Ever wondered what the original Magnolia Market and Magnolia Farms looked like? Way back in the day? Before the silos were a thing? Here are some pictures from a trip I took years ago.

magnolia market 16

Just for the record….

…..I was a Fixer Upper fan from the very first fix.

From the first house that looked like it needed a really good wrinkle cream and a new pair of Spanx.

From the first time the giant over-sized panels pushed back to reveal the amazing jewel underneath.

From the first farmhouse table.

From the first chippy letter.

I was a fan.

You, too?

Oh, good.

Just in case you ever wondered, here are some photographs from my very first trip to Magnolia Farms.

magnolia farms display items

magnolia market 7

My trip to Magnolia Market and Magnolia Farms

You see….Waco is my old stomping grounds.

It’s where I drank my first cup of coffee wearing a pair of mittens and a beret.

It’s where I danced on the suspension bridge and went to football games wearing a prairie skirt and a concho belt and ate yogurt in the student center and sang “That Good Old Baylor Line at the Top of My Lungs.”

And it’s where I fell in love with a pair of twinkling brown eyes.

magnolia market 3

magnolia farms greenery

I started watching the show because of the Waco connection.

I wanted to see if I knew the neighborhoods or could recognize any of the streets….that’s what brought me to the table.

But what kept me coming back?

What made me set my DVR and watch episode after episode and spend entire Saturdays re-watching the Fixer Upper Marathon?

The decorating.

magnolia market 8

magnolia market 15

I mean have you seen the decorating?


It’s perfection.

Every episode features a house that feels like an old friend.  Except the old friend has had a complete make-over with a new set of highlights and a new hair-cut and amazing plastic surgery with extra wrinkle filler.

And she looks amazing.

But underneath…her bone structure is still there and you can still see what made her beautiful all along.

magnolia farms baskets

magnolia market 17

And these pictures?

They were all taken at Magnolia Market, Joanna Gaines’ store in Waco.

It’s almost like being on an episode of Fixer Upper.

I was so like….there’s the metal artwork from this episode and the cup rack from this episode and the vases and sign from this house.

And on and on and on.

magnolia market 4

magnolia farms

I went this past Saturday to Magnolia Market and Magnolia Farms and met the manager and staff (who were amazing) and took pictures.

I sighed and oohed and ahhed and pictured myself decorating with Joanna and laughing at Chip and wishing I had brought a U-haul to take the entire store to my house.

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better.

Just when I thought this was one of the best days of 2015….

….they announced they were having a warehouse sale.

I know right?

Get ready.

Sit down if you need to.

They brought out an entire parking lot of amazing, incredible, wonderful items…..


magnolia farms display

magnolia market 6

I wish you could have seen my face when they announced it at Magnolia Market and Magnolia Farms.

I wish you could have been there.

I wish I would have brought that U-haul.

Just Me magnolia market

Here’s me….calmly pausing at the door.

magnolia market 18

Right before I went outside to the parking lot…..

…and bought all of this. 🙂

PS  I wish you could have seen me in the parking lot of Magnolia Market and Magnolia Farms when I checked out.

I was jumping up and down and laughing and dancing and singing and doing some semblance of hula hooping.

It would have made great television.

Really great.

So Chip and Joanna…if you need a super-excited random passer-byer at your next reveal….

….I’ve had lots of practice. 🙂

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  1. Image for Barbara Ann Barbara Ann

    My favorite show now. HGTV has gotten it right with Joanna & Chip. Even my hunny bunny watches their show. So thank you for taking us to their store. And I totally am jumping with you. Barbara Ann etsy.com /shop/barbaraannscreations

  2. Image for Terry McClung Terry McClung

    I saw her at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo this weekend. I was compelled to grab her arm and tell her that I love love love her show. Couldn't believe I did that!!! She was very gracious, but I still couldn't't believe I did that! It continues to be a great show. Those lucky and blessed people in Waco! I will be watching tomorrow night. Thanks for your post...

