About three months ago I headed to Waco for something that I can’t even remember.

The something isn’t important for this story.

What is important is that I heard that my friend Leslie from My 100-Year-Old-Home was fixing up a fixer-upper in Waco. I love a fixer-upper almost as much as I adore a multi-family yard sale sign and I asked her if I could stop by and see the progress.

I wish with every fiber of my curly blonde hair and my 10 fingers and toes that I had taken pictures of that visit.


It would make today’s post even better.

There’s no use crying over spilled pictures because I don’t have any—but suffice it to say—it was a shell of its former self.


A shell.

That’s what I saw. She had removed most of the walls and the drywall from the ceilings and walls and I walked through it kind of tiptoeing on boards and avoiding power equipment.

And now?

I tell you this as a friend. You will not want to miss this post. Not a minute. Not a second. Not a picture.

Please grab a beverage and mark some time off on your calendar.

And let’s take a little tour.

Oh, wait.

Let’s hold our tour horses.

Before we tour, I need to point something out.

You might see a few things in these pictures that look unfinished.

They should.

The house isn’t finished yet.

It’s SO CLOSE, but Leslie has so many more things that she wants to do. You see—this is going to be an Airbnb. I know, right? An Airbnb in Waco just minutes from the Silos and the Findery and the shuttle to take the bus to the Baylor football games. This past weekend was Homecoming at Baylor and she asked me if I would stay there for the night and test it out and make suggestions on what she could do to get it ready to rent for the upcoming Christmas months.


Me, test a house that looks like this?

Yes, please.

I also asked her if I could share it with all of you and you could make all your Airbnb suggestions, too.

And now.

Really, truly, without any more build-up….

…here’s the tour.

I thought I’d start with the center of the house.

This table.

And these light fixtures.

The house is designed with the dining room in the middle.

You walk in and enter the living room and walk through that to get to the table and beyond that is the kitchen.

Here’s the view from the kitchen looking back into the living room with the table in the center.

There’s also a wrap-around porch that starts at the front door and wraps itself all the way around to the back door.

Most of the furniture in the house is vintage and it came from Round Top.

Right across from the table is the entrance to the side wing of the house with two bedrooms with two queen size beds each.

They share this bathroom.

She got the doors at the entrance from Round Top and is planning on hanging them on barn door hardware.

At the very back of the house is the master bedroom and bath.

This is where we stayed.

There’s a king-size bed and a giant closet and mirrors and the prettiest matelasse coverlet and gray patterned shams.

But the best part of the entire house?

It’s this bathroom.

It’s about as big as another bedroom and there’s a giant walk-in shower with two rain showerheads.

There’s a giant farmhouse vanity with two sinks.

And chippy, distressed, beautiful mirrors.

And baskets of these towels that are monogrammed with the name of her home, My 100-year-old Waco Home.

She treated us like gold.

There were these amazing cookies from a local bakery and fresh flowers and yummy-smelling hand soap and a giant screen television to watch the Texas-OU game on before we left for the Baylor Homecoming game.

I can’t wait to see the house when it’s officially finished and ready to rent.

I know she’s adding rugs and pictures and artwork and finishing the kitchen and adding more to the bathrooms.

And on and on and on.

She had so many ideas and plans to finish it that she made my head spin. I told her it was literally so perfect now that I can’t wait to see what she adds to all the spaces.

I’ll keep you all posted on the progress and the website to rent it once it becomes available, but for now…

…can I ask a favor?

If you’ve stayed in an Airbnb and they did something special—like a book to leave a message or towel warmers or a magazine display rack or something that made your trip extra special…

…can you leave it in the comments so Leslie can add that to her list?

And if you are ever in Waco?

Trust me.

This is the room for you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    We stayed in a delightful air b&b in Beaufort N C. last fall. The owners were in a house nearby and our place was an apartment over the garage. One of the nicest perks were they left all the necessary items for breakfast for the next day. Really appreciated this before we explored the area. Also had a basket in the bath with all kinds of small size toiletries and in the living room a desk with an amazing selection of info and maps. Bikes and kyaks were in the garage for our enjoyment. Just delightful experience.

