If you drive down the historic streets of McKinney Texas looking for fall decorating ideas for the front steps and see a display that looks a little like this.

A display that looks a little like a home for lost pumpkins.

Don’t worry.

Don’t fret.

Don’t be alarmed.

It’s just a little front porch decorating from someone who went to a GIANT pumpkin sale.

And couldn’t tell a pumpkin no.

This weekend I went to a local grocery store trying to find pumpkins for the front steps.

Maybe two or three I thought.

I’d tuck them in amongst the lanterns.  That’s all the outdoor pumpkin decorating I typically do.

Normally, I have a seven pumpkin limit.

Just a little bit of simple outdoor fall decorating so the front porch steps would be ready to greet everyone for the Inspire Workshop.

Emphasis on the word simple.

I pictured everyone walking up my front steps and feeling all fall and oohing and ahhing over the pumpkin display by the fall door.

But somewhere along the way.

Somewhere in the middle of all that fall decorating planning.

This happened.


How was I supposed to tell them no?

The store was having a GIANT sale on pumpkins.

Less than a dollar.



All those pumpkins just jumped in my cart.

It all started when I saw the sign.  It was a busy store and there were a lot of people and I wanted to choose the pumpkins I liked the best and the price was so cheap that I added them to the basket so I could carefully pick the ones I wanted.

I filled up that cart and got another cart.

I was just planning on picking out a few and going home.

And then?

They all looked so cute sitting there in the shopping cart.  I couldn’t separate them. I couldn’t break them up.

I couldn’t make some pumpkins feel less than and leave them behind.

So I literally bought the two carts and brought all the pumpkins home with me.

I didn’t even realize how many I had until I put them out on the steps.

And stepped back.

And blinked.

And looked again at my giant pumpkin display.

So if you are out and about this week and drive down the streets of our town.

By bike.

By car.

By rocket ship.

You can’t miss us.

We’re the house with the pumpkin display…

…you can see from outer space.

PS  I know it’s Monday.

If your morning needs a smile—here’s one of my favorite fall stories just for you.

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    1. Image for Nita Christian Nita Christian

      Or make lots of Pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving! lol Or Pumpkin bread, or Pumpkin rolls, Pumpkin cake and so on and so on!!! lol

  1. Image for Colleen Colleen

    Oh my! That’s a ton of pumpkins....Hate to say it, but all of those $1 bills going to pumpkins..lol...? I would’ve put the money towards a small house! Hahaha!

  2. Image for Alice Genzlinger Alice Genzlinger

    Did you hire an eighteen wheeler to get them home???? Hope the group you are hosting get to take one home as I think there are too many for you to make pies. Of course after lifting all the pumpkins you will have lovely muscled arms. I'm of the sway that you can never have too many however.

  3. Image for Kris Kris

    Isn't it amazing when things just jump into your shopping cart? Your pictures look like they belong on the front of a magazine. So pretty!

  4. Image for Mary Homan Mary Homan

    LOVE IT!!! I went to Trader Joe's and bought 3 pumpkins to add to my mums... put them out this weekend, and it just isn't enough. I'm going back girl!! Keep up the inspiration and keeping it real! p.s. I'm not a big decorator or crafts person... but I love your stories and beautiful pictures. And even for a person like me, you have great ideas :)

  5. Image for Carol Rae Norton Carol Rae Norton

    What a BEAUTIFUL display! And such a wonderful variety too. I've never seen some of them before. But Texas weather is a little bit different than Iowa, plus I don't get to any pumpkin farm. Thanks for sharing and giving us all a reason to smile this morning. Plus,,, we have sunshine today!!!

  6. Image for Pam Pam

    You're the girl with the big heart and big love for pumpkins! I think it's fantastic however be ready for the squirrels in the neighborhood planning their early Thanksgiving and inviting all their friends and relatives!

  7. Image for Laura Ingalls Gunn Laura Ingalls Gunn

    I LOVE your plethora of pumpkins. #nopumpkinleft behind :) I know you adore the Royals so I wanted to let you know I posted ALL the glittery behind the scene details of Eugenie's wedding yesterday. Then next week is the annual costume reveal! Whoot, whoot!

  8. Image for Dianne Dianne

    I adore your pumpkin decor! It’s like a Home for “Needy Pumpkins”! Be careful! More pumpkins may follow looking for a home and join the group, wanting to share such a lovely home! Happy Autum, Happy Halloween! 🎃🍂🍁

  9. Image for Laura Harrie Laura Harrie

    KariAnne, Thanks for rescuing all those homeless pumpkins! I did my heart good to see all your pumpkins on the porch steps! I admit I hear the subtle whispers from my orange friends too! Your display is awesome, your provide much joy!

  10. Image for Anna McWilliam Anna McWilliam

    If only I didn't live across the pond in the middle of England .... I would be the drooling fool in your front garden admiring your pumpkin bonanza !!! It's fab , never too many pumpkins for me x

  11. Image for Kathleen Of Woodstock Ga Kathleen Of Woodstock Ga

    Well......Loving the pumpkin explosion....After All I heard things are bigger in TEXAS.....I really do think it looks wonderful...And I am sure the walkers in your neighborhood are happy.....

