Wondering how to decorate with baskets? Here’s a creative idea to store all those baskets and decorate with them for fall, too.

how to decorate with baskets

Raise your hand if you have baskets?

Oh, good.

Come sit by me and my basket collection.

Somewhere along the line, my baskets started going all loaves and fishes and multiplying. If I lined them up from end to end they might stretch from one side of Texas to another.

I’ve DIY’d baskets before.

I’ve made a wall organizer out of baskets before.

I’ve spray-painted numbers on them.

I’ve added plants to them and tucked books in them and filled them with towels and put them on top of cabinets and draped a throw over the side of them and placed them on a bookshelf and decorated with them in dozens of other ways.

Just between us—-fall is a basket’s finest hour.

Everything looks so much cuter with a basket.

Especially pumpkins. 🙂

Here’s a super creative idea to store all those baskets and 9 ways to decorate with them for fall, too.

// similar door basket //

How To Decorate With Baskets

1. Replace a wreath with a basket

I’m starting with one idea that I’ve shared recently.

Mostly because I love it so much.


See this basket? I walk through this door every day. And every day I tell this basket how much I adore it.

I hung the basket on a nail on the door that’s been there since stirrup pants first showed up on the scene, but you could use a command hook or even a ribbon duck taped to the top of the door and looped around the handle of the basket.

Then fill the basket with branches and leaves or even these DIY wood slice stems.

2. Fill with pumpkins

Here’s how I decorate with fall.

I want to tell you that I have an official plan and everything has a place and I’m super organized, but you all know me way better than that. If you’ve read this blog for more than a minute you probably have the idea that I’m making things up as I go along.

And you would be right.

I decorate for fall by unpacking the totes and letting the pumpkins lead me. They know where they all need to go and when I’m finished? There are ALWAYS pumpkins left over. I place a basket on a side table or coffee table and just add all the leftover pumpkins to the basket.

Easiest fall basket decorating tip ever.

3. Fill with grasses

Baskets need stuff.

Sometimes they need pumpkins. Sometimes they need flowers. And sometimes? Just grasses and branches and even extra leaves from the yard look beautiful at the center of the basket. I don’t really overthink the arrangement (please act surprised). I just toss them in and twist them a little and almost leave them to their own decorating devices.

But if you bring a branch in from the yard? Please make sure it doesn’t have any acorns.

You don’t want this to happen.

// similar rustic metal basket //

4. Fill with a stack of books

If you have a tall metal loosely woven basket? Or even a loosely woven wicker basket?

Adding a stack of books is so much fun.

I usually have extra books left over after I clear off the shelves for pumpkins and fall decor.

I stack them in a basket like this and add a pumpkin on top.

// similar apple baskets //

5. Fill with dried hydrangea

I found these apple baskets at a yard sale.

Baskets like this are perfect for all kinds of fall decorating.

And the best part? I think they were only $12.50.

I’ve used them in several different ways, but here I turned them on their side to face out and added dried hydrangea. I think you could also add pumpkins or grasses or wheat stalks.


6. Hang on the wall with a wreath

If you have a long flat basket like this?

Hang it horizontally on the wall and add a wreath.

I hung this basket from nails, but you could also wrap a ribbon around the handle and hang it from a hook.

7. Fill a basket with stems and a sign

This basket decor was a happy accident.


That’s a lot of my fall decorating. I had the basket and I had the stems. I filled the basket to the top with the stems that are all different lengths. It was fine. It was sufficient.

I left it alone for two days but it kept bothering me.

And then?

Genius struck in the middle of Judge Judy. I saw a wood sign on the bookcase and I added it to the display.

Instant centerpiece.

8. Stack pumpkins in a topiary

If you have a tall skinny basket like this?

Stack two pumpkins to create a topiary like this.

You could also fill the basket with tiny pumpkins wrap a ribbon around the outside of the basket or even stack throws under the pumpkins.

