Family_RoomWhen I was born……my mother named me karianne.

Unusual?  Hard to pronounce?  Sounds like a song?

I know.

You already know about the kari part.

But what you didn’t know is….

…..that I come from a long line of Anne’s.

It’s a tradition handed down through the generations in my family that the oldest daughter of the oldest daughter is always named….


Or some combination thereof.

My grandmother’s grandmother and my great-grandmother and my grandmother and my mother and myself and now….my oldest daughter…..

….all Anne’s.

Every. Single. One.

So this….the last and final room transformation….is for all the Anne’s that ever were….

….and all the Anne’s that ever will be.

I love you each and every one. 🙂

family-room-decorating (2)

Meet Anne.

She is my favorite room of all.

Because…..she is my heart.

She’s simple and sweet and fun and whimsical and full to the brim of joy….

….with just the right shade of pink lipstick. 🙂

I can almost see her smile.


Here’s how I did it:

1.  Easy no sew valances I made from left-over drop cloths and pink ribbon.

I used no-sew tape to add the pink ribbon to the bottom of the valence and then just hung the drop cloth over a 2 x 2.

Completely no-sew.

2.  I used a table from the screened-in porch as a center table.

Perfect height for a game of checkers.

3.  I brought the urns in from outside to use on the gray side table.

4.  Ottomans from the master bedroom can also double as benches for the room tucked under the center table.


I couldn’t help it.

I left the paper.

I think I’m going to do a tutorial on this because I got so many questions about it yesterday.

I just added little pink flowers for summer color.


1.  I taped off a basket with painter’s tape to create a cross pattern.

Then I simply spray painted the basket white and removed the tape to reveal the original basket color beneath.

It makes a perfect side table with plenty of extra storage.


1.  My milk glass collection is still on display.

2.  To create a centerpiece…I filled eight milk glass tumblers with pink flowers and centered them in a basket.

3.  All the fabrics came from Wal-Mart.

Super inexpensive.

I think the most I paid was $6.97 a yard.


I hung a vintage sign on the wall and added a rocking bunny I bought at a sale.

The sign came from a yard sale.

pink-and-gray-family room

I can’t believe this is the last day.

I’m a little sad.

I was just getting started. 🙂

I have about four more room ideas… entire attic of furniture and a whole pantry full of milk glass.

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  1. Image for Anne Presley Anne Presley

    To my most special Anne - I love you more than you will ever know. You represent the Annes in all the best ways (strong faith, conviction, and love of life) and carry on the tradition with such class and style. You are training the next Anne to do the same- thank you.

  2. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Oh Kari "Anne"...this is my fav room...Love how you brought in the center table and the ottomans for extra seating....the fabrics and the room are just so "happy"...just like you! I so enjoyed this series!!!

  3. Image for Lisa Lisa

    KAnne, I love this look the best… seems to have so much of your personality in it! The pop of pink amidst all those neutrals is so fresh for summer, and I love the table with the stools for game playing. So inviting!

  4. Image for Mary W Mary W

    Once again, you've done it! Love the room, and the pink adds just the right bit of pizazz! I wish this was more rooms too, love to see what you do and you've given me so many great ideas. And my middle name is Ann without the "e."

  5. Image for Danielle Danielle

    This is my favorite by far, the pink is perfect. Just one question - how did you secure your 2x2 to the wall/window for the valance? I am SO stealing this from you. Thanks for another precious post!

  6. Image for Barb Barb

    This room is like pink lemonade and strawberry shortcake and watermelon ~ all the best of summer pinks and delights. My favorite! You are creative and cute and so talented. Alas, I am no Barbara Anne. Mom went with Lynn. Happy summer day! Barb

  7. Image for Beverly Beverly

    KariAnne, I declare you the queen of this challenge. Each of your three rooms were significant transformations, and still each one was reflective of you. Each one amazing.

  8. Image for melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

    The tradition in my husband's family was to name the first born son, James Edgar. Luckily my mother-in-law dropped the Edgar. And, as luck would have it, my husband and I had 3 girls, Daisy Sue, Anna Belle and Lila Mae. No hint of Edgar anywhere! Anne is a much more lovely name to pass down! Thanks for the inspiration of these rooms! My wheels are spinning. . . And, to think that I was going to spend the day doing laundry - Ha! Now there is decorating to be done! Life to the full! Melissa

  9. Image for Gretchen Gretchen

    This is my favorite of your room 3 ways. I just love the pops of pink and I want to curl up on your sofa and read. Great job!

