Looking for simple ideas on how to decorate a coffee table? You have come to the right post. I have 21 super simple ideas to share.

I know I’ve said this before.

But have you watched Grand Hotel? It’s on Netflix and it’s a mystery and a romance all rolled into one with Spanish subtitles and beautiful costumes and people with more issues than Vogue. I am almost done with all 65 episodes and I’m going to miss it.

I’m going to miss Andres and Cecilia and wondering if Belin will ever leave them alone and let them live happily ever after.

I’m going to miss wondering why Alicia and Julio can make out all over the place and Diego somehow NEVER notices.

I’m going to miss Inspector Ayala and Fernando and their never-ending quest for the truth.

But most of all?

I’m going to miss the scenery and the costumes the decor and feeling like I want to move back to 1907 and live in a hotel in the Spanish countryside.

Those Grand Hotel residents?

They knew how to rock a coffee table.

And today?

In honor of them, today is all about coffee tables and simple styling and ideas to make them prettier.

Here are 21 ideas on how to decorate a coffee table.

how to decorate a coffee table low vase

how to decorate a coffee table

1. Single low bowl with flowers

This post is going to be a lot like this is your life coffee table.

You’ll see the same coffee table styled different ways. When I looked back I couldn’t believe how many coffee tables I’ve styled and this coffee table is so simple and yet it’s one of my favorites.

You just take a low bowl, crisscross the top with scotch tape and fill it with water and flowers.

blue and white living room how to decorate a coffee table

2. White tray with flowers

This is such an easy arrangement.

Take a white tray and place it in the center of the coffee table.

Add two different floral arrangements at different heights.

Place one additional accessory to make a grouping of three.

rustic farmhouse how to decorate a coffee table

3. Tray with greenery

Same white tray with farmhouse styling.

Add a low grouping of vases and fill them with single boxwood cuttings from the yard.

Then stack books and add in metal spheres.

how to decorate a coffee table blue and white vase

4. single vase of flowers

Same white tray decorated differently.

Take three books, stack them in varying directions.

Fill a single vase with two stems of flowers.

Then add another blue and white accessory for color.

how to decorate a coffee table rustic arrangement

5. White tray with greenery

Same white tray but with another idea.

Take a stack of books (books are your best friend when you are figuring out how to decorate your coffee table).

Add in three different greenery spheres of different sizes and shapes at different heights.

Place a small house (or another accessory) in the back and add one more accessory in the front.

spring arrangement how to decorate a coffee table

6. White tray with single arrangement

Here we have the same tray with only one flower arrangement.

The flower arrangement is the highest.

Next, place another piece of whiteware and finally, finish the grouping of three with another accessory.

7.  super simple arrangement

This arrangement is the easiest of all.

This table actually doesn’t need that much decor because the pattern of the rug shows through the glass top.

I just took the same white tray and added a small vase of flowers and one blue accessory.

8. Spring tulip arrangement

Place a tray in the center of the coffee table.

Add a large arrangement of tulips to one side.

Place two other accessories on the tray.

9. Metal tray and accessories

Start with a metal tray.

Stack three books on one side.

Next, add two different mini containers with greenery.

Stack plates under a cloche with another bit of greenery underneath.

10. metal tray with mixed metal accents

Same metal tray with a grouping of brass vases.

I stacked books for height and added three small vases filled with flowers.

Then I added another brass accessory to balance out the display.

11. Rustic spring arrangement

Using the same metal tray, stack books and fill a vase with fresh flowers.

Next, add a rustic pedestal and drape with wood beads.

Lastly, add a cloche with stacked plates and nest.

12. Textured summer arrangement

Start with a metal lantern and drape with wood beads.

Add a small bee skep and a rustic wood pedestal.

You could add greenery on top of the pedestal or another accessory like this wood box.

how to decorate a coffee table outdoor table

13. outdoor coffee table with floral arrangement

This is one of my favorite ways to arrange flowers.

Find a wood box and add glass bottles of different sizes.

Fill with floral stems for an instant centerpiece.

blue table how to decorate a coffee table

14. Simple white bowl filled with rustic accessories

When planning out decorating a coffee table? DO NOT overthink your coffee table arrangement.

Here, I started with a wide white decorative bowl.

Then I filled it with these rustic accessories.

That’s it.

So simple and so NOT overthinking it.

15. how to decorate a coffee table for fall

Looking for easy ideas on how to decorate a coffee table for fall?

This simple fall arrangement starts with these DIY floral pumpkins.

