Looking for easy ideas for fall bedroom decor? Here’s a mini bedroom makeover I just finished with all the fall decorating ideas.

I found this luggage rack at a yard sale a while back.

At first? I was going to make it over. I think I had visions of painting it white and adding a blue and white striped canvas material stapled to the underside of it and transforming it into a folding stool.

But then?

I lived with it for a little bit and put it in Westleigh’s room and she came home from college and put stacks of towels on it and it has been living its best life without a makeover.

Now this is the part of the story where you are shaking your head and staring at the screen and wondering why I would ever want to makeover something this pretty. And embroidered. And vintage looking.

Guess what?

I agree with you.

I decided I’m not making it over. I’m leaving it exactly as it is and using it as a luggage rack for guests and college students who come home for the weekend.

So instead?

I made over the room a little bit instead. πŸ™‚

Just between us?

When Westleigh moved out she took half the room with her back to college and it was so lonely in there. I’d walk by the room and it just looked sad.

Like it was missing one of its best friends—which of course it was.

I see you room—me, too.

So to keep myself busy and make the room and I miss Westleigh yes we gave the room a $40 makeover with some new bedding and some furniture and decor from other places around the house.

// cream quilt set // pink floral rug // tufted bed (similar) // faux fir bench //

Then I sprinkled just a little fall.

And now?

The room looks like this.

// cream quilt set //

It all started with this.

Isn’t it beautiful? I found it at Walmart online and fell in LOVE (you won’t believe the price).

It’s a queen quilt with shams and it looks so vintage and has the tiniest stitching on it and it looks like it came from my grandmother’s hope chest.

And just when I thought I couldn’t love it anymore? I opened it up…..

// cream quilt set // pink floral rug //

…and discovered that it had the tiniest little ruffle all along the edges.

I would have ordered it even faster if I had known.

I’ve never seen a quilt with a tiny ruffle like that.

You can see the quilt set here.

This is the only new thing I got for the room and for the rest? I just did the decor shuffle with other rooms in the house.

//sheets I used to make the curtains here//gold curtain rods //gold curtain clips //similar damask pillow//

See these curtains? I made them from sheets.

It’s one of my favorite curtain hacks.

You can see all my other curtain hacks here.

And you can see the sheets here.

// curtains used to make duvet // quatrefoil pillows // quilt set //

Here’s a close-up of the bedding with the new quilt.

The XO XO pillow I got a while back from Hobby Lobby. I’ve seen it a few other places online, too and you could even DIY your own.

I also found this XO XO farmhouse pillow on Amazon, too.

The duvet at the foot of the bed? I made it from this curtain set.

The shams are part of the quilt set and the large Euro shams with the raised quatrefoil pattern are from Walmart online, too.

You can see them here.

// similar damask pillow //

// pink floral rug // flower light fixture //

This side of the room has the closet area that was stenciled using this stencil to create a pattern that looks like wallpaper. The pillow on the chair came from Homegoods years ago. I found a super similar pillow on etsy here.

You can see how this pattern was created and the stencil we used here.

The light fixture was the find of the century. I found it at the thrift store for only $20. I get so many questions about it and I’ve looked and looked and never found anything similar since.

(edited to add: a wonderful, wonderful reader just found the light fixture on eBay! You can see it here.)

// cream quilt set // pink floral rug // tufted bed (similar) // faux fir bench //

Here’s the finished room.

Doesn’t it look so much happier?

Even though we both miss Westleigh, we both feel a little happier.

You know why?

There are only 62 days until Thanksgiving break. πŸ™‚

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  1. Image for Ann in Atlanta Ann in Atlanta

    Google Lens says that the lamp is a Mainstays cream sculptured base ceramic table lamp - in case any of your readers ask again

  2. Image for Alice Alice

    I have several luggage racks, use them for visitors all the time, adds a nice hostess touch. Makes it feel like you’re so welcome when you come into a room and someone has thought it out for you!

    1. Image for Betsy Betsy

      It's Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog. When Karianne mentioned it when she first did the bedroom and went out and purchased it. We did our bedroom and I love it!