  10. Image for Sharon Sharon

    This is my favorite too! I think a little pink "lipstick" makes a room happy! James is the name that gets carried on in my husband's family. I kind of like that there is something passed on down the years to connect each generation. My son was lucky enough to be the James in ours.

  11. Image for Ashley Busse Ashley Busse

    We have the same Annes in our family! Actually, I kinda started it by naming my daughter Anne after my mom, but all of us firstborn girls share the middle name Elizabeth as well. My other reason for using "Anne" is my undying love for Anne of Green Gables. :)

  12. Image for Karena Karena

    Dear Karianne, Adore this series and it has given me so many ideas! You are so creative! I am going to do a valance similar to yours, "no Sew" was all I needed to hear! xoxo Karena Giveaway from The Enchanted Home

  13. Image for gina gina

    thanks for sharing your family history! both my husband and son are the first born of the first born, etc., and Anthony is the name passed down for literally hundreds of years! Both have it as a middle name. :) Don't you just love family tradition? I know you do!

  14. Image for Jenna Jenna

    This has been so much fun, I have loved each room better than the one before and now I think I love Anne the best. I love the pink touches subtle gray patterns, I think I would never leave this room!

  15. Image for Betsy Betsy

    As usual your designs are absolute PERFECTION !!! Oh my I wish you lived next door to me. My precious grandmother was an "Ann". To this day I remember her beautiful little home -- all the furniture painted white, an iron headboard and footboard painted white, etc. Her home was very simple and clean but it was always beautiful to me. I love your designs. You are a very talented and blessed woman indeed. I just have to tell you about my latest design endeavor. My husband bought me a HUGE iron basket which naturally I painted white. I lined it with a large red check gingham fabric and then dropped in a planted pot of misc. flowers and foliage in red, white and blue. I then added three flags to the mix. This will sit on our front porch and will be part of our July 4th décor !!! I have another small planter made of twigs that I lined with burlap and then it's also planted with red, white, and blue. I have found that using fabrics to decorate some of our garden plantings is so much fun and since I'm a sewer/quilter there is always a lot of fabric around to play with. My dear, you have a blessed week. You have brightened my day big time with your writings and decorating. Again, I wish you lived next door. Betsy

  16. Image for Tracy B Tracy B

    It's beautiful Karianne! I love the pink touches. It's amazing how quickly we can change the look of a room with just a few touches. Beautiful job!

  17. Image for Kari Anne Kari Anne

    My name is Kari Anne also!!! Although pronounced "care ee" and is two words. My grandmother's name was Ann and I was named after her but my mom added the "e", I'm glad she did. I love your blog and have really enjoyed the series One Room/Three Ways.

  18. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    Well, I think you out did yourself KariANNE!! Love the room and the story! This is a great combination of farm, sophistication, and the touches of lipstick. My favorite part is the rocking bunny...I would design a whole room around him! So...which one are you keeping?? Or are you changing to something completely different?? ;)

  19. Image for Christina Thurlow Christina Thurlow

    I must say I like this one the best because of the bright color. Nothing neutral about this room! And I would love to know more about that wrapping paper that you lined the back of the hutch with. I hope my Hobby Lobby has the same thing- I have a book shelf that I've been wanting to line but never knew what direction I wanted to go with it.

  20. Image for Susan M. Susan M.

    This room brings to mind being in a beautiful cottage overlooking a sparkling turquoise lake -- summery and vibrant! Kudos for another transformation that many could only hope to somewhat replicate - thank you for letting us live vicariously through your talents. All the rooms have been beautiful, but I have to say my favorite is Dianthana - love, Love, LOVE that girl! Might be interesting to do a vote???? Wonder which lucky "gal" would win?

  21. Image for Cheryl in Wisconsin Cheryl in Wisconsin

    Holy buckets of corn, Karianne. You really committed to this project. Very impressive, very pretty, all of them.

  22. Image for Christine Christine

    Karianne, YOU feel bad. how do you think I feel??? haha I could look at your transforations all day long! I love thetouch of pink. And the little footstool thingys under the table how adorable is that! Please dont stop show us more!! Christine

  23. Image for Carolyn Carolyn

    Yes, please do a tutorial on the bookshelves. Many decorating ideas have been gleaned through your blog. Thanks!

