Did you miss me?

Please say yes….because I totally missed you.

The blog was down all weekend…..which seemed like an eternity and left me with an amazing amount of free time on my previously overly involved blog hands.

So I decorated.

And ate some Thin Mints (thank you Girl Scouts of America).

And decorated some more.



I found this amazing fabric and made the curtains and painted and added new furniture and a few new accessories.

And I finished it yesterday.


And I wish I could tell you that it still looked just like this.

Can we just pretend that it does?


Can we pretend that the basket is still placed perfectly on the new coffee table?

And that the yellow spring flowers are still gracefully cascading from the distressed white porcelain vase tucked between two new nail-head studded chairs on either side of the spring mantel.

Beautiful and serene.

Calm and collected.

Just like this.




Just pretend there is not….under any circumstances……a giant karaoke machine on the floor next to the couch.

And no one is singing “Call Me Maybe” at the top of their lungs into the karaoke microphone…..jumping from one chair to another.

Or dancing the chicken dance.



And no one is knocking over the bird house and then trying to put it back before any one saw.

Absolutely nothing like that would ever go on around here.





Just pretend everything is still in order.

Neat, organized tables…..without sticky plates of monkey bread.

Or cups of hot chocolate.

Or an occasional stray mini-marshmallow.



Not a pillow on the floor.

Or a curtain out of place.

Or yellow flowers tossed on the couch… the basket could be used to roll the Yahtzee dice.




All that perfection.

All that neatly-organized-carefully-chosen-accessorized-down-to-the-eggs-in-the-nest-on-the-bookcase decorating.


Replaced by wonderful, glorious, sticky-fingered-monkey-bread…

And I wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂


PS  Thank you so much to the incredible Aimee for the new blog design….you are such a rock star!

PPS  Sharing this over at Kim’s and at Between Naps on the Porch.


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  1. Image for Lori H Lori H

    Absolutely missed you! And your room is amazing! Good to know that you aren't living in blog-perfect rooms, though. That would be kind of sad, no? Welcome back :)

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      Mary, The fabric is Waverly...the pattern is Bedazzle and the color is Silver Lining! Have a great day rock star! karianne

  2. Image for

    Sounds like my house exactly! Looks awesome girl!!! I must learn how to sew. I need new curtains....

  3. Image for Christy Christy

    Missed you so much, but I'm sitting here trying to figure out what the room looked like before?! I'm having a brain cramp. :) LOVE the new color palette. Neutral, but a hint of spring color. Gorgeous!

  4. Image for Beverly Beverly

    I did miss you. The new blog look is fantastic, KariAnne. And, I never knew you liked your tea with lime. Another bond shared. The room looks fantastic. You know yellow is my favorite color, and you've done it perfectly. Are those the new chairs you purchased on line? Did you say Jos and Main or One Kings Lane - or did I dream it?

  5. Image for Kelly@Naturally White Kelly@Naturally White

    Love the serene feel! Great colors choices. Good times in your home make the best memories :) xx

  6. Image for AnnaM AnnaM

    Well, you've outdone yourself. I love the room. So lovely. I love your new blog design and I love your words. Such a good reminder that a beautiful home is really about the people that live in it. You have such good decorating sense. Inspiring.

  7. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Well, it was certainly worth our wait to see your beautiful new blog design....I thought it was beautiful before too!!...I see lots of re-arranging going on...(from room to room) the new drapes and all the accessories...and I can just imagine as you were fluffing the room, the girls in the background on the karaoke machine singing, "This Girl Is On Fire"!!...