  2. Image for Pat Pat

    Hi KariAnne. Love your posts and your books. This home is very beautiful. Can I just say tho that I’m a bit tired of the white, gray, chippy paint look. I guess I’m just someone who needs some color. This place is great and I’m sure it will be lovely to stay in at any time. Beautiful tour and I enjoyed the post. Thank you for your blog, enjoy it a lot.

  3. Image for Tressa Tressa

    We stayed in a B&B that was perfection! They left a journal in the room inviting guests to leave a note with where they were from, if their visit was a special occasion and any sentiments. I loved reading about the people who had stayed in our room. Years later I got message from a friend who stayed there and had read my entry. That brought me such joy!

  4. Image for Denise V Cox Denise V Cox

    L-O-V-E-L-Y!! And those kitchen chairs, I adore!! 😊 But, it's a tad simplistic for me. I've always enjoyed a a bit more 'decorative clutter' around me... 😝. For those who are minimalists, it's divine!!! Thanks for sharing...

  5. Image for Danielle Danielle

    It would be amazing to stay here! I’ve been watching the progress since Leslie bought it. My only thoughts would be, and I’m sure she has thought of these, to put together a shopping and eating guide which included local thrift shops as well as the big stores, and lesser known but good food options. Also, I always look for a fantastic front porch when I’m looking at Air Bnb’s, it’s a must to sit outside in the morning with coffee. I know her home has one, I’d make it as cozy and inviting as possible!

  6. Image for Rita Johnson Rita Johnson

    The house is adorable, I love it!! Airbnb’s are my favorite places to stay. A few amazing extras I always appreciate; -Extra pillows in the closet -lots of hangers to get my wrinkles out -Assortment of spices -One of the nicest things I found in a kitchen was a Keurig with pods to get us started on our first morning. Amazing for coffee lovers!! We were in Seattle (The home of Starbucks) so why was I surprised!! -Local Tour/History guides -Fluffy White towels -PacknPlay & high chair on hand for the littles! I have no doubt it will be a very popular spot. Having host that cares about guests comfort is always amazing. She will quickly become a super host I’m sure.. Thanks for sharing this adorable place with us..

  7. Image for Denise V Cox Denise V Cox

    Addendum.... I forgot that this beauty is STILL a work in progress... so I imagine that her 'decorative clutter' will be added later.... 👍🤗

  8. Image for Madonnna Madonnna

    Love the bed and the fluffy white towels and the chippy painted doors & space to move around. The floors look great, a bit worn and wonderful like home. Like a journal to continue to add history and a keurig. Nothing more. What a friend she must be and you are the one I would trust to stay there.

  9. Image for Jeanine (JC) Jeanine (JC)

    She has done/doing a great job. I love those doors!! Looks like I need to make a trip to Round Top. I've always wanted to go. I think fresh flowers or greens would be nice and welcoming. How about a guestbook where people could enter in a few words, the reason for their visit, and where they are from? I think extra fluffy towels and a comfortable bed, pillows, and sheets is always a must. She is going to do well with this, I'm sure of it!

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      It's in one of the bedrooms off the bathroom/bedroom area!  I just couldn't take pictures of the room because people had stuff everywhere! LOL! Happy day friend!karianne

  10. Image for Amy WILLIAMS Amy WILLIAMS

    I love the tour KariAnne! Your photos are beautiful! So neat seeing it just 24 hours apart! Leslie has done an amazing job with the design and vintage finds in her home. Can’t wait to see the final reveal.

  11. Image for Joan Joan

    I found it interesting that some people wanted more color. I think the house is absolutely beautiful and restful. After a busy day, it would be a lovely place to come back to. It’s a beautiful combination of old and new. I would only add some rugs, but I see that’s already in the plans. As already mentioned, a guest book would be great. I had fun reading one at an Airbnb in Albuquerque, NM.

