Yesterday I was on a phone interview with the most incredible editor of a home decor magazine.

(total aside…..seriously….I have always wanted to drop that casually in a conversation)

And she asked me a question that I had never thought of.

About you.

The wonderful, incredible, funny, highly intelligent, creative person who reads this blog.

(total aside number 2…..I described you exactly like that)

She asked me if everyone who read the blog liked farmhouse style.


I had to think about the answer.


I paused…..and then…..I told her…

I told her we were all different……some of us liked contemporary or traditional or industrial or shabby chic or French country or Downton Abbey or coastal decor.

All of us…..different….and yet in so many ways…..we are the same.

Because at the heart of each of us……is a true love for home and family.

Whatever our style….whatever our design aesthetic….we have the same goal…..

…..a longing to create a retreat….an oasis….a safe haven from the chaos and rocky shores of life.

A place we can call home. 🙂


PS  My son listened to the entire phone interview and when I got off he looked at me and rolled his eyes and said…..

….Has anyone ever told you that you talk like a Hallmark movie?”

I knew one day…..all those years of watching happily ever after would pay off.  🙂

PPS  If you are looking for a little retreat inspiration….I’m posting some fun ideas over at the Lamps Post blog today.

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  1. Image for Yvonne @ StoneGable Yvonne @ StoneGable

    Can you see me raising my hand? I LOVE farmhouse style! Probably because I live in a farmhouse inspired home. And I love Costal... and traditional... and french... You are right, KarriAnne... we all love our home! I hope the interviewer prints that!

  2. Image for Beth C. Beth C.

    You nailed it! The home we just built for our retirement in Florida is a coastal style, and that's what we're going for. But your farmhouse style is so inviting and beautifully executed that I just love every single photo you share with us. Even though it's not the direction I'm going in, I glean tons of ideas on color combinations, furniture placement, etc. I think a warm, welcoming space is universally appealing, regardless of the style. A friend that works for high end designers once told me the house will tell you what it wants. At first I didn't get this, but I have come to understand that the decor style is so connected to the style of the house that it practically draws you a map! And I just can't wait to see what you do with the gate house! Best, Beth C.

  3. Image for Lisa Lisa

    I heart you. You just get it, about the value of creating a space for family that is HOME. And I hope you bring up with whom you were speaking to on the phone in every conversation you have for the next week :) That is exciting!

  4. Image for Janet Janet

    You are so right. I tend to gravitate towards the comtemporary/transitional style decor , yet find your farmhouse style warm and inviting. My sunroom tends to incorporate some of your farmhouse style but what attracts me to your blog is your humor, warmth and fun projects. It's kind of like having coffee with a friend (ok, a virtual friend) every morning. Thanks for being a part of all of our lives. P.S. Love your son's "Hallmark" comment. May life always be or at least feel like a hallmark card!

  5. Image for Mary W Mary W

    Like everyone else has said, you have it so right! I love every photo you post of your home, and if I ever had a second home, it would be the coastal style. Your home is so cozy and family perfect. I wish I could have you come and do mine for me.

  6. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I love your blog - I read it each morning with my cup of coffee and think you are talking to just me!! While it is a one sided conversation I feel like I am just listening to you and enjoying your pictures of your home, your kids, your projects and a little of your life. I am a retired high school guidance counselor, so I spent 35 years just listening to others so I have had lots of practice! I also love the farmhouse style - I live on a farm - very near the home of Hallmark Cards!!

  7. Image for Sandy from Savannah Sandy from Savannah

    You seem to always know just what to say... That's a big part of this wonderful site. Please tell me where the rug was purchased? I need it for my family room. It is our retreat in need of a lift. Thanks Sandy

  8. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Gosh, KariAnne. Farmhouse? Is that how your style would be labeled? Honestly, it would have never occurred to me to give your home decor that label. I am not one to label. Yes, I do see decor that I would be able to fit into a category, but not you. Do you know what I mean? I hope so because I intend it as a compliment. Your style transcends labeling. Congrats on the conversation. Busting my buttons for you once again.

  9. Image for Stacey Stuwe Stacey Stuwe

    The best part about reading your blog, no matter what our individual styles are, is the fact that you inspire us to be creative, to make old new again, to think outside the box and create something that is truly unique! I never get tired of looking at photos of your home, full of little surprises around every corner waiting to be unwrapped with the eyes!

  10. Image for Pilgrimage gal Pilgrimage gal

    KariAnne.... Thank you for your thoughts today. I'm just outside DC and would love to live down the lane and drink sweet tea. I write about being a busy mom with a very serious and rare chronic disease. My Pilgrimage is how I find peace in the struggle. Your blog speaks to me because; in truth life is all about our husbands, these amazing kids we are blessed to raise, love, protect and ultimately send them out into the world. I just imagine comparing favorite red lipsticks and telling you about my obsession with lipgloss. All the while kids and animals spill out onto the front porch....Isn't that what we are doing for our family, creating memorires of love and what real normal life feels like.... Not this foolishness, I LOVE to watch on TV and never tell my kids :) Thanks for keeping it real girl....thanks always for bringing us back home... Best, Kathryn the PilgrimageGal.

