Fourth of July apple pie diy recipe

I decided yesterday if I were a Saturday Night Live skit…

….I would be the insecure baker.

The baker who follows everyone around and watches them take their first bite of pie and asks if they like it and has everyone rate the pie on a scale from one to ten.

And no matter how many times they say they like it.

I ask them again.

And again.

Fourth of July Apple Pie

The pie was delicious by the way.

The crust is so good the apples were probably jealous.

It melts in your mouth and it’s flaky and it’s not too sweet with just a hint of butter.

pie crust recipe

To make the pie filling I simply followed this recipe from Allrecipes.

9,000 people have made it before and it got five stars.

I was gladly 9001.

pie crust stars

The crust, though, is one I have made dozens of times before.

It’s from this potato torte recipe.

You can see the crust recipe at the bottom of the page.

It’s so easy, just flour and butter and water in the food processor, but the best tip of all is to cube the butter and chill it before you add it to the flour.

apple pie

star cutouts

But the true idea for brilliance came when I read my friend Lynn’s post.

And she covered her pie with stars.

I’ve never cut out the crust with stars, but it was so easy and allowed the apples to bubble up from the center.

Fourth of July Apple Pie Recipe

The pie got rave reviews from my insecure baker questioning.

I watched the faces closely for reactions and they all seem to like the crust and the apples and the stars and the flaky layers.

I’m pretty sure they liked it.

Here’s hoping.

Just between us…..everyone asking for a third piece might have been a clue. 🙂

Happy Fourth!!!!!

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  1. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Super duper 50 gold stars for you and your apple pie!! See, I always did say that Martha Stewart had nothing over on you -- you are so much cuter and you have just the right shade of red lipstick. It takes an ingrained fashion sense to know how to choose your hairdo and when you need that good ole Aqua Net! I bet she's never been an innkeeper's wife either. Love your pie -- wish I could have had a slice :-( Happy Independence Day to you and your family! Hugs!

  2. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Mom had the best pie crusts that I've ever eaten but I never could replicate what she did. For one thing, she didn't use a recipe -- she worked by sight and feel in the kitchen -- which made her recipes hard to follow. I'll give this one a try, though, because it's the same ingredients, including the 'hard' butter (her name for cold butter). And because I really, really want to cut out stars in my top crust -- so cute! Happy 4th to you and your family, Karianna!!

  3. Image for Taste of France Taste of France

    The stars are a great idea! Another thing to do with butter: use a vegetable peeler to shave cold butter. Put the shavings in a bowl and put that in the freezer to get it really cold. It's easier to work into the flour without the butter getting warm. Something I haven't done but need to try: roll out the dough while it's soft and then chill it to let it rest. I've done that for sugar cookies and it works great.

  4. Image for Ellen Ellen

    This apple pie looks to good to eat- almost!! My Gram was known for her pie crust, always buttery and so perfectly flaky and so very delicious too! She just made it from memory, I don't remember her using a cookbook- ever. Un- fortunately that gene has been filtered out from my generation. I am going to try your recipe. Or maybe let my pastry chef/chocolatier daughter spin her magic instead. I'll definitely have the stars on the top either way. You are talented and beautiful too. Thank-you for this great post and Happy 4th. to you and your family!

  5. Image for Jeanne @ I Dream of Jeanne Marie Jeanne @ I Dream of Jeanne Marie

    Happy 4th to you too, KariAnne, It must be the season for Apple Pies as I just did a feature not too long ago on my aunt Evelyn's Never Fail Pie crust on a blog post. I've been "pinning" decorative pie crust tops on Pinterest lately and there are some real beauties that people have made. I think I might have to get some star cookie cutters as I LOVE the star effect on your pie! So very pretty and patriotic too! It looks really wonderful so I'll have to try out the recipe you used. Thanks so much for the yummy pictures. Well, I think if people are asking for thirds, you should let that "insecure baker's" feeling go! Blessings to you on this rainy 4th of July, Jeanne

  6. Image for Michele Michele

    Whoo hoo! Glad your pie was a success - your amazing pics sure are! God Bless America.... and Pies and Stars Forever! It's a new John Phillip Sousa March! ♫ ♪

  7. Image for Michele Riggsbee Michele Riggsbee

    Wow! That's one pretty pie! I'm glad everyone loved it! Happy Independence Day, my sweet friend! Nothing says 4th of July like an apple pie! God bless you and your family and God bless America!

  8. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Great job!!! You have now earned your blue ribbon with baking that gorgeous pie!! Loved those stars and that rolling pin--oh, my goodness--added to my wish list! Stars and Stripes to you for an amazing 4th!!

  9. Image for Susan Susan

    That pie looks absolutely heavenly...imma gonna hafta try it! See, I do believe I am a competent cook, but when it comes to baking, all bets are off...especially when it comes to baking a pie crust...YIKES! Thank you sooooooo very much for sharing the recipe for the crust you used...I can tell by the yummy pix that it was amazing! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to you and yours!!!! Here's hoping you are having a delicious time all around!

  10. Image for Carol Carol

    Hi KariAnne - just started following your blog & love it. LUV LUV LUV the stars!!! That's one BEAUTIFUL pie! In our fast-paced world I sometimes worry that pie making will become a lost art. It's truly a labor of love for the recipient(s) as well as the baker. My grandmothers and mom possessed the pie gene - I had the inkling but then honed the skills in grandmothers' farm kitchens. Those of you with crust consternation take heart! A few deep breaths, the mantra "perfect is the enemy of good", & YOU'VE GOT THIS!

  11. Image for Linda Linda

    Nothing better for any cook that a fool proof pie crust recipe! Perfect pie for the 4th. We had root beer floats with red straws! Have a good day. Linda

  12. Image for NormaJean NormaJean

    I'm almost sure I was told that you cannot cook, so will the real pie baker please stand up! Your pie was definitely picture perfect. I guess I will have to take your word for it, that you actually baked it and that "they" actually loved it! Happy 4th!

  13. Image for Deborah Deborah

    Your pie is gorgeous! I've been having so much fun making pretty pies in the last couple of months. So many fun ideas! I follow several accounts on IG who make gorgeous pies with lots of ideas and inspiration. Happy weekend!

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