Can I just tell you how happy I am that you are here?

You probably get that all the time. Red carpets wherever you walk. Standing ovations when you speak. You and your rock star self just VIP your way through life.

I get it. I understand.

After all, you are amazing.

But today? I’m extra happy that you showed up. Because today is all about fall and pumpkins and garland and kitchens and living rooms and hutches and coffee tables and benches that have their fall on. If you are visiting from The Woodgrain Cottage, nice to meet you. My friend Marty has put together a fall tour today and we are all about a little autumnal splendor.

Are you ready?

Oh, good.

Because I took a few pictures. You know.

Just a few. 🙂 

This year I wanted to try something different from all the years before.

I had this brilliant idea.


A tour without words. Kind of like the movies from a long time ago where they just used to wear flapper gear and beads in their hair and dance around and pantomime everything.

The silent film of fall home tours.

I wasn’t even going to write anything.

Can you even believe it?

Just scrolling through picture after picture without all the bother of a really good story.

Does anyone really read the words on a home tour anyway?

Aren’t they much more concerned about the pictures?

And so I tried it.

Really, I did.

I tried to put the pictures on without any words.

But a blog post without talking?


For me, it was almost impossible.

What was I thinking? I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY.

Are you nodding your head?

Oh, good.

Me, too.

So I tossed the silent tour idea out the window and compromised.

A few more pictures and a little less talking.


I’m simply going to count my blessings….

….all the way through rest of the fall decorating.

Just to keep you company. :

Here goes.

1.  I’m thankful I am the keeper of the house I grew up in.

2.  I’m thankful I kissed that twinkly-eyed date on the curb right outside the window where I’m typing this post.

3.  I’m thankful he survived my pancakes.

4.  I’m thankful for stinky socks.

5.  I’m thankful for the feet that wear them.

6.  I’m thankful those feet have started doing their own laundry.

7.  I’m thankful for peanut butter and jelly.

8.  I’m thankful for macaroni and cheese.

9.  I’m thankful I have a kitchen that’s met both of them.

10.  I’m thankful for cool crisp afternoons and falling leaves.

11.  I’m thankful for golden retrievers who love to roll around in the middle of them.

12.  I’m thankful you stopped by for a visit.

13.  I’m thankful for burlap and pumpkins and mercury glass and barn doors and buckets of acorns.

14.  I’m thankful for chalkboards and hay and scrabble tiles and silhouettes.

15.  And I’m thankful for two more months of fall decorating…..

….because I’m just getting started. 🙂

PS And now? I’d love to invite you to stop by my friend Ashley from Modern Glam’s home. 

She is SERIOUSLY amazing.

Just like you. 🙂

2019 Fall Home Tour Friday Lineup

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  1. Image for CherylB CherylB

    Love the little itty bitty pop of orange plaid pillows !!! Perfect 🥰 Your home is so excited everyday because it never knows how you are going to dress it!? A new outfit daily!

  2. Image for Calypso in the Country Calypso in the Country

    What a gorgeous tour! I love all your neutrals and natural textures. At first I was surprised when you said you wouldn't be talking through the photos....didn't think it would be possible. Ha - it wasn't! So glad, because I always love reading your inspiring words and observations. Have a great weekend, dear! Shelley

  3. Image for Maureen Maureen

    I love to decorate with pumpkins . I love the ways that you have incorporated pumpkins into your fall décor. They are darling.

  4. Image for Marty Marty

    I love it all, you always amaze me with your beautiful decor and you take the most fabulous pictures. I get lost in every single one. I adore the fact that you couldn't do a tour without talking, so perfect, I love talking to you by way of your blog. I always feel like we just had such a nice visit. Thanks so much for joining the tours again this season, so thrilled to have you as part of the group.

  5. Image for Laura Ingalls Gunn Laura Ingalls Gunn

    Who KNEW that pumpkins came in so many wonderful neutral textures. And that one picture of a darling dog can make your entire day! It's a joy to share this tour with you. I hope you'll stop by and visit Storybook Cottage in all her Texas fall finery. Also, just because I know you love DOWNTON ABBEY... yesterday I shared the dress I made to wear on the movies opening day. It came from an 80's curtain panel. I miss the 80's. :)

  6. Image for Erica Erica

    haha! Believe it or not, I have considered doing a wordless tour myself.'s like your home was just meant for this time of year. Such a beautiful tour, my friend.

  7. Image for Jenn Jenn

    I love the little pumpkin that looks like a flowe, and I love the orange plaid pillows! They make the room look even more amazing! Thanks for sharing your fall home! As another commenter said it’s almost like a real visit with you and your sweet self!

  8. Image for Peg Peg

    How did I not know that the family room was a step down from the kitchen?! What a fantastic layout!! Love, love all of your fall decor!!! xoxo

  9. Image for Richella J. Parham Richella J. Parham

    You took pictures? What a surprise! Everything looks just wonderful, KariAnne. And of course there's a lot of neutral, but I spied some ORANGE in the family room! Woo hoo! (Of course, orange is a great complement to the blue you have going on in your house now. . . just saying.) You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your amazingness.

  10. Image for Kayden Kayden

    Oh my, KariAnne! You have so much "stuff". Really,, really GREAT STUFF. I want it all; every bit of it. This tour makes me swoon and I'm not really a swoon-y kind of girl. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Image for jillian jillian

    Oh ha ha...writers gotta write! I know if we were to meet for tea we would have so much to say that we would finally be asked to let someone else please have the table :) So...have you mentioned those cute frilly pumpkins on the kitchen island before and where to find them? adorable. I like the tea towel a lot too. Ball fringe makes me smile. all trims make me smile. I love the warm and soft look you have created.

