Ready to start decorating for Christmas?

Christmas decorating ideas can help you turn your house into a welcoming haven for the holiday season. I’m sharing holiday decoration ideas including indoor and outdoor decorations for this holiday season.

We’ve discussed simple ideas for gift wrapping and how to make your Christmas tree even cuter and creative ideas for using what you have to decorate your home for the holidays and 7 creative Christmas DIY wreaths.

And now?

It’s time to finish strong.

With an explosion of color.

One of the most fun things for me when I plan out my Christmas decor is choosing a color scheme. There are so many options. There’s traditional and coastal and classic and nostalgic and bright. Like this orange and pink Christmas decor from the gatehouse circa 2014.

So many colors to choose from and I picked my favorites.

Here are five amazing color schemes for Christmas 2021.

1. Blue and white Christmas decor

Please act surprised that this was number one. This is layers and layers and layers of blue and white texture and pattern. Here are a few ideas if you think blue and white Christmas decor might be in your future:

  • find blue and white wrapping paper for presents and use to decorate
  • flocked greenery mixes well with this color scheme
  • adding blue velvet into the texture mix elevates the entire room
  • create a mantel display with ornaments and wide ribbon looped around zip ties
  • add eucalyptus as an alternative to traditional greenery
  • a pretty blue and white table cloth makes a pretty patterned tree skirt

2. Red and green Christmas decor

Hello traditional Christmas. There’s nothing prettier. When I think of Christmas colors that make me truly happy? Red and green make the top of the list. Here are a few ideas if you think red and green Christmas decor might be in your future:

  • mix in galvanized buckets and other metal accents
  • traditional greenery like pine and fir and cedar are so pretty with red and green
  • add a simple mantel display with votives for each of the days leading up to Christmas
  • keep the wrapping simple with craft paper boxes and decorative ribbon
  • use skates and other vintage Christmas pieces to add to the traditional color scheme
  • fill a sleigh with red and white and green ornaments for an easy centerpiece

3. Red and white and blue Christmas decor

The only thing cuter than a blue and white Christmas room? A Christmas room that adds in pops of red, too. Here are a few ideas if you think blue and white and red Christmas decor might be in your future:

  • use blue books mixed with greenery and ornaments to decorate a sideboard
  • add tassels to packages and wreaths and doorknobs to create a festive look in unexpected places
  • wrap a tree with blue ribbons and red ornaments
  • mix blue and red pillows on a chair
  • tie ornaments on top of packages to add a pop of color
  • look for vintage advent calendars and other Christmas decor at yard sales

4. Red and white and black Christmas decor

This is another one of my favorite Christmas color schemes. It’s so fun to mix in chalkboard and vintage lettering and black and white check. Here are a few ideas if you think black and red and white Christmas decor might be in your future:

  • make personalized chalkboard ornaments for the tree
  • decorate the room with black and white checked ribbon and a buffalo check tree skirt
  • make a garland out of old Christmas cards
  • create displays with vintage red and white and black books
  • use a plaid blanket as a tree skirt
  • add pom pom ribbon on packages and swag it through Christmas garland

5. Neutral Christmas decor

The calm side of Christmas. Texture and natural materials and wood and burlap and all the greenery. Here are a few ideas if you think neutral Christmas decor might be in your future:

  • cut Christmas trees out of pallet wood
  • mix fresh greenery with faux greenery to add the smell of Christmas to your decor
  • add burlap and jute ribbons to the Christmas tree
  • make stockings from vintage feed sacks
  • mix in eucalyptus with pine and fir and cedar
  • create a mantel display with layers of ribbon and texture

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas in July series. Right now Christmas seems light-years away and you are drinking lemonade and watching fireflies. But just between us, it’s never to early to start getting ready. After all, Christmas is only 169 days away. But who’s counting. 🙂 PS And now? Here’s a little more color inspiration from some of my favorite people.

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Summer Colors Tablecloth

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My go-to summer colors are mostly tan and navy blue. So to match my Serena & Lily placemats, I created these inexpensive versions. They are super easy to make, and I love the fun accent of color.

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DIY Tiered Trays

Look at these DIY Tiered Trays made from wooden bowls and candlesticks.

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DIY Ice Cream Cone Garland and Free Summer Print 

This refreshing ice cream cone garland and summer print is the perfect Summer colors decor.

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  1. Image for Darla Aytes Darla Aytes

    With Halloween already on shelves....the pictures of past Christmases are inspiring to say the least! I can't help but wonder if you keep decor from every year of change and how in the world do you store that much decor? You're the best, you look your best and wishing you the best.

  2. Image for Vicki Vicki

    Love love love that you featured the red Columbia encyclopedias. The vintage vibe and red color is perfect! My Mom and Dad have a set and I"m thinking, with all that's going on in the schools, I definitely want to hold only these for my grandchildren.

  3. Image for Kakie Kakie

    Loved your blue and white tree with your living room colors, of course, and your gold and white as well. I went turquoise and white last year. This was a favorite post. Thanks!

  4. Image for Melissa Melissa

    Karianne, Thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas in July posts. I've enjoyed all of them. The Santa Ornament tassel, did you make it or buy it? It's so darn cute! I must have one...or more. Thanks for always brightening my day!

  5. Image for Teresa Y George Teresa Y George

    I love all your trees! I have to live vicariously through your trees, because my husband makes a bit stink if I do our tree in anything other than the ornaments that we collected with our family over the years. I mean, yes, it's our traditions, but our kids are grown and out of the house, and I want to make beautifuly curated trees!! Help me!!

    1. Image for Michele Michele

      Hello Teresa, I understand where your husband is coming from. But maybe you could add a few small trees decorated however you want in other rooms. Michele

    2. Image for Lynn Lynn

      Maybe you could put up two trees? …. one traditional with all the much loved decor and a second more “curated.”. Put them in different rooms and maybe even choose a smaller tree for the curated tree (this year 😉). We all love tradition and maybe your husband wants the traditional tree as a memory-keeper. Men aren’t always great about expressing what’s on their minds or in their hearts, but maybe???

  6. Image for Carol Pfister-Quella Carol Pfister-Quella

    I was thinking Boo for blue, but you absolutely converted me. The decorations and your living room are beautiful!

  7. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    Last year I did lots of faux evergreens, dried citrus fruit, paperwhites,and lots of fairy lites and larger faux candlepaperwhite, Never know what will inspire my color scheme but loved seeing your past Christmas picks. Nice to think of crisp , cool days of December today when the heat and humidity are horrendous here in N.C.

  8. Image for Jan Petrucciani Jan Petrucciani

    I’ve been a blue and white girl with all my Christmas touches being red and white. The only green I use is in the greenery. Love it!

  9. Image for Michele Michele

    Love, love, love your blue and white tree (and your blue and white living room) and I may add another small tree in that color scheme because it's so pretty. Our main tree will be Santas and families this year (we have 3 main themes we rotate through), then there's the kitchen tree, the Newfoundland tree (we lived there for 2 years), the pet tree, the DeGrazia tree, and the cross stitch tree. I think that's all - LOLOL Most of those are small.

  10. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Karianne, all the trees are beautiful, but I have to say I wish you would repeat your Christmas 2019 dining room tree. It was absolutely amazing! Such a contrast for you and it perfectly echoed the colors in your rug! The use of multiple colors gave the tree (and room) such depth and warmth. I enjoy your blog so much.

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