  12. Image for Michelle McDonald Michelle McDonald

    KariAnne, How wonderful of you to create this post to share your friends progress and to help her with her new venture! It shows the type of person you are. That’s why we all love you. I’ve been following her on IG as well and it’s an amazing home. As someone who has been in the trenches completely gutting/updating my personal home since last March, people don’t realize the blood, sweat and tears that go into all of it. (Not to mention the money). She’s done a fantastic job, BRAVO to all!

  13. Image for LA Tanneberger LA Tanneberger

    This appears to be a delightful home to spend time! Having owned and operated an inn, here are several must haves. Luggage racks.....at least 2 in each room if do-able. Please keep surfaces as uncluttered as possible....leave room for a guests' "stuff". Offer Half and Half for guests' coffee....none of that powdered stuff! Provide bottled water in fridge. Provide a recycle bin/basket for this bottled water and other recyclables. paper map of town/area that guest can take with them as they tour the area. Most importantly, provide quick response to guest when an issue or question arises.

  14. Image for PJ PJ

    It is just beautiful already (says she who tends toward minimalism). Things I have enjoyed having at Band B s include: A fan for days that don't need AC, but could stand a bit of a breeze; the makings for morning coffee; the makings for afternoon tea; instructions on how to use the TV remote; and explicit instructions on whom to call should there be an emergency such as a plumbing leak.

  15. Image for Jenn Jenn

    As I was reading it I was like "old and crusty and worn don't you ever die" I am a true lifelong lover of old and used and character. While others are saying more clutter I am thinking it is so nice in it's simple state, I don't care for overdone. I have some end tables that are oak and I would love to strip them and refinish them in that light pickled look that some of her tables have. Everything she adds will just warm it up a bit I am sure, It's lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Image for Linda Joseph Linda Joseph

    Such a lovely place! My last of nice touches would include a fleece throw or two, some books and magazines, tissues, and those often-forgotten items such as toothbrushes, cotton swabs and balls, hand lotion, nail file, razor, and shampoo. I assume a hair dryer is available in each bathroom, I enjoy sipping on sparkling water, so a bottle of that would be luxurious. I’m not a coffee fan, but I do love tea. Even a lemon for those enjoy lemon-infused water would be fabulous. A robe on the back of the door is nice, as is a pair of cloth slippers (easily bleached/washed). In lieu of slippers, perhaps some footie-socks. With these niceties, I am all set and feeling pampered.

  17. Image for Esther Esther

    My husband and I both read at night, so a lamp on both sides of the bed is what we look for. (Also a place to charge our phones by the bed as many places don't have a clock by the bed and you have to charge your phone across the room. It looks lovely and I would love to stay there!!

  18. Image for Leslie Saeta Leslie Saeta

    Karianne! You are the best friend ever and I am so honored that you were the first one to sleep in our newly remodeled home! Your pictures are phenomenal and I can’t thank you enough for showing off our home! I will forever be grateful! Leslie

  19. Image for Debbie Debbie

    We have stayed in many Airbnbs. I am putting this one on my bucket list as I have never been to Texas. (Fixer Upper is one of my favourite shows.) I love everything about this place. We like it when they leave a list of recommended places to eat and sights to see.


    Wonderful documentation of a stunning home!!!! I recommend extra plugs or ability to plug in sleep apnea machine (husband uses one) by the bed and still have reading lamps by the bed. You would not believe how difficult it is at most places!!!!!!!

