I hope you had an amazing Fourth.

I spent part of mine reading this entire thread full of controversy on social media.

Someone was talking about trends and how they didn’t like them and that neutrals were overused and what happened to color and why is wallpaper now even a thing.

And all that controversy?

It got me thinking. Isn’t it interesting that there are color schemes and patterns that come and go?  We change our colors like we change our hair color.  Sometimes for the better.  Sometimes for the….ummm….what was I thinking?  The world declares that this is the IT color and it catches our eye.  One year it’s purple and the next year it’s brown and orange and the year after that?  Yellow and turquoise.

I still remember when blush and bashful were a thing.

But sometimes in the midst of all of those choices, a classic comes along. A go-to color combination that never fails to make us smile. One color combination that has stood the test of time….

….is blue and white.

If you are not about trends and want to embrace a little classic decorating, here are some ideas for introducing a little tried and true color into your home.

1.  Fabric

There are so many beautiful fabric patterns in blue and white.  Fabric choices range from a simple blue ticking to an intricate over-all floral.  You can also easily mix and match patterns.

Why not start with a brilliant blue curtain in a floral?

Then add a blue fabric in different patterns with pillows.

Choosing the simplicity of blue and white makes mixing and matching easy and fun.

Quick tip: your blues don’t have to match perfectly. I like blues that are friends with each other, but they don’t have to be an exact color match. It keeps the blues so much more interesting.

2.  Add in a contrasting color

You can always enhance the blue and white color scheme with the addition of a contrasting color.

Blue has a lot of friends.





Or all of the above.

And sometimes it doesn’t even have to be in the accessories or the fabric. Depending on the season, I like to add color with fresh flowers. The blue is the perfect backdrop for a grouping of peonies and daisies.

Keeping the floors and furniture neutral lets you quickly change out the color combination for the season.

3.  Accessories

Sometimes making fabric choices can be a little overwhelming and an investment.

Why not start dating blue and white with simple accessories?

It’s a great way to meet a classic without the commitment.

My best tip?

Find a few pieces to start your collection at yard sales. They are so easy to find for under $5.

Blue and white dishes and glasses are also readily available at estate sales and thrift stores.

4. Furniture

I started planning for this room when I found these chairs.


They were the perfect accent piece for the room.

Sometimes an accent chair or this bench that I found at a yard sale are the perfect pieces to add a little color to your room.

You don’t have to go all in with all the furniture.

Just an accent piece here or there.

5.  Pattern play

Here’s an example of mixing patterns.  In this picture, four different blue and white patterns are combined to create this dining room (five if you count the plates).

Start by grounding the room with a blue patterned rug.

Next, add a large overall pattern on the curtains.

Then introduce a small striped pattern in the dining room chairs.

Finish off the room with different patterns on the throw pillows.


Here’s another example of mixing patterns.  In this picture, six different blue and white patterns are combined to create this dining room (seven if you count the bench on the other wall).

Start by grounding the room with this AMAZING rug.

Next, add a smaller pattern on the curtains.

Layer in more blue and white with different patterns on the throw pillows.

Step out on faith.

Throw caution to the wind and ignore the trends and stick with a classic.

Timeless wins every time.

PS  This post was enthusiastically brought to you by the color blue and the color white. 🙂

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  1. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I love your home! The blue and white is always in style and you make everything so warm and cozy. In my new to me condo, I plan on doing the guest room in blue and white but I might try the removable wallpaper as an accent wall. I have been dying to try that. You inspire me to make my home the best that it can be. You are an amazing lady!

  2. Image for Kimberly O'Donoghue Kimberly O'Donoghue

    I bought that rug after seeing it in your photos so many times. I know you’ve since changed it out but I love it and my blue and white palette as well.

  3. Image for Beth Y Beth Y

    All of us who read your blog daily (and love it) hope you had a happy fourth, as well!! My great-grandmother had a beautifully decorated home, and blue was always her favorite, as well. Man, I wish I could have bought her home when they sold it!!! It was gorgeous and classic, a sprawling two story farmhouse.