  12. Image for Amy Amy

    I am so thankful for talented friends who inspire me daily! Also, I may have scooped up the bristly little pumpkin like yours from Marshalls yesterday. I just got your book and can't wait to read every single word this weekend! Happy Friday, Kari Anne!

  13. Image for PJ PJ

    Woo hoo! My copy of your latest book arrived yesterday. Today there are leaves to rake and other end of summer garden chores to do, but tomorrow when the rain arrives, I will curl up in my cozy corner with But Where Do I Put the Couch? Sometimes you can feel grateful for a rainy day!


    Love it!!!!!!!!!! I was laughing so hard I spit my coffee out !!! You without a story- it would not work. You have such a talent for painting a picture with words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your autumn house and especially the touch of terra cotta/orange with the pillows. So welcoming-I just want to kick back with you and share stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Image for Revonda Stordahl Revonda Stordahl

    Loved the tour and all of the words. Your words always make be happy and make me smile. Thank you for sharing your home with us.

  16. Image for Ashley Stringfellow Ashley Stringfellow

    I'm so happy you included all the words - because I love hearing your voice and I know everyone else does too. And can we talk about that beautiful hutch with all the yummy fall textures, colors and cozy pieces? I'm going to go search my fall bins for some wheat - you have me inspired. Your fall home is stunning my friend. But I'm not surprised! So fun hopping with you! xoxo

  17. Image for June Gerstner June Gerstner

    KariAnn, I wish you lived around the corner! We could have so much fun!!! I loved your ugly pumpkins and finally got mine yesterday. I'm saving all my pumpkins for their coming out party on the first of the month. We're going to have a ball! BUT, now I have to have the flowery ones on your kitchen island...where oh where did you get them????

  18. Image for June Gerstner June Gerstner

    KariAnne, I wish you lived around the corner! We could have so much fun!!! I loved your ugly pumpkins and finally got mine yesterday. I'm saving all my pumpkins for their coming out party on the first of the month. We're going to have a ball! BUT, now I have to have the flowery ones on your kitchen island...where oh where did you get them????

  19. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    I am so thankful for you sharing your home and your life with us. This blog would not be yours if you didn't say anything or be as enjoyable. Thank you for all these lovely ideas you shared with us.

  20. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Most blogs I would prefer pics alone - but not you, KA - your blog and following was built on your wit and whimsey and honesty and sweetness. Quite a few bloggers have attempted to copy your style - but NO ONE can. You are a one-of-a-kind unique voice. I shall listen to it as long as I am able. Your home looks great - as always. have a fabulous weekend. Hope your team wins tonight - my niece cheering at a very big rivalry game tonight, home. Hope they win, too.

  21. Image for Leslie from Fairview Leslie from Fairview

    Your home looks lovely, just lovely. However, I'm thankful you allowed your pictures to speak for themselves today and chose to use your words to remind us how very important the little things in life are. The longer we live, the more significant these become. Blessings.

  22. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Love all the pics and super happy you decided to attach words to this post :). Love your take on it all and you really make me smile 😊. So thankful that you dedicate so much time to this blog ❤️

  23. Image for Jean Jean

    Yes I read the words. I actually read them 1st and then go back and look at the pics. So please don’t ever stop writing! And that frilly pumpkin on the pedestal stole my heart and a big shout out to the orange plaid pillow too!

  24. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    I love that you included your words! I don’t know if you know could you...BUT...I read your words first...quick.y scroll past the pics to get to your words. Wonderful words...crafted into unforgettable stories. Only after I read all your words, do I scroll back up to look at your pictures. Lovely pictures...even better words! Enjoy your weekend! ;)

  25. Image for Pat Pat

    Your home looks great in her fall decor! Love the neutrals and the little pumpkins of every texture are perfect, So glad you did not do a tour without words—would miss your voice and enthusiasm 😀 Pat

  26. Image for Denise Harclerode Denise Harclerode

    You are amazing! Thank you for your words...and pictures! Especially thank you for sharing wonderful ideas for sprucing up my home. From one of your pictures I have an idea how to use some wooden legs my father in law made for me simply because I asked him...and then, never implemented. I have moved them all over the country and I just keep storing them! They are about to have their moment in the sun! Happy Fall!

  27. Image for Linda Linda

    KariAnne you are a HOOT! When I started reading this post, I thought that is impossible for her!!!😂 Then I continued on and was correct. I love your personality, your charm, your decorating choices, DIY and your blog!!! Wish we were neighbors, but then you’d have to live in MN.

  28. Image for Kristin Kristin

    I love your words! I love your photos. I'd love your photos without words or your words without photos because both are so lovely, but I love it most when they are together! You bring big smiles to my face through your whole post, each time!

  29. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    Well it is here! Fall! But feels like summer but this KY mermaid is trying to finally decorate... and accept. I love what you have on your mantle. What is it? You know me all about arranging dead I mean dried things. I have some white wheat dishes so looking for idea to do the top of cabinet. This might work! Thank you for sharing and yes for making this end of the summer sourpuss smile. Hafa Just kidding. I do love all the KY season.. but always have trouble saying goodbye to summer. Even when it lingers longer. So wish you were my neighbor.. but so glad you are my friend. Still miss you in KY!

  30. Image for Tara @ Stilettos and Shiplap Tara @ Stilettos and Shiplap

    I literally laughed out loud while reading this. I have tried to do the VERY SAME THING and also couldn't do it. I ended up going back and putting words in as well. I mean, a blog post without words is a slide show and who subscribes to a blog for a slide show? :-D Loving your fall decor, sweet friend. Especially the stories.

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