  24. Image for Karolina Karolina

    I love you and your design :) This one is my fav :) Question: Do you made or bought those white flowers in the basket by the chalkboard. Can you link me to the tutorial if you DIY?

  25. Image for Suzy Suzy

    LOVE each and every one of your transformation. I too declare you "Challenge Winner" -- your spaces looked completely different to each other and from your original. It's obvious that you spent a great deal of time/planning and didn't just move a couple of pieces of future around the room. I think you're on a roll and should continue with your own challenge. Hop up in the attic, grab some goodies, and makeover some of the other rooms in your home. We would LOVE to see what you come up with!! PS: The planky goodness of that paper made me smile when I walked past my dining room this morning - it looks FAB inside my shelves! Thanks again! =)

  26. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Well, miz karianne with no capitals needed....I feel as though I should change my name to "Anne" least today for commenting purposes!!! This is really lovely. And it does seem to speak of you; the real you. And while I like it very much, and enjoyed the black and white, too....I have to admit I'm really quite fond of the original one! Sorry....there was just something about that room that I loved....feel free to recreated it in my house anytime you want to, okay? ;)) I hope you plan to show us the other 4 you're thinking about....

  27. Image for Gloria Ann Gloria Ann

    Love your room. It is so bright and definitely brings a smile to the room. I am so going to look for that fabric at my WalMart too. Thanks for sharing your Anne story. It is my middle name and I remember practically all my friends shared the middle name Ann. Maybe it was the 60s or it was just the name that went with everything but I love it. It is such a sweet name that gets such little attention these days. I wanted to name my daughter AnnaGloria but no one shared my fondness. Glad to have found other Anne groupies.

  28. Image for Cynthia Cynthia

    Karrieanne, I LOVE this room with all its subtle color and use of flowers. The details with the furniture is beautiful! You truly are an inspiration! Cynthia

  29. Image for Stephanie Halliday Stephanie Halliday

    So fun and whimsical! I wish you could come and decorate my home! : ) You never seem too tired to do anything!!!!!! Thanks for sharing! : )

  30. Image for annel annel

    Thanks Karianne, Im an Anne, (with the middle intial added for flair! LOL...I LOVE day three, I think my favorite is day TWO! You are such an ispiration, keep up the great work! ;-)

  31. Image for Winnie Winnie

    I lost my twin sister, Anne, about five years ago, and think of her so often. She had a very sad life, and I often think I didn't do enough to help with all that. Anyway, thanks so much for celebrating the name today! It made me smile and feel better about things. I don't think I could pick from your three room evolutions, Karianne! They are all so great! Lots of inspiration there, for sure. Many thanks.

  32. Image for Sherry Sherry

    Hi Karianne! Your rooms have all been exceptionally beautiful, BUT this one is may favorite too. Your style is so well defined that it seems you could move any piece from one room to another and it would look good! The flirty pink in this room is DARLING...what a great look for summer. WELL DONE!!!

  33. Image for amy watson amy watson

    Anne is my favorite room....and I love the name too, you see my mama is JoAnn , I am amy jo my mother named me after 2 of the little women from the book, it was one of her favorite books, then my sister came along and she got the in Julia Ann so my middle name and her middle name make my mamas name JoAnn, So all that aside Anne is my favorite room too...and Lordy I love me some pink lipstick...and she wears it like the Rock star that she is!!!!!! Beautiful room.......amy (yep still using lowercase for my name) what a novel concept, I love it!!!!

  34. Image for Linda Linda

    I have been following your blog for some time, and think you are one of the most gifted home designers around. The one- room- three- ways project was just a pleasure and a feast for the eyes. Congratulations!

  35. Image for Geneva Geneva

    I think I love this one best! You have an amazing eye for color and pattern combinations that are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your ideas and your home and you! Geneva

  36. Image for Judy Judy

    i don't know how i missed your post about "kari" but i loved reading it...especially when your husband joined in with your dad. our family has a lot of "elizabeths" my mom, her 2nd cousin Elizabeth Dole (yes!), my sister and now my granddaughter's middle name but my daughter deviated from the usual spelling and used an "s" instead of the typical "z"...Taylor Elisabeth. loved this series and how you named your room!

