Wood slices make great project starters

You guys.

You guys.

You guuuuuuuyyyyyssssss.  I cannot wait to show you the magazine when it comes out.  Like SERIOUSLY.  The team that’s here is incredible and amazing and awesome and they wrote the book on how to make a pumpkin look like a supermodel.

There are apples and leaves and things that sparkle and ideas and DIY’s and creative projects and wood slices.  I am so full of joy and creative inspiration right now I think my heart could sing in three-part harmony.

I can’t spill the coffee beans yet on the projects to go into the magazine, so I thought I would tide us all over with some fun wood slice projects.

Drumroll please.

Create this unique chalkboard wood slice wreath

Chalkboard wood slice wreath.

Perfect for fall and when you’re done you could switch out the wreaths and you’d be ready for Christmas.

DIY found here.

DIY rustic pumpkin stand wood sliced pumpkins

Wood slice pumpkins.

Cutest pumpkins ever who are just happy to be at the party?

DIY found here.

Turn a wood slice into this unique, rustic cutting board

Here’s a wood slice turned into a cutting board.

It’s theme song would be “It Cuts Like a Knife.”

(I’m so sorry….I couldn’t help it) 🙂

DIY found here.

Make this incredible DIY wood slice wreath

Same song, second verse on the wreath.

I love this one because it’s tiny wood slices.

DIY found here.

This unique wood slice centerpiece will add charm to your home

Wood slice centerpiece.

If you have five decorating minutes, you can make this for Thanksgiving.

DIY found here.

Thanksgiving place setting name tags

Wood slice Thanksgiving name tags.

Personalize your Thanksgiving and then let your guests take them home and hang them on their tree.

DIY found here.

Make this unique monogram and painted wood slice wreath

Here’s a little monogram with your wood slice.

It’s the second version of our first wreath idea.

DIY found here.

DIY Wood slice Christmas Tree decoration

Merry early wood slice Christmas.

I made this DIY from the wood slices at the  Christmas tree farm.

DIY found here.

I hope you enjoyed the wood slice hall of fame.

I love them each and every one.

And now?

I have to go.  It’s time to start decorating for Christmas. 🙂

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  1. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    These are the BEST ideas for tablescapes! I LOVE the clipboard, the grapevine wreaths, and the name tags! Inspired for Thanksgiving! Did I tell you I have FOUR trees down in the yard that have to be sliced?....just in case you need more "Wood" in your life! Keep on inspiring!

  2. Image for Taste of France Taste of France

    When he was little my brother had a wood-burning kit, like a soldering pen, for etching designs or pictures on pieces of wood. This reminded me of it, and I can practically smell the burning wood. Do they still exist?

  3. Image for Mary Crozier Mary Crozier

    Kari Anne, You are an inspiration! I so loved your post on apples that it was the prompt for my post today on Life at Bella Terra....I could just feature you each and every time. Thanks for being the wind under my wings. Mary

  4. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Oh man, you've got me thinking fun projects!!! Here in AZ it's been stinking hot so fall feels like it never came. Yet. I've needed something to get my creative juices going again. And YOU are my hero! I looooove everything you've sampled!!! Can't wait to try some of them. I've got my mom moving in so we'll be crafting buddies and you are our inspiration!! I love your posts so much! Can't wait to find them in my in box!!!

  5. Image for Julie B Julie B

    I may have missed something... do we know what magazine you are referring to? :-) These wood projects are VERY fun!

  6. Image for Michelle Michelle

    So many great wood slice projects! Who knew??? I have to say my all time favorite is the chalk board in the middle change the wreath for the season wood slice project. Genius! I can't wait to see the magazine spread on your blog and buy the magazine -- so happy for you, Karianne :-)


    KariAnne, I really like your wood slices! We have a birch tree that my hubby has to take down. He will cut me some wood slices that I can use in our home. You always have so many DIY's for us and I thank you! We continue to pray for you all! Have a blessed day, my friend!

  8. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I keep telling my hubby that we need a chainsaw. We used to have a gargantuan one when we lived in the country. Once we moved to the city he gave up lumberjack type things. But we have these trees around our house that need to be shaped up or cut down -- so I'm suggesting a chainsaw. I think I may get him one for Christmas. If he says he won't use it I'll tell him I will. That is a sure guarantee that he'll do it. He thinks I'm a little on the klutzy side :-(. I do have a tendency to run into things but that's because I'm always looking around observing. I really want to make plate holders with a wood slice. You do inspire me. Have a wonderful evening!! Sending hugs!

  9. Image for Susan Susan

    These are all amazing wood-slice projects, KariAnne....in particular, I lurve the wreaths, the Christmas tree, and the name tags are such a great idea which carry you from Thanksgiving to Christmas...well done! Many happy congratulations on the magazine spread, too...you sooooooo deserve this! And I hope your baby girls are feeling better and better with each passing day...keeping all y'all in my thoughts and prayers!

  10. Image for Michael@CraftyDad.com Michael@CraftyDad.com

    Can't wait for the details on the magazine project. In the meantime, your photos make me want to leave work early to go home and paint my front door some new color. A color that would look perfectly awesome behind one of those wreaths. Geez. That's some sweet decorating sister. We're at the beginning of re-doing our finished basement area. You know: new carpet, new paint, new decorations. And we want to get it all done before Christmas. Zip. Zap. Gotta get busy. Hugs, Michael

  11. Image for Jill Jill

    Just curious if I need to do anything to the newly cut wood to prep it or to make it critter free to bring into my home. Would love to try a couple of these projects. Thanks-

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