The only thing I love better than a handmade Christmas present?

A handmade present that does more than one thing.

When I opened this on Christmas morning I got so excited because I thought my brother had made me a handmade Christmas tree with wood branches.

And he did.

But when I thanked him he smiled at me with a grin as big as Texas and told me it was more than just a tree.

It had another purpose.

Another function.

The present that keeps on giving.

Can you guess?

What do you think this wooden Christmas tree turns into?

On a Saturday night when it’s time to party and the candles twinkle and the clock chimes? This wooden tree lets its hair down and transforms itself…

….into this.


I know, RIGHT?

Please say it with me.


I mean, truly. Who thinks of something like this?

Did you guess it? Not me. Not in a million years. Even after he showed me how it worked I stared at him in amazement. I’ve seen wooden Christmas trees before. I’ve seen wooden trivets before. But I’ve never ever ever ever seen the two together.

Here’s how it works.

This is the center of the tree.

There’s a wooden stump on the bottom and a wooden dowel rod on the top.

There are actually three trivets.

Each of the trivets is made from 8 wooden blocks.

The blocks are approximately six inches long, cut from a square dowel rod and each block is cut with a point at the top.

He drilled a hole through the top of each of the points of the wooden blocks.

Next he threaded a piece of stretchy elastic through each of the holes and tied a knot after he threaded each of the pieces. He left a lot of give in the elastic so they are super flexible.

The pieces all come together in the center and form kind of a star trivet.

Then he repeated the entire process for each of the trivets for a total of three.

Here are the trivets when they are stacked together.

They have so much flexibility that you can almost form them into mini trees without the center pole.

Here’s the base of the tree with just one trivet.

The tree is just getting started.

When you add all the trivets back onto the base?

It looks just like a Christmas tree again.

But my favorite thing about this present (other than the amazing invention)? My brother and his wife actually made another present for all of us. She made us all sourdough starter and wrote a cookbook on how to make sourdough bread and instructions on how to feed the sourdough starter and together my brother and his wife created an entire kit with a wood tray and cutting board that he made and all the supplies and ingredients (and the starter) that you would need to make sourdough bread.

They brought out all the trays with the kits and gave one to everyone and we all exclaimed over them and how creative it was and how much we loved the trays and the cutting boards and the fun activity of making sourdough bread.

But here’s the thing.

My brother knows me.

He loves me.

He knows that asking me to make sourdough bread (even with a sourdough starter complete with supplies and instructions) is really a long shot.

So he made me an extra present. I was the only one to get a Christmas tree that turns into trivets.

I can’t wait to use it.

I can’t wait for all the parties.

I can’t wait for someone to ask me for a trivet when they bring their dish to the event.

Merry Christmas 2024.

Because the only thing better than a present that changes outfits…

…is a brother who sometimes understands you better than you understand yourself. 🙂

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  1. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Amazing! Love the “extras” that surrounded your Tree Trivets!! Happy Baking , too , and thanks for sharing your amazingly talented family!

  2. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    How clever, how original and how perfectly tender sweet. And the dough gift was so nice too. But like you, I would never make the bread. Your family is so thoughtful. 😊

  3. Image for Cindy S. Cindy S.

    I did not see the link on your above video on old books at yard sales. I also have a few old recipe books (some in just a smaller version in a paperback version - church recipes, etc) that I wanted to find a website that shows me more information on recipe books and seeing what they would be worth. Also, any ideas how to display and store recipe books. Thanks so much if you could reply since I tried searching in the past but could not find much information.

  4. Image for Betsy Betsy

    I love gifts like this ! I’ve been thinking of getting into making sour dough bread and my son sent me a link on how to start it. I read the directions and told myself I’m not sure i want to take this on. Please keep us updated on how it goes for you. You just might make me finally take the plunge. Thanks for sharing your gifts from the heart. I really enjoy seeing the creativity.

  5. Image for Joan McCormick Joan McCormick

    That is so clever! Lucky you to have a creative brother like that...enjoy your 'trivet tree'. I love it!

  6. Image for Jena Jena

    I love that your brother knows you and made u something special . Thats awesome ! I’m still a bit intimidated by the sourdough thing so am holding off.. plus I tend to have love/ hate relationship with bread in general . I LOVE it .. My body .. hates it .. I get puffy and it throws my system off and a whole trickle down effect happens . Sometimes I feel rebellious and say .. I’m eating bread .. I don’t care ! lol And then the onset of my symptoms . Ugh ! Happy New Year to u ! Hope to see all your great loaves of bread and the “discards “ ( more sourdough terminology ) lol. Xo

  7. Image for Nana Diana Nana Diana

    I just love this! I had a brother that also 'got' only sibling. He passed away a few years ago just shy of turning 60. He would have done something like this, too. I love it when a brother 'gets you'. That is the best gift of all! Happy New Year to you! xo Diana

  8. Image for Teresa Teresa

    LOVE THIS! "My brother and his wife actually made another present for all of us. She made us all sourdough starter and wrote a cookbook on how to make sourdough bread and instructions on how to feed the sourdough starter and together my brother and his wife created an entire kit with a wood tray and cutting board that he made and all the supplies and ingredients (and the starter) that you would need to make sourdough bread." I have made sour dough bread for over 35 years, same starter. :) I would so enjoy seeing the cookbook gift. Priceless! And you too can make sour dough bread. Go for it! One tip: you don't have to feed starter each week. I have gone a month without feeding mine. Then feed it and toss out a cup and wait 2 -3 days and feed again and make bread. Works perfectly!