  11. Image for Anita Anita

    I love your blog. Love your ideas. I too loved the sign. Did you make it? I have pallets waiting to be created into something :)

  12. Image for Angela Angela

    Once again, a very poetic, heart-warming post. How exciting on your interview....very well deserved and not surprising! You are a rock star, after all! Finally, I just know your son is so very proud of his momma! She sets a wonderful example day after day. Have a blessed day, my friend.~~Ang

  13. Image for Donnamae Donnamae

    I didn't giggle as much as usual...I welled up with tears! You are so right...your blog to me IS about Home! And if that's be it! You are just like me twenty years ago...making your home as great as it could be, raising your kids as best as you can while still maintaining some dignity....constantly thinking outside of the box...decorating your home on inspiration...when there's very little money...I could go on and on! And, if that's a Hallmark be it! ;)

  14. Image for Cindy Cindy

    "Home...a safe haven from the chaos and rocky shores of life". I love that KariAnne, I don't watch the Hallmark channel or any other for that matter, so I say, you are BRILLIANT! That is exactly what we, your readers, are looking for. A way to make "home" a lovely, but comfy place, where love dwells. I'm sure you are like most of us, you've had your heartache and sorrows, and it means so much to come home to a place that is a safe haven from all that chaos and despair. I am feeling this today, especially after so many families in Moore, OK have lost their safe haven. I have a lot of family in OK and my heart is aching for all of them. Hugs, Cindy

  15. Image for Anne Presley Anne Presley

    You learned this by living in and then creating your very own home. It is not just a house, but a home. I can recall Lamar Street and you talking to and waking up your home every morning and now on to Kentucky where you are finally able to do the same. Too many people live in a house and that is the problem for their family and them. Right now I miss having a home - oh yes I have a roof over my head, a house but not a home. For true respite and peace, one needs the Lord and a very special home - kuddos to you for having such incredible insight! Love you!

  16. Image for Susan Susan

    Oh, I've seen those rolled eyes from my daughters too! Kelly once said to me, "do you think this is Little House on the Prairie!" I watch a lot of Hallmark channel and love happily ever after, XOXO

  17. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    This post inspired me to tell you something that I have thought about telling you for awhile but never got around to it. First of all, I do love your farmhouse style but the real reason I read your blog is that you crack me up. The comments from your children and your "asides" always bring a smile to my face--can't think of a better way to start ones day. Thank you!

  18. Image for Cheryl in Wisconsin Cheryl in Wisconsin

    I admire this entire post but I have to react to labeling a style. My house is a 1901 Victorian bungalow. And my 'style' has always been shabby French industrial country....??? I've felt compelled to name it, I don't even know why. Does anyone else have that same conundrum? Recently I discovered 'Belgian style', and I guess that most closely defines me.

  19. Image for Heather Heather

    So true KariAnne! Our homes are our nests where we raise and nurture our babies and nurture and love our hubbies! We all are fans of creativity...and that's what gels us together as readers and lovers of design and decor of all styles! Off to see your Lamps plus post!!

  20. Image for Teri Teri

    I'd say my style was more coastal than farmhouse, but yes, the goal is to make the house into a home. Your blog gives me the inspiration and courage to do just that. BUT, the real reason I read your blog daily is because I love how you tell a story. You could be talking about how paint dries and somehow it would be riveting AND funny.

  21. Image for Gee Gee

    Yup, yup yup!!! It's all about luving our home and making the house a home. A home where we live and luv and smile and cry and ... and ... live :-) ranch, farmhouse, french cottage, or french country.. all the same. Congrats on the interview. Hugs, Gee

  22. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Oh, and Karianne, totes off topic: having to redo lots of porch spindles - wood, right? My husbie is leaning toward plastic...nooooooooooooooooooooooo.....

  23. Image for Regina Regina

    Is this the son with the "lethal" hair? ;) Someday he will appreciate all that "happily ever after" talk. That was quite a compliment, and he didn't even know it! LOL I agree. It's almost like the more we look for the differences in what we like, the more we see the things we have in COMMON that we like! For instance, HOME! FAMILY! I hope the incredible editor realizes just how much you mean to all of us! :)

  24. Image for Christina from Dallas Christina from Dallas

    After I hung up after talking to my in-laws my daughter asked me, "Why do you sound so fake when you talk to them"? All I could think of was to tell her "It's called being polite." I guess it's what I sound like when I talk to other adults because I don't have to ask them to pick up their socks or do their homework."

