Have you ever had a day where your to-do list stretches around the block?

You are decorating your kitchen for fall and decorating with leaves from the yard and answering to mom and trying to figure out what everyone is going to eat this week and trying to round up sponsors for the cheerleader fundraiser and encourage your mother and help a friend pick out paint colors.

The list is long and the day is short.

You try and get it all done.

You wish you could order up extra hours at the drive-thru.


But for every item that you check off, you add two more.

And somewhere in the middle of all that trying…..

….you have a brilliant idea.

You are going to multi-task.

I know, right? Did you nod? I thought it was an amazing idea, too.

Two things at the same time?

Crossing two items off the list with a single stroke of the pencil?

Brilliant idea you tell yourself.  Simply brilliant.

It has to work.  I mean, you’ve seen your mom successfully do it and friends do it and you think you’ve tried it before.

How hard can it be?

Kind of like rubbing your stomach and patting your head.

At first, the whole thing works like a charm.

You sell t-shirts for the cheerleading team while adding pumpkins to a basket in the kitchen.

You edit all the photos for this post while washing two loads of clothes.

You fill the glass vase with leaves for the island and wipe off the counters.

You become the most efficient of people.


Any minute a talk show is calling you up to interview you to see how you get it all done.

If you were a superhero they would call you the efficientator.

It is an AMAZING day to be you.

Your list gets shorter and shorter and shorter.

You blink twice and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

You ask yourself, “Why didn’t I try this before?”

It’s going so well and zipping by so fast without a hitch.  Everything is wonderful.  Everything is working out.


Until it doesn’t.

Until you decide that you are going to sew a ruffle onto a sheet and talk on the phone to your friend on the phone.

Simple, right?

I mean, isn’t that what speakerphones are for?

The conversation goes a little like this.

You: (brrrrring….the sound of the sewing machine) Hello?

Her: I need your opinion.

You: (brrrrrrriiiiiinnng….never pausing the sewing) Of course.  You have come to the right place.  My specialty is opinions.

Her:  What do you think of painting my island a navy blue?

You:  (brrriiinng) I love them. (brrrrr)  What a fun idea (briiiinnnggggg) I think I……(clunck, thud)  

……ohhhhhhh nooooooooooo.



You:  (with the sound of anguish in your voice) I have to call you back.

You just sewed your shirt to the ruffles on your sheet.


Then when you try to get the two apart, you break the sewing needle with half of it still threaded attached to your shirt.

Good times.

Now you’ve added drive to Wal-Mart to buy a sewing needle to your to-do-list.

And instead of multi-tasking?

You’re extra-tasking.

The moral of the story?  The lesson learned right here in the middle of this fall kitchen tour?

Multi-tasking is awesome.

But trying to get everything done in double-time can be overwhelming and exhausting.

So today my friends—take a lesson from someone who almost lost the shirt off her back.


Press the pause button.

Slow down.

Take a break.

Then look around at the blue skies outside, smell the crispness in the air, smile at the world, take a sip of coffee, enjoy the sunshine….

….and tackle one thing at a time. 🙂

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  1. Image for Jillian Jillian

    Oh, Hahahah, laughing funny. Everything is looking pretty for fall. What are those awesome wooden slice things in the basket/laundry room door? So unique!

  2. Image for Karen Mary Karen Mary

    Haha! Well I'm glad you got these beautiful photos up for us to see! I have very limited multi-tasking ability. When I talk on the phone, I can dust, and I can clean bathrooms, but that's about it! Never sew though!

  3. Image for Kathy Fredrickson Kathy Fredrickson

    That is too funny, except I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done stuff like that.... like sewing cording between two layers and suddenly realizing that you’ve also sewed part of the cover in the seam.😉 You’re such a blessing because you always let us see the funny side of life.

