Looking for super affordable DIY rehearsal dinner decorations? This is such an easy centerpiece you can put together in minutes.

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When my son, Zack, was little he loved dinosaurs more than anything else in the world.

He had light-up T-Rexs on his shirt and Brontosauruses on his tiny tennis shoes.





He loved them all—each and every one.

Just between us? I never thought he’d love anything more than dinosaurs.

And then?

One day the sweetest, kindest, funniest, most beautiful girl in the world showed up….

….and all those dinosaurs had to take a back seat.

Yesterday they started their new lives together.

I’m sharing all about the wedding this week, but before the wedding comes the rehearsal dinner.

And DIY rehearsal dinner decorations that looked like this.

DIY rehearsal dinner decorations Ideas

Here are the centerpieces that I made (on a super budget) but before I show you how I created these?

Let’s discuss a few other ideas I had.

Here are 7 creative one-of-a-kind ideas you can use for rehearsal dinner decorations on a budget:

  • Interactive stations: Create interactive stations that guests can enjoy throughout the rehearsal dinner. For example, you could set up a DIY floral crown station or a custom coffee bar where guests can create their own unique coffee drinks. Encourage them to “name their concoctions” and add a sticker with a marker where they can right the name.
  • Think vertically: Use unique hanging installations, such as paper lanterns, geometric shapes, or hanging florals, to add dimension and visual interest to the rehearsal dinner venue. These can be suspended from the ceiling or strung across the room.
  • Art installations: Commission a local artist (or a friend of the family with a creative side) to create a custom art installation that ties in with the wedding theme. This could be a large-scale painting, a sculpture, or a mixed-media piece that serves as a conversation starter for guests.
  • Project art: Use a projector to transform the walls, ceiling, and floors of the rehearsal dinner venue into an immersive experience (this is super budget-friendly). You could project images, animations, or even video footage of the couple onto different surfaces.
  • Personalized backdrops: Create custom backdrops that reflect the couple’s personalities and interests. For example, you add a wall of vintage records for a music-loving couple or a backdrop made of books for a couple who shares a passion for literature. These backdrops can be used for photo ops, as well as decorative elements in the venue. We thought about using one of these as a seating chart with baseball because Zack loves baseball so much.
  • Place cards: Get creative with your place cards and use them as a way to add some personality to the table settings. For example, you could use small succulents or potted herbs as place card holders. We used picture frames at each table.
  • Lighting: Hang string lights from the ceiling or around the perimeter of the rehearsal dinner venue to create an atmosphere on a budget. You can also wrap them around trees or bushes outside for a more magical touch.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on centerpieces either.

I made these DIY centerpieces myself with these vintage sugar molds.

Our rehearsal dinner took place in a post office that was turned into a restaurant in the Texas Hill country. Rustic and easy and fun and family was the theme of the party. We had appetizers and drinks on the outdoor patio and then we hosted a dinner inside for 70 people (and that was just family and the wedding party). 🙂

The restaurant was so beautiful that I really didn’t need to decorate much with the exception of centerpieces.  Originally I was going to order them from a local florist, but have you priced centerpieces at the florist recently?


And I had 11 tables.

So I put my rehearsal dinner decorating ideas cap on and came up with these centerpieces for under $20.

DIY rehearsal dinner decorations Ideas sugar molds

DIY Rehearsal Dinner Decorations

vintage sugar mold

set of three mini dessert glasses from Dollar Tree



DIY rehearsal dinner decorations KariAnne flowers

1. Choose the flowers

One of the best resources for flowers is Trader Joe’s.

Quick tip: if you want the best selection go early in the morning. They stock them first thing every day.

We drove to Trader Joe’s the morning of the rehearsal dinner and bought buckets of hydrangea and eucalyptus. You can use any kind of greenery for this centerpiece, but I like the silver dollar eucalyptus the best.

If you don’t have enough time or you want your centerpieces to last longer, these white faux hydrangeas have over 6,000 reviews and they look super realistic.

You can see them here.

These faux eucalyptus stems would work perfectly for this centerpiece idea, too.

DIY rehearsal dinner decorations Ideas sugar molds

2. Collect sugar molds

I had a couple of these sugar molds at my house (remember I used them to organize my make-up brushes) and I found tons more downtown at a local vintage shop.

You can find them so many different places including Amazon.

I found these affordable vintage sugar molds here.

DIY rehearsal dinner decorations Ideas mini vases

DIY Rehearsal Dinner Centerpiece Ideas moldsDIY Rehearsal Dinner Centerpiece Ideas mini vase

3. Collect glasses for vases for sugar molds

Now that I found the vintage sugar molds, I needed a solution for the vases.

They sell metal inserts, but I was worried that they would leak and if you just add water to the sugar mold, the water seeps into the sugar mold.