  8. Image for Aunt Lou Aunt Lou

    My word, KariAnne, you have a motif! I think you have outgrown me. I'll still be here, for a while, in my rocking chair, waiting for you to stop by for a few moments of recognition for the olden days, fading slowly awaaayyy... LOL! :)

  9. Image for Gee Gee

    I DID miss you! I really did. But I consoled myself in knowing that when you did come back you would unveil some thing awesome. And you did. The new blog look is great!! Wonderful.. luv it. BUT the new room reveal is truly beautiful. The yellow touches... **swoon** Going back for another look... and maybe another. Hugs, Gee

  10. Image for Yby5 Yby5

    I can't believe how fast you work! I'm so in love with your fabric choice. The entire room is stunning and who would know that you have "real" life going on :). Love your blog!!

  11. Image for Jennifer @ Celebrating Everyday Life Jennifer @ Celebrating Everyday Life

    Oh HAPPY DAY!!!!!! The new site design and the beautiful pops of yellow and grey in the room are all simply DIVINE!!!!!!!! I love, love, LOVE it all!!! So cheery and lovely - sigh - makes me smile!! Thank you for continuing to raise the bar my wonderfully talented friend!! And as always your story of the karaoke concert, complete with monkey bread is THE BEST!!! :-D Hugs, Jennifer

  12. Image for Anne Presley Anne Presley

    Perfection = loneliness. Enjoy your sticky fingers and karoke machines, knowing that time moves too quickly and perfection will arrive all too soon.

  13. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Yes, I did miss you...but, it was worth it, the blog looks great! And the room....beautiful! Love the fresh! You were very busy my dear...thin mints and all! ;)

  14. Image for Linda Adams Linda Adams

    Hi Karianne, Glad you are back. I love the Yellow touches (it screams spring to me). Enjoy those kiddies they do grow up so quickly. I tell you though, I would not allow hot chocolate in that room ever. lol Hugs, Linda

  15. Image for sue sue

    What a lovely room, amazing, and just as I started to think, do real people really live like this, you keep it real and let us know that even in such a gorgeous space, real life does exist. Thank you!! Sue

  16. Image for Sarah Sarah

    Keeping it real! You have the perfect personality to be a fun mom. You provide a beautiful space for your family, yet you don't fret over the normal life that goes on in a home. Kudos to you! And kudos for this amazingly gorgeous room. I adore the new fabric, the spring touches, and those yellow flowers. What are those? I did miss you! '-)

  17. Image for Regina Regina

    Yes, I totally missed you - but if I hadn't, I would have missed out on this beautiful ROOM! I love the colors, love the "Spring-i-ness" of it! :) Oh, and don't think the stickiness and chaos will end any time soon. My coffee table is homework central for my 18-year-old. She commandeers the couch, pulls the table close, and then promptly leaves her stuff there when she goes to school . . . Sigh . . . Occasionally I make her clean out her "nest." But next year, when she's in college? I'll miss it. I know I will.

  18. Image for Karen Karen

    Your room is beautiful KariAnne, I know what you mean, I live with three other adults and two dogs. Things stay where I put them for about two seconds! LOL.

  19. Image for Bethanie Bethanie

    Your room is beautiful...and I think it's probably still just as beautiful... I wish I had this inspiration yesterday when I was pinning and reading blogs to get me motivated to get up and do something...anything. It never came, so I pinned on...then the Oscars came on, and I couldnt start anything that late in the day... possibly, maybe today!! Love the pop of yellow. xoxo

  20. Image for Debbie Debbie

    What a beautiful room and I love the new curtains! Where did you find the fabric? I've been looking for something similar in a different color palette for a new duvet cover.

  21. Image for Bliss Bliss

    Fine. I challenge you to a monkey bread bake off and several games of Yahtzee. But only if you have one of the older dice cups that is felt lined. Bliss

  22. Image for Erin Kaven Erin Kaven

    Go Girlorgeous! Loving the room. Mine (thing one and thing two) are unfortunately singing the very inappropriate new Bruno Mars song just to annoy Mom. Thankfully the kareoke machine is lost in garbage bin we call my daughters closet.

