There are days when I am all about myself and my handmade projects.

And then?

I visit my sister, Whitney.

A couple of weeks ago when I was home for Thanksgiving, I went to a show that Whitney was asked to be a part of put on by ETSY.  I didn’t get a chance to peek at the items she had in her booth before she left the show.

Good thing.

They would have never left the house.

Seriously, ya’ll.  I know she’s my sister and as a blogger I’m supposed to be impartial and discerning and look at everything with a critical eye…

…but she literally made me want get a megaphone and shout from the rooftops that I was related to her.

So I bought one of almost everything she had and asked her if I could show all of you and tell how she made them just in case you needed a little extra handmade Christmas inspiration.

You might want to grab a megaphone, too. 🙂


1. Peace on Earth ornament

She found globe ornaments at different stores.

Then she printed out vinyl cutouts and stuck them on the globe.

There were dozens of choices like joy and love and hope.

You could use stickers for the project, too.


2. There’s No Place Like Home galvanized box

She found these galvanized boxes at the craft store, then glued wood letters to the front.

Inside is a map she cut out of the state of Texas.

If you make these as a gift, you could add whatever state is home to you.


3. It’s a Wonderful World tag

She took a wood tag (she also did the same thing with wood signs) and cut letters out of a map and glued them on.

I think I’ve seen map stickers that would work for this, too.

The cutest is that quotes match the paper.



4. Joy to the World banner

In super cute idea news, she cut letters out of a map and glued them onto a piece of jute twine.

There were dozens of quotes like this.

It’s a fun garland to hang up all year round.


5. Ho Ho Ho felt bowls

She made these bowls out of a piece of stiff felt with buttons at the corner and stitching at the top.

Then she cut Ho Ho letters out of felt and stitched them on.

It the perfect little place to keep Christmas cards or extra ribbon or ornaments.



6. Felted succulents

These were my favorite.

She made the tiny succulent leaves out of felted wool and glued them into a terracotta pot.

And the best part?

Those succulents are pretty smart.

They always know the right thing to say during the holidays. 🙂

PS I know she has a few things left in her ETSY shop just in case you aren’t feeling crafty.  You can check them out here or you convo her if you see something you like that isn’t listed.

PPS I love you Whitney. 🙂

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  1. Image for Peg Peg

    "Remember that you are talented and that your talent has value." Jessica Hische So much talent in your family!! So creative. Just beautiful!! : )

  2. Image for Lynn Spencer Lynn Spencer

    Holy Mackerel! I can only imagine when you two get together...a creativity blizzard! What great ideas your sister has created. I just popped over to her site to check it all out. Wishing you and your entire family a lovely Christmas. Hugs, Lynn

  3. Image for Susie Susie

    I love your sister, too! Both of you take creativity to a new level and it warms my heart to see you work together. May God bless you and keep you during the holidays and in the days to come :-) ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  4. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Looks like everyone in your family has that creative gene! I thought all of her creations were adorable but I especially like those felt cacti too :-)

  5. Image for Gale Eley Gale Eley

    Love your sister!! My daughter Claire and I took her bookpage folding class and Claire has made so many gifts after learning from her. It's also been a fun project for her to do with her daughter and the books make such great gifts especially when you are on a limited budget. I have so many treasured items in my home that you and your sisters have created. Can't wait to see what you make each other for Christmas this year.

  6. Image for Sheila F Sheila F

    What fun! Love that you had special time with your sis, and love that you shared some of her creations with us! Talent runs deep in your family! KariAnne and Whitney... Crafting Queens Extraordinaire! ? ?

  7. Image for Carol D. Carol D.

    So I have just placed an order with your sister and convo'd her for a custom piece!!! So excited and yes she is fabulous...but that seems to run in your family with your brother, your sisters and yourself! Thanks for sharing her talent!

  8. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Love that peace ornament so much ... the dark brown color (at least on my iPad!) contrasted with white letters, is great! Obviously, your siblings all have a large piece of the "talent gene" too ... everything Whitney has done is really cute! I'm also looking forward to seeing your family's handmade gifts this Christmas. =).

  9. Image for Carla from Kansas Carla from Kansas

    Hi KariAnne, I went to Whitney's Etsy shop. Love her stuff but wanted to let her know the links to your sister's and brother's Etsy shop are broken. Could not see how to contact Whitney so sending to you.

  10. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    We started out making stuff when we were little and carried it over when we grew up. It's the thought that counts!!!

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