Have a large tray and trying to find ways to use it? Here are nine different options for how to decorate with a basket tray.

A rustic metal flower decoration is mounted on a wicker rattan background, with a white siding partially visible. the intricate petals are crafted from twisted and bent metal strips.

You all asked?

And today? I’m going to deliver.

When I posted all about how to remodel a kitchen on a budget (and every time I post a kitchen post) I get asked about this basket.

Whenever you’ve asked in the past, I’ve looked for a similar basket. I got this one over 10 years ago at Hobby Lobby and I should have bought a gazillion of them because apparently, they are rarer than a solar eclipse.

But this time?

I was NOT going to be defeated.

I took it on as my personal mission to try and find a similar basket and it took me several hours.



I loved typing that sentence.

So for all my basket questioners? This is the post for you. I have several different options from different stores at different price points (some a little fancy and spendy and some surprisingly cost-effective).

And I’m sharing 9 different ways I decorated with this basket.

Are you ready for some basketeering?


How to decorate with a basket tray made of dried natural materials, set against a white vertical siding background, illustrating how to decorate your ceiling.

First of all, let’s start with the dimensions of the basket.

It measures 35″ x 22″ give or take a little based on the edge of the basket.

The basket has two handles on each side and it has an edge that measures 3 1/4″ on the sides. It’s made out of wicker that has broken in places (it was all intact when I bought it) so it looks a little vintage as a result (which is perfectly fine with me). 🙂

It’s kind of perfect.

And hard to find.

Until now.

A rectangular woven basket with a cream interior liner, ideal for storage or decorative purposes.

Tray option #1:

This is actually an underbed basket from The Container Store.

It’s about the length of my basket and not quite as wide, but it’s taller.

It measures 35 1//4″ long and 19″ wide and 6″ tall.

The basket doesn’t have handles, but it has a liner.

You can see this basket here.

A wooden tray with rich, dark wood grain texture, prominently displayed, with a small white ceramic cup with dots positioned on the right corner.

Tray option #2:

This isn’t a basket, but it was so close to the right size that I included it.

It’s a wooden tray that measures 40″ (longer than my basket) and 20″ wide.

It’s only 1.1 inches tall (so way shorter than my basket) and it doesn’t have handles (but you could add handles to this one.

The wood is so pretty and it’s kind of big and perfect for a kitchen island.

You can see this wood tray here.

A rustic kitchen centerpiece featuring a woven basket filled with a white pitcher holding mint, a bowl with a lime, and a pitcher with glasses.

Tray option #3:


Some handles. 🙂

This is another option from Antique Farmhouse that’s slightly smaller than my basket, but so pretty.

It measures 30″ w x 13″ d x 6″ h and it’s made from seagrass rather than wicker.

You can see this basket tray here.

A rectangular wooden serving tray with dimensions marked, 38 inches in length and 2.5 inches in height, featuring two metal handles and a textured surface.

Tray option #4:

This one was SO CLOSE.

But it’s a lot narrower than mine at 12″–but look how pretty.

It’s made of rattan with metal handles.

And it measures: 38″ x 12″ x 2.5″ h

You can see the basket here.

A rustic wooden tray holding ceramic pots with plants next to an ornate white chair, set on a worn concrete floor.

Tray option #5:

This one is ALMOST the perfect size and look at that vintage wood.

It’s the most expensive tray on the list, though.

The tray is made of reclaimed wood and measures: 32″ x 22.5″ x 5″ h.


You can see the wood tray here.

A rectangular wicker tray with a woven pattern and slightly raised edges featuring arch designs on each end.

Tray option #6:

Hear me out on this one.

It’s a scalloped tray that measures 20″ x 20″. It’s affordable and you could put two side by side on a counter which would end up being similar to the size of my basket.


Yes, please.

You can see the scalloped tray here.


Now we have our tray (or facsimile thereof).

But what do you do with it?

How do you decorate it?

No worries. I have a few tray decorating ideas up my sleeve.

Here are 9 ways to decorate with a basket tray.

How to decorate with a basket tray

Add a tiered tray and fresh herbs

Here’s a basket tray I decorated for spring several years ago.

I started with a tiered tray that I found downtown at the antique mall—it’s made out of seed trays.

I added the tiered tray to one side of the basket tray and then layered in fresh herbs.

You can decorate (and use it for cooking, too).

Add spring decor

Here I decorated with bunnies and carrots.

I started with a glass vase full of these amazing branches that I’ve shared before.

Then I filled a vintage truck with stuffed carrots, added in layers of books and a tiny topiary or two.

Then I added bunnies hopping all over the basket.

Easy and fun way to decorate a basket tray for spring.

Add Christmas trees

It wouldn’t be a basket tray post without Christmas.

And Christmas trees.

I started with a cutting board (please note I’m always starting with something to vary the height—like books, trucks, pedestals, cutting boards).

A little height keeps it from being boring.

After you add the height—then just layer in different types of Christmas trees.

A rustic wicker basket filled with an assortment of vintage gold and silver cutlery, with a soft, blurred background enhancing a warm, inviting ambiance.

A stylish kitchen featuring white cabinetry with glass doors, a central island with a dark base, white countertops, a chandelier, and hardwood flooring.