  4. Image for Anita Anita

    I love blue and white and have used it in my home for years. I'm not going in any other direction regardless of the trends. My 96 year old grandmother had blue and white in her kitchen ever since I can remember and I've always loved how fresh it looks no matter how often you see it. Thanks for not following every trend and sharing your lovely home. You Rock!!!

  5. Image for Yvonne Shafer Yvonne Shafer

    Good morning! I’ve always loved this combo and have had it for over 35 years! Never get tired of it and can easily mix and move pieces from room to room. I would love to find chairs like yours! Please share your shopping sites!

  6. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Blue and white is such a classic combination. I love pulling out some of my blue and white accessories for a season. I'm a neutral loving girl for sure...but nothing beats some pops of blue and white once in a while. Hope you had a great 4th. Can't wait to see you in less than 2 weeks!! Nancy

  7. Image for Sharon Pace Sharon Pace

    My love for blue & white began many many years ago with a gift of Blue Danube China...I’ve been hooked ever since! I now have 52 different blue & white plates...have them hanging everywhere! If it’s blue & white, I’m buying it! Love to mix all the patterns!

  8. Image for Shelley Shelley

    I think you and I are sisters from another mother :-) blue and white has always been my favorite colors. I have moved many times in my life, and I find that even with upsizing, downsizing and side sizing (😁), my furniture and fabrics usually move easily into the next home. Sometimes the chairs for one room end up in another room, sometimes the curtains and rugs are switched around, But if you have a consistent color scheme, things can be rearranged easily and look great in their new space. Blue and white are such classics and timeless. You can update accessories easily for changing trends without spending a bundle! I love love love your interiors! Always enjoy your posts!

  9. Image for Christie Titus Christie Titus

    Hi Karianne, I very much enjoyed todays post. I was wondering, I have been admiring your gold orbs that I have seen now in a few of your posts, where did you get them? :) Thanks and Happy Belated 4th! Christie

  10. Image for Pat Pat

    Karianne, GREAT tips on Timeless Classic combination Blue & White! One thing that we older generation LOVE about the lighter neutral rooms is that it is easier on aging eyesight! Keep the inspirational post coming! Pat

  11. Image for Karen Karen

    I've always loved your use of blue and white and have been inspired to use it in our home as well. I remember, too, when you used black and white on your porch in your farmhouse-another combination that invites pops of other colors. Thanks for all the beautiful photos through the years. Blessings to you and your family!

  12. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    Karianne, Blue has been my favorite color since I was a little girl and after more years than I want to count it is still my go to color. I love Blue and white and have it in my master bath with grey,in a guest room with yellow as an accent color,in my formal living room with neutrals and at this time of year in our family room with greens and squad for a coastal theme. Always looks on trend and I never tire of it..

  13. Image for Donna Bray Donna Bray

    Thank you for the info. My husband and I are refurbishing a tiny home and this is the color scheme I chose. While we are in our second year of it. I cannot wait to finish. This post helped alot.


    I was late to the blue and white combo....it took my husband loving blue for me to move in that direction. My favorite color is green, but when you are surrounded with the color green like in Massachusetts it is easier to add another color- BLUE!!! Our home in Massachusetts is blue, green and white, our home in California is blue and white. I have come to love it, as I love your home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Image for Jackie Ludwig Jackie Ludwig

    My previous home was all blue and white and I loved it. When we retired to the desert I thought I had to have Tommy Bahama decor, so here came the palm trees and tropical stuff. I deep down hated it. Never felt like home. After years of holding on to that hate, I moved on. I started changing things out for my beloved blue and white. Am I happy? You bet. Still need new couches to replace the chocolate brown ones but it will happen. Love your input and great ideas. P.S. loved your books - really love You’ve Got This. Bought 2and gave one to my best friend.