So I shopped around and found the BEST SOLUTION.

This set of three mini dessert glasses was only $1.25. They used to be $1.00, but in case you hadn’t shopped there lately, everything is now $1.25. They fit perfectly inside the sugar molds.

Fill with water and add to the sugar mold.

Now all that’s left is to add the flowers.

rehearsal dinner decorations

4. Add the flowers

I cut each of the hydrangea bundles into smaller flowers.

Then I removed all the hydrangea leaves and the flower stems were cut about 4 inches long.

I put the hydrangea flowers into the vases and tucked the silver dollar eucalyptus in and among the flowers.

Then just fluff until you get the exact look you like.

That’s it.

Your centerpieces are ready for primetime.

The best part is you have the vases and sugar molds for future parties now. Here are a couple of other rehearsal dinner decorations on the same theme:

I can’t WAIT to tell you all about the wedding and the sweetest story.

Stay tuned later this week for pictures and all the details.

And now?


I’m taking a nap.

It’s been kind of a busy weekend. 🙂

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  1. Image for Janette Janette

    Wow what gorgeous flowers you arranged. I can’t believe any of your children are old enough to marry but from the one photo alone he looks so happy. Can’t wait to see your photos of the big day. Many congratulations to the lovely couple and to you all for gaining another sweet member to your family. Xx

  2. Image for laura@everydayedtis.co laura@everydayedtis.co

    HI Karianne, Congratulations to Zack and his bride. We had engagement news I shared in the Weekend Edit two weeks ago! I am in Dallas for a hot minute to get my youngest set up for an internship in downtown Dallas. I debated about texting you to see your cute face! It will happend next trip down. He is renting an airbnb in lower greenville! Congratulations! Guess what my daughter's fiance's last name is ? Scroll to the top of YOUR post! ha.

  3. Image for Cindy@CountyRoad407 Cindy@CountyRoad407

    Loved seeing this photo of Zach and his new bride! So beautiful. And the centerpiece idea turned out perfectly. I had no idea those dessert glasses would fit in the vintage sugar molds. I need that for ME! Happy June friend.

  4. Image for Sharon Sharon

    What an exciting and special weekend for you! The center pieces are stunning. Happy life to your son and bride!

  5. Image for Nicolle Nicolle

    KariAnne congratulations to your family! They are the most beautiful couple and I wish them so much happiness! Also these centerpieces came out beautiful!

  6. Image for Carol Carol

    You quit writing at a critical part!!! I need more info? This whole story was completely under my radar!!! Hurry back, I need details!!! Carol

  7. Image for Kimberly Snyder Kimberly Snyder

    Love the centerpiece idea! I was just looking for something to use inside mine to hold water as well! Thanks for the tip! Congratulations on your son’s wedding!

  8. Image for Gretchen Gretchen

    Beautiful couple. Much happiness and love to them forever. I can't wait to see pictures and details. Love the centerpieces! Have a wonderful week. XX

  9. Image for Deb Wostmann Deb Wostmann

    Congratulations to the gorgeous couple. May their love story go to the moon and back. Have loved seeing the pictures on Instagram and can't wait to hear more about this lovely couple. I remember when Zach was young so can't believe he is married now. Gaaaahhhh, time flies.

  10. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Sweet!!! I actually gasped when I saw Zach- what a beautiful bride and couple! Had no idea he was "old enough" :):) I remember all the pics you've shared when he was young. Sooooo congratulations to all of you! She now has the sweetest Mother-in-law♥ who can put together perfect centerpieces!!

  11. Image for Joanne McNevin Joanne McNevin

    Congratulations KariAnne! All the best to your son and his wife! I’m so impressed with what you are able to accomplish in a day! Beautiful work as always! Excited to read on all week!


    Your Son got married ‼️ Oh my gosh, what a secret you've kept from us! I bet that was hard. 🤐😜 Congratulations 🤩

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    OH, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!!! This is SO EXCITING!!! You have a brand new addition to your family....a daughter- inlove! Much joy, friend!

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    Congratulations to the lovely young couple and you for sharing with all of us . Wonderful way to start the week. God bless you all.

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    That is one cute and happy couple. Loved the arrangements. So festive. Can’t wait to see what the Mother of the Groom wore!! Happy Times!!

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    Big family congratulations! Those centerpieces are adorable! I’m going to use that wonderful idea! Thank you! Smiles, alice

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    Félicitations to Zach and his beautiful bride ! I've been living in Europe since 1975 and I sometimes saw on TV series, and your post about rehearsal wedding or dinner .... I thought everything was to be ready for THE day and that was it. Why rehearse ?

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    Those centerpieces are gorgeous! So happy for Zack and his beautiful bride! I’ve seen a sneak peak from the twins…but can’t wait til you reveal that gorgeous wedding!

