Kentucky Barn


How many laps around the barn will it take to work off a bite-size Snickers?


I need to know.

You see….I raided the Halloween candy basket this weekend.

Who does stuff like that?


It’s not something I am proud of.

Probably not my finest hour or a story to be passed down from generation to generation.


Leaves int he tree


I meant to eat just one.

One tiny bite sized Snickers.

But the candy basket kept calling.

The Reese’s and the Milky Way and the Hershey’s all told me they were feeling left out.

And right now I think I might have bite-sized my way to a new exercise program.


Fall Leaf


So I’m starting the program tomorrow.

Tomorrow is always the best day to start.

Tomorrow I’m marking out a path through the fall leaves and over the hills and through the woods.

And around the barn.

The thing is…..if four times around the barn equals one bite-sized Snicker bar…..

……I think I’m going to be walking the Boston Marathon 🙂

Folk Header

And last week…..somewhere between raiding the candy basket and planning for the Boston Marathon.

I became a contributor to the Folk Magazine blog.


Can you believe it?

I am so excited!



Have you heard of Folk Magazine?

It is amazing.

Truly one-of-a kind.


Cover of Folk Magazine


It’s a magazine devoted entirely to embracing a simpler country lifestyle.

Full of stories and beautiful photographs and how-to’s and recipes and features about life here in this America that we all know and love.

In an era when life is rushing by at break-neck speed….Folk magazine is a refreshing alternative.

There are articles on shopping and collecting and gardening and cooking and home remodeling and decorating and entertaining and travel.

Told from a fresh and unique perspective.

All American.

All heart.

All Folk.

And today I am blessed and so full of joy to tell you that I am posting over on Folk’s blog.

So grab your cup of coffee or tea or diet coke or sparkling water and join me over here!


But can we keep the Halloween candy thing just between us 🙂


PS  To celebrate 11,000 Facebook likes, Folk is having a subscription special!  Only $11.00 for the year (normally$25)!  Click here to get your copy!

They also have an AMAZING Christmas issue!  You can click here to see a digital preview!



PPS  One more quick announcement:  I am going to be on a Google Hangout on Tuesday at 2:00 pm EST presenting Five Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas For Under $10 with Heather and Vanessa from At the Picket Fence.  We are going to be live demonstrating inexpensive holiday decorating ideas found over on Hometalk 🙂

I can promise lots of laughs and some great Thanksgiving ideas 🙂


Here’s the link….but it doesn’t go live until 2:00pm EST on Tuesday!

Please note:  I am a paid contributor to Folk Magazine,  but all opinions on Folk Magazine and Halloween candy and Boston Marathons are completely and utterly my own.  For more information see my disclosure policy.

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Click here to get my FIVE BEST secrets.


  1. Image for Leo at Cottage at the Crossroads Leo at Cottage at the Crossroads

    Folk Magazine sounds and looks like something Jane and I can really enjoy. Since we moved back home to the Cottage at the Crossroads, the simple country lie is a welcome change. One problem, the roads and barns are not big enough to control my obsession with candy bars. Oh well, the serenity of the country life might make the difference.

  2. Image for Colleen Colleen

    I, too, am a snickeraholic. My kids just hand them over now. No questions asked. I am going to start that exercise program tomorrow, as well. Ok, not really. Congrats on Folk Magazine. I will head over after I get the kids off to school - minus their snickers.

  3. Image for Suzy @ Worthing Court Suzy @ Worthing Court

    Congratulations, Kari! You will be a perfect fit with FOLK magazine. I'm looking forward to receiving my first copy of their magazine! BTW - I was majorly disappointed to find out that the bag of assorted candies that I purchased for the trick-or-treaters didn't have any Snickers in it - horrors! ;)

  4. Image for Mary@athomeonthebay Mary@athomeonthebay

    I don't think you were alone in the Halloween candy raid, Karianne. If you hear foot steps behind you, it is probably me running off my loot. Congratulations on your Folk Magazine news. That is so exciting!

  5. Image for Tiffini Tiffini

    YES! I CAN believe it girl! YOU are the original ROCKSTAR after all...even if you do eat .............:) I know big things are in your future...BIG..ginormous..EPIC really. Seriously though - I love the whole vibe of the magazine and I am going over to read and see about subscribing to it. Thank you again for sharing us - now I just need to hire! love ya girl! xo

  6. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Congratulations Kari!! surprise that you are a contributor....they have found a true talent....and looks like you are in great company!!....It was nice to have met the "folks" from Folk Magazine at the Country Living Fair. Such a great group and great magazine....Again, so happy for you "hitched your wagon to a star"....

  7. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    Congratulations, Karianne! You totally rock! I'm so proud of you! You will contribute so much to this magazine! I have already subscribed! Can't wait to see you there! I say it's okay to raid the Halloween candy! Enjoy!

