No-Bake-Oreo-Cake-Pops Labe.


I wish you lived down the road from me….

….and you knew how to make cake pops.

I really wished you lived down the road so you would stop by for sweet tea…..but cake pop knowledge would be an added bonus.

The whole cake pop experience was a total “bless my heart.”

The cake pops were falling off the sticks and the icing was dripping everywhere and the eggs were lumpy and then the pop part would fall into the icing and I then would valiantly try to re-stick it….all to no avail.


It looked so easy.

All over blog land and Pinterest and Facebook there are beautiful photos of beautiful smiling happy people who easily….without any effort…..make cake pops….

….and they don’t live down the road from me, either.




You see…..I’ve never made cake pops before….well….actually….I’ve never really made much of anything before.

Except for pie crust.

But I did it.

I made cake pops.

And after all the dripping and falling and cracking and re-sticking…..four cake pops survived the journey.


Easter egg cake pops in a chocolate nest.

Learned from the school of cake pop hard knocks.



Easter Egg Cake Pops

adapted from this recipe


30 Oreos (with the icing left in)

1/2 package cream cheese

white candy melts


Step 1:  Crush Oreos.

I think this is where it all started to go south.

You want to crush them into the littlest tiniest pieces possible.

I put them in a plastic bag and rolled a rolling-pin.

I should have rolled more.

You don’t want any big pieces or kind of big pieces left or your eggs will be lumpy.



Step 2:  Add cream cheese

Mix cream cheese and Oreo crumbs thoroughly until it forms a dough.

I used my hands to mix the dough.


Step 3:  Roll dough into the shape of an egg

Form an egg shape with the dough.

Place on parchment paper and place in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes until firm.


Step 4:  Melt candy melts in a double boiler

Insert stick in the end of the egg and coat with chocolate.

I found that if you dipped a spoon in the chocolate and drizzled it….you had a much greater percentage of the egg actually staying on the stick.

Let as much candy melt drip off as possible.

Place stick and egg upright in a styrofoam block covered in parchment paper.

Place into refrigerator until set.


Step 5:  Remove sticks after candy melt sets

Remove the stick and cover hole with a little bit of remaining chocolate.

Flick melted dark chocolate onto the egg and place in a chocolate nest.


No-Bake-Oreo-Cake-Pops Labe.


The nests are just chow mein noodles and melted chocolate chips.

The kind you made in kindergarten and put those little foil eggs inside.


I’m glad I tried it….dripping icing and broken cake pops and all.

But I would like a little help for the next time.

So, if you are one of the cake pop beautiful people….can you give a girl and her Easter egg cake pops some advice?

I’ll start fixing the sweet tea, now. 🙂


PS  Looking for a little more recipe inspiration?  Be sure to check out my recipe page.

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  1. Image for judy judy

    Like you, I tackled cake pops for the first time this weekend, with our grandchildren, and also like you, I did not find it as easy as all the gifted people who so kindly share on blogs and pinterest. I do find it so interesting, that you can tackle something for the first time and have it come out looking so good as your eggs on the nest. Great idea!

  2. Image for Lori H Lori H

    Haven't had much luck making pretty cake pops. Definitely an art to it! I like your eggs and nests. Very springy!

  3. Image for Colleen Colleen

    We tried cake pops with a very similar result. How clever of you to make eggs! I love the new look to your blog and I would love to live down the street from you! Have a great one!

  4. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    What could be better than oreos and cream cheese!...Great job those bird nests!!...

  5. Image for Amy Watson Amy Watson

    I feel your pain.....I have tried them a few different ways...But the best cake pops I ever made were made from a store bought cheesecake....YEP...STORE BOUGHT PRE MADE CHEESECAKE...I bought a plain one but any flavor will work..except the ones with the fruit pie filling topping..don't use those....Anyway...dump th whole cheescake in a big bowl and with your hands ...Go to town mashing it all up.....crust and all!!!!!! roll into balls (or eggs) and chill until really firm....insert stick and dip in whatever flavor of candy melts or choc. chips melted that you like...These really hels together and taste out of this world..I mean rhet ARE cheesecake...yummm..and if I can do it you surely can!!!!!!

