Wondering how to choose a Christmas theme? Here are four Christmas color schemes with ideas and Christmas finds for each one.

Don’t get overwhelmed by putting a Christmas theme together. Use these 4 simple ideas for Christmas themes and tips instead.

Christmas theme

Do you plan a theme for Christmas every year?

A color?

A winter floral?

A pattern?

A special Christmas find?

Every year when I’m dreaming of Christmas and it’s 105 here in Texas, I tend to think in themes. I group things together in new ways and take old decor and spray paint it to match the new theme and look at things in ways I’ve never looked at them before.

How to plan for them.

Ideas to plan around.

Simple, creative theme ideas and tons more Christmas inspiration. It’s so much fun to think outside the box. I put together four of my favorite color schemes for Christmas and linked how to put them all together. Please act surprised when I tell you one of them is blue and white (and I found the CUTEST new ornaments and ribbon and blue and white nativity). I also added if they are on Cyber Monday sale today, too.

Are you ready?


Christmas theme blue and white

How To Choose a Christmas Theme For Your Home

When planning out a theme, it’s usually a good idea to go all Julie Andrews and start at the very beginning.

After all, it’s a really good place to start.

If you haven’t planned your theme yet for this year, here are four categories of theme planning I usually use:

  • I go with an overall color scheme (like blue and white) for the room and tree and mantel
  • I go with an overall pattern (like plaid) for the room and tree and mantel
  • I go with a certain type of Christmas floral (like evergreens or hydrangeas) for the room and tree and mantel
  • I go with one of my favorite Christmas things (like snowflakes) for the room and tree and mantel

Does that make sense?

I pick one and go with that. When you think of it in categories, it makes it so much easier to choose.

Let’s start with color. There are so many options and I wanted to show you a few of them to (hopefully) inspire your theme.

Here are four amazing color schemes I’ve used before (and I’ll probably use them all again).

Christmas theme blue and white living room

Christmas theme ginger jar ornaments

Christmas theme living room ideas

Christmas theme eucalyptus

Choosing a Color Theme

1. Blue and white Christmas decor

You know this is my NUMBER ONE. This room is all about layers and layers and layers of blue and white texture and pattern. Here are a few ideas if you think blue and white Christmas decor might be in your future:

  • find blue and white wrapping paper for presents and use to decorate
  • flocked greenery mixes well with this color scheme
  • adding blue velvet into the texture mix elevates the entire room
  • create a mantel display with ornaments and wide ribbon looped around zip ties
  • add eucalyptus as an alternative to traditional greenery
  • a pretty blue and white table cloth makes a pretty patterned tree skirt

The cutest blue and white Christmas finds

Christmas theme red and white

Christmas theme red and white stockings

Christmas theme stockings

2. Red and white Christmas decor

Hello traditional Christmas. There’s nothing prettier. When I think of Christmas colors that make me truly happy? Red and green make the top of the list. Here are a few ideas if you think red and green Christmas decor might be in your future:

  • mix in galvanized buckets and other metal accents
  • traditional greenery like pine and fir and cedar are so pretty with red and green
  • add a simple mantel display with votives for each of the days leading up to Christmas
  • keep the wrapping simple with craft paper boxes and decorative ribbon
  • use skates and other vintage Christmas pieces to add to the traditional color scheme
  • fill a sleigh with red and white and green ornaments for an easy centerpiece


The cutest red and white Christmas finds

  1. this reversible tree skirt
  2. these red and white bows and tree topper
  3. this gingerbread house (similar)
  4. this elf tree skirt
  5. red and white knit stockings (Cyber Monday deal today)
  6. these red and white ornaments (Cyber Monday deal today)
  7. these gnome ornaments
  8. this star tree topper

Christmas theme red and black plaid

Christmas theme red trees

Christmas theme red and white striped ribbon

Christmas theme black and white pillows

3. Red and white and black plaid Christmas decor

This is another one of my favorite Christmas color schemes. It’s so fun to mix in chalkboard and vintage lettering and black and white check. Here are a few ideas if you think black and red and white Christmas decor might be in your future:

  • make personalized chalkboard ornaments for the tree
  • decorate the room with black and white checked ribbon and a buffalo check tree skirt
  • make a garland out of old Christmas cards
  • create displays with vintage red and white and black books
  • use a plaid blanket as a tree skirt
  • add pom pom ribbon on packages and swag it through Christmas garland

The cutest red and black plaid Christmas finds

4. Neutral Christmas decor

The calm side of Christmas. Texture and natural materials and wood and burlap and all the greenery. Here are a few ideas if you think neutral Christmas decor might be in your future:

  • cut Christmas trees out of pallet wood
  • mix fresh greenery with faux greenery to add the smell of Christmas to your decor
  • add burlap and jute ribbons to the Christmas tree
  • make stockings from vintage feed sacks
  • mix in eucalyptus with pine and fir and cedar
  • create a mantel display with layers of ribbon and texture

The cutest neutral Christmas finds

Christmas theme plaid rug and navy bedroom

Christmas theme plaid bucket

Choosing to decorate with pattern

Instead of color? Why not look at pattern?

