Hello friend and welcome. If you are joining us today from Kelly’s hot cocoa bar, you probably have figured out that today’s post is all about hot chocolate and coffee.

But around here?

We like stories with our coffee.

So today I’m going to show you a fun coffee bar that I put together and take a visual tour of the laundry room decorated for Christmas.

And then?

I have a story to share.

It’s one that my father told to me and his father probably told to him and I’ve been telling it to my kids since they learned to tie their shoes.

It’s a good one.

With a message about perspective that my father imprinted on my heart.

So grab a beverage and join us.

My coffee bar is waiting.

When I was growing up, my father used to teach us with stories.

I was never really sure where all the stories came from.   Maybe his father passed them down through the generations or maybe he had a book of wise stories with teachable lessons….

…or maybe he just read Reader’s Digest a lot.

I loved those stories.

They made me think and truly made his point without a lot of fuss and really stuck with you and taught you something valuable all at the same time.

Just like this one:

Once upon a time, there was an old man who sat under a tree by the side of the road and talked to strangers as they passed by.

One day a young man strolled up the road carrying a heavy load with a frown on his face.  He stopped by the old man and paused for a moment to catch his breath.

“Old man,” he said.  “I’m heading down the road to the village that’s two miles from here.  

Have you been there?  

What are the people like in that village?”

The old man took a moment to consider his answer and then replied to the young stranger with a simple question, “What are the people like in the village you came from?”

“Oh,” the young man groaned.  “They were horrible. They weren’t friendly or welcoming or hospitable. They had chips on their shoulders and were full of negativity.”

The old man sighed.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” he said. “Unfortunately, the people in the village ahead are just like that.  You won’t find a welcome there.”

The young man shook his head despondently and headed off down the road.

Later that day another young man walked up the road carrying a heavy load. He stopped and paused for a moment to catch his breath.

And just like the previous visitor, he struck up a conversation with the old man.

“Old man,” he said. “I’m heading down the road to the village that’s two miles from here.  

Have you been there?  

What are the people like in that village?”

Again the old man took a moment to consider his answer and again he replied to the young stranger with a simple question, “What are the people like in the village you came from?”

“The village I came from was wonderful,” the young man replied. “The villagers were so full of joy and excitement for life and welcomed all to the village with generosity and were known far and wide for their hospitality.”

The old man smiled.

“Well then, my friend,” he said. “You are in luck. The village ahead is just like that.  

The people are friendly and full of kindness.  

You will always find a welcome there.”

And the lesson behind my father’s story?

Like all his stories, the message is so simple. And yet? So many times it’s overlooked.

Perspective is everything.

Anywhere, everywhere and in a world where you can choose anything?

Choose joy.

Especially with your coffee. 🙂

PS. I’m so thankful I got to share a story and virtual coffee here today with you.

And now?

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  1. Image for Aliya Aliya

    KariAnne!! I love this story! It's one I've heard before but it's also one that you can't hear too often. And your cocoa bar is gorgeous!! Thanks for joining me on this hop!!

  2. Image for Kristin Kristin

    So much fun!! Love the story and the set up! The reds and whites are so much fun styled on the shelves. I love the coffee mugs and that camper! I just got a real life Vintage Camper just like it so I'm so smitten with the camper decor now! Fun to hop with you! Enjoy this Holiday Season!

  3. Image for Tanja Tanja

    What a wonderful and true story that is! We're unfortuanetly often forget the simple things in our daily life. And joy is one of these things! It would be so nice to hear more of your fathers' stories every now and then :)

  4. Image for Melissa Busby Melissa Busby

    I love that story! Perspective is a powerful word, what a great way to demonstrate that what you see depends mainly on what you look for....

  5. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    This is off the subject--But you need to put a new pic of you;Not you standing behind a post, but the new you of 40 pounds lighter!!! Get a photographer (or Denny) and get your new self out there Rock Star!!!

  6. Image for Betsy Betsy

    What a great story and so true! I'm trying to steer my perspective everyday. I'm so in love with that little felt house KariAnne.......please please tell me where it's from. Thank you.


    Perspective and choice. What a perfect story for our current situation. Love the laundry room with it's Christmas decor! I'll be right over for cocoa :)

  8. Image for JC JC

    Such a great story and lesson to apply! Thanks for sharing. Your laundry room bar makes me want to do a happy dance. It's so fun and cheery!

  9. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    GREAT story - your father was so wise. The apple didn't fall far from that tree. ♥♥ Your pics are glorious. I'd sneak into that bright happy space and refresh several cups, with joy in my heart. Imagining myself there visiting and laughing and sharing stories and just being grateful for having good health and good friends.

  10. Image for Diana Diana

    Best story for 2020 ever, thank you for sharing and what a wonderful dad. The laundry room is cheerful and super cute ! All my favorite colors combined.


    You had such a precious Dad, KariAnne! You were so blessed to have such a wonderful Mom and Dad! And, you are blessed so much now with your precious Hubby and family. I know you share many stories with them, too! Please share more of your Dad's stories with us! I love how you have decorated your Cocoa Bar for Christmas -- just so cute with all the red! Love when you share your gorgeous home with us -- and especially at this most beautiful time of the year! Just love Christmas and everything connected with it! Just enjoy sitting in your cozy family room with a big cup of cocoa!

  12. Image for laura miller laura miller

    You are an AMAZING, TALENTED, EXCEPTIONAL human being! Thank you so much for sharing your enthusiasm for life, your stories and your decorating expertise!!! I AM TRULY GRATEFUL xoxo

  13. Image for Tara @ Stilettos and Shiplap Tara @ Stilettos and Shiplap

    Love the story. Gives a lot of food for thought. Now about this coffee bar! I'm in love. the red and white is just spectacular and so classic. I'm thinking and thinking so hard to try and find a place in my home that I could do something like this. I've wanted to for a long time but there isn't any space currently that lends itself to this. I'm gonna have to get really creative!

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