Looking for an easy 10-minute DIY planter project? Here’s an easy way to add a little bit of whimsy to your house plants in a planter.

diy planter project birds

Right about the time March turned into April a mama bird built a nest in a wreath on our front door.


She could have built her nest anywhere, but out of all the doors in all the land, she chose our front door wreath to raise her family. One day I walked by the front door and there it was—a nest and a bird and 5 tiny little eggs. I was so excited, but I was so worried. What if someone opened the door and the nest fell? If something happened to those eggs? I couldn’t even think about it.

So one day when the mama bird was out doing whatever mama birds do on their afternoon off, we carefully (without touching the nest at all) lifted the wreath off the hook on the door and walked it about four feet to the window and hung it on a hook.

And then we waited.

One day passed. Two days passed. THREE DAYS passed and there was no sign of the mama.

I was heartbroken. I thought the eggs were orphans.

And then?

Four days later the mama bird arrived back and found the nest and she kept those eggs warm until a week later when they hatched and tiny little baby birds squawked. She found them food to eat and they grew bigger and stronger and then one day they spread their wings and flew away.

So in honor of mama birds and their parenting skills? I have this easy and simple 10-minute project. I took this tiny set of birds I ordered off Amazon.

And made this.

diy planter project

This easy 10-minute DIY planter.

Isn’t it the cutest?

Here’s how I made it and a few other cute things I created with these birds, too.

diy planter project office

|| blue and white curtains ||

diy planter project how to

|| blue and white curtains ||

diy planter project in office

|| blue and white curtains ||

Easy 10-Minute DIY Planter


set of birds

white planters

(I got mine at Trader Joe’s but I found this super cute option)

super glue

diy planter project bird

1. remove clips

This set of birds is so cute.

It comes with clips that I just peeled off the bottom (some of them were already off when I opened the package).

They are the perfect size to add to any project.

diy planter project painting

2. Paint the birds

DO NOT spray paint these birds.

They shriveled up when they were spray painted.

Instead, just use a basic white craft paint and paint two coats on them, letting them dry between coats.

3. Glue the birds to the planter

After the birds dry? Add a drop of super glue to the bottom of the bird.

Then press in place on the white planter and let it dry.

Super glue holds so much better than hot glue.

I got mine at Trader Joe’s but I found this super cute option.

Here’s what the bird looks like on the planter.

This DIY planter project is such an EASY way to add a little bit of whimsy and elevate a basic planter.

Now all that’s left is to add the flowers.

I love this DIY planter project and they look so cute sitting on this cabinet in the new office.

You can see my office makeover and a little before and after here.

And after I finished the planters? I had a few birds left over.

Guess what I did with them?

First I added the birds to the tops of white ware on the hutch in the kitchen.

They are so cute on lids or on handles of the white ware.

The birds add a little whimsy to the hutch.

Then I tucked the birds into these nests in the kitchen.

I have these glass cloches with little nests with eggs.

If I squint they look like that nest on my front door.

And in amazing news?

This week, I saw two more mama birds sitting on nests in my nandinas.

I took this pic through my office window today.

I guess those birds feel like I do about this house.

It’s the perfect place to raise your chicks. 🙂

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  1. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Oh I LOVE birds and nests and mama birds taking care of their babies!! Cute idea! I do a bird Christmas tree in the loft upstairs so I might steal some of the bird ornaments now and do this:) We also had a nest in the front porch wreath last year....pretty messy so I left it off this year. But we have other areas like on a gutter downspout curve where they built so I'm happy.

  2. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    My Carolina Wren always builds her nest in the oddest places. This year she has chosen a shelf right next to our back door which is our busiest door. Doesn't seem to bother her at all. No eggs as yet but I'm sure their will be soon. We will keep an eye on the progress of her new home.

  3. Image for U. Zacharias U. Zacharias

    Love this project! Can you please send a link for the curtains? I thought it would be in the office makeover post, but haven't seen the link yet. Thank you!! ; )

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Of course! Here's the link to the curtains: https://urlgeni.us/amazon/bMwn Let me know if you have any questions! Happy day! KariAnne

  4. Image for Kris Kris

    This is the first year that I can remember when we haven't had a mama bird with eggs in a nest on my front porch wreath. That's what motivates me to change from a winter to a spring wreath. We typically use a side door instead of the front, but I've never had a problem with the nest or eggs falling off. Thanks for your cute craft idea.

  5. Image for Be Be

    Birds are so fun to watch and the babies are so precious. Birds are amazing. I was happy to see you do these arrangements. When my sister passed away, she left a basket full of red birds. So everyone got one to put in a wreath or a plant. A sweet memory. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    SUPER cute craft idea. Looks so nice and would make such a nice Mother's Day or hostess gift, or when visiting an elderly or sick friend. I am so surprised that mama bird came back - usually they abandon nests if they are tampered with - and the eggs lived without her heat too? How wonderful. You must be so happy. You know me - Finch Rest lady - birds is my jam! ♥♥♥

  7. Image for June DeHart June DeHart

    I saw a little bird building a nest on the wreath on my front door a couple of weeks ago. One day I checked and there were several blue eggs in the nest. One was a bit different though. I wasn’t sure the mother was sitting in the nest. Today I saw her fly out twice. I think they are finch eggs and the speckled one is a cowbird egg. I’ve seen the cowbird at the feeder. Now I go in and out via the garage for a few weeks. A robin built a nest on the rafter of the deck. But I can go out that door carefully.

  8. Image for Kay Kay

    I love birds and bird nests. Painting these white was a wonderful idea. If you want to bring an abandoned nest inside, please put it in a plastic bag and in your freezer for at least one week, two is better. These nests could have mites and they should be allowed to die before putting them on display.

  9. Image for Pam Smith Pam Smith

    I have a mama hummingbird who built her nest on top of a Christmas light hanging on my back patio. I'm so excited to see the babies grow and fly on to their next adventure!

  10. Image for Donna Bellomo Donna Bellomo

    We have a two story bathroom window where I put faux flowers in an iron planter. For the last three years we have had Doves make their nest there, as they can hide behind the flowers. My grandson can watch the progress from inside the house and we love it! It is quite messy right over our front door but we don't have the heart to chase them away and they are so fun to watch! You probably won't believe this, but I can talk to the Doves through the screen and they are not afraid and do not fly away. The Dove whisperer.LoL

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