vintage finds

Do you have any idea what this is?

You probably guessed right away when you saw it because you are smart like that.  I, on the other hand, had no idea.

I just knew I needed it.

Numbers.  Check.

Typography.  Check.  

A little bit of history and rust and character and I’m sure a lifetime of stories to tell.

Check. Check and double check.

vintage decorating

And then I found a few of its friends.

Ch cha ching.

These are the numbers from an old cash register.

So what is a girl to do when she finds a pile of numbers stacked behind a rubber tire and a bin full of bird’s nests? What in the world would you ever do with a cash register number?

flowers and milk glass

A Christmas ornament?

A weathervane?

A house number plaque?

vintage finds

A mirror?

A picture frame?

A bookmark?

how to decorate with vintage

A wreath.

Ahhhh…..that’s it.

A cash register number wreath.  And hang it on a chalkboard.  And add some flowers from the yard before they fade and your cutting cornstalks and dragging in bales of hay for fall.

vintage finds project

Turns out there were mini holes in the cash register numbers that were attached to some mechanism that made them pop up when someone clicked a button.

All we did was nail tiny nails through them onto a board.

And arrange them in the shape of a wreath.

how to decorate with vintage finds

And here’s the wreath in all its glory.

I love it…..


But tomorrow?

I might see a tannenbaum in its future.

Merry Christmas little cash register numbers. 🙂

Decorate with Vintage Finds

And here’s a few more tips from some of my favorite friends.

Using fluff and filler in home

diy woodland frame fall on sutton place


  1. Image for Karen Karen

    Very creative, I was also thinking they would make great herb markers in planters.....That is the gardener in me thinking! ;)

  2. Image for Nancy @ Slightly Coastal Nancy @ Slightly Coastal

    Wow! A wreath? I wouldn't have thought of that...I'm glad you did. Don't you just love finding vintage stuff and coming up with ways to use it (rhetorical). That brain of yours is constantly creating new synapses. We are luckier for it. Hope you have a fantastic day!

  3. Image for gail gail

    I LOVE junk, and numbers?? don't get me started. When I shared one of your number projects on Facebook, I divulged an unknown secret about myself. A little OCD when it comes to numbers and counting.... gail

  4. Image for marsha marsha

    I don't think I would have thought of a wreath!! Leave it to you..... I do like the tags a lot. Would love to find some of those on a junk'in trip. Happy Thursday.

  5. Image for Rowena Philbeck Rowena Philbeck

    That is cool that you used it for a wreath. They looked bigger in our pictures and looked like clothing signs that were on tables or maybe plant signs that were in the dirt. They are smaller for sure. I have never seen that before but I do remember the register that was used with them. Large and very heavy. Great idea...

  6. Image for Deborah Deborah

    Silly question... what is the name of the font that you used to write 'hole' and 'vintage finds'? Would you share that with me? Thanks!

  7. Image for Michelle Rudis Michelle Rudis

    Not a clue what they were either but what a fun way to repurpose them! Do you think there might be a way to make them into a wall clock...?

  8. Image for Jonell Harrison Jonell Harrison

    Way to go- when I find something so unique I can't stop until I find a way to re purpose it and this is definitely a conversation piece...creative souls-they just can't stump us can

  9. Image for Dale D. Dale D.

    Love this project AND the sweet framed chalkboard. Those little numbers are so charming and love the history behind it. Makes me think it is time to visit some of our antique/junk shops down in old town, Auburn. It has been a while and I do so love to wander around with reminders of my childhood stacked here and there. Holding a toy and wondering what ever happened to my toy just like it in a shop some where or in a collection of vintage toys on display in someone's home. I am hoping for the second idea of course. I love your unique ideas of thinking out of the box, Karianne. Happy Thursday!

  10. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    *sigh* Only you could come up with something so clever. I love it!! Just wandering around the rooms in your house you would have so many stories to tell about all of your finds, it would take 10 lifetimes to get them all in. Now I must not be as smart as some of the other readers because what I guessed was wrong. Frankly I think my guess was right -- tags for wood crates with stuff in them. The tags were confused and volunteered for a register:-) You know what I simply love about you??? Your mind. And yes your smile and your sense of humor and your talent and your red lipstick. You see, I can't wear red, Color me Beautiful would fail me if I tried to wear it. Oh well, it looks fabulous on you. Have a wonderful day!! Big Hugs!

  11. Image for Linda Linda

    Clever and cute! Your creativity always makes me smile. Christmas tree…PPllease, my AC is broken and it's the hottest week of the season so far! Linda

  12. Image for Barbara Ann Barbara Ann

    I knew what they were right away. But I like your thinking of creating a wreath with them. My mind went right to using them as birthday cake numbers!! Vintage numbers for someone with a sense of humor...

  13. Image for Pat Pat

    What wonderful treasures you found! I love the wreath you made from them and especially loved the framed chalkboard you put them on....they look just perfect!

  14. Image for Jillynn Jillynn

    Ok!!!! Seriously!!! I haven't done a wreath out of my cash register numbers AND I MAKE A WREATH OUT OF EVERYTHING!!!! (My blog post about Wreath Obsession proves it!) BUT I DO put these in my (very few) potted plants around my house. They look SO industrial farmhouse that way too! I have one in my jade plant... one in my dying you-had-a-baby-plant-from-work (can you tell I don't know what it is... or I would just call it by it's name;-), and one in my aloe plant! LOVE THEM!!!! I am having a girl's weekend to Galena, Iowa for all things Fall Décor so I will come up with something to do with them for Fall too! Jillynn

  15. Image for Rebecca Lowe Rebecca Lowe

    Wow! Love those numbers, great find. And you have great style! I just saw your link on the Creative Collection link party. nice work!!

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