// tassel throw //

9. Add a throw to a basket

And speaking of throws?

I saved this one to the last because it’s kind of Captain Obvious.

Add a throw to a basket to decorate for fall. It’s the easiest way to add instant cozy to a room.

how to decorate with baskets coat rack

// coat rack //

And if you need to store baskets I thought this was the cutest idea.

I took baskets and added them to a wooden coat rack like this. It’s the perfect way to store baskets and decorate with them in plain sight.

Have you tried it before?

It all started (like most really good ideas do) when I saw an inspiration photo in a magazine. It was a collection of vintage baskets hung on a vintage coat rack. I loved it so much and wanted to recreate the look in the craft room with all my baskets.

The challenge is that I didn’t have a coat rack.

No worries.

I found this one.

how to decorate with baskets wooden coat rack

I searched on Amazon and found this affordable wooden coat rack that was tall with just the right amount of pegs.

You can see the one I found here.

It came in a small box in individual pieces like this one and I put it together myself. It was so easy that I didn’t even need to look at the instructions.

(total aside: are you a look at the instructions type of person or a try-to put it together yourself without the instructions type of person?)


I avoid instructions at all cost unless absolutely necessary.

Remember? I’m a Venn diagram married to a spreadsheet.

wooden coat rack for baskets

// coat rack //

peg on wooden coat rack

After I put it all together, the coat rack looked like this. You probably even have a coat rack like this in a closet or in the attic or garage.

I put it in the corner of the craft room and added a few baskets to it.

Then I loved the look so much that I added a few more.

And now?

how to decorate with baskets on coat rack

// coat rack //

// coat rack //

It looks like this.

If you are looking for vertical storage? This coat rack is perfection.

All the baskets are organized and in one place. I love organizing anything where you can see it, so you know exactly what you have when you want to use something. It’s inspired me so much that I’m going to look for a few more baskets at yard sales this fall to add to my basket collection.

Because you know that’s exactly what I need around here.

A few more baskets. 🙂

PS If you need a little more organizing inspiration?

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  1. Image for Kimberly Westby Kimberly Westby

    I also have a rather extensive basket collection. The ' moratroium' on adding to said collection, was, broken yesterday, when the would be moratorium edict[ er ], was an accomplice ! Oh, it was to add a basket like yours to hang on the door, squeal ! Kim

  2. Image for PJ PJ

    I was just telling my husband about your spreadsheet -Venn diagram marriage. We are both spreadsheet types, but, oh, how I love that story! Have an am amazing day, KariAnne!

  3. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    Cute idea, but we need a link to another coat rack. This one is unavailable with no indication of when it might be available. I might have to take the scarves off my cast iron Victorian hall tree!

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Sorry! I guess it sold out! I found another one and linked it here: https://urlgeni.us/amazon/tu7i2 Happy day! KariAnne

  4. Image for MaryPat MaryPat

    Years ago, my basket collection was taking up too much space. So, I thought that the space between the rafters, in my basement, looked unloved. I hammered nails on both sides of the rafters and have hung my baskets there for over 20 years. This system makes it very easy to add more nails when I find new gems. Works like a dream, I know where they all are and can scan the "collection" quickly to pick the one that I need for any project!

  5. Image for Barbara Loyd Barbara Loyd

    Love that you collect baskets too. We could be cousins. I hope you have directions available for the frame used over your fireplace with the beautiful multi-colored floral. I remember you made it. My framer quit, and I need to make some frames that are easy!! Thanks in advance.

  6. Image for Marilyn Marilyn

    My husband bought me a metal basket rack years ago. It has hooks to hang around 10 baskets. Same idea as a coat rack. I love it!! Great idea!!!

  7. Image for Jenny Walker Jenny Walker

    Let’s just say I might or might not have a coat rack in my Amazon cart! Love these ideas!! My attic is full of baskets. I CANNOT walk past one…especially vintage.

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