  21. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Leslie has such great taste, and this will grow up tp be an Airbnb to remember. I recently stayed in a mountain resort that was the ultimate Airbnb nightmare. No smoke detectors or carbon monoxide. No extra blankets for warmth, No extra towels, or pillows. So-with that being said ( Leslie is the ultimate host so these details will be covered I am sure) 1. Down and down alternative extra comforters 2. If dog friendly-covers for furniture in case of cuddly dog jumpers. 3. Flashlights for power outages 4. Simple cleaning supplies for accidental messes 5. Stay away from too Fixer Upper trendy-it will fade and we appreciate creativity and uniqueness 6. Bikes are always a lovely bonus 7. Clean-just make sure the cleaning service is reliable. Details, full toilet paper rolls, extra paper or organic alternative towels, instructions on who to call if an unforeseen maintenance issue arises 8. You are creating an experience-so, the smell upon entering, the climate ( air conditioning and heating) the small note left to greet the traveler, the basket of local menus, good wifi, and local interest books 9. Water or a Brita 10. Coffee maker or press/pour over a must! 11. A way to instagram (a hashtag for your house) to share their wonderful Waco Airbnb experience and increase interest It is lovely-congratulations to Leslie and her fine tasteful decor ( and what fun)

  22. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    It's gorgeous and your pictures are amazing. You've got ots of ideas about what could make the place homier for travelers. I like luggage racks and lots of hangers and an iron. Nice bubble baths and soaps are always a plus too. Can't wait to see you friend!

  23. Image for Jackie B Jackie B

    The simplicity of this home is beautiful! I love an airbnb that is so uncluttered that I can see at a glance how clean it is. No clutter for me! She has done a wonderful Job and I wish her great success.

  24. Image for Liz Liz

    Hi KariAnne, this home is lovely even in its almost finished state! I’ve stayed in B&B before, but not an AirBnb, but I’d suggest for this house that she have an album of “before & after” photos of each room, side by side. And history of the house, with whatever earliest photos she can find and history of the folks who came before. She probably has this already, but I just wanted to mention it. And if she needs help researching, I love to do that type of stuff, so I’ll gladly come to Waco! Just let me know!

  25. Image for Claudia A Claudia A

    Absolutely GORGEOUS! Only pops of color needed would be in flowers or plants, maybe a pillow. Ion positive she doesn’t need my suggestions she’s done an absolutely amazing job so far. The greatest things we have found in our travels staying places is when the Airbnb, etc is coupons from businesses around them. Like 10% off for those staying there to meals at a local restaurant., beauty salon for mani/pedi time. We stayed while attending a wedding.

  26. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    This cottage is just lovely! My husband and I always try and find a rental that has a washer and dryer for our 7-10 day stays. This is not a deal breaker though if the closets have plenty of good hangers including ones with skirt\pant clips which would allow for hanging clothes to dry. I definitely agree that luggage racks are a must! So many rentals forget these invaluable suitcase holders.

  27. Image for Ann C Ann C

    The rental we had in Hawaii had a guest book. Lots of people had written their favorite places to see while on the island. It gave us extra ideas, and was very much appreciated. Can’t wait to see it done!

  28. Image for Melanie Melanie

    Absolutely beautiful already!! One of the B&Bs we stayed at supplied handmade soaps by a local vendor. I loved the soap so much that I actually went to the soap shop to buy some more! Maybe partnering with a local vendor like that would be a Win/Win for both business owners. Just a thought...

  29. Image for Char Char

    Beatiful spaces and all good suggestions but what makes this house stand out from all the other fixed up homes in the area? Maybe unique artwork that says something about the city or the home? An inviting garden? A fantastic view? And some color, please.

  30. Image for GabiP GabiP

    I would suggest a basket on the coffee table or end table with a map of Waco, history of the area, sights to see, nearby grocery and liquor store with addresses (and if those silly cards for discount are available, include those); a laminated page of nearby pharmacy, clinic, dentist, optometrist with phone numbers and addresses. Since most of us have navigation systems in or cars and/or phones, the addresses are super helpful. We are huge fans of AirBandBs and VRBOs. It’s just so much more comfy. I, for one, would like to know the contact info as a Waco trip is in my future.