Add flowers and a silverware basket

This time I kept it simple.

I added a vase full of flowers and this glass vase full of these amazing branches that I’ve shared before.

Then I added another basket full of silverware.

I got this silverware basket at a yard sale. I love decorating things I use with every day—like silverware or plates.

A close-up view of a wooden perpetual calendar on a desk, with blurred stacks of wicker baskets in the background. The calendar blocks show "Monday" and "August.

Add cutting boards and books and rustic accents

I wish I had a more pulled back picture of this display, but hopefully you can get the idea.

I think this was around fall, so I kept it relatively neutral.

Cutting boards, stacks of vintage books and this wood calendar.

I think there were a few pumpkins that showed up, but were shy about being photographed.

Elegant kitchen interior featuring a bright white color scheme, with a crystal chandelier above and a rattan tray holding colorful potted flowers on a marble countertop, ready for a spring home tour.

Add flowers to the tray

Here’s another example of how to add height—a cake stand.

Then, I added three flower pots and a candle.

Super simple and easy to put together.

A bright, elegant kitchen with white cabinetry, marble countertops, and a white subway tile backsplash. a chandelier hangs over a kitchen island decorated with pumpkins and floral arrangements.

Add pumpkins

Hello fall.

More books and a few different types of pumpkins.

(total aside: displays like this work so much better when you have different textures).

Finally, I added eucalyptus stems all around the pumpkins on the basket tray.

A miniature model of a white house displayed on a rustic wooden stand, surrounded by fresh green plants and vibrant flowers, creating a cozy and charming home decor vignette.

Add a topiary centerpiece

This is the display this year.

(total aside: I just had a decorating revelation about myself—I think my displays are getting more complicated.)

I went from three flower pots to a whole lot of topiaries.

The star of this show?

This wooden replica of the house–added in with faux topiaries and a eucalyptus bush and fresh flowers from Trader Joe’s.

A wicker tray with heart-shaped decoration made of dried natural materials, set against a white vertical siding background, illustrating how to decorate your ceiling.

Hang a wreath on the tray

I saved this idea for last because it’s one of my favorites.

At the farmhouse in Kentucky, I hung the basket on the wall and then added a wreath to the basket.

I couldn’t find a picture of it, but I’ve also hung a wreath from a ribbon and a few Christmas ornaments, too.

This works for this tray, but it’s also a great idea if you have a smaller tray or even a wood tray.

I hope that this was a little helpful.

My only sadness is that I couldn’t find the EXACT basket.

I was so close.

But don’t worry. I’m on the task. I’ll keep looking until one day I’m sure a basket tray like this will show back up.

Everything old is always new again.

Just look at stirrup pants. 🙂

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  1. Image for Shelley Shelley

    Love that basket, the weave and material it is identical to one my father wove back in the 70's. Basket weaving was a physio therapy activity for people who had hand injuries; my father was in an accident and had lost half of his pinkie finger.

  2. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    You always go above and beyond trying to appease your readers. Those are some great options for those wanting a tray basket. So helpful you are.

  3. Image for Rizae Rizae

    My kitchen is a two butt kitchen as I have a 800 sq ft home. Do you have any ideas on round trays, buying and decorating? I keep looking and have had no luck! Your ideas are amazing and so pretty. Big Hugs,

  4. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    I've had several large baskets with handles that I have used as my base for vignettes, Hung on the kitchen wall with a wreath or smaller basket centered within it and another on my familyroom coffee table changed for the seasonly inspired vignettes. I am tempted to change things up but always find the baskets are best for my decor. Another thing is they can easily be moved if I need more surface when I have company.

  5. Image for Diana Diana

    Thank you I really like #4 and # 5 very close to your original basket. I had forgotten how cute it looked with the pumpkins sitting inside it. : )

  6. Image for Judy Young Judy Young

    Valerie Parr Hill who has shows on QVC for each season has a round tray almost identical to the structure and look of your beautiful oblong one. I ordered one and Got the natural (like yours) and It comes in a lighter color also. I absolutely love it and can decorate it just like yours. It’s a big basket tray. Check her goods out on the QVC website.

  7. Image for Kimberly Westby Kimberly Westby

    Now, I'll need to hunt for a tray basket. Although, I feel the husband [ long suffering in his opinion, and likely true, alas ], is onto me. He has noted a correlation to me blog reading, and absolutely having to have an item, usually basket related, of course. The moratorium on baskets will be broken once again. Off shopping. Kim

  8. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    ❤️ all the choices and ideas in how to decorate with them. Not sure which I like best 😃❤️

  9. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    I have always loved that basket so much. The way you always decorate it is so inspiriting and perfect. My guess is I bet you anything that Hobby Lobby will get some in a few months. You are that well thought of in the influencing world...................I have seen it happen over and over in there. You have power, my friend. And we all want that exact basket very much. Esp if affordable! TY!!

    1. Image for Jo Jo

      I absolutely love all the baskets & you’ve given me great ideas for some things that I didn’t know what to do with! Thank you!!!

  10. Image for Karen B. Karen B.

    KariAnne, There are so many great uses for a basket tray. Thanks for the list of trays and where to find them. Karen B.

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