I know I’m smiling here, but in super sad news, we finally took the Christmas decorations down.

They are packed away and patiently waiting for November.

And when the last box was packed and I stood in the middle of my non-Christmas blue and white living room, it got me thinking. Isn’t it interesting that there are color schemes and patterns that come and go?  We change our colors like we change our hair color.  Sometimes for the better.  Sometimes for the….ummm….what was I thinking?  The world declares that this is the IT color and it catches our eye.  One year it’s purple and the next year it’s brown and orange and the year after that?  Yellow and turquoise.

I still remember when blush and bashful were a thing.

But sometimes in the midst of all of those choices, a classic comes along. A go-to color combination that never fails to make us smile. One color combination that has stood the test of time….

….is blue and white.

If you are not about trends and want to embrace a little classic decorating, here are some ideas for introducing a little tried and true color into your home.

1.  Fabric

There are so many beautiful fabric patterns in blue and white.  Fabric choices range from a simple blue ticking to an intricate over-all floral.  You can also easily mix and match patterns.

Why not start with a brilliant blue curtain in a floral?

Then add a blue fabric in different patterns with pillows.

Choosing the simplicity of blue and white makes mixing and matching easy and fun.

Quick tip: your blues don’t have to match perfectly. I like blues that are friends with each other, but they don’t have to be an exact color match. It keeps the blues so much more interesting.

2.  Add in a contrasting color

You can always enhance the blue and white color scheme with the addition of a contrasting color.

Blue has a lot of friends.





Or all of the above.

And sometimes it doesn’t even have to be in the accessories or the fabric. Depending on the season, I like to add color with fresh flowers. The blue is the perfect backdrop for a grouping of peonies and daisies.

Keeping the floors and furniture neutral lets you quickly change out the color combination for the season.

3.  Accessories

Sometimes making fabric choices can be a little overwhelming and an investment.

Why not start dating blue and white with simple accessories?

It’s a great way to meet a classic without the commitment.

My best tip?

Find a few pieces to start your collection at yard sales. They are so easy to find for under $5.

Blue and white dishes and glasses are also readily available at estate sales and thrift stores.

4. Furniture

I started planning for this room when I found these chairs.


They were the perfect accent piece for the room.

Sometimes an accent chair or this bench that I found at a yard sale are the perfect pieces to add a little color to your room.

You don’t have to go all in with all the furniture.

Just an accent piece here or there.

5.  Pattern play

Here’s an example of mixing patterns.  In this picture, four different blue and white patterns are combined to create this dining room (five if you count the plates).

Start by grounding the room with a blue patterned rug.

Next, add a large overall pattern on the curtains.

Then introduce a small striped pattern in the dining room chairs.

Finish off the room with different patterns on the throw pillows.

Here’s another example of mixing patterns.  In this picture, six different blue and white patterns are combined to create this dining room (seven if you count the bench on the other wall).

Start by grounding the room with this AMAZING rug.

Next, add a smaller pattern on the curtains.

Layer in more blue and white with different patterns on the throw pillows.

The joy of blue and white decorating?

You don’t have to take it seriously. Step out on faith.

Throw caution to the wind and ignore the trends and stick with a classic.

Timeless wins every time.

PS  This post was enthusiastically brought to you by the color blue and the color white. 🙂

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  1. Image for Carrie Carrie

    I wish you could fee how happy I am when I look at my rug and then see yours in your room! I love the connection in that rug. :) Thank you for sharing your beautiful new photos from your recent photo shoot. LOVE that coral color on you! ( well, it looks coral on my computer screen....ha) You are just oozing happiness and it is so evident that you are beyond happy. Even EXTRA happier than you already are! You keep on keeping on! You're wonderful. And enthusiastic. And beautiful. And energizing. Happy 2021!

  2. Image for Helen Helen

    Blue and white is definitely my favourite combination. I will see a room on a website or in a magazine and think that's lovely but would even better if was it blue and white! Also can I just say how fantastic you look. Seriously. You look happy and healthy and glowing. X

  3. Image for Jolyn Jolyn

    Finally biting the bullet and buying that rug! I love my current rug but it has begun to fade in a weird way, so NEW RUG IT IS! Hopefully it'll make my living room no seem so dreary after taking down all of the Christmas decor.

  4. Image for Karen Mary Karen Mary

    This is the color scheme of the entire downstairs of our home, and I find it so easy to live with! (I add a pop of another color with flowers, usually pink.) Upstairs is another color scheme, but the ceiling is light blue, which makes it all feel connected. You've done such a wonderful job with pattern!

  5. Image for Gail Cunningham Gail Cunningham

    KariAnne, Your smile is infectious and makes me smile too! Reading this post, I am now inspired to "go blue" in my small, dark dining room. Thank you for that. Btw, your growing bracelet collection and your shrinking body is just as inspirational to me! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Image for Cindy D Cindy D

    I was trying to read your story and happened to notice. BOY DO YOU LOOK GOOD!! I lost 80 pounds in the last year, so I know completely how good you must feel and it shows. Because girl, you look great! And the post was great too. And I agree, blue is one of my best friends too. ;)

  7. Image for Kris Kris

    I don't know if this is still true, but back in the day Victoria magazine would dedicate every June to blue and white decorating. You are so right--that combination always looks fresh. And speaking of looking fresh and lovely .... you are rocking your new look, my friend! May I suggest that you try some V-neck tops? I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much they accentuate your body type (not that you don't look amazing already .... ).


    KariAnne, I just love your posts! Your home is so beautiful with all the blue and white you have used in your decor. One just can't go wrong with blue and white! It always looks nice. You look so beautiful in that pretty sweater! You have done so well with your weight loss program and have been an encouragement to us all! Keep it up! Bless you!

  9. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    I love blue so of course I completely agree, your house is so beautiful and you are looking pretty good yourself!!!

  10. Image for Debbie King Debbie King

    Moving to SC 5 years ago with my hubby and 2 fur babies gave me a chance to look at our new home colors. I’ve had the lovely blue and white since then. This year I want to incorporate fern/grass green to freshen it up. I’m looking for grass green accessories to supplement my pretty blue and white. Do you have any green accessory suggestions?

  11. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    I love all of this!! And most of all...the new photos of you that exude joy and happiness!! ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    You know I love blue and white! I grew up with the Queen of Blue and White: my mother! You can add almost any color to go with blue and white and to change seasons. And you know I looooove all your blue and white and all the rest! And you Miss Skinny, look more wonderful all the time! 😁❤

  13. Image for Bonnie Bonnie

    I love, love, love decorating with blue and white. They never get old to me. Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous home and your pictures too. You truly look beautiful. I'm so happy for you :)

  14. Image for Ivory Ivory

    I am new to your site. Each time I see you with that big jolly smile on your face, it make me smile too. No matter how I feel m, your smile, and cheerfulness, brighten my day. Thank you for that. Now about your room. I love it! One of my bedrooms are blue and white. I love everything you did in this post. Thank you for sharing

  15. Image for Trudy Trudy

    I just ordered two pillows from one of your links, so excited, thank you! I also admire your bracelets. Can you share where you purchased those? Thank you !

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