  6. Image for Nana Diana Nana Diana

    LOL- I have been afraid to try making those little suckers for all the reasons you described. Yours turned out pretty cute! Have you ever seen the blog called Pinstrosity? It is hysterical and you will think you did a really grand job after you see some of those submissions. xo Diana

  7. Image for Brenda Rhodes Brenda Rhodes

    I had the same problem with my cake pops! Why does everything always look so easy on the Internet? I did find they stayed on the stick better if I put them in the freezer instead of the fridge. Also, when I tried to make mine I was using melted almond bark for the icing and it was too heavy. I started using canned icing and melting it and it worked much better. I think part of the problem with yours was making them in the shape of an egg caused them to be bigger than your average cake pop and gravity won. But what good is Easter Egg Pops shaped in a ball? Who ever heard of Easter Ball Pops? But you might start something! Nah, just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it? Haha Love your blog and love you!!!

  8. Image for Christina Thurlow Christina Thurlow

    I think they look great! I tried cake pops once and had the same problem but they still tasted great! haha After mine flopped I was told to stick them in the freezer next time. And if you have a food processer, I'd try that to crumble the cookies even finer. :) I have made them since but those eggs are so cute I might have to try them again.

  9. Image for Suzanne Suzanne

    Your Easter Egg Cake Pops are beautiful! They're hard work, I agree. I talked my sister-in-law out of making them for her son's Kindergarten class last week, because of how time intensive they can be; and suggester mini cupcakes instead (lol!). Your posts are often so funny! Thank you for such lovely photos and inspiration!

  10. Image for Suzanne of SimplySuzannes Suzanne of SimplySuzannes

    Your Easter Egg Cake Pops are beautiful! They’re hard work, I agree. I talked my sister-in-law out of making them for her son’s Kindergarten class last week, because of how time intensive they can be; and suggester mini cupcakes instead (lol!). Your posts are often so funny! Thank you for such lovely photos and inspiration!

  11. Image for Kathryn Kathryn

    K.... I would love to live down the road from you, drink tea and giggle about cake pops... Thank you for always sharing your joys with me/us. You are a great coffee date in the cold mornings in Washington, D.C. I'm ready for Easter, spring and flip-flops... All done snow and wind-chill. Best, K

  12. Image for nantucketdaffodil nantucketdaffodil

    You absolutely make me laugh....every time! I wish I lived down the street, because then we could have laughed hysterically at the fact that neither one of us could keep the cake pops on the sticks,or the icing on the cake....too funny.

  13. Image for Beverly Beverly

    You're a brave girl, KariAnne. And, just look at how cute those look in the chocolate nest. You know how to make everything look stunning. You had me laughing when you mentioned lumpy eggs. Lumpy eggs vs smooth eggs? As long as they look pretty and taste yummy, you succeeded. It seems like very little cream cheese to crushed cookie ration.

  14. Image for Elle Elle

    The reason they didn't stay on the stick is because you weren't using cake. The cookie crumb ones are usually placed on a fork for dipping so they don't fall apart. Try some cake pops made with actual cake. It's pretty easy. :)

  15. Image for Sally Sally

    Pot roast. Don't forget you made that! And, I totally wish I lived down the road from you too Girlie. Oh my, the fun we'd have!!! I would bring with me virtually NO cake pop knowledge -- since my only experience with cake pops was watching my girl go through the horror ummmm, I mean the PROCESS, yeah, that's it. Anyways, as I watched her struggle, I didn't even offer to help much because -- really? I knew I couldn't do any better. They are tricky. Period. So, good for you for doing EGGS. WITH OREOS. Hello? Talk about a happy place! I'm sure they were delish. xo ~Sally

  16. Image for Sally Sally

    p.s. I just went back and re-read (did I ever tell you I read all of your goodness TWICE?), and read the part about "FLICK-ing" the chocolate. Can I just say? I totally wish I had been there to flick chocolate with you. I can imagine a lot of giggling... =D

  17. Image for Bliss Bliss

    One of my first posts was about the whole red velvet cake pop mess. Just yesterday I saw someone had made red velvet puppy chow to snack on. That is something that will NEVER EVER be made at this house. I don't even want to think of the "red" mess it would create, would have to be worse than my ginormous FAIL at cake pop making. Bliss

  18. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Back up the train there Karianne....I never made chocolate nests in kindergarten...and I went to kindergarten twice! Truth! Do they taste as delicious as they look? Well, I can drive down the road a piece, be there in about ten hours...maybe's snowing you know...and you can show me how to make the nests. Then we can tackle that stick thing...we 'd have so much fun...I can just see us now! ;)

  19. Image for judi judi

    oh kari anne, bless your heart! my daughter makes the cake pops in our home. its the same recipe that you use but she refrigerates for longer than 15-20 min. and doesn't put them on a stick. i've helped her and we just use a large spoon & dip in the chocolate of choice and then let dry on parchment or wax paper lined cookie sheet (or put back in fridge). sure there's a flat spot but not that noticeable. no matter what they look like...they still taste YUMmy!

