Looking for a solution for all those extra shoes in the closet? Here is a DIY closet shoe storage solution that’s affordable and simple to make.

diy shoe storage

I never met a pair of cute shoes I didn’t like.

There’s just something about them that can make any outfit instantly cuter.

Shoes can take a pair of jeans and a sweater to the next level.

I store all of my outfit-making shoes in the side of the closet on metal shelves that slant down.

The challenge?

I filled up all my shelves and the shoes were starting to spill over onto the closet floor, so I came up with the brilliant closet shoe storage idea to add more shelves to the closet.


Except extra metal shelves like that are SO EXPENSIVE and I had already spent my organization money on shoes.

What is a cute shoe owner to do?

Come up with a brilliant solution like this.

diy shoe storage for shoes in the closet

What if we made the shelves ourselves? The best kind of closet shoe storage.

For a FRACTION of the price.

We couldn’t make them out of metal, but what if we made them the same size with a lip on the front and painted them white.

I asked the twinkly-eyed carpenter that I’m married to if he could construct my vision.

He laughed and told me it was easy and how many did I need.

If you have cute shoes that need a home?

Here is a closet shoe storage project for you.

diy shoe storage in closet

DIY Closet Shoe Storage Idea


 1″ wood plank (38″ x 13 1/2″)

quarter round

closet pegs

white paint


diy shoe storage wood board

Step 1: Cut the piece of wood to fit the closet

If you have an existing storage unit inside your closet, measure the width and depth and cut the piece of wood to fit.

The existing closet shoe storage unit in our closet measures 38″ long and 13 1/2″ deep.

Cut to fit (or you can also have the home improvement store make the cuts for you).

diy closet shoe storage quarter round

Step 2: Cut and attached quarter round

Cut the quarter round the length of the board.

You want to add the quarter round to the front of the board so the shoes would stay in place. This mimics the metal shelf so when you tilt the shelf, the shoes stay in place.

We nailed the quarter round to the board with finish nails and sanded off any rough edges.

diy shoe storage extra piece of wood

Step 3: stabilize the closet shoe storage shelf

To prevent the shelf from sliding when it’s tilted and hold it in place, cut a small piece of wood and attach it to the back.

We cut two pieces of wood that were 1/2″ x 2″ x 4″ long and nailed each one to the back of the board with finish nails.

This piece helps hold the shelf in place by securing it next to the closet pegs on the side of the closet organizer.

diy shoe storage simple project

Check and make sure the shelf fits before you paint it.

You can see the shelf here in the organizer in my closet.

It fits perfectly and tilts the same way the existing metal shelves do.

Step 4: paint the closet shoe storage shelves white

Now that the shelves fit, they’re ready to be painted white.

We primed the wood first and painted two coats of white paint on the shelves.

After the paint was dry, they were ready for the closet organizer.

closet shoe storage mounting

Step five: Add pegs

Since we were adding two shelves, we took the height of the organizer and divided it by the number of shelves and put the pegs into the right spots.

We slanted the shelves by offsetting the pegs on the side of the shelf.

I love having the shelves slanted so I can see the cute shoes better.

Here’s what the closet looked like after the new shelves were installed.

The new shelves just blend in with the existing shelves.

And now?

My closet shoe storage looks like this.

closet shoe storage display

I added all the shoes on the shelves and there were a few spaces left over.

Those spaces made me so happy.

It’s like they are just waiting for a new pair of cute shoes.

Oh, good.

I have a few suggestions. 🙂

PS For everyone that e-mailed me about the shoes in this post? I linked them below. Let me know if you see one that you liked that I didn’t link.

Arrangement of shoes for closet shoe storage

Click here for all the shoe links

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  1. Image for Tawny Lynn Stoddard Tawny Lynn Stoddard

    GREAT IDEA!!! I need to discuss those leopard tennies and also the floral ones as well....I mean who doesn't need floral tenny boppers for spring? YAY!!!

  2. Image for Jeannie Casey Jeannie Casey

    great idea and handy husband! please help me, I'm looking for your LINK on AMAZON to the jeans you posted about.