  31. Image for Rosanna Rosanna

    So lovely and calming!!! Great sheets n blankets, Fan..table lamps, Coffee/tea station Music options Great books to read Cozy blankets Place to watch sunrise/sunset Treats on counter/fridge Coupons/maps/restaurant suggestions Comfy arm chairs It....looks...FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Image for Barbara at Mantel and Table Barbara at Mantel and Table

    Wow - these are great photos KariAnne! I've been following along with Leslie's fixer, and it's great to see so much of it at one time! I'm with you - I can't wait to see it when it's finished. And I'm only a little jealous that you got to stay in it already! :) Thanks so much for the tour. If I think of anything Leslie could possibly have missed, I'll report back!

  33. Image for Carolyn Carolyn

    I think she should just go with her instincts for what she wants in the home. The most important thing I think she could do for her Airbnb is to bless it with a special prayer that all who enters will have their spirits renewed by the warmth and love put into the home. Everything else is gravy.

  34. Image for jillian jillian

    So gorgeous! I will be booking under a false name in order to abscond with those doors! (just kidding) Sounds like she will be doing some nice touches to finish up. A list of any possible emergency services/phone numbers etc. just in case for people not familiar with the area. Also could use VRBO which is a vacation rentals by owners site. We rented our Calif. winter house through them a few times.

  35. Image for Kris Kris

    We have stayed at several VRBO rentals and have loved each experience. I personally appreciate the uncluttered environment--"pretty" is nice and is icing on the cake, but storage storage storage is super helpful. I want a place to put my stuff without feeling like I'm messing up someone's interior design--keep the desks/dressers cleared of clutter and leave places for my family and me to store our traveling items. Hooks on the bathroom doors is a biggie for me and I hardly ever see it (and it's SO EASY to do!). Extra blankets/throws/quilts and pillows of different densities. If there's room for a washer/dryer, please offer that as well--while it's not a deal breaker for me, given the option between two equally good properties, I will always opt for the washer and dryer. A dishwasher is nice, as well. Our VRBO rental last summer had a wildflower bouquet on the table when we got there, which was lovely. Also, the rental this past summer had the easiest "exit plan" for the guests of anywhere we have stayed--we left things orderly but there was nothing we had to clean up (other than our dishes), no laundry to do ..... the host said he wanted us to enjoy our stay and not worry about the details and that is a sentiment that I completely appreciated! There are so many good suggestions here .... your friend can't help but be successful in her venture.

  36. Image for Deborah Deborah

    Amazing and beautiful! It looks like a grand place to stay! We stayed at an Airbnb in Colorado that gifted a bottle of wine with our stay. Another Airbnb had a journal/guestbook to write in. We stayed in one at Branson that had a Shutterfly book filled with pictures of the owners and their favorite places to visit and eat in the area. I loved this because it lent a personal touch and offered great suggestions to visitors!

  37. Image for Linda F Linda F

    Just stayed at an AirBNB this last weekend at the Central Coast in California. This was the first time of renting an AirBNB that didn't even have hand soap in the bathroom! Somewhat disappointing I have to say to not at least have some coffee or coffee pods, hand soap in the bathroom or kitchen, or even at least some salt and pepper in the cupboard. The other thing they didn't have was any instructions on how things worked in the house. We spent 20 mins trying to figure out how to divert the water from the tub to the shower as there was no visible handle to do so. Finally had to text the owner to find out there was a small ring where the water comes out under the faucet you had to pull down. Very frustrating! So for me coffee or pods to get you started in the morning, instruction list on how to turn on AC/Heater or TV (if you have DirectTV or streaming service as some people don't know how to use it if they don't have it at home), hand soap, every day spices, anything that might be quirky about the house, information on things to do or restaurants in the surrounding areas.