  20. Image for Heather @At The Picket Fence Heather @At The Picket Fence

    I think they are DARLING! Too bad you don't have a friend to live down the street and come over and help you make those cake pops and drink a diet coke with you...just sayin' It was fun working with you and Debbie on our Easter Treats! Love ya! Heather

  21. Image for Sheila Moore Sheila Moore

    KariAnne, I would love to live down the lane from you. I have been cake decorating cakes for 30+ years (started very very my parents bakery. We could have so much fun making cake balls, eggs,etc...They really are time consuming but once you get the right consistancy they are east peasy! Use a food processor to make your cookies into fine crumbs, then add the cream cheese and blend until a ball forms. Then make them into your shape, refridgerate and then dip in chocolate. If you dip the end of the stick in some choc and then in the ball it tends to stay in better. Hope this helps and you try again! Love your blog!

  22. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    These birds nests are just adorable and oreo and cream cheese. What a great combination. They would be gone in five minutes in my house. Cynthia

  23. Image for Zolane Zolane

    OHHHH, how I'd LOVE to live down the road from you!!!! Such fun we'd have :) I've never made cake pops so I can't offer any assistance but yours turned out adorable. And if I haven't said it lately, each and every post with every description and every perfect photograph (besides the book I hope you're working on :), you could be a photographer for any decorating or food magazine I've ever perused!) just make me want try to create something as charming, fun and very inspiring :) Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into everything you do. You're a gift to all of us, KariAnne.

  24. Image for Zolane Zolane

    OHHHH, how I'd LOVE to live down the road from you!!!! Such fun we'd have :) I've never made cake pops so I can't offer any assistance but yours turned out adorable. And if I haven't said it lately, each and every post with every description and every perfect photograph (besides the book I hope you're working on :), you could be a photographer for any decorating or food magazine I've ever perused!) just make me want try to create something as charming, fun and very inspiring :) Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into everything you do. You're a gift to all of us, KariAnne. I hope your son's speech went well yesterday!

  25. Image for Heather Heather

    I bought a cake pop machine-very easy but can't make eggs out of them because they come out perfectly round like a little golf ball. I love your's in those beautiful nests!

  26. Image for Dianne Dianne

    Well dear KariAnne you did a wonderful job on these, I cooked for 28 yaers and if I lived down the road I could help and bring goodies with me :):). A girl is only good as her tools, first you need to get a moulinex to do all the crushing, then you do fine, you did anyway with out it.. I could never have done all that cooking with out my chef knife and my moulinex:):) thanks for the invite, have a fabulous day...

  27. Image for Linda Adams Linda Adams

    Karianne, I'm sure they taste great. A food processor might be an easier way to crush the cookies finely but a rolling pin in a baggie works too. I think I'd like to eat the nests. Have a great day! Joyous Wishes, Linda

  28. Image for Nadine Osborne Nadine Osborne

    I made the Oreo cookie balls at Christmas time. 3 batches of them before I was scoop them I used the small scoop I use when baking cookies. I did use my food processor to make the cookie crumbs & mix in the cream cheese. I love the egg shaped ones, you've done top notch job with photos & instructions. I've never made the nest, but I bet I can. Thank you for the smiles this morning. It was fun reading about your introduction to cake balls. I made them last Easter, used a cake & softened icing. What a job!

  29. Image for Kim L. Kim L.

    I was going to make the same suggestion - put every thing in the food processor. Instead of icing you could melt some white chocolate and dip them in it to coat them. I don't know from experience that this would work but sure worth a try. I also agree - you are a hero for even attempting this! You really would not want all of us living down the road from you. First of all, your street would be really crowded and all of us would come to your house every day and you wouldn't get anything done and neither would we. We would all just eat all four of your cake pops and drink all your tea and beg you to decorate our houses. That would be the end of your blog and we would all get really mad and move away!