  3. Image for cin cin

    Omg I love thatshow too. It is do awesome what they do and yes love the decorating too. Some day I may get to Waco, but for now I am in Nova Scotia Canada, waiting for huge blizzard. But we have an rv and hubby wants to go south...

  4. Image for Susie Susie

    Best show ever on HGTV! Chip and Jo are so darn cute. I love everything they do. I would have loved being in that parking lot with you and those bargains.

  5. Image for Betty Betty

    I was worried about you, I am used to you posting every couple of days. I told my husband that I was concerned about you, thinking maybe something had happened to you or your family. You most certainly deserve a break. Glad you are ok. A day or two without reading your blog is a day or two without sunshine. Betty

  6. Image for Bailey wife @Irishman Acres Bailey wife @Irishman Acres

    Um, so jealous! I would have quickly sold all of my belongings, bought a large truck, and hauled EVERYTHING home with me! I've shopped with you before (In Chicago), but this. Would. Have. Been. A. Dream. Shopping. In. That. Parking. Lot. With. You. So cool! ~Kim

  7. Image for Emily @ 11gables.blogspot.com Emily @ 11gables.blogspot.com

    Wait! What? You are a Baylor bear?? When did you attend? What was your major? I wish I would have known this when I met you on that crowded elevator in Atlanta. My sister and I both attended Baylor back in the day. Big hug to you fellow bear! Xox, Emily of Eleven Gables

  8. Image for Karen in Texas Karen in Texas

    I think I wrote on the forum, but I too had no idea you went to Baylor !!! Oh how I love the Bears !! (All this time reading your blog and had no idea.....) I live in West (hmmm.....do you know where that is??) and work in Waco. I do hope you stopped in at Junque in the Trunk - my fav junking place !!

  9. Image for Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours

    Waco is my old stomping grounds, too (and yes, Baylor as well). :-) My husband and the Mr. homeowner on last night's episode used to work together at Baylor back in the '90s. What a fun, small world! So glad you got to drop Magnolia Market. I'm hoping to do that myself one day...

  10. Image for Susan Susan

    I just love that show. I watch it all the time!! Joanna's style is so wonderful. That's so great that you were able to pop in the store to find such great items. Jealous... I'm wishing for a trip to Waco.

  11. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    Gasp! Waco? As in I'm in Austin so it's just a hop, skip,mand a jump away, Waco? (Picture me jumping up and down!) oh my I need to go find this store! I love it all! Who knew? Thank you for sharing! I'm going to plan a day trip with my best peeps. Can't wait!

  12. Image for david david

    I enjoy that show too! They are both charming and do amazing work. I want them to travel to SoCal but bring their prices with them. I can't even get my front path fixed for what they charge for an entire bathroom gut and remodel. But what I really want to know is....do the homeowners get to keep all the furniture and stuff?!

  13. Image for Debbie Esparza Debbie Esparza

    You look so beautiful in your picture at Joanna's shop! I love to Fixer Upper, and truly adore Chip and Joanna! I would have danced with you if I could have been there! I was so excited reading your post, my heart about came out of my chest!!! Love, love your posts!

  14. Image for Gina Gina

    Oh my word - I LOVE THAT SHOW & them & the decorating - ---swoon. It's my new favorite thing & I have the whole family hooked. I love that you were able to go there & I can't believe you scored all those goodies. We laugh because the way Chip acts is so similar to my hubs- I'm constantly saying "geesh - they act like us". Now if only I could get them to come here to North Idaho & actually help me add some character to this brand new house that would be great.

  15. Image for Joanna Joanna

    I got to go last year and was similarly giddy with excitement. ... Except I didn't score with the sale. Lucky you.

  16. Image for Dee Dee

    I remember you saying something once about them having had that great big sale and I would have been jumping crazily right alongside you! You got some great things that day, and by the way you look so super adorable in that photo, I love your shirt and would wear that in a heartbeat!😄 Do you still have any of the things you bought then?

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