Looking for a simple project you can make with farmhouse flair? This DIY wood bead garland with a heart is so easy to make. Here are the step-by-step instructions.

You know what my favorite thing about you is?

Well besides the fact that you’re funny and smart and like to make things and you send me the best messages about my before and after bedroom?

My favorite thing about you is that you give me the BEST ideas.


Y’all gave me the idea to make this and this and this and someone gave me this tip which is amazing.

And last week when I posted the first photo on Thistlekeeping with the picture of the wood bead strand with a heart….

….so many of y’all asked me if I could make it.

Why yes. Yes Virginia I can.

Thank you for being amazing.

Thank you for showing up.

Thank you for giving me the idea for this DIY wood bead garland with heart.

PS I added a few tassels, too.

DIY wood bead garland with heart


wood beads (in two sizes)

wood heart

jute twine



Step 1: find your wood beads

I found these at Hobby Lobby.

These beads are two different sizes—one is slightly smaller than the other.

The difference in the sizes makes the garland look so much cuter.

step 2: find your wood heart

You want it to be pretty thick–between 2″ and 3″.

The width of the heart is 5″.

Hobby Lobby has tons of cute wood hearts. This one actually has a saying on the other side that we sanded off.

I love the different cuts of wood.

step 3: choose your stain for your DIY wood bead garland

The secret to making this DIY wood bead garland?

It’s the stain.

It makes it look so much more farmhousy than just plain wood beads.

This stain from Minwax and it’s called Special Walnut.

step 4: stain your beads and heart

Make sure you have plastic gloves when you’re doing this so you don’t get stain all over your hands.

Using a foam brush stain each of the beads.

Place them on a flat paper plate after you stain them and then wipe the stain off the beads with a paper towel.

DIY wood bead garland staining

Next, apply the same stain to the heart.

Use a foam brush to apply it and then wipe it off after you have applied it.

Let everything dry according to manufacturer’s directions.

DIY wood bead garland project

step 5: drill two holes in the heart

Place a piece of tape to make sure the placement of the holes is even.

Next, using a drill, drill through the heart on either side.

You want your holes to be exactly the same on either side.

DIY wood bead garland jute twine

step 6: string the beads for your DIY wood bead garland

Cut two pieces of string 36″ long.

Knot one end and string the beads.

Keep threading until you have the length of beads that you want for your garland.

Leave the end of the string unknotted.

Repeat on the other side.

You should have two strands of beads to tie onto your heart.

DIY wood bead garland twine

quick tip: to thread your beads easily:

Simply wrap the end of your twine with scotch tape.

This will help with threading your heart, too.

DIY wood bead garland heart

Step 7: tie off the end of your strands of beads

Thread the end of the strands of beads through your heart.

Pull all the way through and knot in place.

Repeat with the second strand of beads.

DIY wood bead garland tassel

Step 8: make your tassels

Make your tassels by wrapping the jute twine around a piece of cardboard, forming a loop.

Slip off the cardboard and tie the twine around the end of the loop.

Cut the opposite end of the loop and fluff.

Tie the tassels onto the end of your strands of beads.

DIY wood bead garland

See? I told you that you were amazing.

Didn’t it turn out cute?

Thank you for being so inspiring and funny and generally wonderful.

But most of all?

Thank you for being you. 🙂

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    Darling! Was thinking about trying to make one-but then you came and made it so much better than what I was imagining. Thank you!

  2. Image for Pastor Suzanne Taylor Pastor Suzanne Taylor

    That came out so pretty! Guess this answered the question. Nope, there is nothing you can't do, and do well.

  3. Image for Heather Anne Heather Anne

    So pretty - I love it! I wonder if you could just put a wee smidgen of stain in a shallow container and give the beads a quick roll about to speed up the staining process? I'll have to try! Adding Hobby Lobby to my errands list for this week! Thanks for the inspiration!

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