Looking for ideas for DIY Vintage Book Art. Here’s a book folding project that’s an easy DIY and makes a unique home decor piece.

Just in case you were wondering?

I’m still cozy.

Okay. I’m still a little bit cold, too, but the cozy is winning out.

When I shared my cozy living room and 5 cozy tips you can add in 5 minutes with you all do you know what the number one question that everyone asked about?

The cozy throw? Nope.

The cozy pillows? Nope.

The cozy screen savers for the television? Nope.

The number one question that everyone wanted to know about was what that folded paper thing was with all the strings. See it right there on the side table? It’s just to the right of the house on the pedestal.

Can you tell what it is?

Do you have any guesses?

Well……that folded paper thing with the strings is actually an…..

Advent calendar.

Can you believe it?

My sister made it for Advent this year and brought it to me. She folded the pages of the book to make it look like a tree and added a paper star to the top of the book and created 25 tags with strings and advent scriptures to stick inside the folded pages of the book.

I want to show you the parts of the book up close so you can see how she made it.

And then?

In amazing news? I have another idea for the project for the 11 months of the year that aren’t advent.

How to make a DIY Vintage Book Art Advent Calendar

1. Fold the pages of the book

This is such an easy book-folding project. The goal is to fold the book to look like a tree.

She made this by starting with the first page and folding the edge of the book page to the center of the spine.

She kept folding every page of the book in exactly the same way in exactly with the same triangle.

2. Attach edge pages with double-stick tape

After she folded all the edges of the pages here’s what the book looks like.

The pages kind of leaned toward the center.

So to fix it, I attached the two outer pages to the inside covers of the book with some double-stick tape so the “tree” stayed open.

Here’s what the pages of the book look like after they are all folded and the edges of the pages are taped to the inside of the book cover.

When choosing a book for this project, I think it looks cuter if you pick a book with words and not pictures so the words all line up with the pages like this.

Then, she added the advent tags.

3. Add the advent tags

Next, she created 25 advent tags with advent scriptures from Luke and Matthew.

She printed them out on cardstock, then cut out a tag shape around them, punched a hole at the end and looped jute twine through the hole.

The idea is to pull out a tag every day and read a scripture leading up to Christmas.

4. Add the star

When she gave it to me, we both decided that it needed a paper “star” to the top of the tree to make it look more like a tree and less like a folded book.

So she cut out a rectangle out of one of the pages of the book, folded it and attached the two sides together to create a “star” for the top of the tree.

You could also just cut a star out of the paper, too.

Here’s the close-up of the advent calendar on my end table.

I loved it so much that I couldn’t put it away in a tub until November.

It was too cute for a Christmas tote.

So instead? I came up with another idea for this project for the other months of the year.

Instead of Advent scriptures (which I’ll add back at the beginning of Advent).

I’m adding affirmations to the tags in the book.


Positive, amazing little bits of joy to make my day a little brighter. Sometimes we all need a reminder of the special, incredible, joyful, talented, amazing individual that we are. So my advent tree is turning into an affirmation tree.

Here are 25 affirmations for the tags:

(feel free to add any of your own instead, too)

  1. Today I’m not going to worry about perfection.
  2. Today I will celebrate all my small victories.
  3. Today I will see all my potential.
  4. Today I will understand that joy is mine for the taking.
  5. Today I will rejoice because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
  6. Today I will be proud of who I am.
  7. Today I will appreciate that I am enough.
  8. Today I will embrace the joy of another sunrise.
  9. Today I will believe that I am worthy of respect.
  10. Today I will celebrate my family and friends.
  11. Today I will understand that worry won’t change the future.
  12. Today I will choose kindness.
  13. Today I will give myself permission to not do all the things.
  14. Today I will understand that I am an inspiration to others.
  15. Today I will embrace change.
  16. Today I will find the peace within me.
  17. Today I will focus on things I can control.
  18. Today I will let go of things I can’t control.
  19. Today I will choose happiness.
  20. Today I will practice gratitude.
  21. Today I will radiate confidence.
  22. Today I will believe that I have talent and skills that others appreciate.
  23. Today I will understand I have unlimited potential.
  24. Today I will set achievable goals.
  25. Today I will truly believe THAT I AM AMAZING.

book folding artwork

I’ve shared this before, but my sister is no stranger to the art of bookfolding. This is a folded book project she helped me make before.

It’s the state of Kentucky.

I know….right?

Isn’t it amazing?  You can bookfold and transform an old, out-of-date book into something wonderful.

This book is folded into Kentucky, but you can make other states or words or monograms or hearts or arrows. The possibilities are endless.

And it’s easy.  Time-consuming, yes.  But really easy.  If you can fold a piece of paper you can make this book.

And the best part?  My sister of previous book folding fame wrote up directions for all of us.

You can see them on this post here.

PS I love old book pages. They are one of my favorite things to decorate with. Here are a few suggestions for some crafts with old book pages:

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  1. Image for PJ PJ

    Good morning. This is such a fun idea and there are so many different things you could do with it. If my kids were young, I'd put daily affirmations in one for them. Hmmm, I need to hit up the thrift store. Thanks for another great project. Blessings

  2. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Your family is amazingly talented! What a creative idea for advent! You coming up with affirmations is brilliant. ❤️

  3. Image for JC JC

    I am so saving my money (by not purchasing ready made!) and doing this advent calender for myself and my literature professor daughter, for Christmas this year!!! Brilliant idea!!! Thank you, KariAnne's sister!! And KA your everyday affirmation idea is equally amazing! This idea would be brilliantly cute on a desk or even a guest bedroom. Guests need affirming too! You ladies are the best! Keeping my eye out for the perfect vintage books!!

  4. Image for Diana Diana

    This is the cutest idea and a great gift for almost anyone. Your family is very creative and thoughtful. Thanks for always sharing these gifts with us and ideas.

  5. Image for Maureen Maureen

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I'm loving both ideas😍 I'm also thinking it might be cute to make for a dear friend who loves to celebrate her "birth-month" where you use the 30 tags for best wishes of all kinds or 30 wonderful things I love about her!! Hugs to you Karianne for helping me to stretch my brain with your beautiful ideas😘

  6. Image for Jan Fusco Jan Fusco

    Ok so...I'm gonna need your sister to get busy making these Advent Book Trees for next year for purchase for those of us who may not feel comfortable making it! I want one! And then YOU can also include the affirmations! Great right?! Ok, I'll be looking for that. lol. I hope. I love it!

  7. Image for Rizae Rizae

    Have your sister make a book page heart. Teach us how she did it.Then we can make love notes to put into the heart pages.... Tell her we all said please!!! 😊 Big Hugs,

  8. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Another wonderful heart felt, Hand made gift complete with all the love you can feel just by looking at it. That is so sweet and very creative. You lucky gal.

  9. Image for Tristy Tristy

    Amazing! I love old books, especially the ones with the really great uneven tattered looking pages. This makes a pretty display that is unique and encouraging. Love it!

  10. Image for Lo Lo

    I belong to an Art Tribe of 7 women. We draw names in October and make a gift for that person. One of our group made a book word for her chosen member. It was amazing!!! Other gifts this year were slow stitch wall hanging, a giant porch gnome, pinecone wall hanging, sunflower quilted table runner, mixed media coffee cup and a crushed glass resin wreath. I love seeing what your family creates!! It’s one of my favorite posts of the year.

  11. Image for Kimberly Nadeau Kimberly Nadeau

    I wanted to say thank you - last year you recommended reading "The Nightingale" by Kristin Hannah. It was a phenomenal read. I just read that it is supposed to become a movie. Thanks again and hope you and your family have a wonderful 2024.

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