty with all the colors in it. I, too, was surprised that Buddy is 15 years! He is such a special part of your family and I know you all love him. Like you said, a rug can always be replaced but a precious pet cannot! You just keep loving your precious Buddy! Have a great week!

  7. Image for Mary Ellen Mary Ellen

    The rug is beautiful and does add that pop of color. I to have an older girl and sometimes things happen. But all the love and excitement when I come home ..... wouldn't trade it❤️

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