  38. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    We have had excellent experiences with our Air BNB rentals, including one in London that was amazing 😊 In Hawaii on the Big Island, the owner left a binder that was packed with information about special things to do and see. Phone numbers, websites and everything. This was so helpful with getting around and planning. We had already done research etc but there were some local spots also that we would not have known about! The Waco House is lovely 💗

  39. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Love, love, love it! Recently came back from Santa Fe vacation at a VRBO property. She had nylon foldable backpack which came in handy.

  40. Image for Dianne Dianne

    I know Leslie is painting original art for the entire home. She will add all of her personal touches to warm up this beautiful home for sure!!! She is so talented!!!

  41. Image for Terry McClung Terry McClung

    Beautiful. I can’t wait to stay here! Thank you for your beautiful pictures. I am sure Leslie’s graciousness will be evident to all her guests. We have stayed in so many bed n breakfasts. One that stands out in my mind was Magnolia near Waco. Besides the wonderful pastries, there was fresh squeezed orange juice from a local company in Waco. I had never seen that! Also my favorite chocolates at each nightstand. It’s the little things. Blessings!

  42. Image for Barbara Chapman Barbara Chapman

    What a gorgeous place! KariAnne, thank you for sharing this place with us as it would be fun to stay there!! Towel warmers were big over in England and in the house my brother and his family lived in for three years when he was over there with the USAF/RAF joint program. They made our day!!! Happy fall hugs, Barb :)

  43. Image for Vicki Vicki

    Hubs and I just did the Vermont Inn to Inn Hike. 4 Inns, 42 miles, 4 days, breakfast/dinner/trail snacks provided daily. Our best "oh yeah baby" moment? A small plate of cheese. grapes. and crackers awaiting us in the frig after a 13.8 mile day of hiking! Fabulous!

    1. Image for Lorri Rauscher Lorri Rauscher

      Sounds lovely.. I sure hope they had a nice tub waiting for you ..nothing better after a long hike is to have some munchies and a bubble bath..

  44. Image for Dianne Miley Dianne Miley

    My favorite touches: A bedside clock, full length mirror, beautiful coffee table books, a basket of flyers for local attractions, an iron & board, hair dryer, good lighting for makeup, convenient cell charging station, and a basket of upscale toiletries. I LOVE some of the things she already thought of: a bench in the shower, fresh flowers, yummy treats, lots of towels and extra blankets and pillows. What a beautiful home away from home!!!

  45. Image for Carol Karl Carol Karl

    This house is so beautiful - nice and simple. Must say though, that the chipped paint on those doors would drive me crazy. Any good BnB should provide information about eating in the area. When you're on holiday or away for work you need to eat and don't want to cook so details about takeout and restaurants as well as where the closest supermarket is makes life a lot easier. As a 'what not to do' - my husband and I stayed in a lovely BnB recently. The setting was amazing, the actual place was lovely BUT the sheets didn't match, the bathroom was a wet-bathroom so everything got wet and there was nothing to wipe up with (a mop would have been great), she gave us one towel each for two nights and the television worked from an iPad which was broken (cracked screen). It just put a dampener on the entire stay. I'm sure Leslie won't do any of those things though. I would love to stay here. Thanks KariAnne for sharing.

  46. Image for Alice Hanson Alice Hanson

    My Airbnb folks are so special. They leave a bottle of wine and chocolate. They also have music and frangipani petals in a heart on the bed for couples. It’s called a Touch of Bali and it really is. It is in Point Clare , Australia though. Smiles, alice

  47. Image for Heidi Manis Heidi Manis

    This house is beautiful!! I can add only that she have nite stands on both sides of each bed. In the many Airbnb’s I’ve stayed in it on our “girls weekend “ there aren’t nite stands or not on both sides. I’m always looking around for something to put my phone charger, a little fan or light to read by on and seems like a chair is usually what I end up using.

  48. Image for Margaret Hand Margaret Hand

    Reading lights and not just by the bed. There should be somewhere to sit in a chair and read a book, magazine, or brochure with adequate lighting. And oddly enough, kleenex. Several airbnb's I've stayed in do not have kleenex.