  23. Image for Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista

    I did miss you! I've been awful about commenting, but this weekend I had an hour and I wanted to go to the actual pages of my fave bloggers and comment and you were away! But I'm back this morning to say how lovely the room looks, and the new blog design, and that Girl Scout cookies are amazing, and possibly we ate an entire box of Tagalongs in 1 10 minute car ride yesterday:) Jessica

  24. Image for Stacey Stacey

    So beautiful! You make me want to go fabric shopping. :) I can totally pretend all of those things...just like I pretend that my precious kitty didn't pull all the flowers out of the vase 2 days ago and they are still laying there.

  25. Image for Becca Becca

    Beautiful, Kari ... love the pops of yellow in your new curtains and how they tie in with your fabulous Spring flowers! (Love your new blog design, too)!

  26. Image for Shannon Fox Shannon Fox

    Thank goodness you can capture it's perfection in photos before the kids get a hold of it right? Then you can gaze at them once they go to bed and pretend it's still perfect ;) Looks lovely Karianne!!

  27. Image for Sharea Sharea

    Oh! KariAnne! I did miss you! But I'm SO glad you had a little free time on your hands to decorate! Because you've inspired me! I'll get back to you after I run down to Home Depot to grab some paint! P.S. My freshly painted kitchen cabinets met the kids last week...all five of those peanut butter and jelly sticky hands left their mark. I'm not sure she'll ever recover!

  28. Image for Sharea Sharea

    I really did miss you! But SO glad that you had a little time to decorate! It's inspired me! I'll get back to you after I run to Home Depot to grab some paint! ( =

  29. Image for Revi Revi

    Karianne, your new blog design and your new room design are both beautiful. I must say, the 'BUTT PASTE' add that popped out when I hovered over did take me a bit by surprise...:) -Revi

  30. Image for Jean Jean

    I love the gray and yellow color combo. Almost did it in the guest bedroom, but went with gray and red instead. I think I need a before and after shot, though....I love to see comparisons!

  31. Image for Ronda Benson Ronda Benson

    Hi - can I ask where you got the gray/silver damask pillows??? Love them & I'm redoing my bedroom in gray/silver & white. Thanks! Ronda

  32. Image for Suzi Suzi

    Yes, I missed you. Your blog and one other are the first ones I read after my daily devotions :-). But I am glad for you to take a break and work on projects. In fact, you should consider it more often! You are young and I am old so let me say...give yourself regular breaks...maybe every and your family will be the better for it and we will survive. After all, fondness makes the heart grow stronger...

  33. Image for Zolane Zolane

    You ABSOLUTELY were missed!! Your room is just beautiful, Karianne!!! So fresh and WONDERFULLY inviting. Not that it wasn't all of that had my all time favorite drapes ever! (If you're interested in selling them, please let me know :)) Don't we all, though, love to change things up and you've done it, once again, to PERFECTION. You never cease to amaze me. Love it...especially that you are so happy to "live" in the room with your children. I'm sure there will be many happy memories created in this room. Can I just say, too, that blog design looks great...even the little burlap/linen tags for connecting with FB, Pinterest, etc. And if I haven't said it lately, your sense of humor and delight shine in your writing. That along with your photography skills are what sets you apart. Hugs from one Thin Mint lover to another :)

  34. Image for Polly Polly

    Cool Beans again!! You have given me so many great and people friendly ideas for a very tired looking bamboo colored living room! Love the new blog design, now I am on the hunt for bookcases!! PS Your "Mindful Gray" looks so different than what mine looks, probably painting over green didn't help:(

  35. Image for martha edgin martha edgin

    Could you please tell me the upholstery fabric used on sofa? trying to find fabric to recover my go with eclectic French country....yellows, cherry reds, creams,,,touch of sage green. help. lol

  36. Image for annel annel

    LOOKS LOVELY! Also FUNNY...I sure do not know how you do it, I have sooo MANY make overs and just can not motivate myself to get them done, sigh, someday!

  37. Image for Jackie A Jackie A

    Well at least you had it for the 5 minutes it took to take the pics. Well, maybe more than 5 minutes. It's beautiful Kari. And your attitude about the 'perfect living' is beautiful, too!

