How far along are you on your Christmas shopping?

Almost done?

Halfway done?

Were surprised it was already Thanksgiving yesterday?

No worries.

I got you.

Today is Black Friday and the DEALS ARE HERE. Almost everything I’m sharing is on sale (I’ll mark the sales for you) and guaranteed to bring a smile wrapped up under the Christmas tree. Then I divided them up into gift lists for you to try and be extra helpful. I’ve shopped the lists and put together some fun gift ideas that are on sale for everyone on your list right now.


Here are all the Christmas gift ideas.

You just need to add wrapping paper.

Teen Girl Gift Guide

Let’s start with the guide that I share every year.

The twins help me put this together.

Teen girl gifts picked out by teen girls.

They can’t be wrong.

I love the list this year. There are lower price point items and some stocking stuffers and a few splurges for someone special.

Here’s what’s on the list:

Christmas Gifts Under $10

This is the gift guide for super affordable gifts.

There’s nothing better than spending $10 that looks like $50 wrapped up with a bow.

The cutest backpack, eye roller, hair clips and so much more.

Here’s what’s on the affordable list:

Christmas Gifts Under $25

It’s surprising what $25 can get you—especially when it’s on Black Friday sale.

This is the limit for most of the gift exchanges we participate.

This movie-night package, the cutest hot dog toaster, under desk bicycle, and so much more.

Here’s what’s on the list:

The Gift Guide for Men

Remember when I said these gift guides were for the people on my list who sometimes I was at a loss as to what to get them?

That set of twinkling eyes I’m married to is one of the most challenging.

So I asked him for input for the list (and now I know what he wants without actually asking him. Shhhhhh.:)

Here’s what’s on the list:

The Beauty Gift Guide

This is the perfect gift guide for someone special.


It’s a fun way to gift a little holiday sparkle to yourself.

So many fun Black Friday finds and tons of drugstore makeup recommendations under $10.

Here’s what’s on the list:

Electronic Gift Ideas

This is the weekend to buy electronics.

There are so many amazing deals right now if you are looking for gift ideas (I’m looking at you televisions).

Here’s what’s on the electronic gift guide:

The Friend Gift Guide

Every year I have a gift exchange with my friends with some of our favorite things.

Everyone is coming over next weekend.

If you are looking for gifts for all your friends? I have the ideas.

Here’s what’s on the list:

Under $5 Stocking Stuffers

I’ve shared these before—but I wanted to share them again in case you were shopping for stockings now.

All these stocking stuffers are under $5.

You can see them over on my Amazon shop here.

Here’s to all the shopping that’s already finished and all the shopping that is yet to come.

May your cart be overflowing and your wrapping be speedy.

And your heart be full. 🙂

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  1. Image for Kris Kris

    I'm chuckling at the fashion waist bag belt .... in my day, it was known as a fanny pack. 🤣 My daughter works at an animal shelter and the staff was told to start using fanny packs to carry everything they need when walking dogs--fortunately I still had mine from the '90s, and now she is using it. What goes around, comes around. Changing the topic--did you know that there are different color packs for the Posca markers? Metallic, pastel, deeper tones ... also, they have different-sized tips. Highly recommended!

  2. Image for Rizae Rizae

    I hope you had a most wonderful time with your family yesterday. I want to thank you for the great ideas on gift giving for those of us who need help... like me! LOL Big Hugs,

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