I have two amazing facts to share with you today.

Are you ready?

You might want to sit down for this.

Number 1 amazing fact:  You can make this wreath for under $10 in about an hour.

Number 2 amazing fact:  Poldark’s hair looked even more amazing last night than in the first season.

It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

Won’t you be my neighbor?


Can we pause for a moment before we discuss the wreath and talk about last night?

Did you watch it?

Poldark Season Two officially premiered on PBS.  I don’t want to give away the episode in case you taped it and you’re watching it later today, but suffice it to say….

….it was worth the wait.

Here’s a few non-spoiler highlights.  Poldark stood on a cliff in Cornwall looking pensive and chiseled and ruminative as the wind blew his hair in the best way possible.  Poldark’s wife overcomes great obstacles and rides a horse and tears drip from her incredibly blue eyes.  Poldark gives an impassioned speech that will move your heart and make you rewind it just so you don’t miss a word.

I think it’s going to be even better than the first season.  You won’t want to miss it.

And now.

Back to our regularly scheduled wreath tutorial.


The idea for this wreath started with a wreath I made for the front door last fall.  I created it from these wood slice branches I bought at a local store here.  I simply twisted the branches full of wood slices into a circle.  It was an easy project and I wanted to show you how I made it.


Except they don’t make those wood slice branches anywhere.  I couldn’t find them.

I was in agony and wood slice despair, losing all hope of producing a wood slice tutorial.  But you know what they say.

It’s always darkest before the dawn.


Because Saturday at Hobby Lobby I found these.

Yes. Please don’t adjust your screen.  It says $3.99.

And there were about 40 wreath slices in this bag.

I know….right?

I literally let out a yelp in the wood slice aisle of the store.


Then I went to the grapevine aisle and bought one of these.

It was $7.99 (but you can use a 40% coupon).

Or better yet, you can find these at yard sales everywhere.  They usually come with butterflies, daisies and a tiny straw hat.  Just remove the spring accoutrements and proceed with the project.


I brought everything home, opened the bag and simply stared at all this $3.99 goodness.

Then I selected about 35 slices and laid them out on the table.

Next, I cut 35 pieces of small gauge wire about 6 inches long.


I added a drop of hot glue on the back and let it sit for about 10 seconds until it started to harden.

Then I inserted the wire into the glue and let it completely dry and harden.

Repeat this step for the other 34 wood slices.


I then took a wood slice, wound the wire around several of the individual branches and tucked the end of the wire out of sight in the back of the wood slice.

Repeat this step with the other slices.

You’ll want to stagger the slices at different lengths and with different sizes.

I love how the project turned out.

Maybe I should stop by Cornwall….

….and see if Poldark approves. 🙂


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  1. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Cute wreath...and so simple. But something tells me...I shouldn't be assembling the wreath while watching my recorded episode of Poldark!! Thanks for the update on his hair....it is glorious! ;)

    1. Image for Diane Anderson-Edwards Diane Anderson-Edwards

      Actually, I gasped......it's a good thing that my husband isn't "interested" in watching this show!

  2. Image for Judy Larson Judy Larson

    Good morning pretty lady, I met you last spring at the trunk show you did in McKinney Texas, my friend Debbie and I came over from our quilt shop in Lewisville Texas to meet you. I have followed you ever since, I'm sure you don't remember me but I'm a twin also so we talked about your precious twins and their sister. Come to find out my Daughter-in-law has followed you since the beginning of your blog. You gave everyone who came to the trunk show charm pack from your Simple Eclectic collection , I have saved mine until today after I saw the little quilt your posted, now I'll sew mine up. We carry some of your line at our store. Always enjoy you.

  3. Image for Susan Susan

    There's a studied sparseness and beautiful simplicity to this wreath, KariAnne...I can imagine it taking you from fall right through winter, actually...it just has that kind of vibe, no? It's lovely without being fussy...if you wanted to take it up a notch for the Christmas season, one would only need to add a few berries, don't you think? I really love this...I want one...imma start my search for wood slices tonight! We don't have a Hobby Lobby, but we do have lots of woods and forests around...I may just attempt to get mine from Mother Nature's craft store...hehe! K, I really need to get on the Poldark train, from the sounds of it...you make me wonder what I've been missing all of this time! He sounds soooooo meeeeeeooooow! ;)

  4. Image for Sheran Sheran

    Yes!!!! I did watch Poldark last night. Awesome and wonderful and all sorts of good things!!!! About the wreath - why not just glue the slices to the wreath?

  5. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Karianne, Love this wreath. I don't watch anything but HGTV and maybe Hallmark movies once in a while so I don't get the Poldark reference but I'm glad you and the other girls do..LOL!!! Question: Could one just glue on the wood slices without the wire? or is the wire for movement? Just wondering. Again thank you Girl for another great idea.. Patricia (NC Coast)

  6. Image for Sheila F Sheila F

    You SO lucked out on the wood slices, KariAnne! I live over an hour away from a Hobby Lobby, so I checked online... ? ? There were a lot of wood items, the only "slices" were thin plywood... no bark of course! Oh well! I'll cross my fingers and try another online source. Such a great price for those awesome little wood slices, and so versatile. Thanks for the inspiration... I WILL prevail! If not online, I do have a handy-dandy-manly-wood chopping husband! (For the record... my guy has twinkly eyes too!) ✨?✨

  7. Image for Alyce Kennedy Alyce Kennedy

    I must say that you are such an adorable person. Love your smile and the things you share on your blog and I especially love the way you write. Thank you for the giggle, and the wreath tutorial. My day got off on the right foot because of you. You make a difference out here in the world.

  8. Image for Leslie Leslie

    What?!! You amaze me! How did I not think of hot gluing that wire onto things to tie on wreaths?!! Brilliant! And yes, I am right there with you with Poldark...I am going to have to binge watch last season and replay last night because I didn't watch all episodes last season. Can't wait for Victoria to start in January! Happy Monday, friend!!

  9. Image for Angie M Angie M

    GAH! I MISSED POLDARK!!! Just got a new DVR and all my set series had to be reset. I had no idea! So glad you mentioned it. I found last nights episode scheduled for tomorrow morning at 2:00. Now I've set to record it and the remaining series. You saved the Poldark day! Thank you! Don't think I didn't notice that beautiful wreath in all my panic. An excellent DIY!

  10. Image for Natalie Natalie

    Love this wreath! I'm thinking you could add some touches for December and it easily become a Christmas wreath too. And if you love Aiden Turner (Poldark) I'd recommend Being Human (the original UK version), or last year's BBC miniseries And Then There Were None, based on an Agatha Christie murder mystery. He's just as brooding in both of those...

  11. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

    Suzi, Yes! You won't BELIEVE all the cute stuff I'm bringing! I'm actually doing a post on it on Thursday so everyone can see what will be in the booth! I'm in the main market sharing a booth with Lucy from Lucy's Inspired. Hope to see you there! karianne

  12. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Oh, No! I am late reading e's, and now all of the bags of wood slices will be gone (to all your followers/readers who beat me to Hobby Lobby!) And Sheila F. has burst my "maybe I can find them online bubble!" I love this wreath, too, mostly because of its simplicity. I've always liked to use wood in decorating projects ~ I bought a bag of the slices a year or two back, somewhere online ~ but if I recall mine was at least $12.99 plus shipping (and with many fewer slices!)! So what a deal you found! I'm sure your way is the best, allowing for flexibility and keeping the "twigs" separated, I would probably hot glue the wood right on, as others mention, and skip the wiring. (I look for any way to speed up a project!) Hope I can find some more slices ~ anywhere! Hugs ... and thanks again for another great idea! kj

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