  4. Image for Lyn Lyn

    Wow - sounds like you need a decaf!! I know how you feel - after working for 35 years and maintaining a home, family, etc., etc.,, I retired at 57. It was the result of a lifetime of hard work and good planning. One day after retirement I found myself getting all wound up with all the to do stuff. I finally laughed and asked myself why was I stressing over how to stage my hutch! I took a good deep breath and calmed myself down. My daughter inherited my work ethic and I have always told her that she was taking on too much and she needed to quiet her mind. Well, finally this morning on facetime she said she has cut back on her workload, as well as deciding not to take a class at university this fall - she is already a Ph.D - I mean cool it. She said now she has more time for her little girls - and decorating! She is getting her priorities in order. This morning I am decorating our mantle for fall - with help from my husband who is swapping out a summer picture for all fall one. After that, I'll relax - maybe.

  5. Image for Elizabeth Elizabeth

    Rates right up there with cutting out pieces for a quilt and cutting a hole in my shirt at the same time! Not even talking on the phone. I feel your pain and am laughing like a crazy woman. :)

  6. Image for Jenn Jenn

    Oh my goodness I yes! I to have had some ridiculous sewing mishaps. Haste makes waste my husband reminds me! I’ll probably never change! I do often wonder how you juggle it all!! Have a great day!

  7. Image for Sally Sally

    We have all been there, Kari! I am self quarantined right now so I can be with my grandson while his mom/my son are in the hospital giving birth to grandson #4. I have the opposite issue...not enough to do. However, stepping outside, going on a walk and taking a deep breath is a great cure for boredom, too! Love your posts and all that you share!

  8. Image for Teresa Teresa

    This is hilarious, but it truly happens when we don't slow down. This was a much needed reminder for me today as my list is looong!! Thank for being you and just reminding us all - no bodies perfect, but we sure can learn from each other

  9. Image for Lorri Lorri

    You too funny.I assure you have written what some of us have done. Like me writing this note while my canning is almost done. Yes I will slow down somewhat.. Have a great Labour Day😍

  10. Image for Kris Kris

    Efficienator ... too funny. The other problem with being too efficient is that people start to expect more out of you. Then you get into an exhausting circle of efficiently getting things done and getting more dumped on you. I'm practicing placing limits on myself these days and communicating these limits with others. And asking for help.

  11. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Oh, friend! I live in the overwhelming multitasking world. Right in the middle. I’ve overflowed kitchen sinks and bathtubs in the middle of doing other things while they were filling...or burned a pot of something while switching to complete something else. Multitasking could have been my name. So...thank you for the reminder today. I am trying to run the marathon over here and do things well and focus. My new word! Focus! Happy Labor Day, friend! And sewing that shirt...only gives a reason to buy a new one!!😁

  12. Image for Darlene Darlene

    Too Funny Karianne! My mother was raising three daughters alone, after losing too husbands to death. She was a hairdresser in our home and had a sign posted in the shop. It read” The Hurrier I do The Behinder I get”. I have always tried to remember it, even though I am a workaholic. Those words are so true. Someone should put it on a t shirt don’t you think!

  13. Image for Jill Jill

    Bwahahaha! How many time have I done similar things (not sewing, sadly one skill I don’t have, I leave that to my MIL)? My first thought was, I’m so glad I’m not the only one! Hope you get it all done and more!

  14. Image for Joanie B Joanie B

    My favorite quote is on a card a friend gave me after my retirement: "How beautiful it is to do nothing and rest afterwards." Something we should all do from time to time!

  15. Image for Brenda Brenda

    You know I've done something very similar to this. I've hand sewn my shirt into a couple of projects.....maybe...like, three times. It's easy ( And embarrassing! ) to do this when you have hand work in your lap. Good times! Have a great day!

  16. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    I do wonder how you do all you do, now i see you do have your days too! I think mine are more often,lol! Have a great week.

  17. Image for phyllis phyllis

    Karianne- Thanks for giving us a reason to smile today. What a great job you did on multi-tasking, until you didn't. But, we've all been there before so enjoy the time with us. By the way, what a great job on your neutral fall-ness. I join the ranks of those who want those wooden circlely things. Now, stop the labor and enjoy the day! Until the next time- Phyllis

  18. Image for Carol Karl Carol Karl

    I love this post - who hasn't done this - well maybe I've never sewed my shirt to a project but I've done other things just as worthy of the duh! award. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Image for JC JC

    You make me smile, and laugh because just about all of us have had days like that! Hope you got your shirt ripped apart from the fabric, or is it now the cute little pumpkin in the first picture😉? I love you kitchen looooooong runner and your glass ball vase on the island. When you get a minute, can you let me know the source? Hope today is a bit slower as an efficienator! Sip some peach sweet tea and enjoy your backyard!