  25. Image for Pam W Pam W

    You are so smart Karianne! I think that's what makes your blog so appealing-you just GET it! We are not all the same with the exact same tastes. Like many others I take what I like and incorporate it into my space and totally admire how you pull it all together. I have raised two sons and their honesty never ceases to amaze me. They totally keep me down to earth. Lordy-your boys are a hoot!

  26. Image for Linda Linda

    please, please tell me where you got that picture...I love the words...I'd love to have are so spot on about everything you said. love reading your blog.

  27. Image for Gwen Gwen

    I love this room. I sent it to my daughter and said Why don't I decorate like this? I like it! But your post says it well. We are all kind of unique in getting our spot to be homey. I guess I don't really copy. Inspiration comes. And then blunders. But I must say its ever evolving. I'm just a little short on that $1000 to redo my 11 year old paint job of swirling golds on tall kitchen walls so I guess I'm living with that so 2002 style long past its heyday but a hutch and drapes cover it right???!!! Ahhh. Ill pretend its Hearst Castle which still is in the 1930's style. It has all that gold and all

  28. Image for Dawn Sanchez Dawn Sanchez

    Okay, cracking up reading that hallmark line from your son! Can I admit that I grew up watching those movies too and thinking that if the whole world would just watch a few of those movies maybe the world wouldn't be so darn scary. I agree that, regardless of your style, folks want a sanctuary. In some ways they want their home to be an outward reflection of who they are. I love how bloggers show the many faces of what families look like and how their homes reflect not only this face but the under lying heart. So enjoying your blog. Ciao.

  29. Image for Scribbler Scribbler

    Oh boy -- I take it this is the same son with hair that we talked about it? You are in for a wild ride, I am here to tell you! I enjoy your blog because I always like seeing other people's houses and reading about their lives, and one of the things that makes it interesting is that they are so different from my own. You and I are at much different stages of life, but some of the things you write really bring back some memories and smiles. I don't live in a farmhouse and don't decorate in that style, but that doesn't turn me off your blog. In any given day, when I jump through the blogs in the morning with my coffee, I visit other countries, the mountains, the lakes, the oceans and just about every state in the union. Vive la difference!

  30. Image for Andrea Andrea

    Yes, farmhouse! Oh wait, maybe I'm more of a cottage style lover, or is that English country/French country/traditional with a smattering of modern? That's both the beauty and the curse of blogging. There are so much inspiration out there and so many mix of styles that it is hard to label your own style. You nailed it in saying what unites us all is the love of home. Ps my home whispered to me that it would like to be a cottage farmhouse. It is right. I think. :)

  31. Image for Anne Boykin Anne Boykin

    I don't live in a farmhouse but our homes have the same "vibe". You inspire me to change things, love my home, and make it better. Thanks for your lovely blog!

  32. Image for erin @ dfmi designs erin @ dfmi designs

    I started following your blog about a month ago for the beautiful living space photos. The stories about your kids and their comments are the best though! It really adds to the reading experience for me. I enjoy knowing that these spaces are used by a family, not just staged by a magazine. My daughter is only 4, and is growing so fast. This gives me something to look forward to as she gets older and the baby becomes a memory.

  33. Image for Kelli Kelli

    Lol! I love it that you have a teen. I totally understand the eye roll. Mine just comes from the female version of the species. Someday...they will realize how cool we are. (Won't they?) ;) You are amazing! ~k.

  34. Image for Cynthia at herlovelynest Cynthia at herlovelynest

    this room is so super cozy...a living room you can actually live in. curl up on the couch with a steaming cup of coffee and gaze out the window. lazily reach for a book from the coffee table. when you get tired of reading, curl up on the window seat and dream the day away.

  35. Image for Diane Diane

    Ditto to all, they have all said it so well. One of the other things to bring into that conversation with the editor is that your blog is a conversation, a meeting of women encouraging each other and listening to each others viewpoints. I not only read your blog but I read the comments of the women who have stopped in to say hi before me. Ps, I am a Modern gal at heart but I give in to the contemporary to please the DH. Your blog really does transcend style, we are not so shallow that we have to want or have exactly the same style. Monogrammed vases and flowers fit in any decor, I love your style whatever it is, I am sure you would love mine. I enjoy your stories of love and life, I enjoy celebrating your successes too. Just keep doing what you are doing and congrats on the conversation! ~Diane

  36. Image for Kathy :) Kathy :)

    Oh Karianne yet again girl you're right on !!! Love your style I wouldn't care if it was "gangsta" I just love to pop in and visit, we're all kindred spirits here!! It's just so refreshing in bogland, it's my refuge from what's going on in our troubled world, for a bit I can leave all that behind. It does not make a diff here if we have a D or R after our names, we ALL love our families and homes!!! God Bless and especially everyone in OK, my heart aches for them !!

