Hello friend.

I’m so happy you’re here.

Especially if you are visiting from The House of Silver Lining and this is your first time here.  Today I’m participating in a blogger event put together by Lindsay from White Buffalo Styling where we all put on party hats and eat from cheese trays and wear red lipstick and sing “She’s a Jolly Good Fellow.”

And show where we work every day.

But I thought it might be fun to do something a little different.  (I know you are thinking….of course she said that).

I put together a minute by minute and hour by hour timeline of what I do every day.

As a blogger, as a mom, as a painter, as a sports watcher, as a writer and as a dish-washer emptier.

So with great fanfare and fancy blinking signs and ticker tape bursting through the air….

…’s how I organize a day in my life.

Gatehouse Office

6:01 Smell coffee and wake up.

6:11 Realize I’m still asleep and not drinking coffee.

6:12 Get out of bed and put on my visit the bus stop uniform:  messy bun, yoga pants, rock star t-shirt and bleary eyes.

6:17 Sign permission slips.  Hope that they actually are permission slips because my eyes are too bleary to read them.


6:24 Serve as fashion adviser for seventh grade fashionistas.

6:25 Frown at the design choice of mixing stripes with florals.  Pronounce it so 2015.

6:41  Decide now is a good time to deliver a life lesson lecture on listening to your mother.

6:42 Observe eye rolls.

6:45 Feed dog.

6:59 Stand with the dog and watch as everyone climbs aboard the bus.

7:00 Sigh.  Drink second cup of coffee.  Watch the headlines on Good Morning America to see if I missed anything while I was sleeping.

desk office gatehouse

7:10 Sit down to the computer to write blog post.  Edit photos.

8:00 Click publish.  E-mail all of you.

8:10 Read comments.  Smile.  Laugh out loud.  Giggle.  Sigh.

8:14 Realize I have the best readers in the entire world.

8:32 Answer e-mails.

8:40 Try to call my mom to tell her how amazing the post was and how funny all of you are and how I’m so happy I’m a blogger for the 1,491 time.  Get her answering machine.  Leave a mysterious message so she can’t help but want to call me back.

office supplies

9:02 Make some toast and hunt around for strawberry jelly.

9:04 After cleaning out the second shelf of the refrigerator, realize I used the last of the strawberry jelly two days ago.

9:05 Settle for cream cheese and decide it’s healthier anyway because it’s low fat.

9:22 Answer e-mails and work on super important blogger stuff.

how to decorate an office

10:12 Get ready to leave for the local community center to meet volunteers who are helping me paint and refresh and redecorate the building.

10:16 Head for car.

10:17 Buckle seat belt and turn on “Eye of the Tiger” for the drive.

10:22 Congratulate myself on being super organized and amazing and having the whole day planned out and remembering everything I needed for the project.

10:23 Sing “It’s the Eye of the Tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight, rising up to the challenge of our rivals” at the top of my lungs with the sun roof open.

10:24  Remember I am in charge of snacks for after school cheer practice.

10:25  Sigh.

10:26 Change song to “Time after Time” by Cyndi Lauper.

office sign

11:14  Arrive at community center.  Bring supplies.  Announce to volunteers I have to leave earlier then I planned to get to the store to buy snacks to take to cheer practice.

11:24  Start painting.

12:04 Break for lunch.  Laugh.  Tell the story about the time I took a roast to garden club.

12:47  Keep painting.

1:14 Decide bench in front hall needs to be red.

1:26 Move bench outside and set it up to spray paint on bricks with a drop cloth.  Use more bricks to hold drop cloth down because it’s so windy.

1:42  Spray paint bench red.

2:32  Spray paint bench second coat.

2:47 Walk inside and discover I accidentally spray painted my hair pink.

how to decorate an office

3:01 Leave volunteers.  Wave goodbye with pink hair and head to store to get snacks for cheer practice.

3:17 Show up at cheer practice with snacks.  Watch daughter smile like I’m a hero.  Act like I remembered all along.

3:32 Sit in car and wait for cheer practice to be over.

3:34 Check e-mails on phone.

3:46 Pull up car next to another cheer mom.  Start talking.  Discuss how we can’t believe how old everyone is getting.  Tell her the story about when the twins were tiny ballerinas.