  38. Image for Marty Walden Marty Walden

    Looks absolutely fabulous! The blog redesign and the room! The rest of us bloggers know that perfection only last for the shot and then we haul the rest of the real life stuff of families back out!

  39. Image for rachel rachel

    Do you have a tutorial for those amazing fluffy white flower ball things on the top of the bookshelf, I think you have them below your chalkboard thing as well? Please share. I have just the place for them!

    1. Image for rachel rachel

      Unless they are real live plants that are just potted in baskets? Then I'd feel stupid...but at least I'd know!

  40. Image for Jo @ To a Pretty Life Jo @ To a Pretty Life

    Your new looks (blog and home) are gorgeous! I looked at the pictuers, thinking your kids must be a lot older than my kids if you get a room that looks that peaceful...then I read your text. My home gets to look beautiful about once every month or two. The problem (besides my poor housekeeping and too many migraines) is that all 1200 sqft are high-traffic areas. That's the problem with open-concept design in small homes ;-)

  41. Image for Dianne Dianne

    Well well I'm the 96 commentor ( is that a word:):) ) that is freaken fantastic, first thanks for the visit and the lovely comment. Now, you had me laughing out loud in my front room :):)....... Your room here is GORGEOUS,& AWESOME, thank you for the laughs, fab photos and letting us inside, a peek into your world, and also for teaching us all sorts of things and lastly for inspiring us, great blog......

  42. Image for Heather Heather

    Oh my gosh can we pretend I move in with you? Absolutely beautiful AGAIN! Could I bother you for the paint color again? All my rooms are going to at least have the same paint colors as your's!

  43. Image for Whitney @ drab to fab Whitney @ drab to fab

    Love this room, Karianne!! Everything ties together perfectly! And your new blog design is awesome! p.s. I agree about the awesome fabric...this is the same one I used on my dining table redo! :)

  44. Image for Joyce Joyce

    Karianne- Of course we all missed you!! I missed your blog and I really, really missed your writing! Thank you bunches for stopping by and wishing me well with my Liebster award!! Sweet wishes for a happy week ~Jemma

  45. Image for Pinky Pinky

    Of COURSE we missed you!!! BUT, I knew that when you came back the blog would look fabulous, it does. And you would be sharing something AMAZINGLY beautiful, you have!!!!!!!! The room looks amazing, love, LOVE the color scheme, the new chairs and how you have the room arranged. It is all perfection, ESPECIALLY the fact that now it is all NOT perfect. LOVE THAT!!!! XO, Pinky

  46. Image for Donna Donna

    I love, love your blog thanks for all you do! Love the room makeover would love to see more of your herb project! It was worth the wait!

  47. Image for karen karen

    This took my breath away! So fresh, so "springy", so gorgeous. Love the curtains & new chairs. But what I really love is all your little touches in the bookcases, etc. Can you give us more close-ups of all the accessories? What were those carved wooden "thingies" on the wall? I assume you gave them your magic with a paintbrush...Just that glimpse of spring I needed on this cold snow-covered day in NE. Sounds like the kids love it, too! Thanks for the inspiration.

  48. Image for Susan Susan

    Yep, missed you. I love this post. For some reason, I foolishly thought all those things we're pretending were true at your house! I never imagined we had to pretend. =)

  49. Image for Heatherk Heatherk

    Love the change but two days without I'm not gonna lie was no fun. New additions to room look great, but I LOVED the old curtains. I even asked you about them because I thought they would be perfect in my living room. If you are interested I would LOVE to buy them from you!!!!!!!!

  50. Image for Yvonne @ StoneGable Yvonne @ StoneGable

    Yes, you were very very missed! In the future give us some advanced notice so we can all take a chill pill so we can wait patiently! Your style is my favorite! But like you I would take sticky finger living over neat as a pin ANY TIME!

