Two posts on Saturday.

I know….right?


I’m thinking I’m partnering with Porch and some other amazing bloggers to celebrate Thanksgiving with some last minute project ideas.

DIY Thanksgiving Doormat

And here’s mine.

It’s a simple and easy way to start Thanksgiving at the front door with a simple and easy DIY Thanksgiving door mat.

Want to take a break from mashed potatoes and make your own?

Here’s the DL on the DIY.

give thanks door mat

All you need for the project is a basic door mat (I got mine at Lowe’s for about $8.00).

A print out of your favorite font.

Painter’s tape.

And spray paint.

give thanks

Come up with a design.

Here’s mine that I created on PicMonkey from one of my favorite new fonts.

It’s called Coffeebreak.

You want to make it as large as you can and print it out on white paper.

give thanks door mat diy

Here’s mine after I cut it out and placed it on the mat.

Next, cut out the center of the letters, leaving an outline.

Tape the outline off with painter’s tape.

DIY doormat

Here’s my mat after I’ve cut out the inside of the letters and taped it off.

Next, you want to spray paint the letters.

Aim the spray paint down, not at an angle or your letters will not be crisp.

give thanks door mat

Lastly, peel off the tape, let the spray paint dry and your mat is ready to go.

I can’t decide if I like the faded look of the letters or if I need to go over it again with paint.

Or maybe I’ll just make biscuits. 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the rest of the tour. 🙂

The next stop is Our Southern Home.

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  1. Image for Krista Krista

    That Coffeebreak font is my absolute favourite now too! I love it- and your mat looks incredible. Such a quick, easy and perfect little holiday DIY!

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