  12. Image for Denise Cox Denise Cox

    KariAnne, I love it!!! And I love Fall!!! It's my favorite season, especially for decorating!! It's finally Fall here on the Eastern Shore... temps in the 50's and 60's In on heaven... finally. Again, your front porch is fanastic! Such a unique idea!! Happy Fall to one and all.. 🍁🍂😀 Denise

  13. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

    All I see are beautiful stems that I can use on my velvet pumpkins! I want them! ;-) It looks great! You totally have the front porch that 'rocks' the pumpkin harvest look! I can't even!

  14. Image for Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown

    Loving it from Kentucky pretty sure seeing an orange glow.. I needed this perky post about pumpkins. Summer gal I am. We went from 90 to 55.. Yep bet you don't miss crazy weather in KY! But the Fall Ball will be here soon.. Leaves still green but just a hint.

  15. Image for Eileen Eileen

    Your display is stunning and I agree with a few of the other bloggers. Save the stems. It looks fabulous! You paid $1/pumpkin. I'm so jealous. I spend $13 each on two giant white pumpkins and that's not counting the rest. It's an addiction!!

  16. Image for Lynn W Lynn W

    Holy Moly!! That looks amazing Karianne 🎃. The front of your home needs to be on a magazine cover for sure!!!

  17. Image for laura laura

    some falls are more pumpkiny than others!!! i have a very tiny porch and have three biggish pumpkins stacked atop one another in a black (plastic!) urn, a bright orange leafy wreath and a window box full of fall!! i LOVE FALL!!!! it really isn't cool enough yet to have real pumpkins outside yet....maybe november....

  18. Image for Deedra Deedra

    This post made me just laugh out loud!! Seriously, it had me choking on my sweet tea!! You have a gift my friend. So glad you share it with all of us!

  19. Image for Denise Denise

    Great display. Hope you will keep it up past Halloween. We will be in McKinney in November. Can you recommend any hidden jewels for us to shop?

  20. Image for Jackie Jackie

    But I thought you were in Kentucky? I'm a new follower and haven't had time to read back through old posts, but from what I read, I thought you moved from Dallas area to Kentucky? But this is in McKinney? We are thinking of moving to McKinney area, so that caught my eye, but then I read that you moved to Kentucky, so was not sure if you are back in TX or both or what? I couldn't seem to figure that out from quick search of your site.

    1. Image for Jackie Jackie

      I should also have said I loved the pumpkin display... that's what first caught my eye. Then the part about McKinney.

  21. Image for Hedy Hedy

    I love the pumpkin display, very pretty. I read about the acorns too. Here in St.Louis I bring acorns in all the time and never had worms ever. But I have brought in plants to winterize and found spiders and stink bugs in them. I take them to the bath fub first and spray with hot water first, killing everything but the plant.

  22. Image for RW RW

    Are we having a contest to "Guess How Many Pumpkins" are in the photo? I seriously and quickly counted 68 pumpkins but some were behind and some were cut off... I want a second chance before I commit to that number, if there's a contest for real! I was looking from way over here in Alabama. Do people in Texas get a handicap?

  23. Image for Betty Fassett Betty Fassett

    It's a bit over the top but I love it. You are so great with making all this work out so beautifully. You make my day.

  24. Image for Sherrie M Sherrie M

    I think it’s total pumpkin perfection!! I have a slight pumpkin addiction. If I were fortunate enough to find pumpkins for that price I’d go mad!! Mad, I tell you!! Love it!🍁🍂🎃


    KariAnne, I'm so glad that you gave all those pumpkins such a great home! They look so cute on your steps! Blessings!

  26. Image for Beverly O Beverly O

    OMG Karianne! I LOVE it! That is exactly what I had in mind when I trekked out to the local greenhouse to get my fall pumpkins for display. You see, we have just put in a new driveway where everybody who comes onto our farm drives straight toward the front porch and I wanted to WOW anybody coming up that driveway. However, the store I patronize did not have such prices. They thought a lot of their pumpkins. They priced their pumpkins like they were family heirlooms. So, I came home with only 6 to create two front porch pumpkin topiaries and 3 large ones that must have been cherished family heirlooms from the favorite aunt and a dozen little baby boo pumpkins that were $1 each. When I read the prices that you found, I thought, "I wish I had her cell number so I could text her to see if the store was still having such a marvelous sale." Then, I realized that the drive to McKinney, Texas from Nolensville, Tennessee might offset the sale prices. So, I will just covet your pumpkin display that can be seen from outer space and start scouting for ways to make my front porch shout Christmas to all who drive straight toward it when that season comes along. Thanks for sharing! Fall on my front porch: shorturl.at/esB69

  27. Image for Jo Jo

    After Hurricane Michael's fierceness and so much of my family's weary recovery, we needed some smiles. Your pumpkin display served them up! How fun!!!

  28. Image for April J Harris April J Harris

    I love this, KariAnne! It looks amazing! But then, I am a BIG fan of pumpkins!! Pinning and sharing. Thank you for sharing, and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Hope to see you again this week. Have a great week ahead!

  29. Image for Ardith Ardith

    So here I am, sitting on the sofa with a mug of hot tea in my hand...when I read your headline. Yes, I was this close to spitting tea all over the laptop on my lap. Everyone who's anyone knows you are an über clever writer, but for pity's sake, this headline nearly did me in. It was awesome, thank you. Cheers and Happy Pumpkinpalooza, Ardith

  30. Image for Pamela Pamela

    Show stopper entry Karianne! I haven't purchased even one real pumpkin this year. Probably won't either. We have visitors almost every night with living next to a nature reserve so I can only imagine what a hay day they would have if I put a bunch of pumpkins out there.

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