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    First, absolutely stunning. Second, not to sound like a complete nincompoop, but what the heck is a sugar mold? And third, I absolutely have to have some, even though I'm desperately trying to purge/downsize!

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    The couple is adorable, so are the centerpieces you made. I can only imagine how pretty the place looked. Congratulations!

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    What beautiful centerpieces!! Congratulations to the happy couple! I wish them a lifetime of happiness!! Can’t wait to see more from this beautiful wedding!!

  22. Image for Terri Terri

    Congratulations! I'm so glad to hear that someone else wanted to make their rehearsal dinner centerpieces! We live in California and our son got married in Texas! The rehearsal dinner was at a beautiful restaurant and we could have used some beautiful flowers that were going to be used the next day for the wedding but we were a little afraid of them getting damaged in transit back and forth and I really wanted to be more a part of it! I wanted to have something that I could put my stamp on! I ordered lanterns from a floral supply company and had them delivered to a florist that was not far from the venue. Together we worked on a base of greenery that she then added white roses. I had seen something like that on Pinterest and I thought it was so romantic. It may not have been as lavish as something from the florist but I felt like it was intimate and personal. Can't wait to hear about the rest of the wedding!


    Congratulations! Looks like a beautiful wedding. Love the centerpieces rehearsal dinner! Can't wait to see the rest.

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    You kept that quiet!!!!!!! They are a beautiful couple and I'm happy for them (and you!). Rest up and when you gather your strength back, send us more details. 👰‍♀️🤵‍♂️🎉♥️

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    Congratulations! The flowers are gorgeous. White hydrangeas are my absolute favorite! And those wooden sugar molds - aaaahhh love. I never knew they existed. Definitely keeping them in mind for future events. :-)

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    Beautiful centerpieces, what a lovely daughter-in-law, they look so happy. I pray they have a wonderfully blessed life.

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    Congratulations! Such an exciting time! My daughter is getting married in Oct. and we are busy planning, planning, planning! I can't wait to see all your pictures!!

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    Wow, what a surprise to me! We live in Georgetown outside Austin w/the Hill country in our back yard---so-to-speak. So many lovely venues there. I am also surprised you chose hydrangeas as they are "fragile in the heat." I did a wedding in Vienna Austria once & used these at the Belvedere Castle in the HOF outside w/elegant white clothed bistro tables---but it was hot out (not usual for Vienna that time of year) & they wilted very quickly. It looks like yours held up nicely! Congratulations to the groom for such a beautiful catch & best wishes to them together!

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    First, congratulations to the beautiful new couple. How wonderful and exciting for all. I absolutely love your floral arrangements with sugar molds. So perfect and beautiful arrangements.

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    Oh those two are so young and beautiful and hopeful and I wish them the very best as they begin their lives together. That is just such great news! As for your AMAZING centerpieces - bravo - they are awesome. Well done, KA!!!

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    Congratulations to the happy couple! And how wonderful to see a young happy couple taking vows and starting life on the right foot. May they be blessed with all the happiness Zack’s parents have had. God bless!

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    Gorgeous arrangements and so simple and inexpensive. Can’t wait to see the wedding photos. Especially what the mother of the groom wore! PS. My grandson was a dinosaur lover as a little guy, also. At his wedding as a fun surprise, we sprayed little dinos gold and worked them into the tablescapes. He cracked up and was very touched.

  39. Image for Linda Scott Linda Scott

    How exciting!! Your son and new daughter -in- law look stunning and so happy!!! Congratulations to you all!!

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    KariAnne, when I saw the wedding photos and video of Zack's wedding I got teary because it was so beautiful! I think I was also struck by how fast the time flies by, to think of that sweet little boy who loved all the dinosaurs so much, and how through your blog and friendship through all these years it's been a privilege to see your children grow up! Thank you so much for sharing, the floral pieces turned out fantastic! God bless Zack and his new bride with a lifetime of happiness!


    KariAnne, thanks for sharing your gorgeous center pieces with us! How nice of you to make these for the tables. Zach looks so handsome and his bride is beautiful! They make such a lovely couple. We wish them every happiness in their new life. We will look forward to seeing the wedding pictures. I know they will be beautiful! Have a great week!

  42. Image for PJ PJ

    Those centerpieces are lovely! We also experienced sticker shock when we priced flowers for my daughter's wedding. The mother of the groom made beautiful centerpieces using bowls from Pier One that were filled with miniature roses and herbs, all still growing in soil. The herbs were the perfect touch since my daughter married a chef! I cannot wait to see the rest of your pictures of the wedding.

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    KA, I love these ... they're perfect! I'm going to order a set of the sugar molds and glasses for my summer patio entertaining centerpieces. Love the sneak peaks of the wedding so far and can't wait to see more! xo

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