Raise your hand if you have a blank wall in your room.

Oh good…..I’m not the only one.

Extra credit if you have a few. 🙂

I’m always trying to fill up a wall with something besides pictures.

I’m not sure why…..I mean….I love pictures.

But I have an entire wall of them….and I wanted to branch out with an extra dose of wall amazingness.

So I last year I challenged myself to create personalized artwork for my spaces….

….and here’s a few easy ideas for wall art that I came up with.


Have a math lover in your home?

Studying for the SAT?

This reclaimed wood sign consists of the first 100 digits of PI.


This wall treatment is perfect for a big, blank wall.

Plates + vinyl bird cut-outs = easy diy wall art.

You could create this treatment with any vinyl cut-out and thrift store plates.


Have an afternoon and a dollar store?

Run…..don’t walk…..to pick up some compact mirrors there.

Then glue them to a round circle to make this mirror…..

….and be amazing.


I love these arrows on the chalkboard wall.

This is my view from my desk in the office at the gatehouse….

…..and it still makes me smile.

It’s a great idea for an open space or a gallery wall.

sign me up

Need more wall art inspiration and you don’t want to diy?

Here’s a fun collection I’ve created with art and life lessons.

Your blank wall will thank you. 🙂


If you are interested in what else I’ve been collecting this year…..

…..you can see the rest of my Collections….here.

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  1. Image for Robin Stephens Robin Stephens

    I've always avoided plates as wall decor, because of the hangy thingies (techincal name, I know...but sometimes one just have to show off ). Call me freaky...but my eyes just seem to hone in on the teeny gold edges and make me cringe.... yet I love a wall of display plates ....especially those charming birds! Really spiffy!! So, while I'm mulling it over, again, looking at yours, it hit me that I can paint those darned hangy thingies w/ some metal spray paint (or probably any ol' paint, really)...in the color of the plate! What? Go me! Thanks for the wall inspiration. =)

    1. Image for Liz Thomas Liz Thomas

      I've used both the purple tubes of E6000 and GOOP household glue to make a big glob of glue on the back of a plate and take a little piece of wire made into a loop and stuck it into the glue glob. Let the glue harden and hang them up the next day. ( I give a real strong tug on the loop first, but it has always held, so I figure it was safe to hang my plate. And yes, I don't like the gold prongs either!)

      1. Image for Missy Missy

        Hi! The are also these sticky tab things you can attach to the back of the plates or pictures, almost anything unless it is too heavy. They're sold at hardware stores and office supply stores, too. There are a few different types and they are very inexpensive. Hope that helps!

  2. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Oh Boy!! What can I do with all the extra credit?? I have 10 empty walls. See, I don't like to make a hole in the wall until I am absolutely positive that what I want on that wall is absolutely right. Your arrows remind me of my mind -- going in all directions :-( Your walls are great -- you are truly inspiring me to do something about those empty walls and perhaps replacing some of the things of had up for years. Have a Happy Day -- Darn It!! It's turned cold again.


    Love your ideas. Have quite a few blank walls. Love plates, an different items, other than all pictures. Love your Office.

  4. Image for Kris Kris

    So, if you've been to the midwest, you'll know what I mean when I say I have a ranch home with a long narrow hallway leading to the bedrooms. It's the quintessential home built in 1960. Now that you are mentally picturing that ... I DO have pictures on one side of the wall but I've always felt like the walls would feel as though they were closing in on me if I hung them on both sides ... is this true? Is there a way to balance this out? Part of me keeps thinking, oh, the opportunity to hang all those family pictures that I don't know what else to do with ... the other part thinks, too much visual overload!!!!!! And so, there's a whole lot of ... nothing.

  5. Image for Regina Regina

    I think the arrows are still my favorite! :) Pi? Ugh. Too much like MATH for me! Now random LETTERS? That, I would love! LOL!! BRRRRRRRR . . . . !!

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