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Have you ever ridden a roller coaster?

You know when the ride starts and the track goes tick..tick….tick…..slower and slower…..and slower.

And you are looking up at the mountain ahead of you and the whole time your heart is pounding and your knees are kind of shaking and you check to make sure your earrings are not going to fly off during the ride because you got them on sale at Dillard’s for 75% off and you need to wear them at a conference.

And right when you get to the top….you kind of hang there….suspended in space.

For just a moment.


Nervous and knees shaking and heart pounding.

That is exactly what I’m feeling.

You see…..{gulp}….I agreed to help teach the Creatively Made Home e-course with all of these amazing women.

Double {gulp}.

CMH2 Home Collage Words

I mean….I know it’s going to be amazing and fun and full of joy.

I wasn’t even that nervous until I started making the videos for the e-course.

And I watched myself back.


I mean….I knew I waved my hands around when I talk and I know I’m always laughing and I tend to get a little over dramatic when I tell a story….but I had no idea how much.  🙂

But the roller coaster is off and running and I’m working on becoming amazing…..

And I would love it if you could join me and my hand-waving, laughing, overly-dramatic self for the upcoming class on October 15.

It’s going to be fun.

We are all going to be sharing gift giving ideas and decorating projects and favorite family recipes. 

We are going to share our stories and how things can get overwhelming and a little hectic during the holidays and how we coped with it with humor.   We’ll talk about our traditions and family and special moments that are meant to be treasured.

I hope you laugh and cry and rejoice and get inspired right along with us….

….as we open our hearts and homes….just for you.


The e-course officially starts October 15.

And for the next two weeks…..there is an introductory special for everyone who books early!

The early registration rate is only $48!  

After that….it goes up to the regular cost of $58.

To register you can click on the link below!

Hope to see you on the roller coaster. 🙂


PS  Here’s some frequently asked questions about the e-course.

If you need more information or have any questions about anything… can always e-mail me at!

* What is an e-course? 

An e-course in an online class. The class is held on a website. There is a private classroom that only people that have registered for the course can access. Once the course is ready to begin we will send you a welcome email (make sure you are registered at to receive this email). Each Monday (of the three week course) the full week of videos and content will be available. All videos are pre-recorded and you can watch them at your convenience. The videos will be up for one full year from the date of purchase. 


* When will we receive the login and password information to access the course? 

Once you have paid on you will have instant access when the course begins.  When you register at you create your own password and login information.  If you paid through another site or our main website then we will send you login information.  Please make sure you have set up an account (this is free) on  This step will get you into the course faster. 


* Am I allowed to share my login and password with friends?

No. We have priced this course very reasonably and we have all worked very hard to give you a beautiful and inspiring course full of content. We would love to have your friends join us the proper way by registering. Thank you for honoring this request. We also promise to respect you by honoring the time and money you have spent for the course by giving you a beautiful finished product.


* What if I miss a week?  Will I be able to catch up?

Yes!  All videos are pre-recorded and available to watch at your convenience.  The course is three weeks long but the videos will remain up for viewing for one full year from the date of your purchase. That gives you time to watch everything again and again if you wish.


*Do I need to be at the computer at a certain time to see a lesson?

No.  None of our videos are live.


*What kind of internet and computer do I need to have to have the most success with the course?

To get the most out of the class you need to have a high-speed Internet connection and newer computer or mobile device that is equipped to stream video off of the Internet.


*Am I able to watch the videos from my ipad?

Yes, our videos are ipad compatible.


*I live outside the United States.  Am I able to sign up?

YES!  We would love to have you.  We have people signed up from all over the world. 

If you have questions that are not answered here please email us at and we would love to answer them for you. 

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  1. Image for Lisa Lisa

    You know... when we go to an amusement park with friends I always have the MOST fun with the super-enthusiastic-down-to-earth-hands-in-the-air-laughing-out-loud-full-of-joy types. This e-course sounds like one of those trips! :-)

  2. Image for Lorri Lorri

    Yea KariAnne! I'm so excited that you are participating in the Creatively Made Home series! It has been so inspiring and motivating for me. I know you will be amazing!

  3. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Well, Miz karianne, you already are amazing so what's to work on there? And who doesn't wave their hands when they least a little bit? Laughter is catching, so never stop doing that! As for the overly-dramatic karianne..... well, that's the best part of you! Nobody, absolutely nobody, would ever want you to change! But I bet you didn't even realize you're embarking on a new career aspect with this e-course. At least it seems so, to me..... THERAPY! LOL, now you're metamorphosing into a therapist......oh, wait!! You've already been doing that with your now you're honing and sharpening and growing by leaps and bounds! Mmmmm, sounds kinda like SUPER WOMAN to me! You go girl!

  4. Image for Marian Marian

    This sounds so exciting! I don't know if I can do it or not, because it's barn sale season, but it might be fun to look into after that. Purchase will still be available after the fact, yes? Plus then hopefully I'll have some denero baby! And stop worrying about hands and over-excitement. It is a party watching you talk. Don't change a thing dear lady. We all love you BECAUSE of that stuff.

  5. Image for Regina Regina

    This sounds so exciting! I want to register but your link only takes me to PayPal. And it appears to me that to register on Jeanne Oliver's site today is $58. I must not know what I'm doing. Please help!

  6. Image for Angela Angela

    My goodness, girlfriend!! Do you ever sleep!! LOL!! You are a total rock star (can I be a groupie?!)!!! What a wonderful e-course! Looking forward to it!!~~Angela

  7. Image for JoJo JoJo

    Hi, Since I love everything you write & create, how will this ecourse be any different from what I already have when going on your & others blogs? Please fill me in more on what will be shown. Thanx so much! Joann

  8. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I. Am. SO PUMPED!! If there is ANYONE who needs help of EVERY kind when it comes to helping her house out? It's me. Let the games begin....! ;-))

  9. Image for Brandi Brandi

    This is such a beautiful idea. I enjoyed your class so much at Haven. You really made everyone feel so welcome. It was so nice to be able to meet you. You are a phenomenal woman.

  10. Image for Kari Kari

    This looks like a fantastic course! I would love to know a little more details on what is covered, is there some place where you have a schedule or list of topics? Thanks!

  11. Image for Susie Harris Susie Harris

    Oh my word... I just love your heart so anything you do will be just adorable. Have fun making your videos and wave your hands as much as you would like. I get excited like that too...hehe

  12. Image for Laurie Grabarkewitz Laurie Grabarkewitz

    I have been following your blog for awhile and LOVE your home. I am interested in the e-course but would like to know a little about the projects you will be showing. thanks

  13. Image for Tammy Tammy

    You'll be great! Your ideas are amazing! I enjoy your blog. Please come on over and check out my new blog at Thanks, Tammy

  14. Image for susan b susan b

    I'm thinking that THIS may be the year I have all the time to creatively prepare for the Christmas holiday. My youngest leaves for college on Friday and I'm thinking I may need something to take my mind off of how quiet a house is without a bunch of teenage boys roaring through it. But what will I do until this starts on October 15th?!

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