You can see how to make them here.

Just stack them on white covered books for a colorful fall display.

16. fall arrangement with dough bowl filled with pumpkins

This fall arrangement starts with a dough bowl.


I just filled the oversized dough bowl with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes.

17. fall arrangement with picture frame pedestals

If you don’t have pedestals you can make them.

Here I just glued picture frames to stacked napkin rings for a super simple DIY idea.

Stack them on books in a basket and add in wood beads and pumpkins.

18. how to decorate a coffee table for Christmas

Looking for ideas on how to decorate a coffee table for Christmas? Here’s the easiest of the easiest.

Just wrap your gifts early and stack them on your coffee table.

Then add ornaments to the top for a little Christmas fun.

bright and merry how to decorate a coffee table

19. Christmas arrangement with sleigh

Here’s another easy Christmas arrangement.

I just took the sleigh and filled it with red ornaments.

These are the ornaments you can get in different shapes and sizes and textures all in one container.

farmhouse Christmas how to decorate a coffee table

20. Christmas arrangement with wood bowl and greenery

This Christmas arrangement is so easy.

Just add a wood tray and a rustic bowl.

Then fill the bowl with greenery and woven accessories or ornaments.

Christmas how to decorate a coffee table

21. Christmas arrangement with wood trees

Start with a wood tray.

Next, add two Christmas trees stacked on books to add height.

Then add a small snow globe to create a grouping of three.



That was a speed course on my coffee tables through the years.

Here are a few quick takeaways on how to decorate a coffee table:

  1. When you need height—stack books.
  2. When you need a base—add a tray or basket.
  3. When you need greenery—you can cut it from the yard.
  4. When you need accessories—you can shop your house.

And lastly.

DO NOT overthink your coffee table. Most of these displays are SUPER simple and not overworked. Sometimes a simple vase and a few well-placed accessories are all you need for coffee table success.


Because you (and your coffee table) are absolutely, positively, incredibly, awesomely…



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  1. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    Somehow missed those picture frame pedestals when you made them. Those are cute and this was a fun post. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Image for Kathi Kathi

    Can I be honest? I love your ideas and imagination! Here’s the but, I am bit of a minimalist with a smaller or medium sized house. Read that as not a lot of storage space for the extras. And in truth my hobby takes up what space I do have. Just being honest. A great blog would be where you keep all this when you are not whisking it from one room to another. But please don’t stop I love looking.

  3. Image for Jean waldrop Jean waldrop

    My thoughts exactly. Just when I thought you had shared your entire home, another room pops up. Have we seen your sons rooms or daughters rooms or your hobby room where you store all your trinkets, Christmas decor ,etc? And where do you get your energy for all that you do? I love your entire home and I think you must have the kindest husband ever as he seems to be so helpful when you ask for help. I know I have asked this before but can never remember, but where did you get your living room rub? Have a great day.

  4. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    One of my absolute favorite things is decorating our family room coffee table for each season. I always use a large tray of some sort and try to include something natural: flowers ,greens ect, a candle either real or faux and an object that reflects my interests like a book or little figurine and something like a small bowl of acorns or shells that is seasonal. It is such fun to work on it till it feels and looks just right. Thanks for some great new ideas.

  5. Image for Kelly Kelly

    Love the post. As lovely as some of the other decor suggestions are, I've come to the realization that I am a tray table decorator. I love that if I need to move the centerpiece, I can just pick up the whole tray and move it out of my way!


    You are truly a wonder. Do you keep your pictures and decor items categorized? Love all the ideas. Hope you have an amazing day!

  7. Image for Kris Kris

    Pretty ideas. I sense a theme .... get a tray and use that as a base. In our house, we are all about books, so that's my "decor" style on our coffee table. But maybe if I put the books on a tray it will look more styled? :)

  8. Image for Lorrie Bredal Lorrie Bredal

    Lots of great ideas! I think I finally have a hang of it. Will definitely keep this post. I am watching the Grand Hotel I quit watching for a few days as I don’t want it to be over! I think you will understand

  9. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Loved Grand Hotel. Watch High Seas..Inspector Ayala is Dr. Ayala in it. You will recognize a few of the same actors.

  10. Image for Michele M. / Finch Rest Michele M. / Finch Rest

    When I watched Grand Hotel it was still called GRAN Hotel - without the D - they recently added the D. Interesting, huh? Julio ♥ so handsome. You rocked every single one of those tables - and your photography is amazing. Love love love.

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