  9. Image for Diana Diana

    I can see the love in the details, it is amazing and useful. As for the sourdough you have to do at least one loaf, You always encourage us so we are here for you. I love homemade bread, but to unsure to try it. Funny thing is sourdough is the one bread I don't like. Do your bread and I'll try one. Worst case it is a fail and we will move on to a project or craft. Something more doable! LOL

  10. Image for PJ PJ

    Good Morning. I always love seeing the handmade presents your family makes. Love the tree. 2024 blessings to you!

  11. Image for Patricia Nicholas Patricia Nicholas

    Your brother is a freaking genius! I also love the sour dough kit! Both are brilliant gifts and I may have to start working on them now for next year.

  12. Image for Karen Karen

    Your brother just kills me! This is the reveal I wait for. I love it ( the tree). The sour dough jealous. Wow

  13. Image for Lois Lois

    Your brother and sister in law are amazing! What a thoughtful gift!!!! What do you give that is as thoughtful.... hmmm, I may do something like this for my nieces and nephews next year!

  14. Image for Kim Kim

    Wow! Could your brother possibly need another sister? 😉 I always look forward to see what your family has shared for Christmas! ❤️

  15. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    What a great brother! He knows you and loves you! You are blessed! My husband also a talented woodworker was amazed by the trivet tree! Beautiful!❤️

  16. Image for Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns

    Kariann, This is such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. It is also one of my favorite things that you share each year. I love seeing the beautiful things that you all make for one another! YOU CAN MAKE THE BREAD!!!! I know that you can. Looking forward to seeing your first loaf.

  17. Image for Libbie Burling Libbie Burling

    OOOOOOH, can you hear me squealing from my cozy chair in Michigan?!?! This is so so good! Love both the amazing ingenuity and the loving thought for the sister that doesn't cook.

  18. Image for Yvonne Yvonne

    What a wonderful idea. Both gifts are very creative. I can think of a number of people who would love to get either gift. Oh Joy. Just what my husbands needs. Something else to make.

  19. Image for Rizae Rizae

    Love the trivet tree. I'm happy to see your brother is doing so well. I'm not a person who likes sourdough so the starter would die from neglect in my home... lol. Big Hugs,

  20. Image for DeMarie Ingraham DeMarie Ingraham

    If only I had a brother from another mother like yours! I mean how can he top this! I’ll just have to wait ‘til next Christmas to see. Happy New Year!

  21. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    He really IS truly amazing. What a perfect gift for you, KA! And it looks soooooooooooo cool, too. Whoo hoo!!!

  22. Image for Kathy Kathy

    I always love seeing the handmade gifts from your family. What treasures! I think I have told you this ... the year I did water color paintings and had them framed for my family my husband saw the framing bill and said, "You could have given real presents for what that cost!" I still laugh about that. (He didn't get it. But you do!!! )

  23. Image for Linda Andersen Linda Andersen

    Oh my goodness!! Karianne your family is all so very clever!!!!! I love this idea so much. You are blessed to have such handy relatives indeed :)

  24. Image for Linda Linda

    Karianne you and your family are so creative. Your Christmas gifts from your siblings are always my favorite posts. Do you get this from your beautiful parents?


    KariAnne, your brother is so precious -- and his dear wife, too! I have never seen such a lovely homemade gift like your Tree Trivet. I know it will have a special place in your kitchen! You are so blessed to have such a precious family -- and we are all blessed to have "precious" you! Thanks for always sharing your family with us!

  26. Image for Carol Carol

    This post is a teaser...when I don't own any tools (76 y.o.). I gave mine all away when I moved into a condo. Bummer. So seeing this idea had me in awe! Wow, what a great idea & apparently a great brother all be it with bread ulterior motives. He did a beautiful job. He needs to sell them on Etsy.

  27. Image for Anna Price Anna Price

    KariAnne- I know your brother was very sick this year over the summer and early fall. So, it makes my heart SO HAPPY to read this post. To know that he is better and back to making you amazing gifts that only those closest to him - will have the pleasure of using. Thanks for this post and for the unintended reminder that these is so much good in the world. Happy New Year. I know 2024 will be amazing for you.

  28. Image for Mildred Mildred

    The tree/trivets is so cool. Your brother amazes me and is very creative. Please show us the sour dough tray, starter and all supplies. And finally, what was your handmade gift for the family Kari Ann?

  29. Image for Jill Brewster Jill Brewster

    That is the coolest gift. The gift that keeps on giving. I love the way your family does handmade gifts. There is not better gift than one where the giver put their time and love into it. BTW your family makes the most awesome gifts. Do they want to adopt me?

  30. Image for Leslie Leslie

    I absolutely love the tree trivets but what really surprised me was I thought it might be a trivet. Only I thought one big one that folded out. I like his idea of 3 better. They could be stained green and put in your house village until needed. Wish I had a brother like him! So blessed.

  31. Image for Diana Clark Diana Clark

    KariAnne this year my son made us vanilla! It was the most beautiful color and smells delicious. I am 73 and didn't realize what it was made of until watching a Gunsmoke episode where Louie got drunk on vanilla! My friend mentioned her son had made some so I looked it up and sure enough it is Vodka and Vanilla Bean. When I told my son he took the year to make it for all of the family for Christmas! He had been begging people to buy vanilla for him in Mexico. it is so nice to have something homemade and continue to learn even at my age. LOL

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