These cute monogram pillows on the rustic mudroom bench add a personalized decor element to the space.

I remember the first monogram I ever made.

It involved paint pens and a bow and a whole lot of confidence.

I’m not sure how it started.  I think I saw a bow on Madonna when she was dancing around with her lucky star and I realized that I had a similar hair accessory.

Light bulb moment.

I ran to my room and took out my sticker covered plastic paint pen box and promptly added a letter to the bow.

It didn’t really bear the slightest resemblance to anything lucky.  The bow was grosgrain ribbon and so the edges of the paint pen letter were kind of fuzzy and my K looked like it needed a shave. And that when I had light bulb moment number two.  Cover up all that fuzz with a monogram.

And some flowers.

And a swirl or two for good measure.

The rest simply defies description.

Bows gone wild… my monogram. 🙂

These DIY monogram pillows are easy to make and look adorable in any room.

I had monogrammed bows and socks and chairs and welcome mats before, but I had never monogrammed a pillow.

So I started where all good monogram projects start.

With a really good monogram.


This monogram design was made through an app on a smartphone.

So I started with this free app for the iphone.

You can see the app here.

They also make a version for android, too.

If you don’t have a smart phone, you can always create your own by making one from your favorite fonts (like I did in the chair project).

Next, I enlarged this monogram and cut it out.

Trace the monogram design onto the pillow with a fabric pen.

I traced around the monogram with a fabric pen.

Make SURE you trace it with the fabric right side up.

Don’t try to be clever and trace it with the fabric flipped over.

If you do that it may or may not end up looking like a backwards mess.

Stitch monogram letters onto the pillow.

Now here is the part in the project where I tell you what I did and then I give you a better way to do it that I figured out after I made this pillow.

Here’s the SEW method.

I cut out the monogram that I’d traced onto the fabric and pinned it onto the drop cloth pillow.

Then I stitched around the edges.  You can see the stitching here in the picture above.  I wanted it to be old school.  A little frayed.  A little farmhouse looking.  A little worn around the edges.

And then after I stitched it, I figured out that a little bit of worn goes a long way.

And I wanted it crisper.

And cleaner.

Display the finished monogram pillow on a vintage bench like this one.

So here’s the NO SEW method.

You can find no sew fusible web at the fabric store.

The one I used before had two sides.  Peel off the one side and iron on to your fabric.  Then trace your monogram, cut out, peel off the backing and iron on to your drop cloth.

Here’s a simple DIY I found that explains it.

The pillow is smiling on the back porch with all of its friends on the screened-in porch.

So much better than a bow monogram with facial hair. 🙂


PS  I’m all about the ceiling fans this week!  Be sure and check out some fun ideas for industrial ceiling fans I just posted over on the Lamps Plus blog.

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    1. Image for Missy Missy

      My question is - is she using the fusible web on the bacon to make an edible monogram? Men, dogs and others would love it. Just kidding!

  1. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Fusible is wonderful!! It is a gift from the sewing gods who know that sometimes we want to do a project quickly without dragging out the sewing machine. I am ready to monogram! House --Look out!! Nothing is safe from my monograming mania :-) Have a great weekend.

  2. Image for Nancy @ Slightly Coastal Nancy @ Slightly Coastal

    I just did this with fusible web for my big chair reveal next week. It worked great. I have a less than stellar monogram with both the letters I and J in my name. It's so hard to find a monogram with NIJ that looks good. I'm going to give this app a try. Thanks! I love me a good app. Have a great weekend!

  3. Image for Michelle Rudis Michelle Rudis

    Love, love, love this, Karianne! Going to go monogram-nuts when I move to my new place in 8 months. As for now, I'll have to hold myself back--need to focus on purging and packing until the move. Oooo, wait...having my own little light bulb moment...monogram Christmas gifts, labels, invitations, party favors...someone please stop me!!

  4. Image for Sue Sondker Sue Sondker

    Awesome instructions. Looking forward to the new shop opening.I have totally adopted you now, so your blog is with me til the end. Mama Sue

  5. Image for Deb Marigoni Deb Marigoni

    KariAnne, Love the pillow, thanks for the tips! SO excited for your shop to open. Staying up late tonight.......debit card in hand. (Oh, I do hope I'm on your super secret emailing list!)

  6. Image for Susan Susan

    This pillow is just oh soooooooo sharp looking...I'll definitely have to try this WITH the fusible web because I need all the help I can get...thank you for giving us this tip! I REALLY love the look of this pillow! I am sooooooooo wishing you all the very best with your shop opening and you can bet I will be there right at 11:59:59 pm...I'm putting the coffee on now because the spirit is definitely willing but the flesh is a little weak after a long day,,,but I do NOT want to miss this! :)

  7. Image for Karen Karen

    KariAnne! I don't know if anyone else has let you know, but your pleated drapes are available at!!!!!!! Yay....of course I'll have to sell off half of my antiques to purchase them, lol....You always bring me a smile with your posts. Much Love, Karen

  8. Image for Tosha Schiffli Tosha Schiffli

    I'm not sure why but the link to the monogram app isn't showing up on my phone:(. I'm doing this project! Blessings, Tosh

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