I finally took down my Christmas decorations.

I put it off as long as I could, but Valentine’s Day was looking at me with a scolding face.

There’s seriously nothing worse than getting chastised by a holiday.

After the boxes were packed and the twinkling lights were put away and the halls were undecked, it all looked clean.

And fresh.

And ready for a new year.

But truth?

It looked a little empty.

So I took 1/12 of an hour and a thrift store bargain and came up with this.

A five-minute DIY sweater vase project.

I started with a random set of vases I had around the house.

They don’t have to match.

No one will notice when they are wearing their sweaters.

I found three cream sweaters at the thrift store.

You may have some sweaters around your house that might work, too.

The rest of the sweater might look a little awkward, but just make sure the arms are cute.

Place your vase next to the arm of the sweater to measure.

Add six additional inches in case the sweater stretches.

(total aside:  don’t worry if you mess it up—the sweater has another arm.)

Then cut the sweater arm off from the rest of the sweater.

Pull the sweater arm onto your vase.

Straighten the seam in the back.

And then?

Just cut to fit, leaving a small hem at the bottom.

Then just tuck the hem under at the bottom.

You could also add a little bit of fabric glue to hold it in place.


Fill it with water and add branches.

Place the vases at different heights.

I used books to stack and arrange them.

That’s it.

Here are a few tips I learned along the project way:

1. Know your vases before you pick your sweater.  Some sweaters are looser and some are tighter weave.  You want to make sure your sweater won’t overstretch.

2. Mix up the weaves of your sweaters to make the display even cozier.

3. I also thought it might be cute to add a pom pom to the top or front of the vase.

4. Cream sweaters are pretty, but you could add color and pattern, too.

Hello 2019.

Best five minutes I’ve spent this year.

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It must be all those New Year’s resolutions.

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Here’s to the BEST 2019 EVER.

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  1. Image for DeAnna DeAnna

    Karianne, I bought "your" rug! It's reverse rolled right now, but it's going under my dining room table. And I turned a bedroom into an office since the first of the year (with a bed because... grandkids!). The whole time I was thinking "what would Karianne do? " LOVE your inspiration!

  2. Image for David David

    Very clever and it looks great! While I hate taking down the Christmas decorations I do kinda love the suddenly clean empty spaces they leave behind. It really does feel like a fresh start.

  3. Image for Carrie Carrie

    Love the sweater idea~ I usually think "mittens" when I think of old sweaters~ and thanks for the blog comments~ I'm still trying to "JUMP" :)

  4. Image for Eileen Eileen

    I'm on my way to a thrift store right now. I've been wanting to try this for some time. How about cutting a longer length and making a cuff??? I'm trying that. Great idea!

  5. Image for Michelle Michelle

    What an adorable project! I recently gave away my sweaters that I didn't want anymore, though, and some of them would have been perfect for this project *sigh* My Christmas décor came down as soon as I got back from Texas (my oldest grandson got married over the Holidays - beautiful wedding in Galveston and a fun trip seeing family and friends). I always feel weirdly obligated to take it down on New Years Day every year. Like the nonexistent New Years Police are going to come get me or something otherwise LOL.

  6. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Ok....super cute idea!! I think I have some sweaters waiting to do this project already here. Spent yesterday going through things around here and now I have a pile of donations to drop off.

  7. Image for Deb Deb

    I love your blog and all of your great ideas. The close up pics are great, but I often wish there would be more that were the "big picture" of a finished look, room, etc. So many times I have wished to see more...please give us some wider shots!

  8. Image for Anne Anne

    A lovely project. I did something similar a few years ago and also used some woolen sleeves for variety in the texture. You can see them here if you'd like. https://www.springleafstudios.com/2013/09/repurposing.html

  9. Image for Dorothy Dorothy

    Oohh, THIS is going on my calendar for next fall. Here in the desert, the end of January is too late for sweater-decor. (But just right for buying for next year.) Thanks for the sweet idea!

  10. Image for connie connie

    Who would have guessed? You of course and I'm glad you shared. These are lovely and a perfect touch for winter. Thank you:)

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