  3. Image for Judy Allen Judy Allen

    Love the shelves, HOWEVER, I need to know about those shoes! Adorable. Maybe you could share some brands??? Love the tassel loafers. And the glitzy ones and, and, and. Lol.

  4. Image for Amy Amy

    Love your choice in shoes and the closet organization is well done. Thank you for sharing your fabulous ideas.

  5. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Good morning friend! Great shoe shelves. Your shoe collection is wonderful, especially those black/white tassel loafers. Would you remember where you bought them?

  6. Image for MaryJo MaryJo

    Ok, this is embarrassing, I have 346 pairs of shoes. No, I’m not related to Imelda Marcos. 340 are stilettos which are between 4” & 6”, the 6 pairs are flat. I’d love to adopt your idea, the only problem is that where I live fading is a major problem. For example, candles in a room that doesn’t get any sun fade. I was wondering if you could fit shoe boxes on your shelves. I suppose you could make the lip higher to hold the boxes 🤔. My husband always says that my ideas either cost him a lot of time or money. Hmmmm. Thank you for sharing all your fantastic ideas! I was wondering if you sleep at night or your mind is so busy it won’t let you rest!

    1. Image for Anne Marie Anne Marie

      You're always smiling. You're like a big sunshine ! Now, if I was a party pooper (which I'm not), I'd tell you to buy less shoes ..... (I personally am a fabric collectioner). I only have TWO pairs of shoes : sneakers (I wear every day) and low cut boots for winter (still brand new in their box).

  7. Image for Cheryl D Foley Cheryl D Foley

    My husband gave me a couple of bolt bins...metal things with lots of cubbies... He thought I might use it for nuts and bolts and screws and such. To me, it was obviously shoe storage.🤭😏😁👠👡🩰👢🥿🥾👟👞🩴

  8. Image for Susan Sims Susan Sims

    Great idea! I actually ran out of space to even add shelves, and decided to steal an idea that I saw in my brother’s Los Angeles home that’s similar to your plate rack. His home took stud space and had shoes vertically hanging toes down-heel up, secured by thin rods on the wall, but there’s no reason it couldn’t be a hanging wall rack, too! I know, genius, right??? I’m goiNo to make and sell them! 😂

  9. Image for Pamela Pamela

    Great idea! I find that I can store an extra pair on each shelf by alternating heel/toe for each pair. I can still see the pair to quickly select the right shoes.

  10. Image for Sharon Sharon

    You are so blessed to have a twinkly eyed carpenter! He did a wonderful job for you. My hubby can build a car from the ground up....but....he is no carpenter! So I believe every girl, when she is dating should ask, if she really likes him...how are you at carpentry? lol

  11. Image for Marlene S. Marlene S.

    The right shoe storage is important, so you don't forget that cute pair you could wear if you could find them. Love yours!

  12. Image for Debby Debby

    I was sitting here reading this post a day late…at 6 am as I sit and stew about the big game tonight (go Jayhawks!). I was amazed at all the different colors, hues, shapes and patterns in your shoe collection….and what/how you were attracted to each one….what made you decide that a particular pair was a “have to have”? I decided it wasn’t so different than my own affliction (collecting fabrics for quilts). Yesterday, as I resorted and refolded fabrics, I was filled with joy. So many black/white fabrics….and those corals and blues that I used to make my baby granddaughter another quilt. We are alike and yet different, but we each know we love color! Happy early Saturday morning:)

  13. Image for Lisa Lisa

    This is a great solution for a shoe storage area. Is there any chance that you would share information on the cute pair of grey flats with the embroidery work on the front? I love them!!

  14. Image for Sheri Sheri

    From one shoe 👠 lover to another . LOVE this idea ! I’m embarrassed to tell people my obsession with cute shoes! My closet was once organized but now spilling into the closet floor🙈. Since I read your post and more affordable solution , I forwarded this post to my hubby 😉 🙌

  15. Image for Joan Joan

    Could you share a link to the original metal shoe organizer? Your shoes link only goes to one pair: the Melanie Moccasin. Could you repair that please? Thanks

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