  8. Image for Nana Diana Nana Diana

    Oh- I am so excited for you. I don't know this magazine at all but I will look for it now. Congratulations! What a wonderful achievement!!! I can't tell you how many years I raided the kids candy and then lied and said I threw it out...yeah...I was THAT bad mother! lol xo Diana

  9. Image for Bliss Bliss

    You know.... I'm not surprised at all. In fact, I'm surprised you were not snapped up sooner. At least by the Snickers people. I'll be there on the sidelines cheering you on as your run through Folk magazine territory. But I'm not running with you over the river and through the woods. Bliss

  10. Image for Donnamae Donnamae think we're going to keep this candy thing secret, huh? Well, we are, cause I think it's everyone's dirty little secret! Congrats on Folk magazine, what a fun gig for you! I'll be sure and check it out, right now...bye...;)

  11. Image for Patty Soriano Patty Soriano

    Karianne, congratulations on being chosen by Folk ! I've heard of this magazine, but I have never held one in my hands. I'll try to find a copy in the city. Thank you for giving us all those great links to go check out today. Looking forward to seeing what's going on ! Snickers is our favorite here. I'm hitting up the after-Halloween candy sales ! Shall I send you a bag ? hee hee, snicker, snicker

  12. Image for Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    If Kari leaves her farmhouse in KY at 9:07 am and Kelly leaves her 100 year old house in NJ at 10:11am, how long will it take them to work off all of those bite sized Snickers bars? Boston Marathon, here we come! So excited to be a FOLK contributor with you - those caramel apples look amazing (ut-oh ... maybe I'll need the NYC Marathon too)! Kelly

  13. Image for andrea andrea

    holy smokes, girl, you are on fire! so happy for you, but not in the least surprised! ps I was back to my greek yogurt and splenda this morning. Too many treats and not enough tricks this year.....and I have to make room for all those Christmas goodies!

  14. Image for Angie @ Beneath the Magnolias Angie @ Beneath the Magnolias

    Congrats Karianne! That's awesome. I'm sure you will be the perfect addition to their magazine. Folk magazine does sound wonderful, simple country life. My life is getting more busy and "citified" by the minute. I raided my kids candy too. I ate snickers and peanut butter cups for breakfast everyday until we ran out. I can't wait to read your articles!

  15. Image for Beverly Beverly

    I'm so proud of you I could "bust my buttons". Congratulations, KariAnne.♥ I'm happy to say that I am not tempted by candy, but I definitely have other temptations.

  16. Image for Laura @ Our Prairie Home Laura @ Our Prairie Home

    Congratulations!! I love FOLK and I have been a subscriber since the beginning! I can't wait to see the Christmas issue. So happy for you!

  17. Image for Regina Regina

    You can keep the Snickers (OK, my vice includes Whoppers, Hershey's, Reece's, and Twix, because we all know that if you DON'T prepare for Trick-or-Treaters, you will be inundated with them). Just give me the BARN. I have an ongoing love affair with barns, since my childhood. Both my grandfathers had amazing barns - one because it had this amazing hayloft that my cousins and I played in every summer, the other simply because my grandfather was THERE. I have an old coat that I call my "barn coat," that my husband keeps teasing me about ditching (after wearing it for nearly 20 years). He says that since we don't have a barn, I don't need a barn coat. My logic is that ONE DAY, I will have my barn again. :) Congrats all over the place on the magazine! The blog was beautiful, too! Checking the budget to see if it has another magazine subscription in it!

  18. Image for Atta Girl Amy Atta Girl Amy

    So excited for you! Your post today at Folk blog was terrific, BTW. And please let me know what you find out about the Snickers calorie burning. Would this also apply to blte-sized Reese's cups and FastBreak bars? Or could I just walk around my butt. It's almost barn-sized! :) Smile. Amy

  19. Image for Pinky Pinky

    Congratulations, Kari Anne! Noone deserves it more than you! I am going to go over and get a peak! As far as the candy goes, I, too, eat a bite sized Snickers EVERY night!!! Just one but..... I love them too, so you are SO not alone. Wish I could walk with you! XO, Pinky

  20. Image for Sheila @sZinteriors Sheila @sZinteriors

    Wow, I feel like I was right there! Beautifully written, and the photos are gorgeous. I loved the Little House series, and was quickly taken back to that simpler time in my life when I dreamed I too, could be Laura Ingalls! You know how as kids we all have a dream ;-) You have inspired me to go make some cornbread!!!

  21. Image for Tammie Tammie

    Wow that's awesome!!! I feel your pain about the Halloween candy :) You just can't eat one that's for sure!!!