  49. Image for Vicki Pledger Vicki Pledger

    Love to read about the area. Maybe some that have the history of the area and some of the wild characters that roamed this area of Texas. My favorite is the Billy the Kid story. Always a good topic of discussion.

  50. Image for Kathy Kathy

    We are from Idaho, very dry, and visited Florida, very wet. Our host had an umbrella for us to use and also provided sunscreen and mosquito repellent, which saved us having to buy them and then toss what we couldn't take on the plane. He also had a few maps of the area which really helped us see the big picture. Our phones can navigate us anywhere but sometimes you need to decide where it is you want to go (which beach, where to eat dinner, where is the Walmart, etc.)

  51. Image for Lorri Rauscher Lorri Rauscher

    Leslie's place looks lovely. Some suggestions I have from the times I have been to AIRB&B's... some nice blankets to cuddle yourself in...instructions on how to use the TV and other Electronicss..if u rnt techy. What one of the owners did was take pictures while they were refinishing their place in a photo album..It was really cool to see how they fixed their place...then had pages for you to make comments on your stay.Lovely touch. Of course a mini fridge to put yr drinks and snacks to keep cold .

  52. Image for Janet Lythgoe Janet Lythgoe

    I love this Airbnb and all of the extra details she has put into it! We just opened our first Airbnb September 1 and reached Superhost status already. Some of the extra touches our guests love are alarm clocks with a USB outlet, USB electrical outlets by the nightstands and kitchen table, coffee, tea and hot chocolate station, Fall decor and decor for holidays, birthday signs, congratulation signs for bachelorette parties, Halloween treats in a bucket, cute cutting boards, nice knives, toys for the littles, we have a llama room complete with Llama llama red pajama” book and a stuffed llama, swinging chair on back patio, bbq grill, water bottles with our logo on it in the fridge, a chalkboard with their name on it and a welcome letter waiting for them. Our guests love having a birthday or other occasion out for them. She has sone an amazing job! We have a reclaimed wood ceiling in our kitchen and dining room as well and it is a showstopper that all the ladies and GUYS love. You’ll be amazing and catch on fast!! Also, have a personal connection with your Airbnb and guests will love that. Ours is named “Milo’s Hideaway Place” in Scottsdale, Arizona named after our 6 year old grandson. He drew a picture of the house and pool which we framed and hung in the entry. Everyone loves that!! Good luck!!

  53. Image for Susan Susan

    We stayed in a beautiful farmhouse style house, in Waco actually, this summer. It was so perfectly refurbished, we just loved it! A couple of things they did, was have a huge clear glass domed cake stand filled with cupcakes, cookies and other yummy treats waiting on the kitchen island for us when we arrived. Also they prearranged with a Mexican restaurant next door to bring us hot, fresh breakfast burritos each morning! Delicious and so convenient!

  54. Image for Catherine Sokolowski Catherine Sokolowski

    We loved the little packages of local snacks the owner left for us and also was very thankful for the small bottles of shampoo and conditioner they supplied for their guests as we didn't bring enough of our own!

  55. Image for Dee Dee

    Leslie is gifted, and has worked so hard on this as I follow her journey on Instagram. Extra blankets and quilts, soft sheets, extra pillows, and handheld steamer to get the wrinkles out, flowers in the room, coffee pot or Keurig common assortment of teas a comfy place to sit on the porch.

  56. Image for Nancy K Nancy K

    Loved the tour of the Waco home! Thanks! My husband and I have a lakehouse in Michigan...we don't use Airbnb but share with our adult children and their friends. Items they've commented they like: WiFi password posted! large glass jar with sample sizes of shampoo, toothpaste, etc (nearby sign says "be our guest"), journal for their stories and a binder with brochures of nearby restaurants and wineries, instructions about household appliances and emergency numbers (closest drugstore, emergency vet, etc). I hope Leslie has many years of enjoyment with her 100 year old home!

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