  30. Image for Jill Flory Jill Flory

    Kari I love how you go on and make stuff even if it doesn't turn out the first time. I'd have dumped it all in the trash when it wasn't working and not ended up with even four adorable cake pop eggs.

  31. Image for Susan Susan

    Cute idea for Easter or Spring in general! I love making cake pops and this shortcut version with Oreos is a winner. Yum, XOXO

  32. Image for Sarah Sarah

    I've never made cake pops, but my niece is a whiz at these. I'll send her your way. She has spring break next week. '-) Oh, she would so love your house, and you two would be immediate friends. She is a dear! ~ Sarah

  33. Image for Debbiecz Debbiecz

    Super adorable...odd bumps and all! The odd shapes say to me that these were made by a real person, not a semi-professional Martha. Last Spring I had to do refreshments at our church for apprx. 150 people and landed upon a cake pop book at the library. Tons of yummy recipes & pretty pictures. Lesson learned? Pops can be time consuming but I did work out a few short cuts. 1. use a meatball scoop and then hand roll a dozen or so at a time. 2. Forget the stick. These pops never last long enough to bother. Your eggs remind me of dinosaur eggs, perfect for a child's birthday party. But I'll definately betraying the eggs for Easter.

  34. Image for Barb @ The Everyday Home Barb @ The Everyday Home

    Normally they are just so sweet, but the oreos and cream cheese sounds yummy. I will come over for some tea, but I can impart zero advise on making these. At least you got enough to photograph. THAT is the important thing after all right? :)

  35. Image for Andrea Andrea

    I have as yet not ventured into the baking of cake pops. My daughter begs me to. You see, she has an ipod app, called candymaker. It has all sorts of adventures in making donuts, cupcakes, and yes, cakepops. She figures she's an expert now. From friends, I have heard other tales of cake pop horrors, and I am reluctant to try it. Your super cutie egg-pops, make me maybe, just maybe think about giving it a try.

  36. Image for Kelli Kelli

    Awwww! They are adorable! I'll bet that they are yummy too. If I were your neighbor...I would swing by on "cake pop day"...and bat my baby hopes for a sample! Ha! (as usual...your pics are amazing.) k.

  37. Image for Shar Shar

    Bless your heart--they're darling! (Really!) The chocolate egg nests make it all look just right. Is over the river close enough for that sweet tea? ;)

  38. Image for Rosalyn Rosalyn

    Just PINned your Easter Egg Cake Pops. I think they are darling, but I most certainly enjoyed your telling of the making of the pops. KariAnne, you make my day.....EVERY day! Such a talented writer, you are! And, you are never ever afraid to shows us who you are. I love that about you.....Storyteller Extraordinaire! ~roz

  39. Image for lisa hains lisa hains

    I've just found and subscribed to your blog---and I JUST LOVE IT!!!! MUCH THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're a blessing with your special, encouraging attitude....... ....and I'd love to come for tea!! ;)) When will it be ready!!!

  40. Image for Colleen Colleen

    I would cheat and buy one of those cake pop makers...I've seen them for $20. You are a brave woman. They look great as easter eggs though :)

  41. Image for Angela Angela

    Absolutely adorable! You crack me up every time!!! Would love to have been in your kitchen watching you make these! I envision flicking chocolate and many laughs! Good times!!

  42. Image for Patty Patty

    They look fabulous, and I'll bet they were darn fiddley to deal with! You are indeed brave to take them on all by yourself, braver than me. Did you know broken cake pops do not have calories?! Enjoy the crumbs, Patty/BC

  43. Image for Connie Connie

    I have never made cake pops and they look so adorable, but intimidating.. I was just wondering if they would be easier to make if you froze the cake part first before dipping... Just a thought... And I would like to say your's turned out really cute... Love the nest idea...

  44. Image for Melanie Melanie

    I've never made cake pops either. I'll just come over to your house and have some. Much easier that way. :-) BTW, I signed up for the Midwest bloggers get-together on the 16th. Looking forward to meeting you in person!

  45. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    Cake pops...............what can I say..............Little Leo tried them and didn't like them he said he thought they were yuck...........although they look pretty..............

  46. Image for karen@somewhatquirky karen@somewhatquirky

    Oh man! I've always made oreo truffles for Christmas and Valentines only. Now I have an excuse to make them for Easter too! Whoohoo! This is a dang cute idea! !! !! !! !! (I'm pretty excited about this...) !!