  16. Image for Kris Kris

    You're right--you can't go wrong with blue and white. You have said before that everyone needs to decorate with what they love, and I believe it's true. While I find HGTV to be fun, sometimes I feel like cookie-cutter decorating has taken over and people are afraid to be creative with their decorating. It's too bad--I love seeing someone's personality come through in their home.

  17. Image for Karen Karen

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful blue and white. It’s very relaxing. Where did you get your pretty white coffee table. Thanks for allowing us in your home.

  18. Image for Anna Belle Anna Belle

    I think that at some point in life, you really don't care what the trends are. You like what you like-period. You look at "the latest" on Pintrest, magazines, and blogs. You admire them and move on. They don't speak to your heart.

  19. Image for Nita Nita

    I, too, love the classic blue and white but in my case, it's blue and light tan. Blue has always been my favorite color but somehow I got sidetracked and thought I'd go with red and the tan. Except like the woman above who stated she hated her desert theme, I really don't like decorating with red. So, I'm back to going with the blue. It's just taking time but the blue combo is so calming for me. Your home and the blues are just beautiful and suit you to a T.

  20. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    My sister has the most amazing lake vacation house - one of the Great Lakes is right there next to it. And every single piece in your home would look soooooo perfect there, I wish she'd give me a budget and let me loose there. Alas, she has 4 children and the last 3 are girls - 4 colleges, 3 weddings, two houses, 2 businesses - they're not going to give me a dreamy budget to bring that house up to a beautiful blue and white pallet. Oh but if I only could!!!!! That house could win awards for a home makeover improvement show on tv!! As for me? My mother was allllll about blue. And I rebelled. I like my neutrals and greens for color. Stay cool, sure been hot. The blue and white visually looks cooler. We have too hard of winters in mid Ohio to have that year round. It's perfect for Texas!!!! Trends are funny - and you are right - blue and white never goes out of style. Im diggin your new look, KA - whereas your old neutral farmhouse scheme was more ME than your new blue and white - I must admit your new style is gorgeous. Hugs.

  21. Image for Margit Stallings Margit Stallings

    My kids tell me I have never seen a blue and white item I wouldn't buy. Unfortunately yesterday a lot of it ended on the floor broken as we were the epicenter of the 6.4 earthquake in Ridgecrest. I lost a few of the blue and white ceramics and about half of my blue glass. Thankful that everyone is ok, will just have to start collecting again.

  22. Image for Anota S. Anota S.

    Blue and white color scheme is lovely, ---and safe for those who don't understand color. I can't follow that trend.

  23. Image for Karie Karie

    I have always loved blue. It is my favorite color in all shades and hues. I think it goes well with every color. After all it is one of the three colors that all colors are derived from. I am not one for trends, I pretty much decorate with what I like and what appeals to my eye. Blue is always part of my accessories and background. My living room is decorated in blues as is my bedroom. All rooms in my house have something in the blue shades. Trends come and go. But somehow things have a way of coming back to the traditional, and sensible.

  24. Image for DeAnna DeAnna

    I LOVE blue and was thinking about why as I read your post. My mom loves blue...it's that simple. When I was in grade school we moved to a new-to-us house across town. The paneling in the living room was this beautiful blue tealish color. Of course, mom worked with it. She loved it and it's still there - several decades later!

  25. Image for sue sue

    I think you changed my life (for the better, lol) with your five simple tips- for one thing, I tend to over think everything, get overwhelmed and then nothing gets accomplished. So, simple is good. Also knowing that things don't have to, and probably shouldn't, match perfectly. I already had a lot of blue and white in my house, but also too much of everything in every other color as well. Once I took away everything but the blue and white, I was amazed at how clean, pretty and calm the space looked. I added a few inexpensive new blue and white items (shower curtain and bath rugs, a lamp) and then got out my handy spray and chalk paints to transform some other things. Still working on it, but thank you, thank you, thank you!

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