  37. Image for Denton Denton

    At the start of this three-day endeavor, I was groaning, both inwardly and outwardly, because I happen to live in this house, and of course got roped into moving furniture. But, Blaire, Diathana, and even Anne turned out well. Congrats, Mom. You deserve an award or something. -Denton (Assistant #2)

  38. Image for Diane Diane

    I can't pick a favorite, I love them all! I am so glad you kept the paper too, it is fabulous, and happy you will do a tutorial on it too. Anne is a beautiful name, I named my daughter Elizabeth Ann and she loves her name, funny thing because I have always loved mine too. ~Diane

  39. Image for Lori Lori

    The pinks are gorgeous and your basket turned out perfectly. Okay, yesterday we talked about our twins, now another common item. I am from a line of "Ann". My grandmother, mom, myself and my oldest daughter all have the middle name of Ann. So as an Ann, I thank you for such a beautiful room.

  40. Image for Sheryll & Critters. Sheryll & Critters.

    Ohhhhhh & oooooooh.... the pink....... it is very difficult to choose, but I loved this one immediately and think it is my favorite. Loved the story about the Anne's.... it is a good one and I love your name.

  41. Image for Rachel Callaghan Rachel Callaghan

    My darling mother was called Annie, so Anne was always going to be my favourite. I do not have any pink in my own home (gasp!), but when I saw the first photo I said out loud "Oh Anne you are so pretty!". This is gorgeous and fresh, and the colours could be changed so easily with different accents such as flowers and ornaments. Love it. Could live in this, easily! Have really enjoyed all your blogs - thanks for making the effort, ladies. Rachel, New Zealand.

  42. Image for Colleen P Colleen P

    Lovely room, love the pink pops of color. This room would be a hard sale for my hubby though ;) But I love it, it's very girlie without being too much. I'm also an Ann (no 'e'). Colleen Ann and my mother is Carole Ann! Ann's without or without the 'e' tend to rock...don't you think?

  43. Image for revi revi

    Karianne, I have so enjoyed seeing your 3 rooms! It makes me want to change up some things, too. :) As someone who names her chairs, I like that you named your rooms as well.

  44. Image for Leigh Anne Leigh Anne

    So pretty and inviting. I love all the pops of pink. :) I too come from a line of Anne's (with an e). My grandmother was Sara Anne, my mom is Ruthanne, I'm Leigh Anne and (I swore I'd never do it but I did) my daughter is Georgia Anne.

  45. Image for Debbie Hein Debbie Hein

    My favorite. She is perfect in a sweet, stylish, sexy kind of way. Just like you. I love how you made sure "she" had the lipstick thing going on....This was wonderful. Thanks for all the hard work.

  46. Image for Michele/Finch Rest Michele/Finch Rest

    Well I absolutely adore "Anne's" colour lipstick, KA!! Looks great- and this has been such fun reading. I was all set to really show a fun before and after for the link up but on Saturday my hard drive crashed and an entire folder went missing............gone...............vvanished...............never to be seen again................we back up but somehow a very important folder got missed. I coulda died. But then I thought in the big scheme of life, does it matter that much? I am living with the fabulous afters, so oh well. I was just ready to share more of the home - I am not all about teacups, ya know!!

  47. Image for Nita@ModVintageLife Nita@ModVintageLife

    Oh my! I really love this version of the room...of all the touches of pink. The whole room is just great. You really outdid yourself on all your different versions. Very inspiring!

  48. Image for Mary Feguson Mary Feguson

    I love number three - it's stunning! Love the pops of pink. It looks so fresh, clean and inviting. Great job. Have a very special weekend after doing all that work. Mary

  49. Image for Polly Polly

    I love the pink!! So bright and inviting and colorful and......... I wish we could change our names when we grow older! I was always Polly wants a cracker, Polly Pocket, but my middle name is Ann! So then it became Pollyanna after the movie, YUCK!! Anyway, thanks for sharing, have a great week-end, and please let us know about the wallpaper:)

  50. Image for Sarah Sarah

    Karianne, sorry I'm late arriving to your One Room Three Ways. I started with Day Three and will work back through. This is a fun idea! Off to see the others. Love the happiness of this room! ~ Sarah

  51. Image for Angie Whitman Angie Whitman

    I have benn looking at your blog for a while now. You have a beautiful home and I adore your sense of humor! Quick questions... Where do u get all of those great wire baskets? is your painted master bedroom floor holding up? Any regrets? :)

  52. Image for Dear Lillie Dear Lillie

    I FINALLY got on my computer tonight! YAY! I kept up with all of the posts on my phone last week but it wouldn't let me comment. Anyway, I loved all of your rooms but I think this was my favorite!!! It's absolutely stunning!

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