How far along are you on your Christmas shopping?

Almost done?

Halfway done?

Just figured out we were in November?

No worries.

I got you.

Today on our “12 Days of Getting Ready for Christmas” series with my sweet friend Leslie, we are sharing all the gift ideas for everyone on your shopping list. I have four fun gift guides that I put together for the hardest to shop for people on my Christmas list. Some of it is a little random. Some of it is super unique. Some of it is “why didn’t I think of that.” I’m posting it all now to avoid those shipping delays and “out of stock” notices that are happening to so many shoppers (including me).

Almost everything I’m sharing is tried and true and guaranteed to bring a smile wrapped up under the Christmas tree.


Here are all the Christmas gift ideas.

You just need to add wrapping paper.

Teen Girl Gift Guide

Let’s start with the guide that I share every year.

The twins help me put this together.

Teen girl gifts picked out by teen girls.

They can’t be wrong.

I love the list this year. There are lower price point items and some stocking stuffers and a few splurges for someone special.

Here’s what’s on the list:

The Cozy Gift Guide

This is the gift guide for all the friends on your list.

There’s nothing better for a friend than a little bit of cozy wrapped up with a bow.

The best smelling candle that these warm socks and the warmest blanket and so much more.

Here’s what’s on the cozy list:

The Gift Guide for Men

Remember when I said these gift guides were for the people on my list who sometimes I was at a loss as to what to get them?

That set of twinkling eyes I’m married to is one of the most challenging.

So I asked him for input for the list (and now I know what he wants without actually asking him. Shhhhhh.:)

Here’s what’s on the gift guide for men:

The Mother-In-Law Gift Guide

I love my mother-in-law.


She lets me be myself and celebrates me and lifts me up and generally puts up with a lot of randomness from me.

Can you see why I love her?

She’s not hard to buy for at all. I just want it to be so special for her so I put some ideas together for all the amazing mothers-in-law out there.

Here’s what’s on the gift guide for mothers-in-law.

Cookie Gift Tag

Here’s to all the shopping that’s already finished and all the shopping that is yet to come.

May your cart be overflowing and your wrapping be speedy.

And your heart be full. 🙂

And now?

Be sure and check out what Leslie is sharing today.

Her gift guides are amazing.

You can see them all here.

You can see them all here.

12 Days of Getting Ready for Christmas

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  1. Image for Susan Susan

    Aack! Don't you have college age boys...we need a gift guide for them. They are so hard to buy for. Thanks in advance:)

  2. Image for Kris Kris

    I agree with the college boy statement ... although I'm doing fine with that gift-giving process this year. I've had years that have been a struggle, though, so ideas are always welcome.

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