  47. Image for baileywife baileywife

    Bless. Your. Heart. (Actually been there, done that....feel your pain) Thanks for the fun laughs;) ~Kim

  48. Image for Pinky Pinky

    I always thought they were made out of cake! I am guessing the oreos and cream cheese make then heavy???? They turned out very pretty though! I love the nests. I would try them but my hubby never eats sweets so I would have to eat them all.....NOT a good thing:):) XO, Pinky

  49. Image for Rachel Rachel

    So cuuuute! Thank you for specifying to keep the filling in the Oreo. Sometimes recipes don't specify and I'm never quite sure. Oh, and I love the chocolate nest.

  50. Image for Heather Heather

    They look amazing Karianne! Good for you for sticking it through and accomplishing such pretty and delish looking eggs! So maybe next we could both learn how to make perfect crepes! ;)

  51. Image for Tricia@Little Cottage on the Pond Tricia@Little Cottage on the Pond

    Don't feel bad. My mom is an excellent baker- even makes those sugar eggs with the Easter scenes in them. One year I attempted to make little sheep using mini-marshmallows and cookies. It was an epic fail. Lesson learned- now I just call my mom and order what I need :)

  52. Image for Regina Merrick Regina Merrick

    Two words: food processor. :) I've made them in truffle form, but like someone above commented, now there's anrxcuse to have them for Easter! I'm sure they taste great, and you didn't give up! You GO, GIRL! :)

  53. Image for tara tara

    you give me such fabulous pinning material. :) now, lets hope I try some of these projects and ideas of yours. :)

  54. Image for Debbie Debbie

    It took me forever to figure out the art of cake pops. I think yours turned out cute. I love the eggs in the basket and that it's all edible. I had a customer want kitty cat cake pops. It took me 1 1/2 hours to do 6 cake pops...that's what she ordered...LOL people don't realize how time consuming they really are. The kittens turned out ok, but I think I could have done better. I posted them on my page if anyone would like to look...but don't expect perfection..LOL It's my facebook page Bake U Smile

  55. Image for Diane Diane

    My daughter lives in Frankfort, if she were not teaching plus taking her grad classes I would send her over to share some sweet tea and her knowledge of cake pops. She actually uses cake in hers, lol. Just bake a cake and cool it off, crumble it up, add some frosting till it sticks together, and then pop a stick in and dip in melted chocolate. But those Oreo eggs you made are awesome, we have made those and called them truffles, but then again we are from the North so what do we know, ha ha. Seriously, I do love your eggs, they are perfect! ~Diane

  56. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I haven't tried making cake pops but I did make something similar to your eggs last weekend. My son who is in 8th grade and has Facts class made truffles using the same ingredients that you used. He wanted to try making them at home but wanted to use Nutter Butters and cream cheese. I was a little skeptical but gave it a whirl. We used my handy dandy food processor to crush the cookies and added the cream cheese. We then shaped them in balls and dipped them in chocolate and I have to say they turned out just right. My husband thought we should use sticks so they looked like cake pops but I didn't have any on hand and they were eating them as fast as I was dipping them. This weekend were are trying Oreos dipped in chocolate with a white chocolate drizzle.

  57. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    I love your egg pops! I tackled cake pops for my daughters baby shower and oh man it was more difficult than the lady on the video said. After all was said and done, I realized I should've used chocolate candy melts ( I don't recall that in the video). I want to try your idea with a twist. I have two deviled egg platters and I think it would be cool to add the oreos to the platters, like you would do for the crust of a pie. I would then put a filling into them...if it works. The next step would be to combine both sides of the oreo egg crust, smoosh it down a little and then decorate them. Of course, I just thought about this after seeing your post so I have no idea if this will work haha. Either way, thank you for the inspiration.

  58. Image for Angela Carter Angela Carter

    I have a solution for the oreo problem. Someone may have already suggested this but in case they haven't..... Every year for 27 of my girls BEGS for that Kansas Dirt Cake (or insert your own midwestern State), and I oblige. It took me a few years to figure it out....FREEZE the Oreo Cookie whole before putting them into the food processor or blender and proccess in small batches of about six at a time. This way, the 'stuff' doesn't gunk up the works! It saves so much stinkin' time now I don't cringe when a birthday rolls around. seriously. It's the only way to go. Now, I look for recipes with ground up Oreo's because, I got this! Your EGGS are gorgeous! I'm going to try them.....they look like quail eggs and I want them!

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