This guy is my heart.

All those years ago when I fell in love with an angry lemon I had no idea of the journey ahead.

I had no idea that he’d cross an ocean to fight for our country.

I had no idea we’d jump to the middle of the country.

I had no idea we’d come back to where it all started and buy back the house I grew up in and sit in the twilight together holding hands listening to the crickets and counting lightning bugs.

But most of all?

I had no idea what an incredible father he would become to our four children. My own father passed away several years ago and I am so grateful and thankful for the rock and the foundation he is for our family.

So we celebrate him every Father’s Day with breakfast in bed and handmade cards and a giant working out in the yard session. And a gift I picked out just for him (I can’t tell you here because he reads the blog—but can you guess which gift I ordered him?)

Guys are super hard to buy for sometimes, so here’s a father’s day gift guide I put together in case you were stumped.

This is a DIY guitar pick punch.

You can make your own guitar picks with old gift cards or store cards.

You can see it here.

I thought this was the perfect gift because this is something a dad wouldn’t buy for themselves.

It’s a phone sanitizer.

Perfect for right now when we are all trying to make sure everything is germ-free.

You can see it here.

This beautiful leather tool bag can be personalized.

Add your special dad’s name and a date.

You can see it here.

This beautiful pen set can be made with a map of your choice.

Choose a place that’s special to your dad and make it extra special.

You can see it here.

I love this all in one breakfast maker.

Wouldn’t it be fun to give it to him with breakfast coupons?

You can see it here.

We love dad jokes around here.

And what’s better than an entire book of them.

You can see it here.

If you have a dad who is always playing basketball?

This is the gift for you —a basketball goal trashcan.

You can see it here.

What is better than personalized golf balls?

Create a message for a set of golf balls like these.

You can see them here.

This popcorn popper can be used outside.

I love a gift where someone makes me a snack.

You can see it here.

And this sweet box of messages.

You can fill this box with special messages for your dad.

You can see it here.

Thank you for all the years.

Thank you for never wavering in your love for our family.

Thank you for always standing in the gap.

I love you cutie.

And I always will.

disclosure: please note that affiliate links are used in this post.

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  1. Image for Moriah Moriah

    I was going down the list with my hubby. I got to the 3-in-1 breakfast maker. I described it as a “3-in-1 breast maker.” LOL. Thought you’d like a laugh :)

  2. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    You two are so awesome; I mean 4 kids and all! You do us all proud!!! Give Denny a big hug and a smack on the lips for being there for you and the kiddos!!! (Watch the red lipstick Lol)

  3. Image for Katy Ford Katy Ford

    Crying a bit reading your post! You found a keeper and have made a beautiful life...together! Not so easy these days I think. I found a man cut from the sane kind of cloth. Some really great gift ideas! Thanks GF!! #weRBlessed

  4. Image for Michele M Michele M

    GREAT gift ideas! My big brother plays guitar and has one of those pick makers - he loves it. Every idea is great.

  5. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Dang! The things I wanted are sold out or on back order! You are the best at promoting companies and items. I try to grab the things you suggest but I am usually five minutes late!

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