  3. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Well KariAnne I love me some nuetrals so you had me at hello. Its so pretty. Cute idea for luggage rack too. Such a cute makeover. It's nice to add decor from other rooms too. Waste not want not. Happy day 😊

  4. Image for Judi B Watkins Judi B Watkins

    So cozy and happy at the same time! You are so talented -- I love it! Thank you for sharing your ideas -- have a great weekend!

  5. Image for Merlyn Merlyn

    Charming & welcoming guest room; great find on the quilt set! IKEA PS Maskros Ceiling Light https://bit.ly/3LyNSnh

  6. Image for Marlene Marlene

    It is a beautiful room and glad you didn't change the luggage rack. 62 days is a long time for us mom's to see our children. Mine are grown and have children of their own and it gets lonely sometimes, but memories are always with us.

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      I got that pillow years ago from Homegoods. Here's a similar pillow from etsy: https://bit.ly/453DzP3 Happy day! KariAnne

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      They are actually sheets that I made into curtains! You can see the sheets here: https://urlgeni.us/amazon/7Nsmv Happy day! KariAnne

  7. Image for Rizae Rizae

    Can you come decorate my house??? LOL.... Just kidding! I love the quilt and shams. The taupe color reminds me of fall at a french country estate. Simply put, a gorgeous bedroom. Big Hugs, P.S. How is your brother doing?

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      You are the SWEETEST for checking on him! I was going to post an update tomorrow on Thistlekeeping! He just got off dialysis!!!!! SO SO SO HAPPY!!!! KariAnne

  8. Image for Dee Dee

    Great luggage rack. Mine is plain so might think about changing the strapping now. I do have a question about the quilt. I assume you haven't slept in the bed to try it out but does it feel heavy? I have a queen size pick stitch one from Pottery Barn ages ago and while I love it the weight is a little much at times. I didn't expect that when I ordered it. What do you think about this one? And it fluffed up a bit after first washing. Actually made my look better. Thanks for sharing this great find with us.

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Dee, It's actually superlight weight. I have a similar quilt (without the cute ruffle edging) and it's quite a bit heavier. This one is so lightweight and perfect for this time of year. When it gets colder, I'll probably add a down comforter underneath! Hope this helps! KariAnne

      1. Image for Dee Dee

        Well I'm blaming it on you! I just ordered the quilt. I told myself my checking account was on strike this month and then I do this!! Now for my ongoing problem and maybe you or another reader has solved it. I recently purchased one of the adjustable (spendy) beds and I like it but I also liked the bedskirt I had on the original bed. Can't have that with these beds. That streamlined modern look is not what I want in any of the bedrooms. So what is the answer? Someone must have figured this out by now....these beds have been around for decades. Or is there a source and I'm not in the loop? Thanks.

  9. Image for Corine Corine

    I have loved everything I've bought from My Texas House line. I think your comforter needs to hop into my shopping cart. Thanks for sharing. The room is lovely.

  10. Image for Diana Diana

    That quilt set is adorable does it wash up well? This room is so cute she will love the new look. I may get that green quilt set for my Mom I think she'll like it. Thanks for keeping us thinking about each season.

  11. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    it looks fabulous. It is So difficult to see those rooms without our children. I feel ya. Gotta say I really REALLY love that color green on the walls. Have a great weekend. Go Bucks! And Go Baylor!

  12. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I love your mini bedroom makeover. It is so cozy! I love your colors. And I can’t believe that I have the same exact luggage rack! I stared at the picture for a long time. Wow! Are we kindred spirits? Lol. Your room is so pretty!!

  13. Image for Leisa Haynes Leisa Haynes

    This room makeover will make her feel HOME for Thanksgiving. It's a grown up and with that pink carpet I love it! I like the bed covers! So welcoming! Good job Kari!

  14. Image for Karen B. Karen B.

    KeriAnne, It looks so pretty and fall-like. You are amazing. I bet your daughter will be so thrilled when she's home for Thanksgiving (or before). ❀️😊 Karen B.

  15. Image for Nina A. Nina A.

    What a charming room to relax in on autumn evenings with a good book. The display of pumpkins and books with jackets on the bedside table is very cozy, and is giving me ideas to do something similar on my coffee table. Finally, a great reminder to shop your own home seasonally and give new looks to a room with decor you already own.


    Karianne, The bedroom makeover is just gorgeous. Would you happen to have purchase details on the upholstered beige chair near the closet?

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