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Do you ever have a design problem that you don’t know how to fix?

And then?

Suddenly, from the middle of nowhere an idea presents itself that is so brilliant and yet so simple that you pinch yourself and jump up and down and think about an entire dance complete with choreography on the front lawn.

That’s what happened last month.

The youngest twin, Whitney, came to me with a dilemma.

She loved her room, but she wanted more storage. We had to take away part of her closet when we remodeled the Jack and Jill bathroom she shares with her sister…

…and her storage has never really recovered.

We’ve maximized the space that we had.

And sorted through her drawers.

And moved some of her books and papers to the middle room.

But everything just wasn’t fitting.


Until we saw an idea that gave us hope.

This trundle bed.

I know, right?


You can see it here on this side of the bed.

We ordered this entire bedroom set from Rooms To Go.

Isn’t it the cutest? It came with a full-sized bedframe with a headboard and a footboard and a nightstand and a tall dresser.

(total aside: Whitney was insistent that she needed a footboard on her bed. I told her it was her room and if she wanted a footboard we would find a bed with a footboard.)

Whitney shopped the entire Rooms To Go website. There were tons of options and colors with trundle beds so she was able to pick out exactly what she wanted.

Y’all. It was so easy. 

We checked the measurements for the furniture and discussed the pieces and what would work for her room.

We went back and forth between several options for bedroom sets on the Rooms To Go website and she finally found the one she wanted for her room. All the pieces worked perfectly in the space and we ended up adding another nightstand to make it work.

And after Whitney gave the go-ahead, I ordered everything for the room.

And then?

A little over a week later, these boxes showed up on the front porch.

It was the EASIEST WAY to order furniture and my favorite thing about this entire process?

Most of the furniture was already put together.

The dresser and the nightstands from Rooms To Go were already fully assembled.

When we opened the boxes and my husband saw that most of the furniture was already put together, he almost planned a dance party on the lawn, too.

The only thing left to assemble was the bed and the trundle.

They were so easy to put together. The bed came with the frame and a headboard and footboard (I’m looking at you Whitney) and the trundle came with an easy-to-assemble frame.

There are also slats that you can use to organize the trundle into sections if you are using it for storage (like we are) instead of a bed.

After we put everything together, we added a few new things to the room and put everything away (there are still four boxes that go into the trundle).

And now?

The room looks like this.

Everyone is happy here.

My husband is happy because everything is put together now.

Whitney is happy because she has a footboard and storage.

And I’m happy because we can always add a mattress to the space one day for people visiting the house.

Oh and I forgot to mention one more thing.

Besides a footboard, there was one other thing Whitney requested for this space.


Good thing it was what she wanted because this room is so bright and happy and full of light and sunbeams dancing across the floor.

Storage and sunshine.

Who knew they went together so perfectly? 🙂


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Rooms To Go.

All opinions are my own.

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  1. Image for Kris Kris

    It's not often that I can say I'm ahead of you, but today I can! My daughter has a teeny tiny bedroom and I found a bed that has trundle storage under it AND storage drawers! We still could use more storage places in her room, though ....... anyway, yes, Whitney's bed is brilliant.

  2. Image for Mishann Lepley Mishann Lepley

    The room looks fabulous! I have a question. Is the rug really off-center or is that the way the picture makes it look? If it is, I think that is amazingly clever & a design choice I’ve never thought of myself. I will be locking that one in the vault of decorating tricks I must remember. Thank you for the inspiration.

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