  51. Image for Diane | An Extraordinary Day Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I did miss you and your cheerful voice and your stories that I can hear through all those light waves emitted through my screen! Your blog has been freshened beautifully!! And with everything...always the midas touch...the yellow in your room just proves it!! All is perfectly done. I love that your home is truly enjoyed and lived in, too. Glad you had the time "off" to create. Isn't that the best feeling when a plan all comes together? Blessings blown your way! [hugs]

  52. Image for Susan Susan

    Yes, I did miss you, but the wait was worth it! Beautiful, calming room and the new blog format is super duper, XOXO

  53. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Everything on the blog is so neatly organized and accessible…it looks great Karianne! Also your living room…the curtains! The basket for the urn of flowers/Yahtzee dice?? The coffee table for the sticky plates of Monkey Bread? All lovely, and I wouldn't change a thing about those signs of life found around my house either :)

  54. Image for RHome410 @ Friday is Pizza, Monday is Soup RHome410 @ Friday is Pizza, Monday is Soup

    Our house if full of 'living' and hardly any of that 'neatly-organized-carefully-chosen-accessorized-decorating.' Ok, none of that, really! You did a lot in a weekend! The curtains are fantastic and I love your paint color. It's good to have reason to be set free from our computers once in awhile, and do and live and enjoy, instead.

  55. Image for Laura Laura

    Love, love, love your room and new decor. I'm so envious of your Joss and Main chairs! What fabric did you us for the throw pillows or where did you get them on the two other chairs that used to be in your bedroom? Thanks!

  56. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Yes! Love the room!! And all prints can be cleaned up and soon kids lose interest in bee keeps and it will be onto another space??? I just love how it all looks so thank you for sharing!!!

  57. Image for Megan Megan

    Where did you get those short curtain rods? I have been looking for something just like those! Love your style :)

  58. Image for Anne Anne

    No kidding my home is perfect in every way and day too ;-) .I never have dishes in the sink or blankets sprawled out on the chairs never ever. Your home is beautiful and I am sure even with those bits of marshmallow it still looks amazing! Yes your blog looks great! xx Anne

  59. Image for CAS CAS

    Absolutely gorgeous, Karianne! I'm really glad & relieved to know your space does not always look like this -- real life happens and you are right, we wouldn't change a thing!

  60. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Your new blog looks fabulous! And that, it's absolutely gorgeous! And I imagine it still looks wonderful even with the jumping, playing, drinking and eating sticky monkey bread. Those curtains are stunning, I love the material you used. Debbie :)

  61. Image for Jen O'Brien Jen O'Brien

    Hi KariAnne, just beautiful, I love everything in this room. I think I may have already commented but.... The fabric choice, perfect & the colors work seemlessly together! I just wanted to let you know that I am posting some images from Blogger Homes, one of which is this room, it of course links back to you & Blogger Homes. Shannon asked if I would do a post about her new site and share some images, since I was involved too. Hope this is ok:). Have a great day, Jen

  62. Image for Zuni Zuni

    You describe perfectly, the difference between "house" and "home." Though we do tend to like perfection (at least long enough to enjoy the fruits of our labor) imagine how sad and empty that house would be without the kareoke, marshmallows, etc. May your home always be as beautiful as you've made it, and as filled with life as you describe! BTW, the fruits of your labor is beautiful. ~Zuni

  63. Image for Bertie DeWane Bertie DeWane

    I love EVERYTHING about this room. Maybe I missed it, but did you tell what color the walls are? I am in love with the curtains!!!!

  64. Image for Melinda@The Refeathered Roost Melinda@The Refeathered Roost

    Truly a room fit for the cover of a magazine. Gorgeous! ...and I love that your family actually lives in this room. I had a friend when I was growing up who couldn't even go in their living room. It was not to be touched and her mother would check the carpet for footprints just to make sure no one had disobeyed this rule. I love moms who put their kids before their furniture and curtains. Yaaaay you!!

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