  37. Image for Sheryll & Critters. Sheryll & Critters.

    I forgot to say that I was on my way to see your Lamp Post blog. And I am definitely inspired. Somehow, I must find some grasses to weave into a cover for my little spot. Thanks so much for the inspirations.

  38. Image for Lorrie Lorrie

    Home is what brings us all together - French Country, Farmhouse, Minimalist, Cottage - lovely post. And a sweet comment by your son, even if he did roll his eyes as he said it.

  39. Image for Judy Judy

    Karianne, I don't always leave a comment (because you always have so many already, how can you keep up?) But, I do always read and thoroughly enjoy your posts. But this one, I needed to comment on. Firstly, congratulations on your magazine interview and I just had to tell you once that your writing is superb. I love how you make us think that you are writing about one thing and it totally turns out to be something else altogether, but nevertheless connected. How many times have I started to write then think, "oh, no one would be interested in my way of doing that", but you are so right. We all are different in certain aspects but the same in our love of home and family, and who doesn't want to find out another way (maybe better way) of doing something? Thank you for inspiring me and even though I am more Victorian Country, I certainly do admire your farmhouse style and your ability to dance!..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  40. Image for revi revi

    I like all those styles, and honestly, I don't think I'd categorize your home as strictly farmhouse style. YES, you live in the country, but your home is cozy-eclectic. And while not every project you do would work in my home, there's room to re-interpret them. Keep up the good work! -Revi

  41. Image for Kim L. Kim L.

    Love that.... Karianne's Gangsta style! Funny, I never really thought of your home as being farmhouse style. It's just.... well, YOURS! That's what I like about it.

  42. Image for Maureen Maureen

    Whatever style we like, all of us our joined because we like....You. In fact, many of us love You. You bring a smile & warm peace each day I read your blog. Thank you.

  43. Image for Donna Donna

    I think you are exactly right. I like a bit of each of those styles and love your house as well as many others in blog land with different styles. But I do know whatever the style I like warm and cozy. How did you know I love Hallmark?

  44. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Well, first of all, I need to say congrats...I am hoping that a great home decor/shelter magazine feature is in your future!...and you said it right (as always)...the common denominator of your readers is that we all love our homes...we want our homes to be comfortable and beautiful not only for us, but for our loved ones (even though they call you a Hallmark movie)...You create a special venue for all of us who love everything "home" to enjoy!...

  45. Image for Terri Terri

    We love the inspiration and the end result. Style is just a category--and whose house is just one style? Congratulations on the interview :)

  46. Image for gina gina

    sometimes home isn't about the things in it ( although you have such cool stuff!), but also about who we share it with. so glad you let us share YOU in your home! we all love the "happily ever after" and you are living it! we just want some of that!

  47. Image for Zolane Zolane

    What a beautiful way to describe what we're all trying to do, KariAnne. Something else that could be said about all of us is that we love YOU. You inspire us with your style, your "you can do it" attitude, honesty, wonderful sense of humor (love the Hallmark comment!) and your genuine warmth. And you bring great joy. I can hardly wait to get home and read your posts each day. And after a tough day, all I have to do is go through some of your past posts to put things back into perspective. You are a gift. I'm anxious to hear more about this interview, too...hopefully this leads to a book :) I have a space all set on my coffee table! Hugs, Zolane

  48. Image for Shirl' Anderson Shirl' Anderson

    I love your posts... as I have said before you are such an inspiraton to so............many people. So glad you posted the Leanne Womack song on your sign. I am going through some changes right now in my life and those are the words I needed to see today. Thank you!

  49. Image for Jeannie Jeannie

    Good answer KariAnne, I don't know about farmhouse style, but I love your style, never really thought of it as farmhouse, even though you live in a farmhouse. I'm a big fan, and look forward to your new posts. Hope you're having a great day. Jeannie

  50. Image for Kimm at Reinvented Kimm at Reinvented

    Beautifully said. I predict that The interviews requests will keep rolling in once all of the magazines discover your perfect farmhouse style, taste and way with words. :). You are bound for stardom! :).

  51. Image for tara tara

    you nailed it. we're all a little different, yet we're the same...all of us want our homes to be a safe place...a place that says "we live here."

  52. Image for Kathy Kathy

    This is just right. The bottom line is home. What makes our home a haven for our family - the little touches here and there -whatever style we like. It seems there are things that appeal to all our womanly hearts - it is such a joy to share and get inspiration from one another. I chuckled when I read your son's comment - he sounds so much like mine. Then there's my daughter whose friend came over last weekend. My daughter was taking her through the house - showing her all I made to make each room happy and comfortable. Later my daughter said she wanted to come over to learn to sew, cook, paint, make soap - her friend asked, 'what DON'T you all do?!' Many of these projects resulted from my seeing your and other blogger's posts - I am so grateful and it makes me smile to spread this enthusuasm. I hope you have a blessed weekend, Kathy

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