3:52 Tear up a little.  Decide that’s enough stories for today.

4:30 Drive home from cheer practice and listen to seventh grade gossip.  Get in one word for every 457 words from the other occupants in the car.

desk office gatehouse

5:01 Arrive home just in time to change for the baseball game.

5:04 Look for baseball mom necklace and pack snacks.

5:07 Pile everyone into the car and drive to baseball game.

5:30 Set up chairs and snacks and get ready to watch game.  Stand for national anthem. Realize sound system is broken and they can’t play the tape for the song.  Decide to start singing “Oh say can you see” by myself.  Watch my son glare at me.  Quietly fade out of song at the twilight’s last gleaming.

6:12 Check e-mail on phone.

6:13 Almost miss an amazing catch in the outfield by the cutest left fielder ever.

6:14 Cheer loudly and act like I was watching all along.

happy office

7:49 Stand up and cheer when the team wins.

7;50 Stand around and wait for the team meeting and the team bonding and the coach talk to end.

8:22 Head to the car and drive home.

8:25 Play “Don’t Stop Believing” in the car on the way home.  Watch the eye rolls.  Smile quietly as they sing along.

8:45 Arrive home.

8:49 Supervise homework and outfits for tomorrow and lunches and listen to the play-by-play description of the game.

9:01 Sign a permission slip.

9:02 Hope that it actually is a permission slip because my eyes are too bleary to read it.

10:10 Get ready for bed.

10:29 Lay awake wondering if any one will notice my pink hair at the event tomorrow.

10:30 Count your blessings and drift off to sleep. 🙂

Gatehouse Office

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  1. Image for Leona Leona

    Pheeeeewwww, I am exhausted lost me at 10:12 to 10:16 4 minutes to get ready to go out ? Now if I sat and followed everything you linked......its an all day link marathon. LOVE IT. And if I had an office that yours.....might as well call it home....

  2. Image for Jill Jill

    You slay me! So funny! Amazing you can create something so funny in an hour. You are brilliant. And love that you enjoy your children. Have a rockin' day!

  3. Image for LLL LLL

    LOVE that cheer and baseball snacks stand-in for dinner!! At my house it's swim and football but the same idea! My schedule is pretty much the same except: 8:00 AM - Read Thistlewood Farms email....and smile!!

  4. Image for Jeanne @ I Dream of Jeanne Marie Jeanne @ I Dream of Jeanne Marie

    Good morning KariAnne, I learned 2 things from your daily schedule...I need to get up earlier and go to bed earlier! Then maybe I'll get as much done in a day as you do! I always wondered what your days were I know! You make wonderful things happen in the 16 hours you're awake! I'm glad you take time for "us!" Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Image for Khadija Khadija

    You always make me smile! Whew! I feel soooo lazy. I've got to get going! LOL PS-I really miss your coral reef wall. :)

  6. Image for Kristi Kristi

    Awwwwww, this was SO fun to read KariAnne! One of those perfectly ordinary days that many of us forget to be grateful for, far too often. One of these days, we'll be missing having so much to do. Here's to a happy Thursday my friend!

  7. Image for Terri Terri

    Sounds like a Marathon........ Whewwwww. ... I'm tired just reading all this!! thinking I need another cup of coffee myself!!!!! ..... But you know what ?? that's the stuff that DREAMS ARE MADE OF!!! Family ... day in and day out.... awesome memory making!!!!!!! :) .... (pssst... You might have forgotten the snacks for the girls... but I bet you didn't forget the "Red Lipstick" !!!!! lololol )

  8. Image for Theresa Kane Theresa Kane

    Can I come live with you? LOL .... even though your life is busy and hectic and crazy.. I can feel the love through your words!!!

