This farmhouse style room featuring DIY transom windows is both simple and bright.

If you happen to live in Kentucky and you happen to live at the end of a winding country road that happens to wind its way by the chicken barn and the horse farm and happens to go over the hill by the old barn and the cornfield.  

And you happen to be going by my house…..I totally just made the best sweet tea.


Not too sweet.

With a hint of sunshine.

With fresh squeezed limes.

And plenty of knock-knock jokes.

these white painted transom windows add something vintage and rustic to the living room's decor.

And if you stop by for limes and sweet tea and knock-knock jokes…..will you remember it’s trash day…..

….and can you keep your eye out for a window?

Preferably one that’s a little broken and worn that needs a little TLC….

….with 40 panes.

I really need another transom.


Remember when I found that broken over-sized window in the trash last year.

Sitting there….calling my name.

And I drove it through town… the back of a truck with the entire county talking.

And then we made a monthly chalkboard calendar for the family room wall.

And with all those the extra panes….

….we made a transom.

These DIY white pained transom windows add depth to the space and compliment all the farmhouse decor.

How to Make DIY Transom Window


old window

3 trim pieces


elbow grease

knock-knock jokes

DIY transom windows are easy to make with paint and some trim pieces.

Step 1:  Measure space in opening

We had a 6 foot opening between the family room and the kitchen.

It was so….well…so square.

The transom was the perfect solution.

Enter old window panes.

Each window measures roughly a foot across so we created a six window transom.

We didn’t have six windows across.

I think we had four.

The key is the piece of base trim.  We attached all the windows to the base trim to create one long transom.

Then we added another piece of trim to the top to attach the windows to the opening.

(total aside:  When I say we…I was the one telling knock-knock jokes while my husband created the transom)

Extra trim pieces in place are helpful for making you DIY transom windows fit properly.


Step 2:  Add an extra trim piece on end to make sure transom looks built in

Our space was just a little bit larger than six feet.

No worries.

We just added an extra trim piece to fill the space on the end.

Then we painted and caulked and added wood filler.

(total aside:  if you don’t live in Kentucky and it’s not trash day where you live….you could always recreate this look without the windows by simply adding moldings to create the look of windows without the glass).

This step by step DIY transom window project tutorial is easy follow and fun to make.

Knock knock

Who’s there?

Owl’s say.

Owl’s say who?

Yes….they do. 🙂

Happy sweet tea and trash day to you.  🙂


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