  20. Image for Vicki Vicki

    Oh Karianne, you are just adorable. I love all of your creative ideas and your blog. You make beautiful things and crack me up over some of your antics, like sewing your shirt to the ruffles (shh, don’t tell anyone, but been there, done that...in between a dear friend calling me nine times in a three hour period!!!). Let’s just say I had to put my “curtain making” aside or lose my mind! 😃

  21. Image for Melinda Melinda

    Oh my, this reminds me of sewing a curtain once from a sheet and adding a ruffle. All was fine until I went to hang it up and realized I had added the ruffle to the top of the curtain instead of the bottom. I was frustrated and my daughter still remembers my "Oh beans!!!" holler from the kitchen. She still laughs. (And oh beans is still my go to for words of frustration. It could be much worse...)

  22. Image for Sue Sue

    "Sew" very good advice. I hope you realize I am joking about this; almost seems as if you were multi-tasking with this post. Showing fall decor around your house and saying to slow down with how many things you do at once, two blogs in one? I always look forward to your blog and your stories, keep them coming!

  23. Image for Kim Waldorf Kim Waldorf

    Thank you for sharing your day and your heart for being real. I have definitely had days like this! Thank you for the great reminder to slow down, appreciate and breathe.

  24. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Hahaha. Well, I'd be lying if I told you I have never done that. You are so hilarious. Sorry you add-tasked. Boo hiss. Hope you salvaged your craft AND your top!

  25. Image for Jayne Jayne

    Yes! I know that extra tasking feeling! It's one thing at a time for me from now on! Look at your kitchen all dressed up for Fall - of course it looks AMAZING! I love your floor runner too! Hope you managed to save your shirt!

  26. Image for Peg Peg

    Oh no, I'm so glad you didn't hurt yourself! So I would like to know more about this ruffle on the sheet!! Ralph Lauren has the best ruffled pillow cases!!! xoxo


    I could so relate to this story! Have actually sewed over my finger when distracted. Hope the pillows turned out beautiful!

  28. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Laughed so hard! You are the perfect friend! Thank you for making my day! My friends and I love stories like these and laughing at ourselves. We (me) have done many similar things that have kept us in stitches. Literally! Haha! Much love to you!

  29. Image for Dianne Bell Dianne Bell

    Whoa! You nearly did lose the shirt off your back. Yes, we Do need to slow down a bit. Many, many years ago my sister was sewing and unfortunately rushing and having much on her mind. She ended up having the sewing needle go thru her finger. It happened so fast she didn’t actually feel It and was calm enough to back it up and get it out. She had a sore finger, but didn’t hit a bone. So, sip your coffee, take a breath and slow down. Things will all get done in good and safe time. Enjoy Autumn!

  30. Image for Rev. Suzanne Taylor Rev. Suzanne Taylor

    I completely understand. I flew around with wings on my feet for years trying to keep my home perfectly clean and tidy in case anyone stopped by, yet keep it comfortable for all who visit. A favorite saying for me is, "Haste makes waste." I've learned to slow down enough to be able to taste my tea when drinking it. Before, it was just taking a slug of tea on the way by the cup to my next project. At 72 I have learned to live In my home, not FOR my home. Makes life so much easier.

  31. Image for Mary Anne Berry Mary Anne Berry

    Been there...done that! Organizing and multi-tasking are my super hero things, but I consider sewing a do-it-alone-and-concentrate job nowadays!!! You will find as you get older, the mistakes come a little more easily! LOL! Your home is so inspiring! Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

  32. Image for Veronica Nightingale Veronica Nightingale

    That"s right up there with sewing wrong sides together when the directions say right sides together (I have dome that more than once). Skimming the directions to save time doesn't work either.

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