  22. Image for Lynn @thevintagenest Lynn @thevintagenest

    Just back from my walk KariAnne around my neighbor's property and barn. He has the most beautiful barn. I could live in it! (it's has AC and heat). So your post on barns was so apropo. You are so sweet to check in. We never made it to N.J. to visit my son. He still has no power but the good news is his father-in-law got theirs back so they spent the weekend there and started the cleanup of their yard....tons of trees down. Our tickets got cancelled and had we decided to drive, I am afraid we would have been stuck on the New Jersey turnpike for days. Maybe, just maybe we will go for Thanksgiving. :) This Momma needs to see her baby! :) congratulations on being a writer for the magazine. I know every one of your articles will be fabulous! xoxo

  23. Image for Lorrie Lorrie

    Congrats on becoming a contributor to Folk Magazine. I'll be off to explore just as soon as I finish this comment. I'm pretty sure that if one Googles "raiding Halloween candy and eating too many" your name will pop up. Near the very top. Just sayin'

  24. Image for Diane | An Extraordinary Day Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Wowwie Zowwie! Karianne, I knew you were amazing....this is just one more little thing to prove it to more people!!! What a blessing you will be to the folks who read FOLK! And besides, you needed those extra "bites" for all the dancing you must have been doing. Doing the dance of joy with you and popping over to check it all out!! {hugs}

  25. Image for Becca Becca

    Don't worry ... I raided the Halloween candy, too! It's simply NOT Halloween if you don't! And, how exciting that you're joining the FOLK Magazine team ... they're lucky to have you! Next stop ... tv!

  26. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Well, shut my mouth and drop my drawers! The stars are shining so bright over here, even Don Draper would be proud! Yay, Thistle! I'm so excited for you!!!

  27. Image for Traci Traci

    Kari ann I promise your candy raiding secret is safe with me! Only because I have been raiding the candy all week! Luckily it is about gone so that will all come to an end soon! I love the first pic of the barn soooo pretty! Congrats on becoming a contributing editor! Very exciting! Traci P>S> I just started exercising last week and I'm up to 15 min of running on treadmillthat is all I can handle before I feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack! LOL

  28. Image for Laura Laura

    Ha, I used to always raid my daughter;s Halloween candy. I kind of looked on it as my civic duty. After all, I was saving them from cavities. Congratulations, my sweet friend. So Kentucky proud of you. Hugs, Laura

  29. Image for Rhonda~Ramblings of a Southern Girl Rhonda~Ramblings of a Southern Girl

    Congrats! That is awesome news about the magazine! I've not heard of it, but I will definitely being checking that one out! ...and as for the Halloween candy, I've learned to buy the candy I DON'T like! ha! ...or else it never makes it to Halloween night! Haha!

  30. Image for Susan @ Afford Your Passions Susan @ Afford Your Passions

    Congratulations on becoming a contributor to that magazine - how exciting for you! As for the Halloween candy - I make it my personal pledge to not buy Halloween candy that I like; that way, I'm not tempted to raid the stash of candy. My son keeps his stash of candy (acquired while trick or treating) in his bedroom, out of harm's way (well, out of my harm's way, anyway... he's on his own!)

  31. Image for Sarah@20 State Sarah@20 State

    It is scientifically proven ( in a sports science vs's chocolate lovers unite kinda way) that even thinking about walking around an amazingly beautiful red barn burns off mini, bite size chocolates made by horrible, horrible skinny people with high cholesterol! Just thought you should know, please don't break out the spandex just yet...BTW how awesome are you!!

  32. Image for Amy W. Amy W.

    Love reading your posts! You truly a wonderful inspiration!! The opening pic. of the barn is an awesome view to dream in for this Michigan Girl!! Thanks so much!!! :)

  33. Image for betty betty

    Wow KariAnne! This is big stuff! You go girl!! We can say we knew you when.....;) These photos are amazing. You deserve all the candy!

  34. Image for Michelle O Michelle O

    I LOVE that photo of the tree. I can just see it printed on canvas and hanging over my mantel. :) BEAUTIFUL.

  35. Image for Adventuresindinner Adventuresindinner

    Well, of course we believe it! Because you are awesome. Don't worry about the candy-had to explain to the 2 1/2 year old why there were candy wrappers in Mommy and Daddy's room this morning. Ummm, yeah, she must have left them there.

  36. Image for tara tara

    God has given you such favor in blogland, and I am celebrating it all with you! Congrats on being chosen for Folk...I hadn't heard of it before this post, so I'm excited to read up on it.

  37. Image for Jen @ Migonis Home Jen @ Migonis Home

    I for one cannot even blame them for one second for selecting you to be a contributor and maybe you should ask them why they didn't get on it sooner? ;) AJ is the Snicker-a-holic in this family, he could eat an entire bag in one sitting no problemo... :)

  38. Image for Susan Susan

    Congratulations Karianne on your new Folk Magazine gig. I'm so excited for you! I know you will be great. I ordered my subscription last night, can't wait to get in the mail. Have a happy day!

  39. Image for Heather @ Thrifty Stories Heather @ Thrifty Stories

    Congrats on Folk magazine. I hopped right on over and read it- great job! My husband and I have been eating candy each evening after we put the kids in bed...and in the morning before they get up. {blush} Chocolate is my long-time BFF.

  40. Image for Jodi Stuber Jodi Stuber

    I just (today) discovered your blog via a friend and I am just blown away. I love what I have seen so far AND I love your writing style- mainly because it reminds me of how I talk (and think). I am now following and can't wait to read more :) and congrats on the Folk Magazine- thats awesome- Guess I will have to check that out too- DARN!

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