  9. Image for Nancy @ slightly Coastal Nancy @ slightly Coastal

    Aren't these the best days? I heard Jon Gordon speak a long time ago and he said we should always preface our "have to" items everyday with "get to" instead and it makes all the difference. So many people go through life saying they "have to do this, or have to do that". I think we are so lucky we "get to do". Thanks for the glimpse into your day. Now, this afternoon, I "get to" go to the dentist...something that was a "have to" about 5 minutes ago, before I read your post and was reminded. Have a great "get to" day karianne. Nancy

  10. Image for Jane Jane

    You are so funny---we love the same music! I dated the guy who sang Eye of the Tiger when I was in my 20's. He passed away about a year ago. Sad. I've never seen your office. Love! Jane

  11. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    1. I need to know your brand of super charge coffee. 2. What type of vitamins do you take? 3. Do you eat super-duper-energy foods? If so what cuz I need a ton. 4. How do you get pink paint out of hair? 5. To get to many places without falling down, what shoes do you wear? 6. How do you unwind after being wound up?? 7. You, my friend, are the greatest! I couldn't possibly follow you around, I'd need roller skates! You rock!!

  12. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    You've reminded me, that some of my best days were spent in my minivan taking three sons here, there, and everywhere....and always with tunes blasting! Dinner? In between stops! I was missing the pink hair, however! Rock on Karianne! ;)

  13. Image for Mary Jo Sawyko Mary Jo Sawyko

    Sounds like a fun day! Better than cleaning or cooking dinner.Enjoy while your children are young. Always enjoy your posts.

  14. Image for Rebecca Turner Rebecca Turner

    Busy day! But you forgot dinner. Yes, you said you brought snacks, but my grandchildren would never let me get away with that. Kids have hollow I'm assuming dinner was a hotdog from the consession stand, or else McDonalds? You've mentioned before that you don't do much cooking and I've wondered how you get away with that with A. a husband, and B. Four children...because the most my hubby will do (in the kitchen) is a bowl of cereal! But then, my neice's husband loves to cook, so she doesn't have to bother with it. What a blessing! What kind of snacks are you giving them? What could I give "Hubby" to make him think he'd had meat and potatoes? Lol!

  15. Image for Clare Clare

    I remember those days! I also remember how tired I was at the end of the evening. Now my kids are grown with little ones of their own. My daughter said to me awhile ago "you know, Mom, now I understand why, at the end of the evening, when everyone was sitting in front of TV, daddy was sleeping in front of TV, YOU were still up and busy in the kitchen. You never sat down until it was so late. Now I understand!" And to tell you the truth, I wouldn't give up those days or those precious memories for anything in the world. Spending time with and on my family was and still is the greatest gift. In fact, I am waiting for 2 more grandbabies to be born this summer, one to each of my daughters. That will make 8 grand babies in 6 years! God is good! The blessings are coming fast!

  16. Image for Velia Velia

    Karianne, you reawaken many similar memories of long ago. I look back and often wonder how I accomplished so much while a worked a full time job and my husband taveled 90% of the time. I wouldn't trade those days for the leisure time of others. Once again your writing brightened my day.

  17. Image for Dianne Dianne

    I so remember the days of being that busy. One year I had kids in preschool, elementary, middle, high school and college. I also had a licensed daycare in my home. Amazing what we can do when we are young. I now am enjoying retirement and following my favorite blog. By the way my twins are 29!

  18. Image for Shauna Shauna

    You are so funny! LOVE this post!! Seriously, best post ever!! I think I need a daily dose of your humor and blog in my life! I hope you continued to rock that pink hair all day long while still singing "The Eye of the Tiger," YOU GO!! xo

  19. Image for Donna Donna

    Love this post. It brought back many wonderful memories of a wonderful time in my life....eye rolls and all! You are an amazing writer and I sincerely thank you for sharing your incredible talent.

  20. Image for Wendy Wendy

    Makes me miss those good ole days....kinda..haha Makes me feel every one of my 59 years! I know I don't have to tell you to enjoy those years...I can tell you do! This summer I'll have my first little grandson, so I'm saving my energy to do all those exciting things with him! At least that's my story:)

  21. Image for Sheila Irwin Sheila Irwin

    I so, sooo enjoy your writing and your posts Karianne! But this one was especially funny. As I started reading I couldn't wait to actually read another blogger's day! Then I found out you are more organized than I, you get up earlier, and you manage to blog every day (all while being dressed before noon!) You are a rock star! But the best part is knowing that other moms forget all the things I've forgotten, and then felt like the worst mom in the world! Thanks for sharing that:) Sheila

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