easy diy project spider web door mat

I always wanted to be a hand model.

You know….the ones in the magazines holding dishwashing detergent or nail polish or a silver spoon.  They look so elegant and graceful and look like they spend the entire day playing the piano.

Except my hands are stubby.

And short.

They are always covered in spray paint or paint splatters or glitter.

That’s it.  Maybe I could be a DIY hand model…..

……because I wear Mod Podge really well. 🙂

(total aside:  please tell me you have been at Wal-Mart waving your hands around over in aisle seven and realized pieces of glitter were still stuck on with glue.  Oh good….let’s be friends.)

Spider Web Mat project

Here’s how my DIY hand model hands created a spider web door mat for my front door.

Step 1:  Start with a blank canvas

I found this doormat at a discount store for under $7.00 (I think it was aisle 14 at Wal-Mart).

Spider Web Mat DIY project

Step 2:  Tape off mat

Using FrogTape®, I taped off the outline of the web on the mat.

I used spray paint to spray on the web, so I taped off the entire mat.  If you are using outdoor paint and stenciling the web, you only need to tape off the areas of the web.

You want to start with a plain mat without any writing or decor.

Spider Web Mat DIY

Step 3:  Spray paint mat

Using black spray paint, I painted the areas that were not taped.

Remove tape immediately.

Let dry.

Spider Web Mat How To

When you remove the tape, the mat should look like this.

This is the base of the spider web.

Spider web mat made with Frog Tape

Step 4:  Tape off horizontal lines on the web

Using the Frog Tape Shape Tape, I taped off the curves on the horizontal lines on the web.

Paint the untaped areas with black spray paint.

Remove tape immediately.

Let dry.

diy project spider web mat

Step 5:  Draw in spiders with a permanent marker 

I added the spider and a few extra webs to the mat with permanent marker.

spider web mat frog tape

Here’s an example of the finished mat.

spider web mat

I love it even though I’m not really a fan of spiders.

Except the cute-for-Halloween-not-real-plastic variety.

Those kind of spiders make a Halloween front door full of fun.

And the spider web door mat?  It’s an easy, fun, inexpensive idea for Halloween decorating…..

…..that keeps those spiders right where they belong.


PS  If you need a few more spider web decorating ideas…..here’s a raffia spider web from my fall home tour.

Burlap Table Runner With Spiders

And a spider web burlap table runner.

Happy spider decorating. 🙂

disclosure:  I received compensation to complete this project for using FrogTape® products.  

All opinions, projects and ideas are based on my own experience.  Please see my disclosure policy for additional information.

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  1. Image for Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown

    So funny! As a former k teacher , I was know as the queen of glitter but also mistress of mess. To get to My room you did not follow yellow brick row. But glitter!:) was so sad not to get to see you in Tn! But celebrating a friend's return home after three weeks in hospital for brain tumor. Such a blessing to see them Home n healing! But missed you so hope there is a next time.

  2. Image for Claudia Claudia

    Girl you know the Hubs always says, "don't you look in the mirror before you go out?" I must admit, no I don't. I know, I know you never know who you are gonna meet while out, but heck when I am on a mission...lets just say that they maybe they shouldn't rely on first impressions...or maybe they should. ;) *giggle* Love your blog!!!

  3. Image for Jill Wendt Jill Wendt

    You are sooo funny. I love the way you write. And......I wish I could run into you on aisle 14 at Walmart. : )

  4. Image for Colleen (Lilac Drive Designs) Colleen (Lilac Drive Designs)

    I have paint, or glue or stamp ink on myself all the time, I can relate! The other day I got to work and realized I had two different sized hoop earrings on (only slightly different) but I could totally tell, so off they came very quickly! It reminded me of your blue blazer/tag story. Have a great weekend!

  5. Image for Mimi - 247 Mulberry Lane Mimi - 247 Mulberry Lane

    I love your door mat idea! I need a new mat anyway since a delinquent neighborhood cat keeps piddling on mine, so I am going to give this a try. Maybe the spiders will scare him away... As for wanting to be a hand model--this is going to age me quite a bit, but here goes--remember those frosting commercials where the hand model frosts a cake using a knife cut from a paper plate? Every time my mom would bake a cake, I would hurry and paint my nails, cut out a paper knife, and pretend I was on that commercial. However, I quickly learned that I wasn't that adept at frosting a cake using a REAL knife... Some dreams just aren't meant to be, I guess. P.S. I don't usually have glitter on my hands, but the kids at school are forever finding odd things--sticky notes, candy wrappers, Kleenex--stuck to my shoes or my back side.

  6. Image for Judy Judy

    Karianne, great job with the spider welcome mat. Or, should I say a welcome mat with spiders on it!! I have never shown up in WalMart with glittered hands but I have shown up at the grocery store with white powder under my nose. Now, don't jump to conclusions, it was ceramic dust from working with greenware. You would think I would learn after one time, but, NO, it happened all the time..Happy Weekend..Judy

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