Like polka dots or stripes or Christmas toile.

If you are going with a pattern, it’s a good idea to start with the ribbon. Sometimes a ribbon has inspired an entire Christmas theme. Like this neutral with red buttons. I did an entire tree around mixed in with burlap ribbon I painted with the words to Christmas carols.

Or you could go with my favorite pattern, plaid

Here are some simple ways to incorporate a plaid pattern into your theme:

  • buy plaid wrapping paper and wrap your presents and decorate with them
  • fold up a plaid blanket at the end of a bed
  • wrap a tree with plaid ribbon and make your own DIY plaid ornaments
  • make a garland out of plaid fabric
  • tie plaid bows on wreaths
  • add a plaid runner to your dining table
  • make your own DIY chargers out of plaid fabric

Choosing to decorate with greenery

Instead of pattern? Why not look at Christmas greenery instead?

Like magnolia or fir or cedar.

Here are some simple ways to incorporate Christmas greenery into your theme:

  • fill a vintage wheelbarrow with mixed greenery
  • add command strips and loop greenery up the stairs
  • add extra greenery or branches to a tree that’s a little scraggly to fill it out
  • fill vintage boxes with greenery
  • add greenery to a basket on the door
  • wrap a paper garland around a tiny tree
  • make tiny wreaths out of evergreen garland and decorate with them and add them to gifts

Choosing a Christmas theme around one of your favorite things

Instead of greenery? Why not look at one of your favorite Christmas things instead?

Like angels or mini-trees or red trucks or reindeer.


I adore snowflakes.

Here are some simple ways to incorporate snowflakes (or fill in the blank with your favorite Christmas thing) into your theme:

Christmas themes are fun and this post was meant to inspire you to think outside the box.

But truth?

If you are having trouble wondering how to choose a Christmas theme or if you don’t have a theme or having a theme seems a little overwhelming. No worries. Decorate from your heart.

It’s the best place to start. 🙂

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  1. Image for Patricia Patricia

    If I wind up with a home filled with gnomes, I'll know who to blame. It might be me. But you're my inspiration.

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    Love Love Love your blue and white decor... Is your tree on tOP of the table or behind it... It is hard to tell from the picture but it is so warm and inviting... Thankyou so much for sharing your talent and your home with us

  3. Image for Marlene Marlene

    I guess I decorate with old things. I have accumulated decorations from my children, grandchildren and my mom { after she died}, that's what I put up every Christmas. Memories are such wonderful things and I enjoy decorating every year. Thank you for all these ideas.

  4. Image for Kathy Dorsey Kathy Dorsey

    I love all your ideas and I love Christmas decorating. I have gathered up items all year long for a red and white theme this year. But I am near tears because 2 weeks ago I broke my upper arm in 3 places and can't do anything this year! So am living vicariously through you. Happy Christmas to everyone!

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      Kathy, I’m so so sorry!!!! I wish I lived next door and I’d help decorate! I hope you are feeling better soon! happy day, karianne

  5. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    Karianne, Your blog topic was just what I needed to read. I just finished my mantle in our family room and it just isn't right. Finally I realized the garland I put up was too much for my neutral theme. Decided to move it to the top of my kitchen hutch and it's perfect there and I will use a plainer cedar garland with some strands of vintage mercury ornaments in place of lights. I have plenty of faux candles on timers for illumination. Just took some thought and your message to decorate from the heart. This Christmas I need a simple peaceful . 😌 home.

  6. Image for Dana Stubbs Dana Stubbs

    I have enjoyed seeing your post the last few years but this past year I have gotten frustrated trying to see what your posting through all the advertisements. They are so distracting and I’ve quit looking. Tonight I tried again and I think it’s worse. You are so talented and I enjoy your ideas but it looks like I need to find something else to enjoy. Thank you

  7. Image for Nancy Biagioni Nancy Biagioni

    I do not see a link for the Santa Christmas stocking? Do you know where I can get them. Love you blog and ideas.

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    I love the snowflake pillows, etc. but didn’t see a link…or did I miss it! Are any of the items still available?

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